Kebbi 2015: Dakingari’s  legacy and friendly enemies within By Max Gbanite

The bone of contention is the PDP’s 2015 gubernatorial ticket in the state; and the apparent popularity of Gen. S Y Bello (Rtd.), which is scarring the living day light out of his opponents in the race. Instead of engaging in a genuine campaign to strategize and position their preferred candidates for possible victory, they resort to name callings and character assassination to win the sympathy of kebbi State PDP members Details


Tribute To Professor Ali Al’amin Mwalimu Mazrui(24 February 1933-13 October 2014).  By Jibo Nura

It was early morning of 13 October 2014 that Adamu Ladan; the Station Manager of Freedom Radio Kaduna sent me a text message that broke the news of the passing away of Prof. Ali Al’amin Mwalimu Mazrui. When I read the text, two things came to my mind. First, was the loss of my excellent teacher, mentor and highly inspirational person. Second, was the disappointment that I suffered from His Excellency, Governor Sule Lamido on inviting Prof. Mazrui to “Jigawa international African leadership summit 2014”, which I was trying to organize. Details


If Nigerians Can So Can Americans Conquer Ebola Hysteria. By Farouk Martins Aresa

If United States banned travelers from Africa, they cannot ban Americans traveling back and forth. Even if they ban Americans from coming back home from Africa, they cannot ban those in Africa that travel to other parts of the world before going home. If they locked up the borders, Americans will still travel out on business to other continents. The only option left is for other continents to isolate Africa. Even then, more deadly Flu or bird virus travels without passports. Details




Only Authorized Home Healthcare For Ebola. By Farouk Martins Aresa

This writer is one of those against Home Healthcare for Ebola patients until a Liberian student nurse proved us wrong. As hospitals rejected her four relatives, her home treatment of deadly Ebola accomplished three survivals. Even more important was her homemade plastic garbage bags turned into Tyvek suits, regular local food, bleach and clean water with sugar and little salt.  Details


Senators Sekibo, Saleh; IBB and Nigeria Military. By Max Gbanite

I do not envy former military President, Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, GCFR, Mni; Notwithstanding his status as a former leader of our great country, and a man that is so much concerned about the unity and indissolubility of this country, I feel concerned about the verdict of posterity and the wicked debasement of his legacy by elements of some neophytes within the political class. Details


USA: Encourage Local Food & Water To Stop The Spread Of Ebola. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Why has Ebola epidemic overwhelmed Doctors-Without-Borders? There is a contradiction even with the best of intention that food and water must be sourced from donors. The United States Military deployed to Liberia with its capacity for humanitarian aid can learn from it. Local food production and water (ORS) must be freely available in health centers to encourage and attract people to stay before Ebola epidemic is contained. It is one of the reasons Nigeria succeeded. Details


Time To Stop The Tragedy Of Building Collapse. By Theophilus Ilevbare

Every building contractor should be duly registered for easy tracking and punishment should there be a reoccurrence. It is as tragic as the structural failure in itself that the issues of building collapses in Nigeria are hardly ever taken seriously by the government or the relevant law enforcement agents.

Contrary to what many think, building collapses are not natural disasters except in cases of earthquake, hurricane or tornadoes. The incidents in Nigeria are manmade and therefore avoidable. Details


Impact Of Social Media On Nigeria Youth. By Fabinu IbidapoDapson Ibidapo

Thus, the advent of the social media has increased the capacity of the youth to participate in governance.  In a similar vein, social media assists in bringing to the open various societal ills. For instance, it is through this platform that the October 6, 2013 killing of some students of the University of Port Harcourt, Aluu, was exposed. The current ‘bring our girls back’ campaign is another instance where the youth has sufficiently relied on the platform of the social media to solve societal problems. Details


Nigeria: A Religious Country Or Secular State?" By Wulumba Iliya Jatau

Away from the law, Christian religious studies (CRS) and Islamic religious studies (IRS) are still part of the curriculum of our formal institutions, especially in primary and secondary schools. The fusion of religion and our legal system and its incorporation in our formal institutions robes Nigeria of some of the features of a Secular State. No doubt, Nigeria has not adopted any religion as a state religion but that alone is not enough to qualify it as a Secular State as there is more to the concept of a Secular State than not having a state religion. At best, Nigeria can only be described as a multi-religious state or country. Details


Our Police Rot Or Shine From The Head Down. By Farouk Martins Aresa

We cannot forget that people got killed from refusing to give police blooded twenty naira. The few that dared challenged them or drivers and conductors that complained of double payments got shot at, and some of them died. It became life and death issue. Some of the police claimed they had to pay to be posted there, others went as far as the House that Oga at the Top collect their own share. When salaries are not paid, bribe is what they used to feed their families. Details


If Police Kills Innocent Nigerian - Risk Jungle Justice. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigerian police were so lawless, they would kill for twenty naira. Words like anger do spread. Situation has changed and spread from big cities. People just get fed up of being abused for no reason. Any police that kills an innocent civilian in broad day light faces the risk of being lynched on the spot by the mob these days. Call it decency fatigue. However, courageous market women have turned against those throwing tires on hungry people stealing food and petty cash. Details


Poverty Dropped From 62 To 33 Percent In Voodoo Economy. By Farouk Martins Aresa

For whia? These Voodoo economists are like opposite adversaries in the judicial system. You can get an economist to support whatever position you want. By the time they calculate their Gross Domestic Product GDP, Net Domestic Product and National Domestic Product NDP, they always come up with some fancy numbers to impress us. We are the one feeling the pinch and we knew when Adebo raised wages, when Udoji raised wages and when Obasanjo raised wages. Details


The Way To Alafin Of Oyo’s Pocket To London Is Love. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Looking at Alafin of Oyo with his four younger wives on vacation in London was interesting. He looked gallant and refreshed with young bloods around him. Whoever thinks he can satisfy all those young women at that age must be kidding. The sex is not the important aspect of that type of relationship, his favorite is the one he thinks cares and loves him most. On the other hand, she may be the one waiting for him to kick the bucket. Details


Boko Haram Sponsors: Beyond Stephen Davis’ Revelation. By Theophilus Ilevbare

Dr Davis alleged that prominent politicians are the chief sponsors of Boko Haram and that they channel their fund through the CBN so it appears to be legal. The official in charge of the transactions, Davis alleged, currently works in the currency operations division of the CBN. One would think the President would order security operatives to swoop on the CBN official and the two other accused persons. Hell no! Not here. The presidency would rather regard Davis’ exposé as an attempt to bring down the Goodluck Jonathan government. Details


Ebola Virus Infection, What Nigerians Should Know. By Professor Stephen K. Odaibo

Ebola virus has the propensity to become a pandemic infection like the bubonic plague of the 14th century that killed nearly 200 million people in Europe. Nigeria must rapidly transform from third to first world after the order of Lee KuanYew of Singapore. Nigeria must increase her health budget allocation to 15% of the National  Annual budget according to WHO recommendation otherwise ebola infection will remain a sporadic infection in the subsahara Africa for a very long time to come. Details