Sardauna Foundation, NGF And NNN. By Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir

Were Sir Ahmadu Bello to be alive today, he would have been one hundred years old. Considering the live expectancy or span in our clime, that would have been a rare feat. It is rare today to have those within the age group of the late sage still alive. Those that are alive, where they are relevant, had little or no legacies to show for it. Where they are celebrated, is not because of what they have done but more because of the long life and what their offspring have achieved. Details


Shame on the Northern Leaders and Northern Students. By Husaini Mango, Ph.D.

The shame emanates in departure from political philosophy of the northern political hero, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto, who laid foundation for their success, then turned back and destroyed the North with political thuggery and religious bigotry. “Northern Students” is also considered a party to the shame on regional mentality displayed on their position against ASUU on the current ongoing nationwide strike, which appeared in Daily Ttrust, September 3, 2009.Details


Post-Amnesty Programme: Gas And Water Levels In The Oil Producing District of Imo West. By Benedict Okereke

All said, for decades, revenues from natural resources in this zone have gone to Nigeria's government coffers. Without further delay,  the area urgently needs to be provided with the most banal of its citizen's expectations from government. Details


Reflection Time for Nigeria. By Suleiman Nasiru

FORTY-NINE years of Nigeria’s independence, a lot of people have argued that the country has not achieved anything while some people say a lot have been achieved. Some of those who argue that the country has experienced tremendous improvement from the pre-independence era backed up their argument with a number of parameters for measuring achievement. Details


The Challenge of Governance: Steady Race To Nation Building. By Bunmi George

When Yar'Adua declared his asset sometime back, it was received with mixed feelings. Some praised him for setting the pace for transparency, while some simply relegated it to a charade. I tell you, it may look like child’s play; this is a good thing for democracy in Nigeria. Details


Developing a Sustainable Nuclear Energy in Nigeria. By Marwan Haruna Abdulkarim

Nigeria no doubt is one of the countries that can divest to nuclear energy because of the abundance of Uranium, but the main issue that may jeopardise the project is the implementation of the regulatory and safety issues and the containment of other risks as earlier mentioned. Details


Between Ngige, Obi and Soludo. By Jideofor Adibe

As the dust generated by the recent PDP ward congress in Anambra state and the subsequent emergence of Professor Chukwuma Soludo as the party’s flag bearer for the February 2010 elections settles, it is tempting to speculate on how the campaign will turn out.  Which of the candidates is best positioned to create a new narrative that will harness the current individual achievements of the people into an imagined community to which all the citizens will proudly tap into, and gratefully subordinate themselves to? What qualities and baggage do these candidates bring to the table?  Details


Nigeria's Forgotten Heroes: Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (Part 1). By Max Siollun

Nigeria's 49th Independence anniversary was last week. What do we remember of October 1st 1960?  Do we remember the man who received the instruments of independence on behalf of Nigeria? Other countries keep libraries full of books and archives about their first leaders.  All Americans know chapter and verse about George Washington.  Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah is an icon.  What of Nigeria's case? Are we accurately recording our history for our children and descendants? The only book on Nigeria's first Prime Minister Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was written by a foreigner. Little is known about Balewa.  In the first of a new series of articles on "Nigeria's forgotten heroes", I chronicle and attempt to release a little more information about Nigeria's first Prime Minister. Details


Rufai and Ribadu Denied Passport Renewals & The Devil's Advocate Argues Both Sides. By Written by Paul I. Adujie

The passport palaver being faced by Rufai and Ribadu are at once fundamental and as well, quite simple. The federal government of Nigeria has no right, but perhaps, only the power, under our constitution, to deny a bona fide citizen of Nigeria freedom of movement and ingress and egress from Nigeria. The possession of a Nigerian passport, as such, facilitates ingress and egress; this however can be denied, under certain circumstances. Details


Towards Economic Development of the North. By Sa’ad A. Jijji

Second, some Northerners are convinced that the government of former President Obasanjo and the Banking consolidation program under the former CBN governor somehow accounts for the poverty in North. This is a rather simplistic argument. Poverty in the North predates Obasanjo’s and will outlive Yar’adua’s government. The problem is far more fundamental. Alhaji Falalu Bello in his excellent paper at the Leadership Conference believes the Northern economy ‘’ a consequence of various reforms introduced has been totally grounded...’. It may be true that President Obasanjo’s government has benefited more Southern elites than their Northern counterparts but looking at the fortunes of the average Nigerian, you are unlikely to tell the difference. Details


Lamido And Northern Agenda. By Usman Falalu Funtua

Some Nigerians are hypocrites. All these noise about Northern agenda stuff is pure rubbish. That Southerners hold sway in these banks does not give them the liberty to steal depositor’s funds. The audit teams selected by CBN and NDIC to look into the books of these Banks cut across every ethnic group. Education does not equate to common sense, a lot of educated people do not posses the ability to reason. Reasoning and Logic are essential for this sort of debate. Details


Anambra State: Shame of the Nation? By Jideofor Adibe

One, in many ways, Anambra state is the embodiment of the Igbo man’s famed aggressive competitive spirit and extreme republicanism (these attributes reinforce each other). While these facilitate the production of geniuses and great achievers in businesses and the professions, they also unfortunately equally help in creating uniquely endowed felons that operate from the other side of the moral divide. Details


Truth From the Bus Window. By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

From the window of the bus I see beggars, children leading aged bent over parents by the stick, joggling coins in a worn aluminum plate, the sound steering you, making you look not at the beggar, but the helplessness in his eyes. You stare on, pushing away that silent urge to reach for that worn N10 in your breast pocket. He joggles the coin again, his eye darting around the bus. He moves on to the next window, hoping and wishing. Details


A Revolution Fashola Must Kick-Start In The Education Sector. By Omo’ba Olumide Idowu

Though I am proud to proclaim that I attended the same secondary school with Governor Fashola, I will be honest enough to confess that I will never allow any of my children to attend my old school in its current physical and environmental state. My old school which I will continue to be proud of is now sinking with dilapidated class rooms and devoid of basic facilities such as a library, school playground, standard laboratory and a befitting hall. Perhaps the biggest challenge of the school is that it continues to contend with the affront of desperate land developers who are bent on taking over a part of my history. Details


Nigeria at 49: Between Hope and Despair! By Kabiru Tsakuwa

So contrary to the general perceptions, this so-called independence given to us in 1960 was only a partial self rule. The colonialists still dictate albeit clandestinely, the pace of our nation’s evolution, while plundering and enjoying our natural resources at will. Indeed, we still miserably belong to the queen to do as she so wish with our destiny through the instrumentality of her local puppets. Details


As  2011 Beckons. By Onike Rahaman

There has been a public concern as 2011 is beckoning regarding the political future of the country. Every careful observer of the events in the political scene would subscribe to the idea that there is failure in leadership in Nigeria. This obviously creates uncertainties about the likely outcomes of 2011 elections. The fear increases when one considers imbalances in the nation’s political structure. Details


Nigeria: Real Estate Suffers As a Result of Liquidity Squeeze. By Charles Malize

Nigeria is not immune to the present global economic downturn, after all the whole world has become a global ! village. The country’s links to the global financial crisis, the recent bail out of the five main banks, the crash in oil prices, the Niger Delta conflict, the fall of the exchange rate and stock market, all serve as indications of Nigerian economic ill-health that is negatively impacting the real estate sector. Details


Protesting The Rage Of Kidnappers. By Onike Rahaman

The amazing thing about the kidnapping tales is that the victims seem avoiding telling the truth about their bitter experiences in the hands of the kidnappers. According to police and media reports, well over 500 kidnapping incidents had occurred in the recent past. The most embarrassing ones are those that involved the secretary to the Kaduna State Government, Mr. Waye Yayok, two local government chairman in Kogi State, Pete Edochie, Chief Okeke; chairman and chief executive officer of GNO Group of Companies among others. The most laughable was the cry out by the Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam that kidnappers were all set to snatch him and his delectable wife despite the size of security detail attached to a governor. Details


Info And Crisis Management In Nigeria: Another Fall-Out. By Abbas A. Dikko

One vital issue Nigerian leaders, especially, the present day ones, never or refused to understand is; one need not do much to become a hero in this country. The unprecedented level of ruination in the system is so aggravating and devastating that a little step one can muster the courage to take could make him an instant hero, achiever per excellence and the best thing that ever happened to this country in the decades of our existence as a people and a nation. Details


Sir Mike Mbama Okiro: A Harvest Of Achievement Engendered Laurels. By Emeka Oraetoka

Though, the increase in the salary of Police officers was possible because President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua,s administration was favourably in support of it and so, credit must go to President Yar’ Adua in this regard. It is not surprising that for the first time in the history of Nigeria policemen are now friendly to the public. Increase in their salary has also resulted in neatness of policemen, on like what was obtained in the past, where policemen put on rags in the name of uniform. The stern look associated with policemen in the past vanished for friendly and accommodating appearance, under Okiro’s leadership. The discipline in Okiro’s style of leadership ensured that the usual “watin you carri” and Twenty [N20] Naira “egunje” associated with the police became a thing of the past. Details


Alcohol and Road Accidents in Nigeria. By Shak Zulu's

I don’t have the statistics of road accidents caused by drunk driving in Nigeria . I also doubt if the authorities (Federal Road Safety Commission, Nigerian Police Force, Ministry of Health etc,) have such records. Am sure, some road accidents in Nigeria might have been caused by drunk driving. But since these statistics are not available, it becomes difficult to actually ascertain the number of road accidents that are as results of drunk driving. Many other reasons can be adduced as factors causing road accidents in Nigeria . Some of these are bad roads, narrow roads, heavy dependence on road transport, government neglect, poor state of vehicles on Nigerian roads, careless driving/careless drivers, excessive speeding, drugs and alcoholism effects etc. Details


On Buhari's PDP is Haram Sermon. By Khalid Imam

If there is any Nigerian politician, in the last couple of months, who has been in the forefront of waging a sustained campaign against the ruling People Democratic Party (PDP) that person, without doubt, is the formidable opposition leader General Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP), in the 2003 and 2007 presidential elections.  Interestingly, General Buhari, a few months before the unfortunate Boko Haram crisis that rocked some parts of the North, he declared the PDP haram not only to himself, but to all his teeming, loyal TBO members and avid supporters across the country. Details


Non Payment of NITEL/MTEL Workers Salaries: Inhuman Treatment by This Government. By Nwanaeto O.A.U.

It is about four months now that government revoked the sale of NITEL/MTEL from Transcorp, promising immediate payment of workers salaries and re-positioning the ailing company. It is surprising that as we speak nothing has been done in that direction. It took government 3 months to inaugurate the board to move NITEL and its subsidiaries forward. Details


Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. By Baba Ahmad

Being a consummate leader, the first graduate that ever ruled the most populous black country of the world, a focused and dogged leader per excellence, a leader that is responsive to the yearnings of his citizenry and who from all intents and purposes is sensitive to the sensitivity of Nigerians, I humbly wish to appeal to Mr. President, Mallam Umaru Musa Yar’adua to exercise his prerogative of mercy power in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by tampering justice with mercy and grant Major Hamza  Al-Mustapha and all those being tried along with him for alleged assassination attempt on Chief Alex Ibru and a purported coup attempt. Details


Lagos: The Premium Destination Of Business And Leisure. By Jide Ayobolu

As the FIFA under 17 world cup kicks off in Lagos on October 24, 2009, the immense potentials of Lagos as the premium destination for business and leisure will again be on display. Undoubtedly the under 17 world cup will be taking place in seven different centres across Nigeria, but all eyes will be on Lagos, the commerce cum financial nerve-centre of not only Nigeria, but indeed West Africa. Details


Nigeria in the Emerging World. By Fabian Chuma Obiora

We must begin now to develop our agriculture and explore our renewable energy potentials. Malaysia, reaping bountiful dividends from its palm oil exports, reportedly obtained their first palm seedlings from Nigeria. Petrobras, the Brazilian state owned oil company (equivalent of our NNPC) is already leading in biofuel research and production, earning huge foreign exchange as a result. Our oil will run out sooner than we think. Denial as is currently the case will not remove these realities. The government must face them and also take advantage of the opportunities they present. NOW. Details


Deregulating Robbery in Nigeria. By Kola Ibrahim

With the government’s announcement, a civil war has already been declared on the working masses by the government, the labour movement should not wait any longer. It should be recalled that already prices of kerosene, diesel and industrial fuel have already been deregulated without any formal announcement. Therefore, to wait for an official announcement of government before responding to this declaration of open war by the government, is giving government time to re-strategize attack and mobilize all its forces of reaction against working people. The labour movement should not take the masses to the barricade with a white flag. Details


How Desert Herald Murders English? By Saka Raji Audu

From April 14, 2009 to date, I have been in possession of twenty four editions of the voluminous nonsense Desert Herald weekly. In addition to the fact that the paper lacks truth in contents, its language of communication – English – is highly deficient and replete in grammar and construction. Details