Indigeneship Of The North In Nigeria. By Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Kawu Dikwa

There is a general misunderstanding of the North by fellow Nigerians in the South, concerning tribal linkages, as most Southerners address all Northerners as Hausas.  This is erroneous.  Indeed this has been a very well known and uncorrected error for a very long time in this country.  In the North, for that unfortunate error, some, especially the Hausas, in whom the advantage of that error resides, have taken a political advantage and have invited the Fulani in what they term as Hausa-Fulani. Details


Vampires Put Chokehold On Nigeria Left Right And Center. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigeria refuses to die naturally. The fiercest lions have succumbed to too many stings by bees, while dogs have been fleeced to death by opportunistic parasites. Yet, Nigeria remains standing. Even Agbonmagbe Bank finally dried up. Mystery behind Nigeria’s survival is no where but in the number of people who eke out a living accepting the fact that nothing good can come out of the Government. It is easier to turn us into street beggars. If we cannot change individuals, let us work on institutions, if not from the top-down, we must do it from middle or down-up. Details


So, the Rich Can Also Cry? By Kabiru Tsakuwa

Like the previous reforms in the banking sectors, pundits have already concluded that the ongoing exposure and shaming of bank defaulters and their subsequent arrest by the EFCC is politically motivated....Others said that the north which was unduly short changed by the last reform has long been nursing a thinly veiled grudges, while waiting for an opportunity to exert sweet revenged. Details


We Are Boko Haram: A Response to Dr. Aliyu Tilde. By Mustafa Liman-Adamu

I really don’t understand what Dr Tilde wanted to achieve by bringing dressing issue into the discussion. What has that got to do with boko haram? Do people no longer have the liberty to dress as is accepted in their society? He even ahead adding “….We wear them both the riga and the kaftan during the harmattan cold and during the hot summer. Details


Please Educate Us All. By Deji Babaleye

First, let me confess that I like President Umaru Musa Yar Adua (PUMY); he looks harmless and his first few strides as President were steady. He appealed to our hearts requesting us to trust him to make a change and give us some fresh air. The OBJ tenure was beginning to suffocate us all. But then, two years have passed and I am sure by now PUMY would know the difference between looking at problems from afar and examining them while in the saddle. Details


Arewa: The Tragedy of Leadership. By Salisu Suleiman

Then a calamity struck Arewa. Its selfless leaders where killed in that calamity, and it became obvious that the new set of leaders were incapable of producing the selfless dedication of its forebears. On the table where the Sardauna had his meals with Muslims and Christians, the new leaders could not eat together. On the platforms where the old leaders campaigned for the good of the entire land, cracks of ethnicity began to appear. Details


Of The Complicit Bank Executives And Bad Leadership In Nigeria. By  Salisu Ahmed Koki

Laughable enough is the fact that some of the rich debtors that almost suffocated the affected Nigerian banks to death are allowed to preside over sensitive financial institutions like the Nigeria Stock Exchange and Nicon Insurance and it will come as no surprise if before the expiration of the year the accused ladies and gentlemen of the private sector and their accomplices in the banking sector are conferred with now infamous Nigeria National Honors. Details


I am Militant Too, Mr. President. By Victor Segun Olomola

Can somebody help me to convey my plight to Nigeria’s president to grant me Amnesty that could afford me special monetary allowances, free meals and courtesy call to the Presidential Villa in Abuja to shake hands with power-that-be?  

Please I need amnesty. I read about youth gangs coming out from their hideouts with highly sophisticated guns to enjoy the largesse of the amnesty. Unfortunately I have no guns to surrender but have my skinny body frame to prove that I and my family are in dire need of government urgent relief.



Oil For Terrorist Or Is It Compassion? Western Ideals; Real Or Romantic Figments? By Paul I. Adujie

As a precursor to the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the United States and the subsequent overthrow of Saddam Hussein in March 2003, there was a US-Iraq policy supported by the United Nations, it was called the Oil-For-Food Program. It was an outgrowth of the overall policy which constituted the post 1991 US-Iraq war, fought ostensibly to dislodge Saddam Hussein's Iraq from Kuwait which Iraq had occupied as her so-called nineteenth province! Details


Col. Dangiwa’s Views On Comptroller General Of Customs’ Appointment And Kabir Kajibta’s Reply: A Reaction. By Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda

Col. Dangiwa as I came to know him is no coward and this country needs people like him who can call a spade a spade and look at crooks in government in their eyes and patriotically tell them in all conscience that this is wrong. Details


Bank Debtors and the Plight of Textile Sector. By Saka Raji Audu

OF course, no one would like our banks to be used as a conduit pipe of corruption by some inconsiderate bankers and their accomplices, who borrow huge amounts of money but fail to repay such money back to the banks within the stipulated time. In fairness, the CBN governor deserves a pat on the back for such an unprecedented bold step he took a week ago to sanitise the banking sector of the country's economy, as it cannot be business as usual all the time. One must also in all honesty commend the support of Farida Waziri led EFCC towards her agency attempt at recovering the bank debts. Details


The CBN Banking Reforms - Matters Arising. By Robert Martins

The publishing of such a list is of course a serious matter that may even  have legal implications since there are such ethical issues as  client/professional  confidentiality involved. The same confidentiality  issues exist in other professions such as law and medicine where the  professional is not  permitted to divulge certain information about his  client publicly. Personally I have some misgivings about whether the  CBN has the legal right to publish such a list, though I must concede  that with  the levels of impunity in Nigeria , the CBN perhaps has an  overriding  moral duty to name and shame financial miscreants. Having  said that, my first impression on reading the list was that for a  document with such serious implications, the quality is rather sloppy. Details


Sanusi, Sanusi, Sanusi, You Can Never Sustain This. By Farouk Martins Aresa

This man must be crazy. He has taken on more than he can chew. This has never worked in Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa. So we do not know why he thinks he is the new found Messiah. This man can never clean up institutional fraud in Nigeria we know. We have enough casualties to show as evidence, from Exhibits A to Z. As we were having esi-ewu with our palmy at the beer parlor, little did we know Sanusi had way more than us. Details


He Sacked Them and So What? By Joshua Ocheja

If you ask me, I will say the system has been compromised for a long time and trust Nigerians we have a way of posing as “James Bond”. The list of casualties has just begun; the EFCC has a daunting task ahead as we have a tsunami waiting to happen in the long run. I wonder why Charles Soludo is right now, I wonder where he hid those Abracadabra books of his that constantly reminded him that the physical size of banks determines their balance sheets. Details


If the Government of Nigeria is Insensitive,  How intellectual is ASSU? By Baba Shehu Umar Ibn Abubakar

Education in Nigeria has been passing at a cross road. Yet the society is not well prepared to consider both education and the operators of our institution as a National treasure. Currently, neither the primary nor secondary schools produce qualitative product which can be trained in our universities. Although, our universities are also not well positioned to receive those half trained students both from our primary and secondary schools, yet they are the central engine house of training future leaders and prime movers of our country. Therefore, it is the duty of those in authority as well as those who are entrusted to train them to find ways to solve lingering problems. Details


Nigerian Citizenship Should Be Redefined NOW! By  Paul I. Adujie

First, upon reading this most ill-conceived action by Lagos state, I was thrown into a state of suspended disbelief. The governor of Lagos state is lawyer, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria at that! This is particularly surprising, because Mr. Fashola is lawyer and the action he sanctioned, is obviously unconstitutional and illegal and plainly immoral and unjustifiable! Mr. Fashola’s illegitimate action on this score, makes me wonder if he has misplaced his copy of the Nigerian constitution? How could a state governor order such action which flies in the face of decency, morality and constitutionality? Such an urbane governor as Mr. Fashola, a man who rather a very young politician? What informed this offensive and discriminatory act? Details


The Youth and Waste Scavenging in Nigeria: Implications For Socioeconomic and Health Hazards. By Mustapha Muktar, Ph.D.

In Nigeria, like other developing countries, scavenging among youths begin with the collection of plastic bags, bottles, papers, cardboards and cans, and it mostly takes place in the informal sector. Scavengers provide informal collection, recovering additional materials at the curve, dumps and landfills. Details


Boko-Haram: After of System Failure. By Abbas A. Dikko

Though, Boko-Haram could be regarded for now, a history, but, the lesson drawn, if any, and to a level, the seeming problem left behind, would remain for quite a time, in our daily life. The leadership in their characteristic nature may wish to continue with their window dressing and forum shopping in other to justify their action(s) as well, shy away from their constitutional responsibilities. The security agencies established by law to protect life and property of the citizenry, would want to continue with their lawlessness method of handling violence in their desperation to protect the interest of the authority so as to justify their legitimate/illegitimate take. Details


The Boko Haram Metaphor: The Failure Of Nigeria Elites. By Buhari Bello

My grudge with the Mallam Yusuf’s Boko Haram doctrine is the outright ignorance of the group over the role of knowledge, in re-inverting society over the years. The outright condemnation of western education is wrong, but what I expected him to have condemned, is the failure of our policy makers to seriously reform the educational system to be in consonant with our socio-cultural and religious background. Details


Between Innocent Muslims And Their Governments. By Isa Ali Ibrahim-Pantami

The recent ugly, waggish and docile approach of security personnel and some executives in Nigeria over the now defunct “Darul-Islam” is a clear spiritual genocide and moral holocaust on the People. Although a Muslim, I have some fundamental and critical differences with the people of Darul-Islam over their mode of worship and on some of their verdicts, but I believe they never contradict the Nigerian constitution, culture and tradition of the country. Details


What Is Your Hostage Value? By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

Time was when it was just foreigners who enjoyed hostage threats in the country. The threat had later flowed down to the relations of political office holders and the rich. Today everybody including yours sincerely who daily does battle with the same realities of our failure as a nation just like the Boys has a hostage threat hanging down the neck. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone has got a hostage value. Details


Hillary Clinton’s Real Message To Nigerians. By Salisu Suleiman

What Mrs. Clinton was saying in essence is that Nigerians must rise up to the challenge and address the tragedy of leadership we are confronted with. As she stated, ‘the most immediate source of the disconnect between Nigeria’s wealth and its poverty is a failure of governance at the local, state, and federal level’. Are we willing to fight for change? Details


What is Mrs. Clinton’s Offense. By Tochukwu Ezukanma

There is absolutely nothing wrong in Mrs. Clinton’s message. What then, is her offense? Why would any one take offense at what was essentially a well–intended advice from the president of a friendly nation. Incidentally, her message bruised the sensitivity of those who had designed to remain in power for 60 years through fraudulent elections. Details


The Problem With Nigeria: Hilary Clinton’s Angle. By  Segun Imohiosen

If you asked my candid opinion, the poverty, squalor and frustration among the citizens cannot be pretended. There is no doubt that a very few in the society has access to the real basic necessities of life whereas a larger percentage of the people live at below the accepted international standard. If Clinton in her short visit could make reference to this, it is not that somebody went to feed her this in her room within the very short period of her stay but these are things opened to the entire world. Details