Zimbab-Weans! Zimbab-Whens? By Bisola Awoyemi

It is clear that the ZIMBAB-WEAN people have not been confrontational enough. They have shown an extreme and disturbing level of passivity—one that has qualified them as unassertive and excruciatingly submissive, for over 27 years of a brutal leader’s reign. It is only in ZIMBABWE that you will need 2 carts to go grocery shopping: one for transporting your money and the other for your necessities, yet the leader still strolls around the nation, albeit amidst high disdain, arrogantly as the head and even defy international calls and protests to give up the position he so much covets. Details


Nigerian NFL Ambassadors. By Max Gbanite

National Football League (NFL) is an American enterprise and absolutely American, although there is a Canadian emulation and attempt to create the sport in Germany and England. However, like most things American, there is always a disguisable recognition of British influence akin to rugby in football as well as cricket in Baseball. Details


Turning Cross River State into a Political Grave-yard: To Pastor Mike Ahua: For Your Faith in Cross River State! By William Bassey Where do we go from here considering the unenviable mess we now find ourselves in, anarchy or a new order? It is hard to fathom without coming across as being apocalyptic; our paradoxical attitude gives rise to deeper questions: What direction do we want our state to move in? What expectations do we have of our next governor? Details


That EFCC’s New Offensive. By Segun Simmons

There are thousand and one of the big boys and big girls in the society who have been arrested, interrogated and probed by the EFCC who today are still in our midst enjoying their loot. What has been done to them so far? There are cases in newspaper report that reflected that the idea of EFCC was more of selective interrogation and probe that there are some sacred cows that the arm of the EFCC cannot touch. Details


NUT and Nigeria’s Vision 5050. By Abdullah Musa

There is no disagreement between me and the reader with regards to the topic to be discussed. To the best of my knowledge, Nigeria has no vision targeting three thousand years from now; and equally, Nigerian Union of Teachers has nothing to do with it. Details


Mental Migration and Diaspora Cultural Associations: Insight on Traditional Solution Approach for Nigerian Immigrants. By Patrick Iroegbu

Mental migration is often a conceptualization of experiences of misunderstood frustrations that arise when dealing with issues of migration and diaspora communities. Evidently, diaspora communities serve useful promotional links for people, particularly Nigerian immigrants, who are settling in a new place. Details


Checking The Poverty Level In The North. By Mohammed Bala

So much has been said about the damning level of poverty in this part of the country, the north. Our northern leaders, that is to say, Governors, National Assembly members and highly placed traditional rulers have all come to appreciate that there exist a choking, volatile and rampaging poverty level in the region. All that has been said by these high profile leaders of the region is undisputable. The question, from us, the led, is, what next? What do our leaders think of doing to ameliorate the crunching poverty level being felt everywhere in the North? Details


And The Building Came Down! By Ifedigbo Nze Sylva

As usual, each time there is a building collapse, we begin to hear talks of the poor quality of building materials, the use of substandard products and the activity of half -baked site engineers. Top government officials and representatives of the Nigerian Society of Engineers take up space in the newspapers and the broadcast media to hype and hype on the problem and conveniently apportion blames in such a way that they exonerate themselves. One or two people get to be suspended like the FCT administration just did and before long, we forget it all. The dead mourn their dead and soon it is business as usual.  Details


INEC Constituency Delineation And Other Matters Arising. By Ugo Harris Ukandu

Nigeria’s electoral map will soon change for the better if Dr. Maurice Iwu of INEC succeeds in his current push for a more balanced redistricting of Nigeria’s skewed constituency districts. Iwu proposes a redrawing of the electoral map to right the wrongs of the past and also to give teeth to the constitutional mandate requiring such an exercise every ten years. Details


Babangida: His Life And Times (Part 4 ). By Max Siollun

On the evening of August 26th 1985, Buhari was joined in his residence by Majors Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (a Harvard University educated officer born into an aristocratic northern family who was also the former ADC to former Chief of Army Staff Hassan Usman Katsina), Lawan Gwadabe, Abdulmumuni Aminu and Sambo Dasuki.  Dasuki is the son of former Sultan of Sokoto Ibrahim Dasuki.  After the five men watched the evening news, the Majors arrested Buhari at gunpoint.  After the coup, Buhari was detained for more than two years, badly affecting his family life and causing him to divorce his wife Safinatu upon his release...Babangida recognised the importance of timing and his assent was hailed by the media and public.  Professor Omo Omoruyi claimed that Babangida came to office unprepared and with no political programme.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Babangida is the only Nigerian military leader that actively sought political power prior to coming to office, prepared for it and waited patiently for it to come his way.  He was probably the most prepared military ruler in Nigeria's history.  Babangida subsequently revealed the extent of preparation that preceded his ascent to power. Details


The Arewa Consultative Forum and the Niger Delta Conflict. By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

The position of the likes of Alhaji Tanko Yakassai seems to be the position of the ACF. Their thoughts and disposition could be a natural tendency, a sign of frustration, or a signal to Aso Rock to unleash government’s instrument of brutality on the region. It could be all three. No matter. Still, it should be noted that when the day comes when the Federal Government decides to obey the ACF to go to war with the Niger Delta region, Nigeria can be assured that the people of the Niger Delta will be ready; they will not fight on bended knees or on broken backs. The conflict will be unlike any the continent has ever witnessed. Details



Yar’adua Has Separated The Reality From The Slogan On Rule Of Law. By Aloy Ejimakor

In motherland Nigeria of today, President Yar’Adua is making sure that Nigerians will not as soon forget that ‘rule of law’ is not only the slogan of the moment but a real policy choice upon which Nigeria can no longer afford any further hesitation. History indicates that Yar’Adua is right and Nigeria stands to benefit to boot. And world history is on Yar’Adua’s side. Details


Now, Will President Yar’Adua Be Kind? By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

About forty days after Mr. Umar Musa Yar’Adua was sworn in as Nigeria’s president and the nation was saturated with loud calls on ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo to leave alone the new man he single-handedly imposed on Nigerians to implement his own ideas and programmes to “move the nation forward”, I published a piece in my newspaper column and on several internet news sites entitled, “In Nigeria, Yar’Adua Reigns, Obasanjo Rules,” asking those trying to shout our heads off whether they were sure “Yar’Adua himself [was] even desirous and eager to be rid of the overbearing influence of Obasanjo?”  Details


The Mythical Reality of Rule of Law. By Fela Hani

As the major beneficiary of a stolen mandate, considering that his election remains the most fraudulent and therefore the most controversial in the history of our country, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua ingeniously crafted a slogan as a central crucible for his administration. He also came up with a Seven-Point Agenda which remains mere sophistry, a year after he took the oath of office. Details


Yar’Adua, Give Nigerians Prepaid Metres! By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

A friend who recently secured his prepaid metre was so excited to discover that it was only two hundred naira that he had consumed in a whole month. Before now, his monthly bill never came below five thousand naira despite the uninterrupted darkness that engulfed him! What an unarmed robbery! The other day, officials of NEPA/PHCN invaded a widow’s house threatening to disconnect her from their Darkness Supply because she was “not paying her bills.” The woman’s protestations that she was using the prepaid metre only annoyed them further. They hate to hear that anyone is using a prepaid metre because it effectively checks their extortion! Details


Between Presidency, NUT and True Federalism. By Abbas A. Dikko

However, putting aside the various recommendations of experts in the power sector for the federal government to solicit and canvass for amendment of extant energy laws to allow states to generate its own electricity, Yar’Adua’s government falls back to the previous failed modalities of the Obasanjo’s regime. However, in the likely circumstances they succeeded, the question remain, how could the out-put generated be manage by our supposed qualified indigenous engineers in the next ages to come when the existing system treats the educational sector with disdain and levity, paying lip service to the entitlements and emoluments of the Nigerian teachers? Details


Gambari, Kolade And Okonjo-Iweala Are Birds Of The Same Feather In My Book. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

There is something common to these three distinguished Nigerians and public servants. They all serve in high visibility jobs in the Foreign Service of Nigeria. Agboola Gambari and Okonjo-Iweala as one time Foreign Affairs Ministers and Christopher Kolade, the former MD of Cadbury Nigeria PLC, as the Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK. I call them birds of the same feather because they have all raised higher the bar of public probity and accountability in Nigeria by exercising the courage and the judgment to say “No, thanks” to some gratuitous appointments they have been offered on a platter of gold by the Nigerian Head of State in what some have always seen as national assignments that cannot be turned down, even if they go against the individuals sense of honor and integrity. You have to wond er, as I do, why our leaders are ever so notorious for putting the cart before the horse in their decision-making process, more often than not. Details


Quota Diplomat—Ibrahim Gambari Bows Out Of Delta Summit. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

What a wonderful world, what an interesting time.  Just yesterday did it occur to Ibrahim Gambari the (the Quota diplomat) that he carry filthy-baggage from his many years of patronizing every authoritarian military establishment that shows up. These evil regimes have caused so much misery and hardship to the citizenry and obviously destroyed nations-states (Nation-state) international image. Gambari has served for more than thirty (30) years at the United Nation (UN), with nothing to show for it. This man presents any government in power. Details


Stolen Crude Oil versus Conflict (Blood) Diamonds: The Case of Comparing Apples and Oranges? By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua (UMYA) opened another flank in the national and international search for lasting workable solutions to the lingering development and seemingly criminal quagmires in the Niger Delta hydrocarbons-rich region. This flank, once again, was announced abroad while attending the G-8 Summit in the Island of Hokkaido, Japan on Monday July 7, 2008. While expressing his serious concern regarding the international dimensions of the criminal elements of the intractable Niger Delta conundrum, President Yar’Adua specifically made the following plea to the G-8 Member countries leaders Details


Planning in Nigeria’s Uncertain Environment. By  Victor E. Dike

Like in any other society, the condition of things in Nigeria is defined by the effectiveness of its leadership and social institutions. The main problem with the economy, as it has been emphasized, is the nation’s institutional deficiencies and corruption that lead to high costs of producing goods and services. And this affects household budgets. According the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria's inflation rate rose to 9.7 per cent in May from 8.2 per cent the previous month. Details


Talking About The Nigerian Revolution. By Kola Ibrahim

But there is limit to the extent to which the ruling party can ride roughshod on the people; there is a limit to how much the masses can bear their scrupulous pro-capitalist, neo-liberal anti-poor economic policies, which has ensured unprecedented wealth for the one percent rich few who have cornered over 80 percent of the nation's wealth, led to their massive rejection in the 2007 elections. It was rejection of these anti-poor policies and a quest for political alternative that made the working poor to vote en mass for the opposition. Details


FOI Bill, the Hangman’s Syndrome and the Paradox of Democracy. By Fela Hani

The recent decision by those who supposedly represent the people to shot down the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill as an Act of Parliament unarguably represents a very sad and contradictory commentary on Nigeria’s democratic experiment. To many of us who are students of the media especially the Nigerian media, this is a painful, even unpardonable paradox of meaning exchange. Details


Probe The NDDC And Scrap It! By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

But beyond the controversy and probe fever is the serious question about the desirability of such bodies like the NDDC, which, if one must say the truth, are mere tokenisms set up by the resilient exploitative and oppressive ruling class to pacify their conscience that they are doing something to alleviate the untold sufferings of the criminally exploited Niger Delta people. Details


Issues On Trucking Of Hazardous Goods In Nigeria. By Chigozie Chikere

Considering the Nigerian Tanker traffic situation as was highlighted earlier, statistics show that whilst the number of deaths from crashes involving buses fluctuates each year, estimates of casualties of tanker explosions have remained on the increase in recent times. Transportation Risk Analysts have blamed this scourge on the over-reliance of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Pipeline and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) on the road mode for distribution of petroleum products without giving due consideration to the environmental consequences Details


Heaven Awaits Nigerian Teachers. By Hakeem Babalola

It seems to me that whichever arm of the government involved in this TSS is playing hanky-panky with the NUT. Otherwise the case should be so simple that there would not have been any argument over which establishment to be contacted. For the fact that the issue is ‘lingering’ just because the NUT is contacting the wrong arm of government says a lot about how things work in Nigeria. It seems there’s no clear cut policy; no effective communication; no preparation for emergency cases and so on. Details


Searching For Peace In Rivers State. By Okachikwu Dibia

One is truly happy that at 41 years old, Rivers State is addressing one of the critical factors in her development: reconciliation of the peoples of the state for peace that conduces with sustainable development. We need to give the Justice Kayode Eso led Rivers State Truth and Reconciliation Commission a chance. Details


Reasons Why Senate Committees’ Report On El-Rufai Cannot Stand. By Aloy Ejimakor

Regarding the allocations said to have been made by El-Rufai after the FEC was 'dissolved', the senate needs to keep in mind that El-Rufai, like other ministers, continued to function in acting capacity and thus was in order in continuing to discharge all the powers of an FCT minister - including the power to execute instruments of offers of allocation of land. Further, the dissolution was but a ceremonial event that was never meant to have force of law. If the senate holds otherwise, then we must be prepared to reverse all official actions taken by all ministers of government or members of the FEC after May 15, 2007. And you can even stretch that to include any action taken by President Obasanjo himself because he too was a member of the FEC. If the said dissolution of the FEC on May 15 by OBJ meant legal or constitutional termination of the tenure of all ministers (including El-Rufai), why was it then necessary for President Yar'Adua to again make formal announcement of end of El-Rufai's tenure after he (Yar'Adua) assumed office? And why were some of the ministers, including El-Rufai, allowed to continue for some time after President Yar’Adua was sworn into office? If you accept the committees’ logic, then you must also accept the broader postulate that the official actions of all of OBJ’s ministers who continued to act as such after Yar’Adua was sworn were extra-constitutional - at best; and nugatory - at worst.  Details


Nigeria and Travesty of Justice. By Ndiame Ba-brik

To my knowledge and the only one I recall easily the only function rail line in Nigeria today is the rail line one from Ijora to Agege in Lagos. What is worrisome however about the whole issue is the travesty of justice and war against corruption taking place in Nigeria. Every single day you wake to read Nigerian newspapers there is always the news of one Governor or Minister looting the state treasury to the tones of billions of Naira. Either the Minister or the Governor if he is ex will be arrested briefly for the sake of the cameras or press by the EFCC and that ends it! The next thing you will hear is that the corruption is a family affair and that the crime is a shallow one and therefore it has been settled internally. Shallow one indeed! Details


The Farida Waziri’s EFCC: Expect the Expected. By Hakeem Babalola

Before her confirmation, the newly appointed chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs Farida Waziri, had bragged that she’d step on toes and disregard sacred cows in a renewed systematic fight against corruption in the land. She also promised the Committee that she’d lift the EFCC above the levels attained by the former Chairman Nuhu Ribadu saying, “A systematic war against graft would involve enlightenment, deterrence and rigorous pursuit of financial criminals in all strata of (Nigerian) society”. The ex-police officer added that she’d respect the law while fighting authority stealing. Details


The New Face OF EFCC. By Saliu Iyanda

Before the coming on board of Mrs. Farida Waziri as the chairperson of EFCC, there were plethora of insinuations that, she was particularly picked to systematically compromise the integrity and credibility of EFCC, kill the anti-graft agency, shield corrupt people, especially ex-governors from prosecution and put paid to high profile corruption cases. These sponsored groups made a lot of needless boisterous public show and unwarranted demonstrations to ensure that her appointment is not confirmed.  Details


Where is the N50 Kerosene? By Ifedigbo Nze Sylva

Some weeks ago we read in the papers that AP ( a major petroleum product market in Nigeria) was going to henceforth provide us with kerosene at the – by Nigeria Standard- all time cheap rate of N50 per liter under some kind of “too good to be true” social responsibility project. I remember how the papers was awash with commendations for this wonderful initiative of AP with some commentators even suggesting that Femi Otedola the AP top man be given a national honour for being so sensitive to the long suffering Nigerian masses and putting us first before profit which was one virtue most business men especially in this part of the world can not boast of. I was tempted to join in this commendation spree. But I thank God I didn’t. By nature or should I say from experience, I have come to be skeptical about every activity of these latter day Nigerian entrepreneurs as much as I was of Government, no matter how nicely branded it sounded.  It was always safer to take every thing they say with a pinch of salt and when they suddenly come around to suddenly act so generous, it was always wise to shift off to a safe distance and watch to see just how real they were. Details


How The Masses Make Themselves Ungovernable. By Abdullah Musa

If you are an elite who has made it: with a palatial mansion either in the nation’s capital or your state’s capital, with a glittering missus at your beckon, (or as is usually the case, you at hers; a willing slave in the garb of the master) with millions of gotten wealth, (someone says ill-gotten is out of use since all wealth now seems to be gotten that way, so why use archaic nomenclature?) safely stashed either in either new, accommodating banks, or in a more accommodating stock market, or in real estate; you might wonder at the sanity of one who envies a poor, stark illiterate villager. You may be right, but read on, for neither I nor the kind illiterate is the subject of the discourse; though on his part, he is a member of the group under discussion.  Details


In Kano, Deceits is Now an Option? By Kabiru Inuwa

The state, having failed to get a directional compass which would guide it perfectly out of the deep blue sea of retrogressions and despairs, occasioned by the on-going graft and sleazes, is desperately in need of a powerful captain with the requisite stamina, uncommon courage and ability to avail it with a functional leadership which will enable it to have a smooth sails out of troubles onto a new platforms of progress, development and contentment. Details


Rebel With A Cause … Soyinka As A Model For Inspiring Leadership. By Omo’ba Olumide Olalekan Idowu

Nigeria, like most countries, is an entity that history compels to manage plural and often times amorphous factors such as ethnicity, language, culture, race, creed, political persuasions e.t.c. that confers on it the potential of a great nation. A daunting challenge that is not peculiar to Nigeria is the collective responsibility of transmuting into a nation which essence derives from the common good, as against micro interests. Details


Killing the Goose that Lay the Golden Eggs! By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

Nigerian teachers out of burning desires to continue rendering selfless services to an ungrateful nation were caught in-between two extremes. While on the one-hand, they have continue to endure extremes life of penury and despair in a dignified silence; on the other extremes end, they had to contend with a successive governments whose priorities on education were to say the least quit demoralising. Details


Between Mailafia, Stephen Hawking And Quest For African Einstein (II). By Jibo Nura

For Nigeria, it is categorically clear that our politicians so-called, cannot lead the country to progress; neither can they offer anything that will be of benefit to Nigerians. I understand that the so-called Nigerian leaders, intellectuals and elites are the most selfish citizens in Africa, because of their entitlement mentality, lack of respect for ingenuity and dignity of human person and neglect for culture as a critical factor to progress. What we have today are charades of people who preach rule of law, but in the end operate favouritism. Details


Lagos: Mega City, Mega Miseries! By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Each time I drive through Ikorodu Road now and do not encounter again those horrible traffic hold-ups that used to keep one for hours, I express gratitude to him in my heart. Fashola’s transformational efforts have not been limited to roads; he is equally reshaping the entire metropolis and making it conform to what he thinks should be the original master-plan. And for a very badly mismanaged city like Lagos, populated mostly by people who have known only indiscipline and chaos as the only norms of existence and survival, such a target he has set for himself would prove a task really too daunting.  Details


Criminalisation Of Poverty. By Ugoochukwu Ejinkeonye

As cases of suspected graft (and they are legion) are swept under, impunity is effectively entrenched. Influential Nigerians abound whose sources of boundless wealth are shrouded in very deep mysteries. Nigerians know many of them as Very Important Criminals (VIC), but the government and even the media celebrate them as ‘statesmen’ and ‘patriots’. Unlike Mustapha, they were able to avoid being caught until they amassed enough wealth to qualify for admission into Nigeria’s privileged, criminal class of untouchables.  They are the same people that get National Honours and are appointed or ‘elected’ into highly exalted positions of power and influence, where as, depraved villains in public office, they characteristically deregulate and institutionalize stealing and political criminality. Details


The Illegality Of National Teachers Strike In A Federal System. By Ibrahim Dan-Halilu

For the first time in Nigeria’s history teachers in public schools have embarked on a nationwide strike to protest the non-implementation of the harmonized Teachers Salary Scale (TSS). Before the nationwide strike which commenced last week, the teacher’s umbrella body, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) embarked on a one-week warning strike to compel the Federal Government to implement the circular on the new salary structure. Details


In Atlanta, Iwu Carried The Day With His Constituency Delimitation. By Wale Odusote

Thus, I came out of the symposium hugely enriched, better informed, and less critical of a man who has worked so hard for Nigeria but seemed to have been misunderstood by many who never took the time to go beyond the barrage of negative press that was unleashed on Nigeria’s 2007 historic transition even before the first ballots were cast. Lessons: I will rather have a Maurice Iwu running our elections for now and in the future instead of certain other umpires who either don’t declare their results or recanted on the results they declared; and I will rather be talking of electoral reforms that make sense – like constituency redistricting and Diaspora voting rights instead of over-flogging men and women of INEC who braved odds to accomplish an all-important national assignment at a critical time in our history. And now that Iwu has vicariously overcome the burden of dual citizenship for all Diasporans, I can see a brighter future in Nigeria’s political firmament.  Details


Our Men  of  God Again. By Ifedigbo Nze Sylva

Some days ago in Umuolihe Village, Isiala-Ngwa Local Government area of Abia state, twenty two people lost their lives under questionable circumstances during a deliverance prayer session at a house that was (is) believed to be haunted. No disaster could have been more unfortunate. Now, I don’t intend to bother myself with the exact circumstances that led to the incident. That would be appropriately the responsibility of the police forensic unit if they ever care to. What I am however bothered about is that these twenty two people whose lives was cut in its prime committed no other crime other than being very loyal followers of a Man of God and would have probably been well alive and hearty today had they stayed back at home with their families on that faithful day. Details


Nigerian Medical Personnel as Merchants Of Death: A Rejoinder to Mr. Ikechukwu A. Ogu. By Dr. Abdullahi Dahiru

Mr Ogu continues his attack on medical practitioners by saying “a doctor should attend to an emergency case in preference to other cases”, and gave a story on how “a woman with an advanced stage of pregnancy was rushed to one of the General hospitals in Abuja with excruciating pains” and told us that “alarmingly the doctors at the hospital refused to attend to her until had completed their “ward round”. The practice in most maternity units is for the pregnant woman to be attended to first by a midwife. The midwife makes an assessment of the patient. If the woman is in labour she is admitted into the labour ward and subsequently monitored by the midwife and the Doctors till delivery. Often the patient delivers in the hands of the midwife if the labour is not a complicated one. If the case is not labour, the midwife directs her to the appropriate unit in the hospital for prompt attention. Details


The Challenge of African Priests in America. By Rev. Bekeh Utietiang

As I speak with many African priests who live and work in the West, their biggest frustration is a church that places no value in their genuine call to serve but see their priesthood or service in the West as merely for economic reasons. These priests are daily being stereotyped. For example, because one African priest does something negative, then all the priests from Africa are like that. While this is in itself very bad logic, the same logic is not applied to their Western brothers. Details


Challenging the Leadership of the North. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

The question some observers are asking is; who are the people that constitute the leadership of northern Nigeria? Is it the State Governors? Is it Nigeria's ex-leaders? Is it the current political office holders at the centre? Is it the business moguls? Is it the educated elites? Is it the traditional class or the religious leaders? Or is it that there is an unobserved vacuum in the leadership of the north? Or can we say that the current situation in northern Nigeria is the consequence of complete leadership failure?  Details


Controlling Immigration Into The United Kingdom: A Further Avalanche Of Changes. By Andrew Onyearu

June 2008 represents a significant watermark in the development of immigration jurisprudence in the United Kingdom.  On 30 June 2008, Tier 1 of the new Points based System, replacing the hitherto much publicised and successful Highly Skilled Migrants Programme came into force.  On 25 June 2008, the United Kingdom Border & Immigration Minister, Liam Byrne announced a number of changes which he suggested would help create “... a fairer Britain with fair treatment for those who play by the rules, but tough action against those who break the law”.  He further stated that “we want the UK to stay open and attractive for both business and visitors, but at the same time, we are determined to deliver a system of border security which is among the most secure in the world”.  Details


Abuja Is A No Man’s Land. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Today, Abuja has become one of the most expensive cities in the world. Without rental income, it would be unaffordable for poor original settlers to even think about living there. If there is anything to learn from Jos Plateau area, Niger Delta area, Ife area and now Ajah in Lagos, families do not disappear into the thin air, whatever their past claim to the land .We do not have to wait until feud raises its ugly head to get a fire fighter. Details


Governor Fashola: Stop this Wickedness. By Tochukwu Ezukanma

Governor Fashola should understand that these individuals being degraded and dispossessed of an opportunity to earn a living are just as human as even the richest and the most powerful. He should realize that just as wealth and power and all their trappings have failed to place any man beyond the human realm, poverty and all its attendant miseries and limitations can not diminish any one’s humanity. In the final analysis, men, irrespective of their stations in life, are the same, equals, the embodiment and expression of God. And our belief in God demands that every man - his life, humanity and dignity - be handled with utmost reverence. Details


Nigerian Society Of Engineers At 50: The Challenges, The Prospects. By  Engr. Bello Gwarzo Abdullahi

We need to extricate ourselves from self-pity, docility that pervades our rank and file. We should be ready and willing to serve as vanguard to make engineering vibrant. We need to build bridges with other professional colleagues. Engineers should be involved in politics and assert themselves in any other areas that pertain to decision making. Details