Is Dianne Abbot (MP) A Friend Of Nigeria? By Uche Nworah

If she still has any pride and shame left, Miss Abbott owes Nigerians, including the ones living in her constituency an apology for her scathing and hurtful remarks. What she has done amounts to stabbing Nigerians in the back and seemed premeditated to move the hands of Nigeria’s national re-birth backwards. Details


Views on the Atiku Salvo. By Prof Awwalu H. Yadudu

In my view, he has indeed pulled an earth-shaking palace coup against OBJ. If OBJ needed any prodding to reconsider his duplicitous outing to elongate his regime without his Handbag (that was how hitherto pliant Atiku, the loyal VP, once described his relationship to the President) tugged under his armpit, the Turaki of Adamawa has provided him with one more reason. Of course, feeling caged and betrayed by a former allay, that may harden OBJ’s resolve in the blind pursuit of his folly. Details


Nigerian 2006 Census: Pro-active Reaction? By  Prof. L. Obibuaku

In summary, it will be fair to conclude that Kano State witnessed downward trend in commerce and industry over the past few years, and as a consequence lost significant proportion of its population through outward migration. It also recorded significantly higher rates of infant and maternal mortality and arguably that of death rate. The point being made is that we should all acknowledge the fact that the population of Lagos is growing at a much faster rate and therefore the state is more likely to have more people in it than Kano. In effect, Nigerians expect the result of 2006 head count to reflect reality on the ground. Details


Atiku: The President’s Shadow. By Joseph Dangme Rinyom

He should not resign on account of his personal opinion on the third term, which no one has yet told Nigerians is a government policy. The Vice-President swore a separate and personal oath to defend Nigeria and its Constitution. If he resigns on the basis of these needless calls, it would amount to a betrayal of the majority of Nigerians who are opposed to the third term and a betrayal to the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend in the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians. Details


Nigeria Police and Civil Society. By Mohammed Bashir Shuwa

As for the officer cadre it is now a matter of man know man and the connections you have will ensure that you have lucrative postings, speedy promotion etc. The Nigeria Police as it is currently constituted cannot function effectively because it lacks the confidence of the wider citizens who view it as a tool of oppression and injustice. Details


Why the North Must not Hanker After Power Just for the Heck of It. By Crispin Oduobuk

Whereas in principle no person or group should be peremptorily schemed out of the power equation, there is a sense in which it bodes ill for all if the North decides to hanker after power just for the heck of it. Details


Atiku: A Democrat or a Disloyal VP? (Part 1). By Zayyad I. Muhammad

Today’s shocking political scenarios in Nigeria has cast a doubt on the minds of millions of Nigerians on the genuineness of the democratic postures of politicians in Nigeria; are our politicians real–life Democrats? Or their democratic posture just begins while seeking elections and ends when got elected? Details


Obasanjo, Third Term And History. By Joseph Dangme Rinyom

Here we are again a fourth time; a Nigerian President attempts to defy history and the nation to perpetuate himself in power. Inexplicably, this is the same man who on three previous occasions had played very prominent and visible roles in derailing the ambitions of past rulers to cling on to power and in the process saved Nigeria from degenerating into one of the many banana republics that populate Africa. Details


Frank Nweke Jnr. : The Marines Are Out and Ready Fortales. By  Kelechi Eme

It is indeed laughable and unexpected display of myopic appreciation of American foreign Policy for the Minister to surmise that the presence of Chevron, ExxonMobil, Conoco Philips, etc connotes peace and stability. The Minister should have known that a country that prospects and drills crude oil in a country like Iraq will definitely consider Nigeria a haven of peace. Details


Nassarawa Elections: Obasanjo Versus Shekarau. By Abdullahi Tukur Dankoli

The PDP in Kano is now convinced that it cannot win a free and fair election based on its performance when it was ruling Kano or the performance of its federal government. The discredited PDP administration of Kano State under Kwankwaso was a typical example of misrule and arrogant abuse of power. Details


Nigeria and a 'Taylored' Security Netwrork. By Dr. Yakub J. Abdalla

Apart from the third term debate, the non-performance of our elected or is it selected officials, poverty, non-provision of social, health and other infrastructures, one of the issue that has dominated the Nigeria atmosphere apart from mother nature’s eclipse, is our inept security system. Details



The Proposed 3rd Term: How Objective was New York Times Editorial Warning? By Emeka Oraetoka

Many anti-3rd term opponents have hailed New York Times editorial for its timely warning to Obasanjo. But the only shortcoming in Times position, according to experts in News reporting, is the assumption by New York Times that democracy and party politics started and ended with Obsanjo and PDP. Details


Vice President Atiku Is Illogical! By  Paul I. Adujie

President Obasanjo is the CEO or Managing Director of Nigeria’s affairs. President Obasanjo does not take orders from his subordinate. Would Vice President Cheney as President Bush to resign? Of course not! Should a manager in a company order the managing director of the company to resign? But of course not! Details


Mantu: The Squealer of Our Time. By Muhammad Bashir

 Mantu does not believe that the hidden political agenda can be unearthed by the Nigerian people. Similarly, if the PDP with all its larger-than life criminality could go unharmed in the wake of 2003 elections then a worse crime by the party will not attract the anger of the Nigerian messes. Details


Senate: Recall as Tool in the Hands of Anti-PDP/3rd Term Governors? By Emeka Oraetoka

Democracy is supposed to be practiced in a society that cherishes freedom of Speech, Worship, Opinion on issues, including political views etc. The trend of insidious but politically motivated recall threat arising from States controlled by the ruling party, supposedly masterminded by the governors of these states; appears to be making nonsense of the notion that Nigeria is now a free democratic society Details


Memo to Nigerian Masses. By Shehu Mustapha

Unity brings power and if Nigerian masses continue to be used not to attain unity , the sufferings of today as that of yesterday will be inherited by the unborn children of the masses .The earlier they realize the importance and value of unity the better . Details


The Politics of Third Term. By Ayara Dennis Omeiza

Nigerian are seeing a reply of the scenario which played out itself during Abacha`s era, it was amazing then to see all the existing political parties which was later described by the Late Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Bola Ige as the five leprous fingers of a hand endorsing a singe candidate, infact, the dearth of Presidential aspirant during that era is a confirmation that the man at the center was not in a hurry to leave. Details


The Wind Of Turbulent. By Comrade Sylvester I. Ukusare

With a deep mood of reflection it is perceived by all that, the turbulent times has arrived again  into a full effect in the Nigeria's political scene since the behavioural course of the current federal government  is composed with the tendency of self interest. Details


Charles Taylor and Nigeria’s Leadership in ECOWAS. By John Iyobhebhe

The Charles Taylor question has finally been answered. He will face trial at the UN Special Court at the request of the Liberian government. The question had to be settled one way or the other and the world is keen to see him answer to the charges against him, and rightly so. Details


Census: I Wasn’t Counted, I Don’t Care. By  Philip Ikita

For instance, why should Emeka, an Abia State indigene residing in Kano swell the numbers of Kano for Kano State to get more federal allocation, when the same Abia indigene will be discriminated against in terms of employment, and his children asked to pay higher school fees in Kano public schools? Details


Nigeria Is Africa's Foreign Investment Destination – Soludo. By Okenwa R. Nwosu, M.D.

The young unassuming Central Bank Governor's enduring legacy shall be the decisive role he has played in sanitizing the banking industry in the country. Details


The Day Charles Taylor Was Betrayed? By Chris Kwaja

It looks as if the US congress is finally ready to do something about illegal immigration. On one end of the discursive spectrum are people advocating for more stringent measures against illegal immigration...On the other end of the spectrum are laissez faire, politically detached romanticists who cannot be made to understand nor appreciate the pestilential effects of unbridled illegal immigration on a country's limitable resources. Details


For Anambra, The Battle Must Continue. By Obiora, Fabian Chukwuma

It was the late former Senate President, Dr Chuba Okadigbo, incidentally from Anambra state that described politics in a very provocative if lewd manner. He likened politics to a bikini with its interesting revelations and tantalising, scant concealment. The Anambra imbroglio has provided more than enough ingredients to fit this description. Details



OBASANJO: At the Road-Bend of History. By Joseph Dangme Rinyom

Some people are born lucky, some become lucky and some have luck thrust on them. Whatever class you choose to pigeon-hole OBJ, luck has been his companion. From the unsung birth to the sublime realm of world power, OBJ qualifies as one of the luckiest people alive or dead. Details


Eradication of Inter-Cultism Violence on Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. By Roy Chikwem

In spite of the fact that the Federal Government of Nigeria has donated millions of naira to all the government-owned tertiary institutions to fight and tackle cultism on their campuses, these groups continue to flourish.  Many Nigerians don’t understand the differentiation between a fraternity and a cult group. Details


Obasanjo: The Lust For Power  And Its Tragic Implications  For Nigeria. By Dr. Abubakar Siddique Mohammed


"Evil is not reformable, it must be removed…We must never be tired of demanding that any government should chasten itself and give us the foundation and the example to propel us forward. We must demand that any government should deal honestly with us and level with us. We must have the programme and timetable to be able to assess its performance. We must have accountability and transparency that we are not getting now. If any administration is turning evil we should spare no efforts and no sacrifice to remove it." General Olusegun Obasanjo, Keynote Address to the participants at the Workshop on Nigeria: The State of the Nation and the Way Forward, Arewa House, Kaduna, 1994, p.29 Details


The Animal Called Man-2. By Ihas Idriess, A

It is a public knowledge that Senator Man-2 is myopic, sycophantic, corrupt and greedy who can comfortably sell the worm that habour him for the first 9months of his life, if the price is right, politically he is a non entity, his political life strive only on corruption as he is all the time involve in one allegation of corrupt practices to another, everybody will remember him as the arrow head in the saga involving the duo of him and Zwingina in which El-Rufai accused them demanding N54million to ensure his hitch free ride to the FCT Ministers office, Details


An Alarming Story. By Ifedigbo Nze Sylva

At present, HIV prevalence continues to rise because there are still more newly infected individuals joining the pool of people living with HIV every year than there are people leaving it through death. In sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS accounted for approximately 2.4 million deaths in 2005 and experts believe that in the coming years, unless there is far broader access to life prolonging therapy, the number of surviving HIV positive Africans can be expected to stabilize as AIDS increasingly claims the lives of those infected a long time ago. Details


The Nigerian Political Scenario and Future of PDP. By A. Mohammed Bashir Shuwa

If recent events are anything to go by all the three political parties in Nigeria that have formed government at one level or the other since 1999 till date are gradually heading for the rocks and the biggest casualty being the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.Details


Crisis of Tyranny:  A Monumental Collapse and Eclipse of Democratic Values. By Emma Ihejieto

Is it a crime for a Nigerian citizen to aspire to the Presidency of one's own country?. Is it a crime to create employment opportunities by operating an airline? Is it equally a crime for a Nigerian citizen to own majority shares in the distressed Hallmark Bank that equally employed many Nigerians? Details


Imperialism, Obasanjo And Nigerians. By Kola Ibrahim

The most important issue today is the self-perpetuation agenda of the Obasanjo government which has attracted negative comments from various quarters – both genuine and otherwise. Not to be forgotten is also the positions of the establishment town-criers who want to justify to us the necessity of the ruinous agenda of continuity. Details


Babangida: Setting the Record Straight. By Chido Onumah

Just an aside. Babangida’s son Mohammed, who was present during his father’s mea culpa noted that "there were other generals, including the late Sani Abacha, who said that if power was ceded to a southerner like Chief Abiola, the North will have nothing left. They then put my father in a corner, they threatened him". This interview followed on the heels of another Babangida had with the London Guardian, the gist of which was that he had no regrets for annulling the June 12, 1993 election. Details


Reform or Abrogate NYSC. By Ayara Dennis Omeiza

The idea behind the establishment of NYSC may have been eroded by the present hardship that abound in every area of our life, the lack of accommodation for corp. members in various states of the federation make a huge mockery of the whole scheme, poor sanitary situation and the lack of portable water in different orientation camps makes the whole scheme a charade and this call for reform or outright cancellation of the scheme. Details


Sokoto State: Gubernatorial Contest. By Ballazu Bahwaye

To begin with, the contour and rough road Bafarawa followed before he entered the State Government House must be well surveyed and studied by the intending contestants with a view to providing them a guidepost in their succession bid. After all, we are constantly reminded “a people with no knowledge of their past would suffer from collective amnesia, grumbling into the future without guidepost of precedence to shape their course…” Let the intending contestants, therefore, reflect on and ponder over the past as they march towards 2007. Details


Imperatives of Transition from Activism to Politics in Nigeria[1]. By J. ‘Kayode Fayemi[2], Ph.D.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why I see the debate about whether activists should become politicians superfluous. Important as they are, the institutions of direct state power and electoralism are just the tip of the iceberg in the democratisation complex. Details


Militricians Taku. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

My fear is if Nigeria is dislocated by economic invasion today, we may miss the loyalty of some Nigerians standing up to fight for the Country. Audu Ogbe had asked: with the population of Nigeria, which Country can take in its refugees? Details


Three Things Nigerians Need to Take Back: INEC, NTA and Nigerian Police. By Michael Oluwagbemi

They bullied, arrested and ordered the muffling of opposition voices. In fact, after the elections was over the President conferred a special national dis-‘honor’ on the cop’s cop- ex jail bird Tafa Balogun of infamy. Details


ANPP Crises in Perspective By Festus Okon

What is more disheartening is that some ANPP Governors who by virtue of their offices are supposed to be custodians of the party, have been the ones actively aiding and abetting Etiebet’s treasonable deeds. If not, how on earth can you support an opposition leader who sat on the high table of a presidential forum and said “whoever says the administration of president Obasanjo has not been good to Nigerians should have his/her head examined”. Details


NIGERIA: Things are NOT Falling Apart. By Frank Nweke Jnr

We have noted the sustained interest of The New York Times in the affairs of Nigeria in recent times. Since January this year, the newspaper has run more than 60 items of news, editorials and comments on Nigeria. Regrettably, most of its comments are largely ill-informed and unjustified. The New York Times editorial of March 26, 2006, entitled In Nigeria, Things Fall Apart is a case in point. Details


It’s Over: NEPA, Ige, And, Secrets Behind Obasanjo/Atiku’s Feud—Revealed. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

Make no mistake—there is still possible light at the end of the tunnel. Nigerian-state and its peoples can beat a retreat, using massive educational mobilization campaign to educate itself and, take back its country from foreign dominance. Details


Replication of DNA Corruption in Nigeria Politics. By Kunle I Sowunmi

Our system allow us to even bribe on behalf of children to secure amenities and favors, we bribe to put our children in schools of our choice, teachers receives bribes from student to pass examinations, official of NEPA takes bribes, the police collects bribes with confidence as if it is a right. Details


Buhari, Obasanjo And The Western Intervention. By  Abba Anwar

In my view, what gives Obasanjo more courage to follow the footsteps of Kamuzu Bandas, Samuel Does, Idi Amins, King Bokassas, name them, is nothing more than the loosed National Assembly we are having.  The leadership of both the Houses is nothing more than a rubbishly shaped arrangement, total and absolute disgrace to democracy, talkless of its survival.Details


The Problems Of Democracy And Constitution-Making. By Anthony A. Akinola

But it must be quickly warned that democracy is a late developer, a culture that requires sufficient time before it can take root.  The one thing Nigerians must be determined not to permit is another interruption by the military.  With time, Nigerians will be proud to say “ours is a truly democratic nation”. Details


The North, Third Term And History By Zayyad I. Muhammad

The third term agenda is a monster determined to punch the Nigerian state into a full blown banana republic, this is troubling the whole entire masses in Nigeria and it is nerve-racking few elites who reason with the future rather than the present; Details


Of Boni Haruna, Jubril Animu, And The Politics Of Buck-Passing. By Dr. Yakub J. Abdalla

We are humans and there is room for mistakes which should be accompanied with constructive criticism especially from the masses and the people at the grassroots; however when criticism comes from those who are placed in better position and have done nothing, such criticism is appalling. It might be gainsaying or blowing another trumpet, a hobby which is not mine. Details


Letter to Presidents Obasanjo on Third Term Agenda - On Obj's vist to the White House Signed by Mobolaji E. Aluko, Ph.D. on behalf of: Concerned Nigerians in the Diaspora Washington, DC,  USA

We,  the undersigned Nigerian citizens in North America, write to express our outright and implacable opposition to on-going legislative moves in our country Nigeria to amend the constitution to allow, inter alia,  the executives in Nigeria (president and governors) three four-year terms.  This is being widely interpreted as intended to immediately benefit the affected incumbents, including yourself. Details



Obasanjo: Indulgent Father, Mischievous Sons. By Calix Agwu

Some time last year, President Olusegun Obasanjo relieved former Environment Minister, Dr. Iorchia Ayu, of his duties for reasons that were not disclosed. But the announcement sacking Ayu was very well- worded, thanking him for his services to the nation and wishing him the best in his future endeavors. However, obviously because Ayu got wind of the fact that he was going to be sacked, he hastily addressed a press conference in which he claimed that contrary to government’s announcement, he was in fact, the one who tendered his resignation. Details


National Youth Alliance. By  Abba Anwar

To me and to all sane individual, capturing hostages is not the only thing that batters the economy of the region in particular, and the country in general. It is not the only thing that fuels all the intended and unintended crises. Details


Obasanjo’s Pre-Farewell Address To The Nation. By  Ibiba Peterside

There is no doubt that General Olusegun Obasanjo has boxed himself into a tight corner. His desire to perpetuate himself in power, which has acquired a life of its own, spurned an industry and created a huge gravy train, has made it nearly impossible now for him to leave office with dignity. Details


The Booby - Traps For Third Term Campaigners. By  Donatus Ifeanyi

The mood of celebration in the camp of those fanatically supporting tenure extension for the President may be short-lived in the end when Gen. Obasanjo begins to obliterate the efforts of anyone that ever laboured to bring about his historic elongation of tenure from his memory! Details


The Third Term Russian Roulette. By Nathaniel Cholom

The deliberate defiance of popular opinion to amend the constitution at all cost to secure a third term for Gen. Obasanjo has left millions of Nigerian breathless and angry, wondering how a coterie of opportunists, led by Senator Mantu, are determined to pervert our constitutional democracy for the sake of satisfying the frenzied ambition of one man Details


Ngige, Uba and Obasanjo’s Moral Burden. By  Ebiede Agbonifo

The battered Nigerian judiciary has, once more, delivered a mortal blow to Obasanjo’s pretensions to being an upright man, a statesman and a deeply religious man.  In one stroke the Court of Appeal in Enugu did all of these and more when it upheld the decision of the Election Tribunal that removed Chris Ngige as Governor of Anambra State and gave the victory to Peter Obi who was the voters’ choice in that governorship election in 2003. Details


Obasanjo’s Anger Against Governors. By Calix Agwu

It is a scandal to note that there is one governor in the north central zone who has not successfully executed any significant project worthy of inviting the president to commission, yet, the man has been in the gubernatorial chair these past seven years. Between 1999 and now, there is hardly any governor who has not received up to about 50 billon naira allocation from the federation account the case of governors in the Niger Delta region is particularly scandalous. Details