After Nuhu Ribadu What Next? By  Abubakar Jimoh

Anyway, what a man sowed shall he ripe. The ongoing battle against Mallam Ribadu will serve as a lesson, a life-time experience to all other public officers who because of their positions and the power they weighted from an administration look the other way and cover the negative side of their bosses, a day of reckoning would surely comes. More importantly for those who are used mischievously to intimidate their fellow country men and women in the society. It is hoped that the current chairman of EFCC, Mrs. Waziri would have learnt from the past experiences of her predecessor. Details


The Ribadu Crisis: “When You Fight Corruption, It Fights Back”. By Max Siollun

However the tide turned against Ribadu in 2007. When several of the Governors’ term of office expired in 2007, their immunity from prosecution also expired.  Ribadu then struck.  He compiled a dossier on several corrupt Governors, had them arrested and began steps to prosecute them.  Those arrested included the powerful Governors of Abia and Delta States respectively, Orji Kalu and James Ibori. He also had the powerful telecommunications tycoon Mike Adenuga, and Mohammed Babangida (son of former head of state Ibrahim Babangida) arrested and questioned.  Ribadu had finally gone too far and stepped on the big powerful toes of those close to the top in Nigeria. Details


Sleepless And Speechless In Abuja And Other Cities. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

It is of course not my first or second time in this city built with the wealth Nigeria has gained from oil, and the sufferings of the people of the Niger Delta (Sorry to put a dampener on your sensitivities). Indeed the residents of the real Abuja are not ordinary Nigerians. Whenever I visit Abuja, I could not but help being overcome with mixed feelings. One, and the positive thing, is that Abuja is a testimony to Nigeria’s effort to be a modern state, and one that a Nigerian should be proud of. Details


Health, Hygiene, Fitness & Nigerians. By  Paul I. Adujie

Nigerian guys must lose the beer belly and the so-called love-handless and thick-back of neck; Nigerian women must trim down and lose weight before fussing about 100 percent human hair-extensions imported from China or is it Hong Kong! There is a need to be more physically active, for instance, by joining gymnasiums, by participating in physical exertions and sundry physicality. Regular long walks with your spouse, girl or boy friend, would suffice. It may actually lead to closer familial relationships amongst our people. Details


Nigeria and the New Global Economy. By  Victor E. Dike

One of the problems with managing the Nigerian economy is that the nation’s fiscal policies do not synchronize with its monetary policies. Economic principles are not working in Nigeria’s environment -the forces of demand and supply hardly determines prices in the society. Details



Nuhu Ribadu’s Insubordination: Only The Guilty Run When Nobody Is Pursuing Them. By Aonduna Tondu

The picture is getting much clearer by the day as to the principal motive behind the deafening barrage of  noises one has been subjected to of late  by the media-savvy and egregiously manipulative former EFCC boss and his cheering  foot-soldiers. In what must be seen as a troubling development, the EFCC under the chairmanship of Mrs. Waziri is alleging, with the appropriate documentation at its disposal, it would seem, that the erstwhile EFCC boss failed to handover properly when he was relieved of his commission. Nuhu Ribadu only left a three-page handover note with Mr. Lamorde Details


Ribadu Travail and Anti-Corruption War. By Peluola Adewale

... the point must be struck that Malam Nuhu Ribadu is a victim of a system of witch-hunt and flagrant disregard of democratic rights and rule of law which he helped build during the last administration of former President Obasanjo as the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Instead of pursuing the war against corruption with full sincerity, he became a tool of former President Obasanjo in witch- hunting his perceived political opponents and often without regard to democratic rights and rule of law. Details


Buhari Misquoted: Yar'Adua Misinformed. By Ahmad Salisu

It is a pity that Mr. President himself was misinformed on the position of General Muhammadu Buhari over statement alleging that his refusal to withdraw the appeals he filed challenging the victory of Alhaji Umaru Yaradua was as a result of neglect. Such misrepresentations by and large could constitute a malicious statements made with clear intentions of insinuating unimaginable dent to his character. Details


Serving Nigeria – The Ribadu Experience. By Aminu Muhammad

My support for the re-election bid of Obasanjo got a lot of extras with the emergence of another young and fantastic young genius. In just about one year of his appointment, this young man ignited in many young Nigerians the passion to want a chance of serving Nigeria with all their Strength even when it was obvious that those in position of authority were stealing with extra strength. This young man did what nobody has been able to do in Nigeria, bringing fear to the corner of the Political Gluttons of Nigeria. The man was heading a newly born EFCC and his name is Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Details



A Memo to Buhari. By Ahmed Salisu Isyaku

It is unfortunate that the ANPP has now turned to be the worst enemy of its two times consecutive Presidential flag bearer. The Ume-Ezocke led party has been more of a garrison command than a political party. The manner in which it transcends on a person that has been robbed of his right and forced to pursue a judicial redress after he has openly opposed taking the matter to court. And he is now being castigated for not succumbing to GNU. What manner of a party?  Details


Whenever Obama Visits Nigeria. By Nduka Uzuakpundu

And when Obama finally pilgrimages to Nigeria, we would be told by the Yar’Adua administration that Nigeria is no longer a debtor-nation that it once was. Nigeria has, since buying back her more than $30 billion debt, at a very great price, won the hearts of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Indeed, as Maduekwe thinks, Nigeria’s example would be of special interest to Obama because no other African country, under democratically-elected administration, has achieved such a financial and economic feat in her relations with the Brettonwood institutions. Details


Dr. Femi Babalola on Obama, Abortion & Gay Rights in America. By  Paul I. Adujie

In this midst of all this bad news from Nigeria, coupled with extreme hardship, suffering and hopelessness permeating children in Nigeria, Dr. Femi Babalola is more concerned with retrograde abortion rules and the safety of unwanted fetuses; His 17th Century abortion logic is so egregious, and particularly so, when just a few days ago, a report emanated from Nigeria, in which helpless and hapless children were being reportedly maimed and or murdered soon after such children are ignorantly labeled and castigated as witches, all in the name of the Christian God Where is the morality and religion in Dr. Femi Babalola’s Nigeria, a nation that ought to be the beacon and shinning light for all Africans and peoples of African descent including Mr. Barack Obama on whom Dr. Babalola commented extensively? Details


After The World Court Blunder; It’s Time For A U.N. Security Council Referendum In Bakassi. By Anthony Okosun

Contrary to the erroneous belief of many, it’s not yet over for the people of Bakassi. The good Bakassi people can still enjoy their dream of remaining in country Nigeria, with their kiths and kins in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States in Nigeria. Yes Nigeria Blundered, by agreeing with Cameroun to go the World Court, for a resolution of the Bakassi quarrel. Nigeria should have known better. Details


Between Yar'Adua and His Cabinet of Geriatrics. By Ifeanyi Izeze

Agreed that we need very experienced men and women in the service of this nation, haba! Is that enough for the President to form a conglomeration of elders who have been in government since the days of Hassan Katsina and Nnamdi Azikiwe and merely bias the list with political jobbers (oti nkpus)? Details


Fuel Subsidy Scandal and the Impending Fuel Subsidy Removal. By Abubakar A Nuhu-Koko

From June 2000 to May 2007 during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo (1999-2007), there were about eight fuel price hikes; with the last one on the twilight of his days in office on May 23, 2007 (just six days to his handing over to the new administration of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua – UMYA) on May 29, 2007. Details


Oil Prices – Nigeria missed Opportunity. By Olufemi Nelson Fajolu

One question that comes to my mind each time I thought about the rise and fall of oil prices in regards to the then and now state of Nigeria and Nigerians is that; what have we achieved with all the excess money we got from the jumps in oil prices? The answer I can best come up with is NOTHING. We read and saw how other oil producing nations were using the their extra monies to benefit their citizens. Details


National Assembly As ‘Whipping Boy’. By Monima Daminabo

Not a few concerned Nigerians and foreigners alike have started expressing worries that the wave of scandals which is blowing through various public institutions in the country, has lately placed the National Assembly squarely in its sights. Hardly would a day pass without one media organ or the other featuring one scandal or sensational spin about the National Assembly, or its members or some other highly placed official. Details


Hurray! The Coins Are Back, But...By Les Leba

So, the reintroduction of the N1 and N2 and the 50kobo coins by the Central Bank must certainly be a very welcome development for manufacturers, traders and consumers alike, and their availability would be expected to dampen the upward price push, which the absence of these denominations brought about.  Thus, prices can be expected to be more competitive and the often forgone change at petrol stations and other consumer mass markets can now be recovered and the usual attrition related to such transactions in the past will be avoided with positive impact on the health disposition of more and more Nigerians! Details


Atiku at 62: Will He Return to PDP? By Zayyad I. Muhammad

Atiku had on several occasions dismissed with a web of hand the likelihood of his return to the PDP. However, one interesting thing is, Atiku- a member of the G21 and G34- the founding groups of the PDP; is still the Head of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), a political grouping founded by the late Gen. Shehu Yar’Adua, a movement that is still the backbone of the PDP, and one of its strong member, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, who Atiku always refers to as his younger brother, is the President of Nigeria under the platform of the PDP. Details


Albishir vs Ali: With a Democracy Like Ours. By Usman  Dakeja

I note also the ridiculousness of the argument in the piece that the police was wrong in declaring a senator wanted.  Does a senator enjoy immunity under the constitution?  Should an ex-senator be free to libel somebody even under oath without repercussions?  I cannot believe that this piece appear sunder this byline.  If in a political battle,  a party is stupid enough as to lie under oath , why should the other party be crucified for counter attacking but strictly through the legal process.  Details


The Audacious Hope. By Joshua Ocheja

This is also a lesson African and Nigerian politicians need to emulate. Those already clamoring for a Nigerian replication are merely chasing shadows. Numerous factors are responsible for my assertion; paramount is the zoning formula that we have embraced. It simply smacks a mockery of democracy as an institution. Details


Enough Of The Obasanjo Family, Please! By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Now, I sincerely think that time has come for Obasanjo and his dysfunctional family to excuse Nigerians from their endless problems and the incredibly suffocating stench that always oozes from that obviously desecrated homestead, and school themselves to realize that we are all sick and tired of it all. I can’t remember the last time I heard anything wholesome and edifying from that family. Not too long ago, Gbenga, Obasanjo’s son shocked the nation when he stated in an affidavit that himself, his father and father-in-law, were sharing his wife, and that his father was rewarding his wife with juicy government contracts after sleeping with her. Details


University Of Ibadan (U.I.) At 60 And Its Unenviable Legacy. By Hassan Taiwo Soweto

60 years ago, the premiere University was established as a fountain of knowledge for the increasing quest of Nigerian for education. It soon became a sanctuary of the best minds in all fields of knowledge. It was also for a long time a melting pot of critical minds, poets and literary giants who would play crucial roles in the nationalist movement of Nigeria. Details


Kano Incessant Juvenile Defilements. By Ahmad Salisu

Many believed that the life of the people and the socio-economic as well as political development in Kano were not considered to be following the natural cause, but guided by certain forces. The fact that the political trend in Kano was always a metamorphosis of their renown political ideology of opposition deep engraved in their mindsets made it necessary for one to see and record its effect in both political and socio-economic dealings with the people in Kano. An average Bakano is self sufficient that allows him to respect his own dignity which paved way for respect for the dignity of others and further dignified. Details


"Policemen Make Us Pregnant in Detention". By Hakeem Babalola

According to the Vanguard, "members of the Nigerian police force secretly abuse, rape and forcefully have sex with inmates of Nigerian detention facilities". The paper continues, "To this end, many children born by the inmates are largely unclaimed". Vanguard discovered the horror during its visit to the nation's No 1 prison at Apapa, the Kirikiri Maximum Prisons in Lagos State. Details


The Award Gambit and Governance in Kano. By Naseer Kura

Throughout history, kano is known to particularly have a guild sociopolitical structure that, through a complex interplay of processes and procedures, provides stringent but transparent standard for both recognition and award for selfless service in all facets of the community life. Details


From Ghana, A Message Of Faith And Tolerance. By  Sule Ya’u Sule

A visit to Ghana’s Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama proved a point or two that Ghanaians are a people who sleep well at night and have no security hang ups.  Meeting the Vice President was easy and the man himself was at ease without overzealous security officials shielding him from the people.  The Osu Castle, the Ghanaian seat of power is a story in simplicity and functionality and foreign tourists could be seen around mingling freely with natives.  You immediately get the impression that the Ghanaian government is transparent and responsive and that this is a place one can do business.  They do not require expensive Radio and Television jingles to prove they are open for business, merely interacting with Ghanaians or visiting them in their offices, or their seat of power or meeting their top officials, including, we were told, the President himself, is such an uncomplicated business. Details


Joe Igbokwe the Desperate Chameleon. By Bosah Chinedu

This is Joe again at his best in another article after Obasanjo’s “re-election” published by Thisday online of November 16 2004 titled “why Obasanjo won”: “President Obasanjo's re-election has since shattered the age long myth. The wind of change is now irreversible. Remember also that the January 27, 2002 explosions in Lagos, the police strike, the killing of Chief Bola Ige etc; were simply part of the agenda to continue the destabilization acts. Details


Nigeria's Bonny Light: A Benchmark in Distress. By Eben Dokubo

The current travails of Bonny where armed gangs strike terror into the marrows of citizens bring to the fore, the painful plight of the people of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, a confluence of affluence and despair. Residents of Bonny are fleeing from their homes and many have perished during the perilous journey out of the islands. Radio announcements by the Police, Local Government, and Rivers State Government officials have not stemmed the tide of exodus. Bonny is a case-study in failed appeasement, divide and rule, trickle down policy, and myopic strategic planning. Details


Street Children: The Agony of a Nation. By  Adediran Monsurah Atinuke

The Street Children phenomenon in Nigeria is gradually assuming alarming proportions, particularly in urban areas. The immediate cause of this challenge appears to be deeply entrenched in poverty which defines lives of the vast majority of the Nigerian people. Invariably, broken homes and families who find it difficult to provide the basic needs equally end up at some point on the streets and the phenomenon very much alarming resulting to: child labour, child trafficking, child prostitution and a host of others. Details


Have You Looked at Our National Flag Lately? By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

When last did you take a good look at a hosted and flying Nigeria national flag?. The one you took note of, how was it looking? I am almost certain that there must have been something wrong with the flag. It is either it is tattered almost in rags, discoloured as a result of continuous exposure to the elements of the weather, flying at night in the dark, wrongly flown with the green and white laying horizontally, perpetually flying at half (or even quarter) mast when the nation wasn’t mourning, very tiny in comparison to other flags flying beside it or looking so funny like an article just out of an apprentice tailors shop with the green and whites sewn together and so poorly done. Details


Media Trust and the Burden of Trust. By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

The media trust management have already made it abundantly clear that, ‘as an independent, liberal newspaper dedicated to the pursuit of the common good and conscious of the fact that, it is a short-sighted business policy for a news paper to shut out a particular point of view for its own reason or due to pressure from powerful institutions and advertisers’. Details


Gas Policy: Between Power Emergency And FG’s Blurred Domestic Agenda. By Ifeanyi Izeze

When the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC), a strategic business unit of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), recently adjusted the price of its natural gas supplies from N21.05 per cubic unit to N67.63 per cubic unit, the immediate reaction that followed it from some aggrieved members of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and other customers clearly showed how uninformed or rather misinformed some of the groups were on the core issues involved. Details


Nuhu Ribadu and His Fate. By Babandi Gumel

One good thing about Ribadu however was he never came out openly to complain thus accepting his fate honourably whether good or bad a sign of good faith.  On the other hand so many Nigerians including the famous human right crusader and a lawyer Gani Fawehinmi and Professor Wole Soyinka the Nobel Laureate came out openly to challenge the decision of sending Ribadu on course without much success.  He is now more than half way through in the course then another rumour got afloat. This time the erstwhile Ribadu is said to have been demoted two ranks below his rank .He was demoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police from his present post as Assistant Inspector General of Police causing an exchange of harsh words in the Senate. The Police Commission which announced the demotion that caused uproar in the Senate said due process was not followed when Ribadu was promoted seen as accelerated. Despite all these yet apparently Ribadu did not complain as usual leaving his fate to his Creator without mincing a word or making noise and other public comments. Details


Lagos State Vs. Major Hamza Mustapha Conspiracy Theory. By Max Gbanite

I state categorically that I am not advocating for or by any stretch saying that these accused men are innocent. However, if they are being persecuted and held in detention for 8 years because Sgt. Rogers was cajoled, induced, bribed, sadakad, and egunged to lie against them; then it makes sense that the Femi Falana, Gani Fawehinmis (SAN), Agbakogba’s (SAN), and others of this world, should cry for their justice. After all as William Black put it, “a truth that is told with bad intent beat all the lies you can invent.” Details


Media Trust, Kano And The Rest Of Us. By Saka Raji Audu

Honestly speaking, one must admit that in spite of the heterogeneous nature of the Nigerian society, the Media Trust publications have tried to avoid the cynical political propaganda regarding the sectional interest of some irresponsible political elites that fan the embers of disunity, dichotomy and schism in the Country. The Media Trust worked hard to distance itself from the vampirism attitude of some media houses in the Country. It has variously attempted to enlighten the people of the country on the dangers of misinformation, distortion and treacherous political propaganda. The Media Trust Nigeria Limited came out at a period when the ethics of responsible journalism had almost been thrown to the dogs. So, it has the Herculean task of rejuvenating the image of the journalism profession. Details


Terror Alert in Africa: A Diplomat’s Spurious Speculation. By Ibrahim Usman

Recently, the diplomat resurfaced, this time with a spurious speculation that Hizbullah is planning to attack Israelis and their interests in West Africa. The Nigerian Inspector of Police, Mike Okiro, was said to be visiting foreign embassies in the country when Mr. Ram made the statement. He said, a security report uncovered by the Israeli media, did not specifically mentioned Nigeria, but it is all pointing towards that direction. Hear him: “We know that they were not particular about Nigeria but I think that it is very feasible and might, you know, in the chain of events it might happen and eventually it can become a problem”. According to The Jerusalem Post, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, in a rare move, restricted the Counterterrorism Bureau from commenting on the issue. It however cautioned Israelis, especially business men who deal with Muslims, to be on the alert for possible attack and abduction. Details


Still In Defence Of The Nigerian Medical Personnel. By Dr. Abdullahi Dahiru

We all know that one of the major problem is the inadequacy of health care facilities in most part of the country especially in the rural areas. The tertiary health institutions [teaching hospitals and Federal Medical Centres] and the specialist hospitals are mostly located in urban centres, whereas the primary health centres [PHC] are located in rural areas. The PHCs and the General Hospitals mostly have dilapidated structures. Most of these centres, apart from the tertiary health centres, do not have the necessary equipment and manpower to make effective diagnosis and treatment of most ailments possible. Often a patient with minor ailment like malaria, has to seek for cure in the tertiary health centre; a case that can be treated at the PHC and the General Hospitals. Details



Crowners Of Obasanjo Get Bloody. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Most political alliances with the North always work out well for our unity mainly from the time of Tafawa Balewa. The Northerners were then known for their modesty and very little greed compared to Southerners. So it was not surprising that during the NPC and NCNC alliance the position of Minister of Finance went to NCNC. So far, our South-south still prefers that alliance with our North. This has served our Country well. Therefore, the North as the South, when in power, has the responsibility to treat those who defy the mainstream politics in their regions and ally with them very well. We may work on this for total agreement on the Niger Delta problem. Details


Terrorist Asari Dokubo and the Parasites. By Mahamman Adarawa

The problem of the Niger Delta has historical roots in slave trade and colonialism. During the trans atlantic slave trade of the 18th & 19th century, the rulers of the Niger Delta especially Ijaws  used to cruelly hunt for slaves in the hinterland especially Igbo areas and sell them to European slave merchants for mere articles like, mirrors, arms, wine and spirits. Then during the 20th century when palm oil business boomed, European trading companies attempted to take over monopoly of the trade from native rulers. This led to widespread acrimony and subsequent violence, culminating in the famous Akassa raid, further battles between colonialists and ultimately exiling of King Jaja of Opobo. The struggle of King Jaja was an example of legitimate resistance against colonialism. Later on, the Niger Deltans so much liked the colonialists that they adopted their names as surnames and converted to Christianity although retaining cult activities. What they failed to adopt is the politeness and decorum of their new masters. Details


NASS Members and Self- Representation. By  Hassan Zaggi

Recently, signs have started to emerge that the item was not removed from the budget as speculated. We hear in the media that, in return, the national legislators are also allegedly now asking for N114,000 (one hundred and fourteen thousand) per day per legislator as their lunch allowance. By simple mathematics (N114,000 x 360 (House of reps members) x 365 days) + (N114,000 x 109 senators x 365 days), we have the sum of over 20 billion naira (N20,638,560,000  to be precise)  annually, flowing into the pockets of the legislators as lunch allowance, according to Josef  Omorotionmwan in Thisday  newspaper of August 7, 2008. Details


An Eclipse over a Unique Brand of Fascism; The End of Atiku’s Misrule in Adamawa, 1999AD- 2007AD. By Mahamman Adarawa

On the moral and legal side, No one can bear witness that Atiku ever condemned corruption in private and public life. He also threatened to slap judges when Justice Zanna Bukar gave a verdict against his whims and caprices, after he rigged elections in Adamawa in 2003. Atiku only became a born again advocate of due process and respect for rule of law when his ambition was truncated by Obasanjo.

Thus Atiku is yet to acquire the attributes of a good leader. Infact he has just started the primary school of politics with his appreciation of due process and rule of law. Politics is more than bribing for votes, rigging, arrogance and primitive accumulation of wealth. It involves among other attributes like self sacrifice, moral uprightness, dedication and always taking interest and trust of the people seriously. Details


The Brouhaha About Mike Okiro’s Double Promotion In The Police. By Emeka Oraetoka

Many have spoken against the demotion on the grounds that it was carried out with a view to humiliating Nuhu Ribadu, believed to have recklessly presided over the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] during his Chairmanship. The proponents of witch-hunt apparently failed to advance any sound legal back-up to justify their displeasure with the action of Police Service Commission (PSC). However, many have spoken in favour of the exercise [demotion], saying that it will go a long way in calming frayed nerves in the police; as information has it that agitation against the way and manner these officers were promoted had badly affected the morale of the police as an institution. Infact, it is believed that the Police, by demoting Ribadu and others, only saved itself from itself, as promotion was grossly politicized in recent past to the detriment of the Institution. Details


Thank God We Didn't Win. By  Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

Today, I am moody, but in my moodiness I find some thing positive about our loss. If we had won Gold, the hawks in The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) would have -like always- claimed the victory and we wouldn’t have heard nor made efforts whatsoever to correct all the many wrongs that happened with that team. Details


Poverty in Kano: Height of Parental Negligence and Insensitivity. By Saka Raji Audu

So, I could not believe that any one could attribute the so called 'hunger and diseases ' to 'absence of energy and hopelessness.' This statement must have been mischievously and incorrectly quoted, as usual, by the reporter, to be able to achieve his diabolical motives. We are already familiar with this type of wish washy game of a man that never see good in any thing, unless he is involved. Details