The Return of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

And now, Okonjo-Iweala is back. Although, she is yet to demonstrate that she is in possession of any new ideas, she is talking and walking with even greater confidence, gusto, and, in fact, messianic air, surprised, perhaps, and greatly buoyed by her delicious discovery that despite the dismal testimonial of her first coming, a Nigerian president could still have such confidence and unimaginable hope in her abilities. Details


What Would The Ghosts Of Kano Say? By Dr. Anthony Kila

Will the ghost of Kano and others that died of terrorism attacks under this government be content with the explanation that this is plot against the government of the day? What would these ghosts of Kano say if asked what they think the government should do to its heads of security?  What do you think the ghosts of Kano will make of the fact that the President and Commander in Chief of the Nigerian armed forces is on record saying that various arms of his government are infiltrated by and harbor Boko Haram accomplices? Details


Zombie If I Quench You Quench. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Ebele may be one of the best antidotes for Nigeria’s problems.  Niger Delta will tear itself into pieces at the rate they are spending oil money, unless Ebele stops it. If we leave the North to themselves Boko Haram will tear them into pieces. If we leave the South to themselves, they will tear one another into pieces along different tongues. Our different ethnicity is our greatest strength in moderating one another. The best peacekeeping force is within Nigeria, not from the United Nations. They cannot wait to split us into pieces. But each of the ethnic or religious leaders must lead to cure its own cancer. Details


The Town Crier – Seven Kings, Seven Seasons. By Dr Olusegun Fakoya

Do not fault peerless Bro Jona. He is vigorously confronting corruption and is making every effort to tame the Boko monster. For example, his security vote remains limitless and not accountable to anyone. After all, he is the Kabiyesi himself. Brother Jona really feels our pain and has decided to spend additional N97.95 million to extend State House car parks. He needs space for the fleet of wonderful cars. These cars are needed for discreetly monitoring our pain and how Boko is achieving its disdainful objectives. Details


Hypocrites As Prayer Warriors: How Can God Heal Nigeria. By Akukwe Obinna

In Nigeria it is prayer everywhere. The Churches, the Mosques, the Shrines, the forests, mountains, rivers, trees and every available space have been turned to prayer centers and yet the most insensitive governance is hoisted on the nation... Nigerians pray all manners of prayers- 70 day fasting, 70 day deliverance, 40 day sallat, sallah fast, pilgrimage to Jerusalem, pilgrimage to Mecca and other dedicated sites of worship and yet you cannot entrust an adherent with your spouse for 24 hours. Details


State of the Nation on Subsidy Removal. By Max Gbanite

I commend the Ijaw-people who showed maximum support for their son, President Goodluck Jonathan, during the forced subsidy strike. Although, Jonathan is their son, he was voted into office by a combination of the Southeast, North, Southwest, and other South-south citizens. Whereas, they may lay claim to him, he is now our president and must be allowed to carry out his policies of ‘change and transformation’ without ethnic and religious distractions. Details


Nigeria: A Time To Be Sober. By Omoba Oladele Osinuga Esq.

Our leadership rather confront challenges raised by protesters sat as usual on their backs, folded their hands and presented their approach as business as usual. The cardinal lesson is that you do not attain leadership and entrust the leadership on a person who does not have the faintest idea of what is expected of him. It is a given that to whom much is given much is expected but what did we expect in the first place?  Details


Nigerian Governors Forum and Their Greek Gift of Boko Haram. By Obinna Akukwe

The Borno State thuggery experience backfired on the nation and thousands have died because a State Chief Executive left his constitutional duty to patronize private army. President Goodluck will be the biggest fool if he elects to clean this Boko Haram mess alone. If President Goodluck generated the will to send troops to Lagos State to occupy and harass protesters of fuel subsidy withdrawal he should equally generate another will to seize the security votes of members of the Nigerian Governors Forum and use it to augment the ones mapped out for the war against terror. Details

Arise, O Compatriots! By Babayola M. Toungo

With Jonathan’s ill-advised increase in the pump price of petrol, he has unwittingly introduced another dimension to the sufferings of the people and has further compounded everything by projecting a “to hell with you attitude” to the same people he claimed voted for him 99% just seven months back. Details


Subsidy Removal: Its Problem and Solution. By Danlami Alh. Wushishi

The present Government suffers from distrust anaemia. This is evident from other unpopular policies reeled out in the last couple of months. For instance, the 6year single Term amendment proposal and New Number plates were stoutly resisted by Nigerians. While removal of subsidy received the most overwhelming resistance vide 6days industrial action. Details


Nigeria Or President Jonathan’s Cabal? By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

A true leader would never encourage degeneration into ethic sentiments. Among the three rapid society destroyers— Ethnic and religious sentiments, and economic deprivation—the first two are the most damning. And President Jonathan clearly encourages one of them. We Nigerians must choose between President Jonathan and Nigeria. Details


Babangida, the People’s Carpenter. By Maikudi Abubakar Zukogi

Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, the self styled Chief Servant of Niger State is a carpenter of sorts. Like the carpenter, he is skilled in the use of the hammer, nails, chisel and the like. For Babangida, like the carpenter, no wall is too strong that does not cave in to his tough piercing nail. Details


Of Oil Subsidy Removal, Jonathan, Sanusi Lamido, Okonjo-Iweala and the Collapse of Nigerian Economy. By Jibo Nura

Be that as it may, but one thing remains clear. Nigerians are tired and increasingly becoming impatient on President Jonathan’s oil subsidy removal vagueness, verbosity and waffle. We are very seriously fed up with Sanusism and Okonjoism gospel singing on improving our nation’s economy based on gobbledygook and apocalyptic certiorari. Details


Embracing Simple Economic Anthropological Solution to Occupy Jonathan and Nigeria for Change on Fuel Subsidy Removal. By Patrick Iroegbu

The most unfortunate error I think this administration has opened itself up for a kill is to tamper with what holds Nigerian daily life and society together – that is, the fuel subsidy removal, which Nigerian masses consider as the only thing they benefit from oil and gas produced in Nigeria that belongs to everyone. And because the wide gap between the politicians and the masses is clear to see, no explanation will ever do the magic to believe in the politicians that the revenue to come in from the fuel subsidy removal will be used judiciously to better their lives. Details


Boko Or Islam Haram Government Care Less About Our Issues. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The gruesome pictures of dead Nigerians killed for protesting the last straw will hunt us forever.  Nigeria’s problem is not oil subsidy, subsidy is the symptom of greater evil that ails the Nigerians working hard ready to go anywhere to make a living. Those losing their lives protesting on the streets have had it: enough is enough. If they cannot survive at home, they will shed their pride to make it out of town. The irony of it is most Nigerians never get government handouts, the rich do. They shun the easiest way to make money. Details


President Jonathan and Boko Haram: A Comparative Analysis. By Abubakar Alkali Sokoto

By their actions, President Jonathan and Boko Haram seem poised to BREAK UP NIGERIA. Boko Haram wants to create an Islamic state while President Jonathan wants to create a POVERTY STATE. Some analysts even aver that while Boko haram uses Kalashnikovs, AK47’s, Hand guns etc, the President also has his own arms and ammunitions which are 100% in prices of Gari, Bread, Wake, Rice, Fufu, cooking oil, transportation etc.  Boko haram also used bombs and IED’s for maximum impact while our amiable president’s major IED is the bomb-like astronomical increase in the price of PMS from N65 to anywhere around N200 which is akin to an explosion that has devastated the entire geographical spread of our dear country Nigeria and caught every Nigerian napping. Details


President Jonathan: The Making Of A Dictator. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

President Jonathan recently told a bewildered nation that Nigerians have come to live with bombings. Just few hours ago he alleges that he has Boko Haram members in government. He announces a “cabal” to whom his government has paid more than N 1.3 trillion in the name of “fuel subsidy” contrary to the N 240 billion that the national assembly had appropriated in the 2011 budget. The executive’s spending more than what is appropriated without recourse to the national assembly is an impeachable offence. Unless the nation has conceded that it is helpless in the face of a ravaging dictator, President Jonathan has no business in Aso rock. Details


The Typical Nigerian Blame Game Continues. By Babandi Gumel

All these Haram the Boko Haram the Niger Delta Haram,the Massob Haram and Fuel Haram and other Harams who are giving Fatawas on how to move forward the Country are nothing but bunch of disgruntled elements unfortunately being used sometimes by the politicians to exploit the situation facing Nigerians who live hand to mouth to perpetuate the ruling elites at the expense of the poor masses who are mainly innocent. Details


FAO Messrs Belgore and Kolade. By Anthony A. Kila

Whilst most households in the country were dealing with the shock, anger and fear caused by the New Year day news that the price of petrol will go up, the families and friends of Justice Alfa Belgore, former Chief Justice of the federation and that of Dr. Christopher Kolade, Nigeria’s erstwhile High Commissioner to the United Kingdom must have been in a different mood. It is safe to assume that they were either rejoicing or at least congratulating these two gentlemen for their new appointments as heads of important two committees related to the most current affairs of the country today. Details


Lies About Fuel Subsidy Removal. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

The lies of Jonathan’s government should not move either labor or the organized civil society to begin to contemplate removal of fuel subsidy. Fuel subsidy should be an untouchable item even when we attain local capacity to refine all our petroleum products needs; then, government expenditure on fuel subsidy would reduce. I hear of timing and manner of the removal of fuel subsidy. When is the right time and what is the right manner? I dare say there is never a right time to remove fuel subsidy. What government must remove are corruption and waste in governance. Details


Reflections On Jonathan Presidency. By Suraj Oyewale

There are a lot of questions that beg for answer in the subsidy debate, but I personally hold that subsidy cannot be sustained forever, at one point it has to go, but the framework for an acceptable removal is far from being in place. A two-year, phased deregulation plan that will involve encouraging local refining, putting in place infrastructure, eliminating the inefficiencies in the subsidy payment system, and a widespread enlightenment for the masses, all culminating in the subsidy removal at the end of year two, I reckon, is a better way to manage this conundrum. Details


Fuel Subsidy Removal Debate: The Way Forward. By  Dr. Bello Mukhtar

Thus, in my opinion (which I believe also represents the views of many Nigerians), the federal government should suspend the deregulation of the petroleum downstream sector for now and do its homework first; let the government looks inward. Government at all levels has to work hard to restore public confidence. From the contributions by many Nigerians on this issue, it is very clear that Nigerians want all government officials to join hands and resolve to drastically reduce corruption and waste in the public service if they must earn their trust. Details


Fuel Hike’s In Nigeria. By Liman Al-Bashir (Danmalan)

It was on the 1st day of January 2012 that Nigerians woke up to the shock of an increase in fuel price. How much money does the Government spend on senator’s   allowances? How much do they spend on representatives? Ministers? Directors? Serving Personnel? etc. Record shows that about 70% of the budget goes to the Government Details


Attack Your Own Ethnic Looters Not Ebele. By Farouk Martins Aresa

There is one lesson we must learn from Nigerian Civil War: one ethnic group must not attack another ethnic group, let each ethnic group deal severely with their killers of our Country. Leave Ebele to his own ethnic group. If Hausa had killed Sardauna, Yoruba had killed Akintola and Igbo had killed Okpara, our history would be different today. Even when we have had enough, we must be reasonable. Details


Totally Unsure of SURE. By Maikudi Abubakar Zukogi

The circumstances and the history of the emergence of President Goodluck Jonathan is a very interesting one. We all thought that the good luck in his name was prophetic, hence his easy and smooth rise to political stardom in a country where not the least chance is given to the minorities to mount the saddle of power at the time he did. At best, if any group was going to become the President of Nigeria after the late Umaru Yar’adua that chance is tilted more to the Igbo. In spite of the high wire intrigues, including the zoning debacle, it was refreshing that Jonathan emerged the substantive president after the hotly contested election. Whether or not he won convincingly is now history as the courts have confirmed his election. It is therefore gullible of President Jonathan and his legion of advisers to think that Nigerians will forget that he promised them a breath of fresh air.Details