North's Vicious Circle of Poverty. By Ibrahim A. Waziri

This is about the story of Northerners in Nigeria and what came up in their economic development. It is also the reason why there was no time when Northerners talked much about their economy more than the time of Obasanjo’s leadership. Being it they left the leadership position of the country and the upper class were being attacked by Obasanjo mercilessly. Of course, it was also then that the leadershipin the North achieved most, more than the many years it clung to power at the centre. Details


On Soludo and the North. By Oduogu Okpo

Some of our countrymen who reside in what we all refer to as Northern Nigeria have just proved me right once again. As soon as I read the comment made by Professor Chukwuma Soludo somewhere in Kaduna some time ago to the effect that Northern leaders should be held responsible for the poverty in the region, I knew that hell would be let loose on the poor and unduly bashed Govenor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Details


The Bakassi Mockery And Irrelevance Of International Court Of [In]Justice. By  N. Godson

Ever since the story of the Bakassi “fishing/oil pond” came to my awareness I have often wondered what really pushes the Nigerian system, patriotic instincts or the irritant master-servant relationship where the black man must always yield to the pleasures of the Anglo-Saxon slave traders. Unless and until our leaders wean themselves from archaic mindset as described, the so-called civilized world will continue to take advantage to dominate and dictate. Details


As The ‘Suicide’ Victim Writhes… By Abdullah Musa

From my experience, many people resent being corrected where they err. This is so even if the mildest form of language is employed, and even if there is no apparent loss of face in the particular case. We are simply more inclined to believe that we are Omniscient. Many have thus adopted the stance that they would only offer advice if asked. And many have come to the conclusion that it is fruitless to engage any in argument; you may outpoint the person, but you will never win: if you want him or her to accept you are superior, it will not be accepted; what more of you trying to think that you are more intelligent! You can be told point blank that the donkey can beat you ‘legs down’ in any show of intelligence. Details


Niger Delta Governors: Where Have All Our Money Gone? By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

The nation now has a new man at the helm of affairs accompanied by a new set of Ministers, Governors and handlers. It is possible to do a critical analysis of these men and women -- especially the Governors -- but today, we shall limit ourselves only to the new breed of Governors in the Niger Delta region. The Niger Delta, we already know, is the nation’s breadbasket. But because of the nature of the Nigerian economy (structurally unbalanced and as a Rentier state), many have argued that without the Delta the country will be on her knees, gasping for air. But that is neither here nor there. Details


Nuhu Ribadu and His Fate. By Babandi Gumel

To differentiate herself from Ribadu the woman appointed to chair the Commission seen as iron lady decided to dismantle the Ribadu machines sacking all those who served under the former Chairman. Many people were of the opinion that Ribadu was sidelined and deliberately sent on compulsory Police course on the pretext of gaining more experience as an indirect means of getting rid of him a subtle good riddance. Details


NAPTIP: More Efforts Against Human Trafficking. By Preye Dambo

The act of child trafficking in Nigeria and West Africa in general has become a common phenomenon in our society, which involves young boys and girls on the average age of 15years, which are mainly girls.60%- 80% of them are sent to Italy for sex trade and the common routes are west coast of Nigeria to Mali, morocco, boat to Spain or west coast of Nigeria to Libya and Saudi Arabia. It has been estimated that about 15 million children are engaged in child labour in Nigeria and 40% of them are of the risk of being used for entertainment, pornography, armed conflict, rituals and forced labour. Details


Tango Between Writers and Kano Censorship Board. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

When the embattled Director General of the Kano Films Censorship Board began his rounds of duty in trying to tame the (notorious?) Hausa film makers at the threshold of his of his coming into office, hardly did people had an iota of idea that he would subsequently extend his groping hands to other printed matters, such as Hausa novels and books, printed aspects on advertorials, posters and related medicinal packets, carrying nude pictures and other elements of nudity and pornography. Details


Nigeria - Africa Foreign Policy: Time For Sober Reflection. By Hadi Y. Al-Hassan

Our attention should be more focused towards achieving our vital national interests such as socio-economic growth and development so as to improve the standard of living of the populace.   In this respect, Africa should no longer be the only reason for the existence of our external relations.  We may wish to note that none of the developed nations build their foreign policy on one pillar/continent; they attach more premiums to their sense of national interest and pride which are anchored on socio-economic development of their nations and uplifting of their citizens standard of living. Details


A Legacy Of Non-Implementation-Compliance And Confusion. By Abbas A. Dikko

Our nation and people have been completely denied everything that goes with good and comfortable living, their aspirations and expectations, have been completely eroded, leaving them in a state of utter hopelessness and despair. Details


First Year Of Yar’adua As President Of The Republic. By Elie Smith

As for power, whose erratic supply has contributed in the rising unemployment rate in the country, it is nice that, President Yar’adua has spoken the truth, for he has said, it will take about five year before stable power supply is enjoyed by Nigerians. This might simply mean that, he is working on it. Let us wait and see. Details


Bakassi Peninsular:  Signs Of Worst Things To Come. By Elie Smith

The presumed oil rich Bakassi peninsular, has until a UN court decided to handover to Cameroon, symbolised the territorial disputes, which has often rattled relationship between Abuja and Yaoundé. It was thought by some specialists that, because the October 10th 2002 verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) was in favour of Cameroon and Nigeria did not challenge it energetically, all was over and done with. Perhaps their optimism was based on the grounds that, Nigeria was not duty bound to adhere to the ruling of the ICJ. And had Nigeria failed to respect the ruling of the far away court, she won’t have been the first nation on earth to act that way. Details


Islamic Banking And The Concept Of Economic Development; The Nigerian Perspective. By Mohammed Babayo

Socio-economic justice and equitable distribution of income are among the paramount goals of an Islamic economy, and these goals must be reflected in an Islamic financial system. There are various institutions and structures Islam has installed through which income and wealth can be distributed to fulfill the basic needs for all in society. Details


Nigeria: Her New Recapitalised Banks Are Ripe For Foreign Capture. By Elie Smith

The Nigerian banking industry has nowadays emerged from her uncertain past to an illustrious storied present. The banking sector in Nigeria is one of her unsung success stories and manifest dividend of her blossoming democracy. Most often, whenever specialists of the country want to mention an industrial success, it is almost always the Telecommunications industry, courtesy mobile telephones. Nigerian specialists almost always don’t talk about the revolution that the Nigerian financial sector, led by her banking industry has undergone in the last eight years. Details


Where is The Bayelsa State Governor? By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

The money the Governor and his entourage has wasted in the last 15 months (on domestic and international travels) is more than enough to build, equip and staff one clinic each in each of the State’s local government headquarter. At the very least, the money could have been used to modernize all the Government primary and secondary schools in the State. The people of Bayelsa State need and deserve a competent stay-home Governor, not a snoozing Governor who is “here today and there tomorrow.” Details


Society and Systems of Governance. By Anthony Akinola

The two great systems of political governance known to the world of democracy, the parliamentary and the presidential, have been embraced by Nigeria since independence in 1960.  More than most democratic or semi-democratic nations, Nigerians are well-placed to assess the two political systems vis-à-vis the priority of their society.  The impact the presidential system of government is capable of having on a society that is as heterogeneous as ours may not necessarily be the same as the parliamentary alternative. Details


Endemic Poverty in Kano: Height of Official Insensitivity. By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

It is unfortunate that, what we used to hear in far away climes have now become our lot such that a stroll along Hausawa Ribadu and Bawo roads respectively will remind one of refugee camps in war tone areas of Darfur and Somalia. The same picture of pathetic women and children sitting idly and waiting for some crumbs from the few public spirited individuals that abound here and there, are also very much true of Lodge road and Race-course Street among several other places. And this is happening in the state with the largest revenue base and in the world number six oil exporting nation! Details


Where is AFAN of Kwanar Dangora? By Abdullah Musa

We may start with some definitions, so that the reader who is not familiar with the acronym and the name of the town in the title may be rightly guided. AFAN means ‘All Farmers Associations of Nigeria’. Without reading their constitution, my assumption is that it is an umbrella organization comprising all associations that have one type of farming or the other as its main objective. The objective may not be in the farming itself, but in promoting the welfare of those engaged in it. The basic welfare might be to make its practice easier, if not more profitable. Details


The Influential Thieves. By Hakeem babalola

Nigeria is in trouble. Another cliché, isn’t it? It has been in trouble since inception. It will continue to be in trouble in the next fifty years, even if care is taken. Call me a pessimist if you like. This is scary but nobody would be able to prevent it. And unless the daily news reports from Nigeria are false. There are too many injustices and dishonesty in the land. Hypocrisy and authority stealing are glorified, even by those being oppressed. There are too many unbelievable reports about our public officials, including Mr. Presidents. They behave as if they are animals dealing with animals. And Nigerians, it seems, are just too weak to check the immoderations of their public officials? Details