Unethical and Responsibility in Governor Jolly Nyame Administration, Taraba State. By Murtala B. Habu, III, MPA, PTR 



In recent times, public awareness of ethics in general and unethical behavior in local, state and federal government has increased momentous due to the high level of corruptions among elected public officials more than ever. Taraba State, the backward state with population almost 2 million, is not an exception to the phenomenon; during the past military administration, the State had corrupt leaders and the present democratic leadership in which the constitutional ruler has ruled approximately 7  of 11 years since creation performed truly poor. Details


MID-WEEK ESSAY: On the Resource Control Battle:  From Dichotomy to Quartonomy, From Isopatials to Isobaths

By Mobolaji E. Aluko, Ph.D.

[Burtonsville, MD, USA]


In the coming week or two, just in time for the April 19 presidential and gubernatorial elections, and after a cursory glance by the National Assembly, an Oil bill that will be pleasing to the Niger-Delta governors will finally be signed by President Obasanjo an Oil Bill.  They will be able to tell their subjects that they have fought a hard battle and won, therefore they should now be re-elected.  This is because in a formidable display of political casuistry, a previously-demanded. Details


A thought for our leaders. By Habibah Mohammed

There is never a more appropriate time for us to correct our ways, hard as that may be. And if our leaders are not ready to do that, then we the Muslim ummah must take a stand and make the changes required...Details


South-South Presidential Votes. By Dr. George Inyang

careful analysis of the probable outcome of the presidential election coming up in April 19, 2003 in Nigeria might shock many critics to know that given a fair election there may be a stalemate or a run-off with the South-East and particularly the South-South votes being the deciding factors...Details


A Rejoinder to  Dr. Jan H. Boer's Article: The Anatomy of Miss World. By John Balogun 


I read the above article written by one Dr. Jan H. Boer with utter astonishment and helplessness. I couldn't help marveling at the confident manner Dr. Boer displayed his shameless ignorance of Islam. Mine is not a long meaningless grammar, rather an attempt to draw Dr. Boer's attention to some avoidable misconceptions that polluted his articles...Details 


Armed Robbery in Nigeria – Another Perspective .By Adekunle Ajisebutu ACA, CMA
[Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada]


On a serious note, armed robbery and its threat to life and security is real.  A friend recalled a gory detail of how armed robbers held a Federal Highway, Lagos-Ibadan expressway to ransom for almost one hour.  There was virtual stand still at the Lagos and Ibadan end of the highway, and among the people held up are policemen who, though heard about the operation, but couldn’t do anything to protect the innocent victims. ..Details


Rejoinder to Olusegun Adeniyi's -Where Did We Get it Wrong (This Day Feb 13, 2003)

By Ibrahim Dan Halilu

[Badarawa - Kaduna


If we look back at what had happened between 1985 when general Ibrahim Babangida toppled general Buhari’s administration and May 29, 1999 when the incumbent president Obasanjo took over from general Abdulsalami Abubakar, we could easily discern where and how we got it wrong in playing politics.  The First and Second republic politics was cleaner, more vibrant and full of issues....Details


Buhari, Obasanjo And Religion. By Wada Nas


The media ought to show more seriousness in focusing the debate on issues rather than engaging in diversionary ploys, which have been the bane of our politics over the years...Details


Saturday Discourse (3) : Predicting 2003 (2):

By Dr. Aliyu Tilde 


Though the Igbo are ardent Christians, there is scant evidence to show that they have in the past considered religion as a basis for voting. In 1960, 1979 and 1983, when they had Igbo presidential candidates, their majority on both occasions voted for Chief Azikwe or his party. They differ from the southwest in two ways: Details 


The Police: Reorganisation and modernisation

By Son kai-Gyoh


For over 40years now the Nigerian Police has remained much unchanged in structure since it’s formation by the British colonial administration. The top echelon of the police has resisted reorganisation much as the federal authority is reluctant to attempt a radical restructure of the organisation...Details


IBB, is Kure Doing Well?

By Gaskiya Sokodabo, M.D.

[Minna, Nigeria]


Niger State is a unique State in the sense that it is the home of several highly placed personalities of national and international standing.  The State is also the home to several strategic national projects among which are: Shiroro Hydroelectric dam, National Cereal Research Center and River Basin Development Authority....Details


Nigeria: Twenty-Seven Years After Gen. Murtala

By Ibrahim Dan Halilu

[Badarawa - Kaduna]


Given the contributions of the late general Murtala Mohammed to nation building and national  eawakening, I consider the trial of the coup plotters as a service to the fatherland and a reflection of popular demand.. Details


The Next Ambassador To Germany: Gov. Mbadinuju Or Who? 

By Joseph Joseph, Jr.


I would not want to believe that President Obasanjo has signed another deal with a failed governorship aspirant called Mr. Mbadinuju to represent our beloved country in Germany just because his people rejected him as a failure in his constituency during the PDP primaries...Details


Igbo Presidency: What now?
By Tunde Adenodi

[ Irvington, NJ]


The Igbo must start grooming one of theirs who is educated, refined and urbane. He must combine the intellectual astuteness of an Ekwueme with the political sagacity of a Michael Okpara. The candidate must be at home in Lagos just like he is in Abuja. His friendship must cut across ethnic divide just like Abiola. He must be friendly with the minorities of the East and North alike. He must not be an Ojukwu  nor can he be an Arthur Nzeribe either. A little wealth may not be a bad idea!...Details


Rejoinder to: Buhari, a Devil's Alternative-Vanguard

By Aminu Ahmadu

[MiddleSex University, London]  


It is rather pitiful that a reputable newspaper like Vanguard could not conduct an objective analysis of situations without their journalists wearing their ethnic hats. It is unfortunate that the editorial has...Details


An Analysis of Generations that Played the Game of Tennis in Nigeria

By Murtala Bala Habu, III  

[United States.]  


Nigeria once known as giant of Africa in sports particularly tennis is now sleeping giant. Poor execution of tennis programs is causing the country tremendously; those responsible for the growths of tennis are not doing enough in continue building what was left...Details


Auditing and the Nigerian Nemesis
By Uwem Inyang


If questions are not answered with questions, blackmail becomes the next available option by our officials. Even in the face of crystal clear piece of information and obvious conniving, we are left with deafening silence from the powers that be. .. Details


Limiting the Havoc of Friday Rioters
By Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo


Friday, our holy day for Juma'at prayer, is becoming notoriously ugly for most Nigerians. Those who own a car are afraid to drive out on Fridays. Shop owners are also edgy after the Juma'at, especially if there is a mosque in
their neighbourhood. Most of these people believe that a riot could break out any moment...Details


Will 2003 Elections Be Fair?

BY Dalhatu Sani Yola


Of all the variety of ideals served by democracy i.e. wide spread participation in government, elimination of social or economic inequalities, the availability of electoral options,...Detail


The Auditor-General's Report 

By Okorie - Agidi, B.M

[United Kingdom]


The Executive need not take the Opinion expressed in the report personal. Just like the Auditor has tried to discharge his duties officially, we expect every..Details


The Ikemba Nnewi: Leadership Redefined.

By Banjo Odutola


In writing this article, I am reminded that in our milieu, it is inconceivable for a Yoruba man to criticise an Igbo leader in a public space such as this. Whereas, criticisms of a leader from Northern Nigeria is a fair game;...Details


Nigerian Elections 2003 : Update 005: More Presidential Candidates.

By Mobolaji E. ALuko Ph.D.


The political season continues to get more interesting, as the INEC deadline is now past. Of the three "Generation one parties - AD, ANPP and PDP - AD has still not chosen its own presidential ticket yet (?) and probably never will now. ... Details


A Rejoinder to Your Article :Fighting Muhammad’s Wars: Revisiting Sani Yerima’s Fatwa 

By Taofiq Abiola


You can cry and shout all you like, but the fact
remains Nigeria remains a majority Muslim country, you
can beat your chest and say the Christians outnumber
them (which is not true), but what I always say to
people like you is that it is not the numbers that
count but the effectiveness of those numbers. Details


Between Police And ANPP. Who is Humiliating PDP Supporters In Sokoto State?

By Yusuf Dingyadi


The political development of intimidation or using other federal security operatives to subject other opposition who belong to the federal party into humiliation, just because of incumbent factor at state level, is so alarming.  So many things have happen after the 1999 elections with regards of lack of justice, honesty, and freedom of expression within Sokoto state politics, and PDP supporters are the receiving end of this humiliation... Details


Exploring Mutual Perceptions: Dialogue Between U.S. and Nigerian Opinion Leaders

From Ibrahim Ado-Kurawa


The U.S. Ambassador expressed his astonishment on why Nigerian Muslims are more concerned about the Arab-Israeli conflict and neglecting the Sudanese conflict that has claimed more lives. According to him 2.5 million have perished in Sudan compared to the recent intifada that claimed less than 4000. It is even more unfortunate the fact that the government of Sudan is an Islamist government oppressing its minority Christians and here are Nigerian Muslims who are Africans complaining about U.S. policies in far away Palestine... Details


An Open Letter To Nwodo And Others.

By Wada Nas


Let me start by saying that I share with you your vision for a greater Nigeria, a country of a united people, based on equity and justice; a country of brotherhood based on understanding and the appreciation of the worth of others; a country of great future given the right leadership and a nation that offers much hope for the youths once given the opportunity by elders...Details


Preventing Coups in Nigeria* (Part 5)

By Dr. Nowa Omoigui

[South Carolina, U.S.A.]


*This series of articles are part of the civil-military series.  They are a modification of an earlier article that was first written in December 1998 during the transition from the last military regime to the present civilian regime. It is being reposted (with modifications) in recognition of the impending elections and the historical relationship between elections and coups in Nigeria. Details


Nigerian Elections: Some Early Warnings

By: Tokunbo Awoshakin


Several Nigerians, especially the common people that make ends meet on the Nigerian streets that strangulates still remember that the first two weeks voters registration exercise was fraught with irregularities... Details


Mr. President, The Foreign Service Needs Urgent Reform!

By Lawal Karmanje

[California, U.S.A.]  


The critical and dire financial situation of our embassies abroad will need to be looked at carefully by the President and his appointed Ministers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those of us living abroad have seen the humiliation and indignities our diplomats and members of their families have to endure because of poor funding of our embassies... Details


Barracks: The History Behind Those Names (Part 6 - Conclusion) 

BY Dr. Nowa Omoigui


What to do about military officers and men who have taken part in (or benefited from) successful coups is another thorny issue.  If the Armed Forces and country have now decided that the coup d’Etat culture cannot be glamorized, then it will be curious indeed for the same military establishment to be seen naming monuments and Barracks after past coup plotters, participants and collaborators, successful or unsuccessful. Details


Forever Our Burden: English And The English Student

By Ugochukwu D. Ejinkeonye,


It may even be added here that Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and French which also serve to represent a people’s language as well as their homeland enjoy this dual classification and role as English does



Response to Tunde Adenodi’s “Run Buhari Run!”

Ibrahim Dan Halilu

[Badarawa - Kaduna]


I wonder if Tunde is serious about his claim that Obasanjo’s presidency was an interruption of the North’s grand plan to consolidate Dan Fodiyo’s Islamisation of Nigeria.  How did Obasanjo emerge as president?...Details


Failure And Alternative To Capitalism

By John Balogun 


In recent months the world has witnessed a wave of accounting scandals engulfing corporate America. Scandals such as the   $3.8billion gaping hole in WorldCom's accounts, which incidentally has now led to the biggest corporate bankruptcy in history.... Details


Human Regenerative Medicine: Bioethical controversies

By Kogigi Cholad.
[Geneva, Switzerland].


The controversies over research into embryonic germ cells are closely related to the controversies over the embryonic stem cells. Some people argue that the use of cells or tissues from aborted human fetuses is unethical and immoral... Details


Mr. President’s Hoax Reconciliation

By Aminu Hammanyero

[London, UK]


The re-election campaign machinery of Mr. president (also Nigeria’s de facto Foreign Minister) left no stone unturned in securing that lucrative Aso Rock Villa seat to enable him perpetuate his unending globe-trotting, which could not even help us win dear Bakassi... Details


The Eternal Curse

By Michael Okoye,



Nigerians have been fools from birth ( Independence) and all these while I have been waiting  for the whiteman that would tell me the fool that is better off. Just as the Americans made a costly mistake of ushering themselves into the 21st century with an illegitimate.. Details


Automatic Re-election and Corruption

By Victor E. Dike


The present politics of automation re-election, which is prevalent in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is worsening the corruption profile of the system.... Details


International Institute of Tropical Agriculture,
By Christian Dimkpa



My mindset about him was justified when Kalu, immediately after assumption of office, became embroiled in certificate scandals and cover-ups, leading to some deaths in Abia State... Details


A Rejoinder to  Dr. Jan H. Boer's Article: The Anatomy of Miss World 

By Taofiq Abiola


I assume your write-up is supposed to be intellectual
discourse between Christians and Muslims with a view
to better understand one another, there I urge you to
always refer to history facts and quote your
references for future reference and leave out innuendo
such as...Details


MONDAY QUARTERBACKING: The PDP Suit of Dr. Ekwueme V. President Obasanjo.

By Mobolaji E. Aluko Ph.D.


The argument is as follows:  First not all who voted for Obasanjo felt intimidated, and more importantly, there is ABSOLUTELY no legal proof that those who were intimidated to vote FOR OBASANJO would have voted for Dr. Ekwueme ... Details


What About Your Local Government? Imagine Your Family In Nigeria!

By Joseph Joseph, Jr


I have seen in most local governments in Lagos State where the so called "Mayors" enjoys spending peoples money building mansions for themselves and establishing serious businesses for their families... Details


Democratizing the Nigeria Police Force

By Ibrahim Dan Halilu


I do not see how the ban on rallies can achieve or help actualize this goal.  If anything, it will only distance the populace from the government and its functionaries... Details


Fighting Muhammad’s Wars: Revisiting Sani Yerima’s Fatwa

By Dr. Yusuf Yariyok


Nigeria is fast becoming the Afghanistan of Africa.  However the Talabalinazation of the country is not a recent development... Details


The Anatomy of Miss World

By  Dr. Jan H. Boer


The aim of this article is to explain some of the reasons for the riots that occurred in November, 2002, in connection with the Miss World contest in Nigeria.  How could an innocuous tradition provoke so much hostility... Details


Troubled Transition

B Y Dalhatu Sani Yola


Social scientists and avid watchers of Nigeria will no doubt want explanations on the experience of the Obasanjo administration in terms of implementing the democratic idea and processes...Details


World cup 2010 - Stop Nigeria! :  An Appeal For The Total Denial Of Hosting Rights

By Ahmed Tafida Jalingo

Kaduna Nigeria.


I am a Nigerian from the State of Taraba with a concern for my people and their welfare. I and many other Nigerians like me were very concerned when we heard that our country is bidding for the hosting of the world cup again...Details


Why Alhaji Muhammadu Saleh Annur Should Not Be Nominated As Sole Administrator Of Sabon-Gari Local Government Council.

By  Mustapha Maibiye Jibrin

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


Your Excellency ,

The Executive Governor of Kaduna State,

The Speaker, Kaduna State House of Assembly,

Hon. Members, Kaduna State House of Assembly,

The General Public. 

Alhaji Muhammadu Saleh Annur should not be nominated as Sole Administrator of Sabon-Gari Local Government Council based on the following reasons: Details


The Politics of Descent-Based Discrimination: Reflections on the Osu Caste System in Igboland and the Impacts of Globalization on Marginal Groups 

By Victor E. Dike


The Osu caste system is found mostly in the Southeastern and South-central Nigeria called Igboland or Igbo society. The system is a descent-based discrimination similar to that faced by the Dalit of India ... Details


A Well-Deserved Honor

Fowarded By Ibrahim Ado-Kurawa


Bayero University conferred on honorary doctorate degrees on some eminent Nigerians at its last convocation. And as usual the selection was meticulously done to sieve out the best out of the many distinguished individuals who were nominated...Details


Obasanjo: A Namby-Pamby Appeal

By Banjo Odutola


At the 43rd Conference of the West African College of Surgeons, the president made the usual hollow promises befitting a politician. It is surprising that he yielded to the same... Details


Countdown To The Final Dismemberment of OPEC

By Kòmbò Mason Braide (PhD)

Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  


Chief (General) Obasanjo’s Adviser on Petroleum and Energy Matters claimed that Nigeria, through its activities in OPEC, as the fifth largest producer of crude oil, has been able to stabilise the price of crude oil ...Details


Sardauna: Political Legacies And Contemporary Politics Remarks.

By Wada Nas At the Gamji Memorial Week Organized By The Gamji Memorial Club Usman Dan Fodio University Sokoto Branch.


Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto (May Allah grant him eternal peace) was a politician of distinction, unaffected by selfish interest, dedicated to service and committed to unity and the brotherhood of the human person. Details


MID-WEEK ESSAY:  The Slippery Slope of the Sectarianization of our State

By ‘Bolaji Aluko (Ph.D.)


In November 2002, the Miss World pageant date got moved by one week to December 7, 2002 because of a Islamic religious celebration of Ramadan.  Still yet, there was a riot which led to the fatwa-ing of Citizen Isioma Daniels ... Details


The President's Cramp: A Response to Tunji Useni's "Working with Mr President"
By Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo


to hoodwink us into believing that the president is hard working and that it is in our interest, for our own good, has.. Details


What have Emirates got to do with Development?

By Abba Gana Shettima


First, I argued that the emirate system in the Muslim North has committed political apostasy by carelessly and contemptuously replacing Islam with tradition as the basis of its legitimacy. Details


Nigerian Elections 2003 Update 004- The Gubernatorial Candidates Slates So Far

By 'Bolaji Aluko, (Ph.D.)

The governorship candidates for ANPP, PDP and AD established so far are as follows...Details  


HIV/AIDS, Africa and 2003: Ugent Strategic Issues

By Dr. Chinua Akukwe


Millions of African children are now AIDS orphans, and I am not aware of any credible continental plan to deal with this problem. Details


"Let's liberate National Politics from Militarism". 

BY Abdulsalam Olatubosun Ajetunmo


President Obasanjo's PDP and General Buhari's ANPP primaries were criticised for being "notorious in this form of electoral irregularities... Details


Letter to the Vice President

BY Babayola Muhammadu Toungo


Mr. Vice President Sir, I pray you will forgive my presumptuousness for writing you this missive through such a public medium, but I don’t have any option than this.  You may also find...Details


Saturday Discourse (2): Predicting Our Next President (1)

BY Dr. Aliyu Tilde 


The difference between Obasanjo and Buhari are sharp. Some writers have stated that it is a difference between North and South; others say it is..Details


Ken Saro Wiwa And the Ogoni Tragedy: Issues and Perspectives. By Ugochukwu D. Ejinkeonye


Ogoni was only a victim of time. They had been crying all the while but few listened. But a time came when it appeared that Ogoni had become the only thing everyone knew.. Details


The Conventions: Many Aspirants could in fact be good for Nigeria. By Michael O. Folorunso


Zoning and term limit restrictions except for the office of the President of Nigeria, and that of the States Governors should be done away with. It is better for our leaders to put their greed and selfishness aside and build a virile and healthy democracy for Nigeria. Details


The Nigerian French Language Village: A Study in Moral Decadence. By Augustus Atayi


In an attempt to remain relevant, the French village has been enmeshed in a monumental socio-cultural contradiction of stupendous proportions that is capable of sending Nigeria and Nigerians to the abyss of immorality, if not quickly arrested.  The socio-cultural contradictions stems from widely held belief in the Village that assimilation into the French culture is pivotal to the learning of French in Nigeria. Details


In defense of Dr. Wailare: A Response to Yakubu Mohammed Salisu. By Mustapha Abubakar Maiyaki


These radical changes that Rimi started brought a sigh of relief to the people and opened a new page in their lives. Based on the aforementioned achievements and more, Alhaji Rimi remains the uncontested best Governor Kano state ever had till date; even though Yakubu Mohammed Salisu may not like it. Details


The Decampment Option. By Atayi Ezechiel Babs-Opaluwah


The dawning of the much-dreaded 2003 has led to a flurry of activities on Nigeria's chequered political firmament. What with the April 19th Presidential and Governorship polls in view, Actors on the political scene have all adopted unwholesome, ignoble and most times defeatist means and strategies to actualise their vaunted desire to 'serve'. Details


Danger Posed by the Lawma Dump Site at Olusosun/Oregun By Olatokunbo Taiwo


As we mark the first anniversary of the Lagos Bomb Blast of January 27 2002, I wish to bring to your attention the menace faced by the residents of Ikosi-Ketu and its environs who are daily exposed to serious health hazards some of which are obvious now and some which will manifest later. When the filling of the dredged dump site began some years back, little did we, the residents of Ikosi-Ketu, realise that within a short time we would be exposed to the manner of health problems being faced now. Details


The Deceptive Silence of Stolen Voices. By Professor Omo Omoruyi


One variant that General Ibrahim Babangida injected into the art of stealing a people’s voice is that you do not actually need to indulge in the laborious and unpredictable activities that go with election manipulation before, and during actual voting. You can sit back and laugh at a hundred million people who are conducting themselves as responsible political citizens, wait until all the votes have been counted, do nothing whatsoever to tamper with the tabulation of votes and then – abracadabra - you simply announce that the elections never took place, Details


Tolerance, Debate and Democracy in Nigeria. By  Paul I. Adujie


All Nigerians, leaders, politicians , commentators and citizens must all exercise restraint before, during  and after the forthcoming general elections in April 2003 Journalists and Public commentators must exercise utmost restraint in the interest of  Nigeria's national interest and survival of our corporate entity as a republic. Details


Corruption, Incorporated. By Babayola Muhammadu Toungo


I have been wondering where all this money has been going to until I heard the PDP has a war chest of N72billion just for the execution of the 2003 elections.  But I have always wondered why one needs such unimaginable sums to participate in elections, more so when one is an incumbent who can easily show-off his record in office.  But such is the style of the Obasanjo administration.  While their hands are soiled, they try to blackmail their opponents – who happen to be just about every other sensible Nigerian. Details


Rejoinder to Tunde's Run, Buhari, Run. By Idris Z Mohammed


I will like to take Tunde back the memory lane to the politics/politicians of the first republic/Nigerian civil war. Here I have to mentioned that while some of principal actors of that period such as Gen Gowon, Col. Ojukwu, Chief Enahoro, Chief Mathew Mbu and host of others are living modest live, people like Chief Michael Opara, Mallam Aminun Kano, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Murtala Mohammed etc died without any record of stealing public funds, same cannot be said of Pa Awolowo, the founder and father of corruption in modern Nigeria. Details


The Politics of Religion and Lex Talionis (Part II). By D. S. Dauda, M.D.


Amongst the many shortcomings his adversaries have noted, President Obasanjo’s penchant for employing the oral orifice before consultations with any of his numerous advisers or indeed the grey matter in his own cerebrum, is one that sticks out like a sore thumb. Various statements attributed to him on one occasion or the other have been adjudged by friends and foes alike as insensitive and/or unbecoming of his status. Therefore when the clamour for a re-introduction of earlier neglected aspects of the Shari’ah in some states was at its height, his statement that this was “Political Shari’ah” and that the whole thing would soon fizzle out with time was taken by most analysts to be just another example of this trait. Details


A World of Contrasts and Similarities. By  Bello Umar Farouk Jega


To come back to our analogical analysis, it may be relevant to mention that both Mr. Bush and Babangida, the former Nigerian dictator share another similarity - that of pretending they are not working on hidden agendas. For instance, when Babangida seized power by the gun in 1985 he said his mission was to salvage the Nigerian people from some social and economic ills. Till he reluctantly left office in 1993, he has never made known to Nigerians that he was serving the interests of an international agency (IMF) that wanted to make (and actually made) life miserable for the people. The same is the case of Mr. Bush. He will never let Americans know that he is not serving their interests but that of a few reactionary Zionists and capitalists. Details


To achieve and sustain the unity of Nigeria. By Victor E. Dike


Before the present civilian administration, the Nigerian world had blamed the woes of Nigeria on the many years of military misrule. Yes, military rule was an aberration!  But why is it that very little, if anything has been achieved since the inauguration of the new democratic experiment? The injustices in the Niger Delta remain unresolved; and ethnicity and ethnocentrism have continued to create mediocrity and corruption in government establishments. Details


Run, Buhari, Run--A Rejoinder. By Umar Bello


In a recent audit report, over 2 trilion has been spent by this administration since 1999,the most generous public expenditure since the creation of Nigeria but only translating into the worst suffering for the country, how ironical! The president is allowed to bungle and bulldoze his way through after all he is a Yoruba man--an anointed political soul. He always scapegoats the past for his failures while his tragedy is himself because he is so egotistical, haughty and hardly listens but always want to be listened to--an incongruous phenomenon in a real democracy. Details


The President That Obasanjo Gave The Nigerian Senate. By Ugochukwu D. Ejinkeonye


These days, I see more and more preachers on television prophesying good, success, prosperity and bounties for our leaders.  Who is inspiring these prophesies?  How can we bless the people God has cursed?  How can men who have shown such unspeakable capacity for evil and callousness be blessed of God? Details


Katsina State: 2003 Battle Between ANPP and PDP. By Mohammed Bello Shehu


Governor Umaru Yar'aduwa's administration in Katsina is always on time in paying workers salary, perhaps one of the richest states in the country and has awarded some contracts for roads construction and electrified some towns, but while he may be pious or sincere depending on how you assess his administration, he finds it difficult to get along with others, even his appointees, who may not share his view; case in point he was not speaking to his deputy for over a year, even with Sharia in place. Details


The Church and the World Today. By Atayi Ezechiel Babs-Opaluwah


It's ironic and heartbreakingly sad, that as the secular world is becoming more interested in the end time events, The Body of Christ which is the CHURCH, for the most part, is indifferent to, uninformed, deluded or divided about what is going on.  They are the ones whose heads are deeply embedded in the sand. Details


Nigeria Malady and the Cure. By Yinka Ogundiran


If you ask an average Yoruba man to annotate his own analogy of what he sees as the problem of this country, he'd be telling you that it's the Hausas/Fulanis/Igbo that are the causes of this ignoble status of our livelihood. He hardly states the contribution of his own people to the problem, all he does is to point accusing fingers to other people as the cause of our collective misfortunes. Details


Yoruba Bashing? I Don’t Think So. By Habibah Mohammed


The Yoruba believe that they were fused with other sections of the country that are pulling them down. Probably true, but they also have to realize that the other parts of the country might not have wanted to be with them either. But since we find ourselves we have tried to live together-(the Biafran saga was a blip). But not the Yoruba and to this day all we hear are their whinings about how they are being marginalized. Details


Run, Buhari, Run! By Tunde Adenodi


Let Buhari run. From  Katsina to Lagos and from Lagos to Calabar. Let him enact Sharia and put fire in Nigeria. Let the giant die!! Run, Buhari, run. Win, Buhari, win!! Let Biafra live. Let Oduduwa live. Long live Arewa. These are my expectations from a Buhari victory. Details


Segun Osoba the Conqueror. By Banjo Odutola


Are there similarities between Osoba and William the Conqueror, the King of England and Duke of Normandy? Is it the reputation of their tenacity or brutality, whichever is nearer the mark that is an acceptable symbol? King William fought real battles and captured territories. Osoba’s victory is of no territorial dimension. At least, the recent gubernatorial primaries of the Alliance for Democracy in Ogun State, where all but five votes cast went to him and his opponents did not have a single vote is the point of my focus. His political victory is curious and grave for our nascent democracy. Details


The Labour of Our Heroes Past.... By Zulfikar Aliyu Adamu


What we northerners have to come to terms with is that our salvation as a people must not necessarily come from many of these self-acclaimed champions of the north. However, there are a few principled leaders among us whom we need to celebrate by empowering them politically. As I fail to see how we have benefited from many decades of misrule, I ponder how many northerners will actually agree with the standpoint that we northerners have (by proxy), collectively ruled the nation in a non-directional way during the dark ages of our numerous juntas. Details


What Does Obasanjo Want? By Ugochukwu D. Ejinkeonye


Immediately Obasanjo became president, he told himself that this was his only chance of touching every space on earth and getting several photo opportunities with world leaders at world capitals. So he pursued this ambition with a most singular zeal and fearsome dedication, closing his ears to all entreaties and calls from neglected Nigerians on him to come home and attend to the mounting problems of Nigeria. Details


Why Obasanjo Won the PDP Primaries, A Rejoinder to Bekeh. By Ibrahim Dan Halilu


I am not much concerned with the issue of Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s flat defeat at the PDP’s presidential primaries since I am neither a consultant nor an attorney of the architect turned politician.  Even as I understand from reports and interpersonal discussion with active politicians that Obasanjo’s victory was a cash and carry issue, that is none of my business as I am not a card-carrying member of any of the thirty political parties.  But as a Nigerian citizen of over eighteen years I have a stake in the kind of leader we have.  My major concern therefore is with the scorecard of the Obasanjo administration as presented by Bekeh. Details


Politics: A Rejoinder to Dr. Mohammed Wailare. By Yakubu Mohammed Salisu


Dr. Wailare was unable to invalidate Mallam Ado’s argument which is that Rimi always prefers the fatter cats, what he did was to write that if Rimi was after money he would have supported the incumbent candidate. But even a layman in Kano politics knows that Rimi had always supported fatter candidates, what happened in 1999 why didn’t he support Kabiru Rabiu? Details


Musabaqah (Qur'anic Recitation Competition)--The Izala Style. By Suleimaan Umar-Awalloo


Suddenly, the venues of the Nigerian event being organised by JNI (perhaps in conjunction with Danfodio University) were becoming centres of 'other things' other than the main issue.  Males could mix with the females without caution.  Male competitors could exchange pictures and addresses with the female counterparts.  Relationships of all kinds began to emanate from such camps/venues...On each occasion, the overall winner went home with a brand new Mercedes 190 Benz in addition to cash and other gifts. Details


Still on the 2003 Elections: A Rejoinder to Mazi Sam. Onwuegbu. By Taofiq O. Abiola


To my friend Mazi  Sam. Onwuegbu in his rejoinder to my article I have to admit that I may have been unfair to the Ndigbos as a group. Thank you for reminding me of the contributions of the Igbos to the history of Nigeria in past elections, and in shaping the history of our country. And I hope you and others would accept my apologies.  I am also not afraid to admit that what you said in your articles was true: the Yorubas are the most cowardly who prefer to run and hide when matters get out of hand in the bitter politics of Nigeria. Details


After the Primaries. By Habibah Mohammed


The history of Nigeria has shown that the Yoruba have always blocked voted and this was the case during the Awolowo years and the 1992 and 1999 elections. This shows how myopic they were and remain to this day. The curious thing here is that the Yoruba did not vote for Mr. President seeing him as a lacky for the northern establishment, but once he won and started (like a true Yoruba man) pursuing their interest they adopted him in true African culture. Details


Second Chance Democracy... By Uwem Inyang


The recent presidential primaries finally reflected a decaying autonomous process. From PDP to ANPP to NDP et al, there was simply a selection route that produced many more questions than answers. The emergence of ex-generals raises even more dust about how nascent our democracy is. While one cannot ignore the basic fact that every Nigerian has the right to contest any elections, the manner that they were selected and not elected is dubious to say the least. Details


Money Bag Politics. By Dalhatu Sani Yola


Never for once, did the PDP go down in the records for correcting OBJ/Atiku administration even in obvious error. Up till now, they have not seen the wisdom of dissuading the duo from the ruinous practice of money politics. An ill-advised strategy that essentially demeans politics, impedes inclusiveness and wretchedly degrade Nigerians as communities that wantonly sell their conscience. Details


Poor Telecommunication Services in Kano. By Ibrahim Ado-Kurawa


Many schools including primary schools in some developing countries have Internet access. But in Nigeria even the university dons have no such access. This is a very important issue that we ignore at our own peril. Bayero University Kano has no five reputable scholarly journals despite its almost forty years of existence. How can we anticipate progress with such an intellectually barren ivory tower? Details


Rejoinder to “Why Obasanjo Would Win a Second Term. By Taofiq Abiola. By Mazi  Sam. Onwuegbu


If there is any single ethnic group in Nigeria known for circling political wagon, it is certainly the Yorubas. It could be recalled that the politicians in the Yoruba-dominated AD party are flaunting their true color of ethnicity. Rather than nominate presidential candidate for 2003 election, the party suddenly realized to adopt a Yoruba son-Olusegun Obasanjo as the party’s candidate. Yes folks, the same Olusegun Obasanjo whom the Yorubas and AD party kicked to the curbside and treated like a political orphan in 1999 election. Details


Why Obasanjo Won the PDP Primaries. By Bekeh Utietiang


The Peoples Democratic Convention has come and gone and has really affirmed my position that Ekwueme did not do his homework well. He is crying foul where there is none, blaming the Peoples Democratic Convention for his failure. His claim that the shift in the venue of convention contributed to his failure is an unfounded one. There are no records that any delegate did not vote because of the change in venue or is he indirectly telling us he had hired some hoodlums to disrupt the convention at Eagle Square as security reports had earlier showed. Details


Our Banks And Their Corporate Prostitutes. By Ugochukwu D. Ejinkeonye


It has become very evident that there appears to be a flagrant uneagerness by the banking industry to attempt redeeming itself from the grave and obvious danger of sinking very low in the esteem of decent people. Today, most people are wont to draw parallels between female bankers and the growing pack of unprincipled actresses, and between the banking industry and the fast becoming scummy pond we call our home video industry. Details


Snapshots From The Nigerian Theatre Of The Absurd. By Kòmbò Mason Braide, Ph.D.


Now, what if the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the Turaki Adamawa, His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON), exercises his democratic right to have a re-think? What if Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON) declines to be the running mate of General Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR), and simply throws his weight behind the candidature of a fellow Arewa, Major General (Alhaji) Mohammadu Buhari, and becomes a superhero to his people? Details


Between Obasanjo, Buhari, Gani and others. By Yushau Abdulhameed Shuaib


To any person used to foreign media coverage of third world countries, the CNN breaking news is not unusual considering the way and manner African countries are reported. They distort positive reports and make mockery of our advancement and pass uncomplimentary commentaries on our economic prosperity and expansive developmental infrastructure. War, disaster, poverty and disease are their major preoccupation while covering the continent. Details


Nigeria's Disgrace at the United Nations. By Chika Onyeani


The diplomatic community in New York is being shamed by what is happening at the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations.  For the past 5 weeks, diplomats and other United Nations officials trying to reach the Mission have been told by the tele phone company that the phone is disconnected.  African Ambassadors accredited to the United Nations are quite embarrassed that their so-called "big brother" and "giant" of Africa, (one Ambassador said "spell  the giant with small capital") is bringing disgrace to the continent more and more by its actions. Details


Bisi Akande's New Year Gift to the Ifes. By Qasim Akinreti


Aside from the above, Akande's gift couldn't have come at a better time based on the following assumptions despite the flurry of candidates he has to choose from. Going by political antecedent of elections in that part of the country, the Ifes have demonstrated their unflinching loyalty and always giving a block voting to the progressives. The Alliance for Democracy had almost ninety percent votes in the 1999 elections in Ile -Ife and it's environ. Detail


STAR INTERVIEW:  Isioma Daniel Talks About the Miss World Pageant. By Mobolaji E. Aluko, Ph.D.


Now that we have finally heard her voice, maybe we can see her face  too ?  The report would not even give the country she was talking from, only that she said that it was a country in the West that she was not too familiar with.  Where the heck is that? Or is the fatwa still operative?  Is it this easy to lose Nigerian citizenship, in a democracy?  Is no democratic leader in Nigeria asking after her well-being? Inquiring minds want to know. Details


Gani Fawehinmi: The Town Crier. By Banjo Odutola


Is Gani any different from the brightly coloured dressed and bell ringing Town Crier? Well, comparing a lowly functionary to him may be inappropriate; nonetheless, there are certain similarities and reasons why the man is a modern day Town Crier, who is confusing his message and may find that the people who trust his skills in a Court of Law are unlikely to mandate him to manage our national politics. It is abundantly clear that he lacks the experience for the muddy and dirty politics in Nigeria; the scrutiny of his choice as a presidential candidate is not any different from the people he advises are shunned.  Details


Hamza Rafindadi  Zayyad : A Tribute in a Season of Elite Betrayal. By Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka


Dr. Zayyad had extraordinary intelligence coupled with an awesome memory. His recall of dates, persons and events was amazing. When a man combines such talents with a prodigious capacity for work, the result is better imagined. He was in a true sense of the word, a workaholic putting in on average, eighteen hours a day. When my telephone rings at 1.00 a.m. in the morning, I always knew who it was. Details


Senator Nzeribe's Suspension by the Senate is Unconstitutional. By  Dele Igbinedion, Barrister-at-Law


Recently, the Senate of Nigeria suspended Chief Francis Nzeribe from the National Assembly for an indefinite period. This was wrong. The position of a Senator is a calling without repentance. An elected Senator is constitutionally empowered to do his duties in any manner he deems fit. In doing so, he cannot be prevented (not even by the Police)-even if he has a criminal charge pending in Court against him-except under clearly enumerated circumstances. Details


The Uncle Tom of Africa. By Mulugeta Mandefro


Mr. Alibi again published his second improper comment about Ethiopia's famine problem, in a Nigerian newspaper; Daily Trust on January 2, 2003. According to the article he tries to denote about the psychological aspect of the black man, particularly the black man's inability to accept criticism at its face value and why we need not to blame colonialism or imperialism for our destitution...Finally, let the world know that Ethiopia is not at all an embarrassment to Africa, the only embarrassment to Africa could be writers like Alibi who don't seem to understand what they are writing about. Details


Wanted: A Nigerian President. By  Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo


Obasanjo has already admitted that he goofed in his handling of the nation's affairs, to be fair to him. He has however had two chances of leading this country, first as a military officer and then as a civilian president. Once beaten, twice shy. If after his second coming he is still apologising for erring, which is quite human, and Nigerians accepted him a second time which is also divine, the next time he returns to power he'd be no more useful than the furniture in his office, because he has been there too long and run out of inspiration. Details


Obasanjo Between the Devil and the Deep Sea: A Response to Professor Ajayi Adewale. By Sam C. Okudah


After reading your write-up of Tuesday January 14, 2003, on the internet, I was very perplexed. I find it shocking that a learned gentleman like you, with the title of a professor, would take a very serious issue like the ineptitude of President Olusegun Obasanjo, and blame it on ethnicity, lack of an agenda by the south, and the elusive unity between Ndiigbo and Yoruba. That was an easy way out. Details


Their Strategy is Rigging the Election. By  Hannatu Mohammed


Let us go back to the discredited PDP nomination Convention. It was reported and confirmed that no less than 9 billion naira was spent to ensure the victory of Obasanjo in that charred of a convention. Dr. Alex Ikwueme himself alluded to this in an interview with the “Daily Trust” newspaper. He was asked that he did not make any concerted efforts to lobby and campaign for support even in to his Igbo Delegates. And that his men did not contact the Governor to ally any fears they have of him. He said we did all that. But if it mean giving each Governor 100 million naira, of course we did not do that, because we don’t have it. Details


Let Us Talk About Our Homeland: A Rejoinder to Ibrahim Dan Halilu's "2003 and Doomsday Predictions". By Ike Naijaman


The last three years have been ultra-violent.  We all know that large amounts of weapons have been smuggled into the country.  We all know that ethnoreligious militia are rife in the country, some quiet and hidden, others literally displacing police on the streets of our cities.  Lost in all the just and appropriate questions about who authorized the "revenge" attack on Zaki-Biam is the equally important question of 'who attacked those soldiers in Benue in the first place?  While many believe that the woeful state of the Nigerian Police Force justifies the presence of so many militia, people like me look at all the other imploded African failed states.. and realize that each one of their wars started out with the proliferation of militia and cheap AK-47 guns. Details


Globalization and the Third World Predicament. By Abubakar Usman Yusuf


Is there any country in Africa, Latin America, Russia and Middle Eastern countries where any IMF formula has worked? These unfair policies coupled with the corrupt selfish motives of these regimes led to the squandering and depleting of the wealth in international reserves of the countries. Thus, the countries most resort to external loans in order to finance their huge import base. These corrupt leaders do not also hesitate in accepting all the odious, miserable terms and concessions which usually accompany these loans. Details


Accountability: The Missing Link in Nigeria's Political Process. By Osilama Osime, MB.BS, MPH


The Nigerian candidate has no need to advertise his or her honesty, dignity or integrity. He/she is assured a majority of the votes because the godfathers (and godmothers too) have said so. How else did Nigerians end up with a senate president and Speaker of the House Representative (third and fourth in line to the presidency) who had forged certificates? Nigerians have always been denied the opportunity to make informed choices of who should represent them. They are deceived, manipulated and deliberately misinformed by the political class. Details


Beyond the State--“Nationand “Unity”: Nigeria's Requirement is Leadership. By Mahmud Tukur, Ph.D.

[PAPER PRESENTED AT Kennedy School of Government,  Harvard University, U.S.A.]


The issue of rotational presidency, governorship etc. and self perpetuation is another difficult nut to crack.  First, to what extent can democratic principles be compromised to alleviate the numerical superiority which some groups and regions possess. Furthermore, someone has to resolve the contradiction in wanting ‘rotation’ but opposing ‘quota’ i.e. affirmative action. Also, how would the advantages enjoyed by those states demanding rotation be attenuated so as to compensate the loss of political advantage conferred by higher population  for example? Details


Obasanjo's Hubris and Buhari's Dilemma. By Tokunbo Awoshakin


One of the reason’s used to justify the candidacy of General Olusegun Obasanjo in the 1999 presidential election, in spite of the fact that he was another military man or ex-military man, was that he is from the south western part of Nigeria, which felt aggrieved over the annulment of the June 12,1993 election, which was won by late Moshood Abiola. Those that sponsored his candidacy and those that worked for it, including, General Ibrahim Babangida and the government of the United States did so with the assumption that, once in power, the former military man, who himself had tasted incarceration, courtesy of the General Abacha regime, was going to bring some kind of stability to the Nigerian polity. Details


The ANPP Convention--Matters Arising. By Babayola Muhammadu Toungo


The conventions of both the PDP and ANPP, two of the biggest parties among the thirty registered by INEC, has come and gone leaving in its trail the usual complaints only associated with Nigerian democracy, in which no aspirant believes he can lose.  The press that is supposed to be the watchdog of the society (a group called the fourth estate of the realm by Lord Byron) has been compromised a long time go, but it got very bad in the life of the Obasanjo administration. Details


2003 and Dooms-day Predictions. By Ibrahim Dan Halilu


My friend, forget about any system.  The fault is not in our systems.  It is in our inability to make the system work and our susceptibility to corrupting whatever system is put I place.   Would you say in all honesty that former president Babangida’s NDE and DFRRI were not excellent projects that could have raised the living standard of our rural communities to a level higher than that prescribed by the United Nations?  Who will dispute that President Obasanjo’s Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC is ample institution for extirpating corruption from our public and private lives? Details


Fasten Seat Belt; Open a Can of Worms. By Abba Gana Shettima


The ‘fasten seat belt’ national traffic regulation which came into effect January 1, 2003 is a welcome development.  In a country with one of the highest road accident record in the world, any step taken to reduce the level of carnage is both timely and commendable.   Road accident statistics from the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) indicate that between 1960 and the first quarter of 2002 about 258, 505 persons have lost their lives to road accidents. Details