INEC Should Stop This Distraction and Confusion! By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD.

I call on the National Assembly not to agree to any shifts in the election timetable that INEC has released based on the 2010 Electoral Act. I have read reports about how happy some politicians are about INEC’s proposed timetable shift, saying that would allow them enough time to come up with “consensus” candidates. Section 87 of the 2010 Electoral Act empowers INEC to protect the sanctity of emergence of candidates of political parties. I would be naive to expect that many political parties would be averse to INEC’s request to shift the election dates. While INEC may have its reasons, however sincere, those shady politicians have their sinister motives, obviously hoping for amendment to those sections in the Electoral Act 2010 that are giving them the jitters.  Details


Flood Risk Management: The Imperatives For Society Wide Preparedness. By  Saadatu O.Muhammed

it is essential to build a community's capacity to understand their vulnerabilities, strategies, activities and the role they could play in managing flood risks without relying on external entities. Government and concern organizations need to evolve a community-based flood hazard-mapping technique to address the fear of the disaster. Details


The Naira / Urgent Need For Re-Denomination. By B. Igiebor

Does anyone in Nigeria at this point in time have the faintest idea what the current Naira note is worth? To come down to earth, have our heads of government any idea what the billions they budget annually can finance? Does the person who has earmarked 50 billion

Naira for Nigeria's independence celebration have any idea of the amount, in real money, he is talking about? Do the politicians embezzling hundreds of millions know exactly what percentage of their budgets they are siphoning? Did Mrs Etteh know what she was asking for when she demanded 600+ million for furnishing her official quarters? And for that matter, is INEC really certain that what is required for the next election is 74 billion Naira? Details



Elections: Nigeria Will be Saved; Can One Man Revolutionize the NATION? By James Jones

It’s like the popular saying goes ‘’one tree can’t build a forest’’. Same questions are being asked by all Nigerians today “Can one man revolutionize the nation?” Nigeria as a country has faced many criticisms from the world and within; on the way it runs its government, treatment of the people and so many corruption and security issues. Details


Shilgba: Breaking the Silence. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

The recent passage of the amended constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria has generated arguments among legal experts on whether or not the signature of the President of the federation is required to make the amendment complete. I think a simple reading of the constitution should answer the question and avoid any tentative considerations. Details


Columnist as an Embarrassment: Can someone tell Abati to stick to "Comedies" or is it "Commentary" on Nigerian Politics only. By Francis Adewale

A little while ago, I stopped pointing out the many fabricated facts and outright falsehoods, passed off as political commentary by the Nigerian pundits.  Most of these write ups are often laden with conjectures and suppositions, all in a bid to fit their parochial subjects, which sadly often turned out to be the latest Nigerian governmental officials who have refused to play ball with them. Details


Loving Nigeria To Death. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigeria is not a pet. If you love it, let it breath, do not smother it to death. We express our love of the Country in different ways. If it was not a durable Country, so called patriots that cannot do without its oil earnings, could have snuffed the daylight out of it. These “patriots” claim they are ready to die for Nigeria by bleeding the Country to death. Indeed, a few of them confess their surprise that Nigeria is still standing. It takes only some ants stinging a lion, the king of animals, from all sides to lay it to rest and die. Details



Tax As You Earn Drive Even At Bus Stops. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Those who think Africans do not pay as much taxes as those in other continents, must redefine the meaning of taxes to include special levies. Not only do we pay taxes, we get little in return for it. This is not a gripe against progressive taxes. There is no doubt that if governments are not restrained, they will tax everything that moves or stands. That is how European and American citizens justify putting a leash on the ability of government to tax them to death. Unfortunately, we pay taxes to a variety of vigilantes and outlaws to buy security and peace of mind in Africa. Details



Femi Fani-Kayode: Who Killed Sir Tafawa Balewa? Facts & Not Fiction. By Femi Fani-Kayode

This is why it is so important for us to learn about our history properly, to read as widely as possible and to do our own research before we just accept and believe whatever anyone may tell us about our past.  Chief Matthew Mbu is a man that I have tremendous respect and affection for and he is undoubtedly one of our most eminent elder statesmen and nationalists. He is also a father to me so I do find it difficult to say what I am about to say. Yet the truth must be told no matter what and no matter whose ox is gored. And the truth is that the elder statesman's assertion that Sir Tafawa Balewa, the former Prime Minister of Nigeria, was not murdered by soldiers and that he in fact died of asthma is a sordid and shameful attempt at distorting history. It is nothing but historical revisionism. It is simply not true to say that Ifejuana did not kill Tafawa Balewa and that the man just died of an asthma attack after being abducted. Details


E.F.C.C, Jigawa Gov and the Rotational Presidency. By Adamu Muh’d Usman

Rotational Presidency is an art of shifting power between the north and the south, it is the zoning of the office of the President to the various geo-political zones in a bid to balance the political equation and solve the political arithmetic. The former senate president late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo once said “It takes political sagacity to fathom the political arithmetic”. Rotational Presidency or zoning as the case may be was designed, orchestrated, and schemed towards curbing the hues, cries, and agitations of marginalization by some geo-political zones and to bring about peace and stability in our polity. Details


Chaos Theory of a Jonathan Presidency. By Aliyu Aliyu

Sometimes I wonder why the Jonathan political machine would want to risk peace and stability just to have a go at the presidency, it is very clear that 2011 term has been zoned to the North and all this wouldn’t have happened if not for the unfortunate demise of Alhaji Umaru Musa Yaradua whose sad and painful death can be likened to  a deep wound that would not heal quickly and remains a tragedy to the people Northern Nigeria . After the demise of Yaradua it was natural for the Vice President, an unassuming gentleman  named Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to take over the reigns of power. Details


Evaluating Nigerian Foreign Policy at 50. By Hadi Y. Al-Hassan

Since the first republic, Nigeria’s foreign policy had been largely tilted towards Afro centric posture. In an official statement just before independence, on August 20, 1960, Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa at the Federal House of Assembly stated that  Nigeria was “adopting clear and practical policies with regard to Africa; it will be our aim to assist any country to find solution to its problem”. Details