The Declaration Amidst Bloodletting. By Babayola M. Toungo

I woke up this morning feeling very angry for a reason I cannot grasp.  I looked around my room and went through my mind trying to locate the reason for my anger but couldn’t.  Then it hit me – Jonathan Goodluck is going to declare to Nigerians what they all know since – that he will contest for a “second” term. Details


Criminal Tendencies In Single Story. By Adamu Tilde

To many Southerners, particularly those of the lower stratum and those obsessed with false superiority complex, Boko Haram is a grand conspiracy of the Northern elites to destabilize Jonathan’s regime. Never mind the simplicity and hollowness of the postulation and argument. How will a rational human being destabilizes his enemy’s regime by first destroying himself and his economy and environment? Similarly, to many Northerners, at the altar of sounding juvenile, Boko Haram is a grand conspiracy by GEJ-led government to downsize, decimate and decapacitate Northern Nigeria. Never occurred to the proponent of this school of thought the many years of illiteracy, poverty, poor distribution of wealth and economic stagnation that characterized the region for so many years—these in so many ways, may contribute to the proliferation and domestication of terrorism. Details


The Fall Of Mubi: April 1990 Revisited. By Babayola M. Toungo

I have this eerie feeling that the escalation of violence in the north (particularly the north east) and subsequent declaration of separate administrative entity by the terrorists in the areas they now occupy has historical connection to the abortive coup of April 1990.  The principal officers of the failed putsch are now very visible in Aso Villa – Col. Tony Nyiam, Major Saliba Mukoro, etc.  During their failed attempt to grab power, their spokesman Gideon Orkar announced the excision of some parts of Nigeria in their attempt to remake Nigeria in their image.  We have seen this sinister plan resurface again during the just concluded ill-advised National Conference.  Interestingly, Tony Nyiam was one of those selected by Jonathan to midwife the conference.  And again interestingly, the portion of the country under the control of the terrorists was among the parts of the country excised by the putschists. Details


The Raids On Nigerian Roads. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

A new wave of terrorism is blowing away many Nigerians. State-supported raids on Nigerian roads are happening. Drivers and other road users are passing through harrowing experiences on Nigerian roads and there is no evidence that persons that have the constitutional authority to stop their oppression on the roads are doing anything to come to their rescue. Nigerian soldiers and police now mount road blocks anywhere and anytime on the roads only to extort money from drivers at gunpoint. Details


2015: A Word For Gen. Buhari. By Godwin Onyeacholem

It is unfortunate that whenever Buhari is discussed even as a politician, snippets of his characterisation as an unrepentant despot still creep in. Hopefully, the General will read this. Indeed, there is need for him to adjust himself. There is no way he can command respect as a politician without being a democrat. Though it will be heart-warming to see him emerge as the president in 2015, he should be well-advised that democracy and autocracy are two completely different concepts. Buhari must be careful to avoid behaving in a manner that will further arm his critics with the impression that he is still more comfortable with the latter than the former. Details


Quarantine: After Healthcare Workers Bio & Nuclear Scientists Next. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Quarantine is a necessary and legal way to protect the public. But when you merge cases of returning healthcare workers that are in perfectly good health, checked for self-monitoring at home; with those that honestly reported they have high temperature or fever and obviously symptomatic, we have gone beyond caution. Limited resources will be stretched and the public will be alarmed increasing fear and stigmatization of people that should be treated as heroes. Details


Why President Jonathan Should Handover To Senator David Mark. By Oga Tom Uhia

My dear Mr. President, with the highest sense of respect and humility, I urge you; NOT TO CONTEST THE 2015 ELECTION; but offer yourself as a ‘living sacrifice; pure and holy’ for the sake of peace and tranquility in our beloved country Nigeria. The bible says “therefore, I urge you brothers in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.” ROMANS 12vs1. Details


Stripping Tambuwal   Of Security Details. By Rahaman Onike

Whatever the fear of the Peoples Democratic Party on the exit of Tambuwal from the Peoples Democratic Party, it is necessary due process is followed in addressing issues of  defection cross the various political parties. If the peoples Democratic Party succeeded in removing Tambuwal as the speaker, what is going to happen to earlier defectors. Even if the Presidency is uncomfortable with Tambuwals defection, the Aso Rock strategists ought to have demonstrated the  spirit of sportsmanship in reaction to the ongoing power game. Details


On Perception.... By Adamu Tilde

Suffice to have a quick glance at Umaru Yaradua's stewardship. He en-circled himself with the best team that a leader can boast of yet he achieved very little, at leastin global standard. Take a look at how Prof Adenike Grange lost it to the system. prof Dora Akunyili at her information portfolio. Prof. Jega in his INEC. Shekarau in Kano. Comr. Balarabe Musa in Kaduna. And host of many good people of this great Nation that fall victims to the System failure not in their own making. Details