Can Habu Lolo Unlock The Potentials Of Niger State? By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

With his much trumpeted PhD, and rich bureaucratic experience in the federal civil service, Nigerlites expected much from the erstwhile governor Babangida Aliyu, but were eventually made to curse the day he was elected into office, and that is to be kind to the man. Details


FAO Future Minister for Justice. By Anthony A. Kila

Another aspect that the future minister should be very conscious of is wastage. Legal processes cost money and time, there is also cost in manpower to investigate, arrest and prosecute. The new minister will have to be mindful that he or she is responsible for the usage of the resources of the federation. There have been too many cases put forward by the EFCC and other law enforcement agencies that have amounted to nothing in the end. The new minister has to put in place measures to ensure that each case put forward by and for the government is airtight. Details

Boko Haram: Prospects For A Negotiated Solution. By Abubakar Alkali

Mr President’s acceptance of a possible dialogue with Boko haram is the right step in the right direction. What is required now is a concerted effort to lay a solid foundation towards genuine dialogue with Boko haram while keeping the military option on standby. Details


As Buhari's Bucket List to Washington. By  Oseloka H. Obaze

On gay rights, the President should push back very hard, as traditional norms here frown on such lifestyles and, in any case, this matter remains controversial in the US itself, in spite of recent Supreme Court ruling. Finally, the President should inquire when President Obama intends to visit Nigeria. A non-committal or non-definitive reply should be taken for what it is:  a continued unwillingness to engage Nigeria fully. Details


Buhari Prepares For America.... By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

With America too far gone on the path of self-destruction with the catastrophic decision of the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage, Buhari can expect at least one question on what he intends to do about the recent National Assembly Act banning same-sex marriages in all its guises. What should Buhari's response be to such a question if he was to be asked in the full glare of the global media? Details


Of Radio Biafra and the urgency of now. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

It appears that for every national election that comes and goes; one section of the country to another feels it had unjustly been schemed out of the equation and as such quickly take up arms against the Nigerian state. The Nigerian state today, and more than ever before, reeks of nothing but anger by one ethnic group against the other. This anger stems from a feeling of alienation that readily evokes emotion rather than reason. Details


Propagated States Ethnic Champions & Ministers Empty Treasury. By Farouk Martins Aresa

We all know that the more ministers, commissioners, local chairmen and councilmen there are to justify our agitation for more states and 250 ethnicities, the more money leaks from treasury for political and ethnic champions. When there are more government employees than those of private employers, youth’s employers are displaced. There will be more money for politicians’ aggrandizement and corruption but less for infrastructure and universities budding businesses. Details


Beyond Rhetoric: Refocusing The Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund Agenda. By Shafii Ndanusa,  FCCA

Granted that the three Nigeria sovereign wealth funds have been established, however, their growth and impact is constrained by the key factor of limited capital inflows. The continued existence and operation of the excess crude account in addition to the legal quagmire between State Governments and the Federal Government have reduced the funds to the status of sleeping giants. Such valuable national institutions ought to rank high on the priority list of public governance. Details



Buhari And The 7 Trillion Naira Question.  By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

If anyone expected President Buhari's new administration to hit the ground running, the Joda interview certainly provided sufficient justification why it could not, and cannot do so, given the fact that the outgoing government only provided details of its hand-over notes only a few days before May 29th 2015. Whether it was part of a grand strategy or not, President Buhari, along with the millions of Nigerians baying for the blood of those who mismanaged the economy under the maladministration of Goodluck Jonathan, are now saddled with the astonishing reality that in the past six years or so, 7 trillion Naira was expended on their behalf in an epoch when they lacked the basic necessities of life. Details


NASS Elections And  The All Progressive Crisis. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Somewhere in the creeks of Otueke, a certain Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Mainasara Jonathan is probably sitting under the cold morning breeze nursing a drink as most locals from the Niger Delta are wont to do as part of a well established culture and tradition, in an area where drinks are never ever in short. And in between sips, the percentages are high that Jonathan would be indulging in the occasional throaty laughter brought about by a sense of intense relief and satisfaction. Details


Boko Haram: The Carrot And Stick Strategy For A Lasting Solution. By Abubakar Alkali

 ‘Can military force decimate Boko haram once and for all? I ask this question because on at least 3 occasions in the last 5 years, there were similar operations by the Nigerian military to route Boko haram and crush the group and after each military operation, Boko haram bounces back in even stronger and deadly passion. After each military operation, the number of people killed by Boko haram increased. Details


NASS: Why Saraki’s Rebellion Succeeded. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Senator Bukola Saraki, and Yakubu Dogara, somehow succeeded in getting themselves elected as Senate President and Speaker of the House respectively with the ‘help’ of their conniving opposition party the PDP. Not only that, the PDP also inexplicably managed to get one of its own – Senator Ike Ekweremadu – elected as the Deputy Senate President in a manner that both astonished and angered millions of supporters of the APC who would never have blinked their eyelids were the PDP to be proscribed altogether. Details


APC: The More Things Change... By Dr. Wole Ameyan

Sometimes one might just think that it is better to give up; that a case is a basket case and not worth wasting one’s time about. The Nigeria case is like that sometimes; a country that we all love very much. The recent happenings in the 8th senate bring to mind an old maxim: The more things change the more they remain the same. The leadership of the APC have a herculean task to make a lie of this aphorism.  Details


Portable Petroleum Refineries Manufactured In Niger Delta. By Farouk Martins Aresa

What are all the universities in the Niger Delta specializing in if they cannot improve the so called illegal portable refineries changing crude oil into petrol? We have Federal University of Petroleum Resources in Effurun in Warri, Delta State. Yet they cannot tap the brains of Niger Delta youths improvising from scratch, the manufacture of portable refineries. Details


Nigeria: Whom do we blame? By Isaac Samuel Akpan

Carry out this survey if you must perceive things for yourself. Out of the number of leaders we have presently, ask yourself, how many of them are ready to face dilemmas that require critical thinking, strategizing and planning? Or better still, how many are prepared to resolve the challenges this country is currently facing and the upsurges depleting our nations security? You'll realize that there are hardly any. Details


Ndi-Igbo Have More To Gain As Nigerians. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Indeed, it is only recent that ijaw has become a big minority. The fact is they are still not the main ethnic group in the South-south, the Edo are. Sometimes, present difficulties and pressing problems make us forget the past. Many have temporarily forgotten that amicable coexistence between Urhobo, Ijaw and Itshekiri was broken before Ijaw gained power. Families that have lived together for ages began killing one another: My People Are Killing My People! Details


Tinubu & Saraki Palaver Deep-Rooted In Polity. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Where else would incorrigible crooks like Saraki and Tinubu command more political clout but in Nigeria? Buhari has work to do and nobody should envy him especially with these two types of people in control of the new political landscape. Like it or not, they have followers and each is highly respected in circles by their followers. Indeed, some young generation are looking up to them on how to accomplish success. They dismiss sins the two have committed as old story. Details


Failing to Reform the Reformable:  The Second Economic Adventure of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in Nigeria. By Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

Given the manner the Nigerian economy unraveled at the twilight of the Jonathan administration it became obvious that the greatest loser of the presidential election was Dr.  Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the ex-Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy (CME) who built her reputation on reforming  the “unreformable” Nigerian economy. This was evident at the Senate hearing on the fuel crisis on May 25  when the minister, almost in tears, alleged that “there is a deliberate attempt to sabotage the economy and bring it to a halt… Details


Buhari: Now That We Found Change…. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

The more I contemplate the current situation, the more I am tempted to also ask: now that the APC has found the change it sought, what does it intend to do with it? It is not only in the delayed announcement of appointments that the APC appears to have got Nigerians worried. If care is not taken, they risk doing serious damage to themselves in the manner the principal officers and leadership of the National Assembly are going to emerge. Details


President Buhari: Dead end or the rebirth of a nation? By Chido Onumah

Undoubtedly, Nigeria desperately needs a leader to inspire the people, but we must also have a nation for that inspiration to be meaningful. In the end, this will not be about Buhari but about Nigeria. Buhari can definitely make a difference. If he doesn’t succeed, it won’t be for lack of trying.Details


Automated Teller Machine and Inflation in Nigeria. By Eleanya K. Nduka

How does the ATM create inflation in Nigeria? As we know, the machine can only contain a limited amount of notes. As such, Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) load mostly N1,000 notes into the machine which is the highest denomination of the Naira. This makes it possible for the machine to contain higher amount of money than when lower denominations are loaded. Consequently, this practice has further increased the woes of Nigerians precipitated by inflation. This is in addition to the worrisome fact that coins are rarely accepted. Details


Employment Agenda For The Mohammadu Buhari Administration. By Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.

Unemployment is arguably one of the greatest problems confronting Nigeria today, the others being corruption, insecurity and poverty. In response to this problem, the All Progressives Congress (APC) promised to create three million jobs in a year through public works programmes and shifting the economy towards value-added production. Details


Buhari’s First 100 Days: Lessons from Obama’s First Term Challenges. By Emmanuel Uzo Obi

We have drawn attention to how President Barrack Obama quickly grappled with his challenges from day 1. Professor Osinbajo the incoming Vice President has put the figure of those Nigerians at poverty line at 110 million. It is a huge and daunting challenge that incoming President Buhari will face beginning May 29. But he must not go back to the old way of doing things. He must record major victories as well as small victories to build momentum from day 1. Details


If Buhari Does Not Probe. By Anthony A. Kila

Most Nigerians that voted for Buhari and indeed many of those that campaigned against him did so because they see as him as an epitome of anticorruption.  The general consensus is that the man Buhari, unlike most politicians, is rather averse to corruption and therefore will fight corruption with all his might. Details


Aminu Kano,  Thirty-Two Years After. By Abdu Abdullahi

It was on Sunday 17 April 1983 that death penetrated the abode of Aminu Kano and took him to the great beyond. Earlier on that fateful day, Malam had instructed his young daughter Maryam to sweep the premises of the house for, according to him guests would troop in. After a few hours the guests turned out to be mourners. Rest in perfect peace Malam Aminu Kano. Details


The Game-Changer Is Upon Us. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

The outgoing President Jonathan may have made the statement partly in jest; but he was spot-on when he said Buhari will need even more prayers than himself at the inaugural church service over the weekend. The incoming president may not have all the solutions to the mountain of socio-economic problems the nation is confronted with presently; but what he has, in abundance, is the capacity to decisively with corruption in all its manifestations. And I pity any public officer who intends to test his resolve in these troubling times. Details


President Muhammadu Buhari: Sacrifice, Patience, Change, and Peoples’ Expectations (I). By Bukhari M. Bello Jega

For a man who shed innocent tears of agonies and sympathy for Nigerians, over the choice and the mistakes they are about to make in choosing disaster and hell fire for themselves and children over the promised change, repositioning and redirection for a better tomorrow he was promising them. He was not only ridiculed, humiliated and call all sort of names, but, he was tagged as a man desperate for power. Unfortunately, for the gullible, fatalistic and narrow-minded Nigerians, the future the General envisage and the dangers he saw ahead was beyond their understanding, appreciation and foresight; until few years later when the pretender and clueless man began to unleashed his reign of terror, incompetence and light feather approach to governance. Details


A Quick Analysis of the CBN Governor’s Proposal to Sell a Portion of  Government’s  Equity in Joint Venture Oil Companies in Nigeria. By Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

Speaking to the Financial Times of London after the recent Presidential Elections in Nigeria, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) advised the incoming administration of Mr. Buhari to give serious thoughts to scaling down the Government’s majority shares in the Joint Ventures (JVs) with major multinational oil companies operating in the country (The Street Journal, April 23, 2015). According to the reports, the highlights of the CBN governor’s proposal are as follows ...


Firstly, why did the Governor not offer the same advice to outgoing President Jonathan who appointed him? After all, oil revenue started crashing almost a year ago when the price of Nigerian crude oil declined from about $114 a barrel in June 2014 to $48.57 a barrel in January 2015,... Details


Why Buhari Must Remember Samoza. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Active resistance occurs when the few freaks undermined by positive change react violently to protect their turf like the late General Murtala Muhammad unfortunately discovered in 1976. Buhari must not make the same mistake. He must never mistake his overwhelming popularity for general acceptance. For the sort of changes contemplated by his party to be meaningful, they must be comprehensive. Details


Buhari Beware Of Our Pharisees & Sadducees. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Here we go again! Buhari, beware of Nigeria’s pandering Pharisees and Sadducees. Political jobbers that brought us to our knees and disappointed the black race are at it again lining up behind Buhari with all sorts of advises that fell every government. Same folks exaggerated your insubstantial flaws as a major distraction. But forage for the good of.... nobody but themselves. Details


GEJ: Between ''Persecution'' And ''Prosecution''. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Giving the well-document profligacy of the first couple in the miss-use or miss-application of words and grammar, could it be an honest error on the part of our dear president? Are we to believe the view of so many of my friends who think President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (PHD) truly does not know the distinction of between the two words? ...When a Minister is alleged to have imported bullet proof limousines, at more than three times their normal cost, and without appropriation or  recourse to due process, will it amount to persecution if the incoming administration decides to do that which the President has failed to do - which is to thoroughly investigate the allegation to bring all those guilty of any malfeasance to justice? Details


The Curious Case of Ben Murray-Bruce. By Anthony A. Kila

Now that he has become a Senator-elect, guess where? Yes, on the platform of the PDP, it is a very curious case to see that he is planning to go to the senate on everything to alien to the PDP. Over the weekend I read him on twitter and on some online publications say “we must sell presidential fleet, we must cut the salaries of public servants”. I hate to state the obvious but really someone must tell our new Senator-elect that these abnormalities came about under the rule of a party he was friendly with and under a government he had access to. We need to remind Ben Murray-Bruce that maybe we could have saved a bundle if he had spoken to his friends in power. He needs to be told that what he is asking for is change whilst he worked for continuity against change in the last elections. Is Ben Murray-Bruce a traitor or a convert? Details


Re-Engineering Nigeria’s Education Sector (Part 2). By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

President Buhari must begin to address higher education in Nigeria by looking into the accreditation of higher education programs and the process of recruiting vice-chancellors and leaders of other tertiary institutions. He knows that poor leadership of any enterprise would yield poor outcomes. The vice-chancellor should be the real CEO of his university in all practical ways, and search for vice-chancellors of federal universities should attain international prestige and outlook. Details


Re-Engineering Nigeria’s Education Sector (Part 1). By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

Nigeria’s education sector is hobbled by corruption, and no amount of funding can significantly reverse the rot until this huge drain is satisfactorily blocked. This means the main problem with our education is not insufficient funding. Only the mentally disturbed would sow among thorns, and those that sow without first preparing the land could be termed lazy. The most dedicated worker cannot fill a basket with water. Details


Will Buhari Liquidate Tompolo’s Navy? By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Why on earth should the Navy be interested in re-arming the vessels procured by a private concern when it is more convenient to have the same warships formally procured for its operations? How did Tompolo come about the massive resources it took to acquire the battleships? What was the exact role of NIMASA in the entire mess? Was the entire transaction done in accordance with the laws of the land?

These, certainly, are questions which should be of serious concern to the in-coming government of the retired Major-General Muhammadu Buhari. The new administration cannot afford to treat the matter with levity. Tompolo of course, has already publicly congratulated Buhari for his victory, but this matter is beyond him and the General. Details


The Able As Inferior To The Incompetent. By Babayola M. Toungo

It makes no sense for a government that is on its way out and effectively in its lame duck period to recklessly “buy” two SUVs for the scandalous sum of N180million – irrespective of whether the vehicles are missile or bulletproof.  To top it all, another 50 Hilux pick-ups were bought for N400million.  Are you serious?  This nonsense taking place under the watch of a supposed ‘man of God’? Details


Mandela’s People Who Kill Black Africans. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

This new wave of xenophobic attacks on black Africans resident in South Africa by their fellow black hosts is one that will not leave Africa the same. There must be severe consequences. The stench of black South Africans has gone upwards, and now shall that nation begin to fall behind so terribly before Africa and the world. I am so convinced, and I speak boldly this way. Details


Memo To President-Elect Muhammadu Buhari. By Jibo Nura

In November 2012 I visited a village in Stockholm to see the impact of projects undertaken by IMF and World Bank on the lives of rural people. I did not see any that genuinely transformed their lives to the zenith. In December 2014, I was on a journey to South America.  I visited indigenous people and communities in Loreto, along the Amazon River – engaged in community based rural tourism in Sulluscocha and Chagmapampo and down to Porcon Farm. I did not see any IMF and World Bank genuinely inspired projects either. Details


Pidgin English: A Bridge for Our Cleavage. By Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim

I love my language, Hausa a lot. I similarly admire the linguistic heterogeneity of Nigeria. But our overdependence on and overvaluing of English is way too much. We often idiotically align positivity with the comprehension of the language such as intellect, education, prospects in job or marriage, and so on. For instance, no doubt the utterances of the outgoing President’s wife, Patience, are largely silly, or worse, but the downright condescending remarks trailing them are too much. Ditto, the way some fellows poke fun at the English of the out-going First Lady. The latter is all the more uncalled for, I have to admit. Details

The Scandals Buhari Cannot Ignore. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Just like Mandela, Buhari endured the indignity of incarceration soon after his overthrow in a palace coup in 1985. Buhari also survived the most vicious negative media campaign ever waged against any Nigerian - dead or alive- to clinch the right to take up temporary residence in the Aso Rock Villa on May 29, 2015. Indeed, when the history of the 2015 Presidential election is documented for posterity, it will be marked by the crude and desperate strategies adopted by the PDP to undermine his legitimate aspiration for the presidency. Details


Buhari: Alternate Power Generation For Homes And Industries. By Farouk Martins Aresa

We cannot afford to fail again on generation of electricity to homes and industries in Nigeria. But we certainly need a new approach without dislocating the enormous investments made by previous governments. Details


Xenophobia In South Africa, A Symptom Of African "Misculture". By Akinbinu Olusola

Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini said it openly that African Foreigners should leave South Africa, for their citizens to get job, as he claimed to be defending South Africans as his progenitors did. Another self-acclaimed leader of the wild killing, who identified himself as Sergeant Mabutubutu Masekosuma Kongugu, sent out a wild Video broadcast, justifying his actions and promising to do more. In his own words from the Video " don't know how we survive! You don't know what it is for a fellow black person to be here unemployed". Details


Fashola: Making a Case for the Next FCT Minister. By Aliyu Bala Aliyu

From 1976 –date, the list of FCT ministers are as follows: Mobolaji Ajose-Adeogun (1976-1979), John Jatau Kadiya (1979-1982), Iro Abubakar Dan Musa (1982-1983), Haliru Dantoro (1983-1984), Mamman Jiya Vatsa (1984-1985), Hamza Abdullahi (1986-1989), Gado Nasko (1989 -1993), Jeremiah Timbut Useni (1993-1998), Mamman Kontagora (1998-1999), Ibrahim Bunu (1999-2001), Mohammed Abba Gana (2001-2003), Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai (2003-2007), Aliyu Modibbo Umar (2007-2008), Muhammad Adamu Aliero (2008-2010), Bala Mohammed (2010-Date). Of all of them, no one has impacted the Federal Capital like Nasiru El-Rufai and it is quite tragic that the shoes he left behind since he bowed out in 2008 have been difficult if not impossible to fill. Details


Who Swindled Our President? By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Call it temporary insanity or whatever you like; but acting in defiance of our electoral laws, and in full view of the entire world, a congregation of grown men and women from the PDP, joined by their cronies in the corporate world who should know better, had gathered in Abuja for what they dubbed a fund-raising dinner for their preferred  candidate Goodluck Jonathan. At the end of the extravagant exercise, it was announced that a whopping sum of 21 billion Naira was raised for the President’s campaign! And as if that was not shocking enough, it was also declared a lion share of the sum came from ghost donors or some so-called friends of the President’s henchmen like the now Professor Jerry Gana. Details


Nigeria: Search for Union Beyond Amalgamation. By Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim

The elections were over. The winners (and losers, too) are known, and Nigerians await their inaugurations on May 29th. However, the repercussion of the elections is far from over. Igbos, whose undaunted, though paranoiac, doubt of Hausa-Fulani leadership forbade them to vote for Gen. Buhari, are still being brazenly abused, especially on cyberspace. And they respond in crudest kind by calling their attackers with unprintable names. Details


Buhari: Why Igbos Need To Rethink Strategy. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

With what I can see going on presently in Igboland, what cannot be denied is the politics of stomach infrastructure at the highest level. It is intended only to nourish the expansive bowels of the rich and affluent. When the likes of Arthur Eze and Emeka Offor romanced Sanni Abacha, it was never to bring the Igbos into the mainstream of Nigerian politics or for the benefit of the entire South-East. They did so to expand their business empires. Details


Nursing Nigeria Back To Health. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

The people, the masses of Nigeria, have a choice to make. If I am trapped in a deep well, and someone comes and lets down a rope to pull me out, but rather than gladly seize upon the kind gesture, I ask, “Can you tell me your religion and ethnic group?” I should be called a fool.Details


How To Protect Future Public Elections In Nigeria. By Okachikwu Dibia

Lest we forget, it was the failure of the Nigerian police to maintain law and order and protect lives and properties that led to the establishment of national organizations like the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in 1988, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in1967 through to the enactment of its Act in 2003 that saw to its present enlarged and enhanced status, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) in 2000, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in 2004 etc. At the state level, similar organizations have been established also. Details


Why Buhari Won. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

In the next several months and years, when volumes are written on the actual reasons why President Jonathan became the first Nigerian leader to fail in his re-election bid, one important factor will rank highest for its singular potency, in my opinion.  A lion share of the blame must be attributed to the shabby and disrespectful manner President dealt with a majority of the governors from the northwest and north-central parts of Nigeria after his successful re-election in 2011. Details


Has Our Democracy Come of Age? The Lagos State Example. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

At a time when the CHANGE mantra is fast overwhelming the entire country, it is time we began to see our democracy as one that can stand the test of time. No country has ever moved forward with its people heavily divided along tribal or religious lines. Details


It's Buhari! Nigeria Has Decided. Buhari Promised and Now We Wait. By Bernard Doro Pardon my skepticism, but permit it for this moment, some of your campaign promises, Mr president-elect, appear unrealistically hyped. It does cast negative perceptions as to how you intend to achieve such promises, not least in four years. It would be in your interest and that of your party, Mr president - elect, to keep your promises because broken promises hurt reputations and not lightly. Details


Celebrating A Crime Hero. By Abdullahi Danladi

The outcome of the presidential election of 28th March, 2015 has put to rest the tenure of Good luck Jonathan’s administration. The five or six years of Jonathan’s government has been characterized by bloodshed, corruption and total disdain to the ethics of good governance. Never in the history of Nigeria as a nation has so much revenue been generated, yet little has been done to improve the welfare of the governed. Details


The Man of the Decade. By Tochukwu Ezukanma

In anticipation of the impending doom and a total breakdown of law and order, many Nigerians made contingency plans and preparations. They stockpiled on food and other necessities. Some left perceived trouble areas for supposed safe havens. On the day preceding the election, some businesses shuttered their doors, and those that opened operated half day, so as to allow their employees enough time to scamper home before the outbreak of the brewing violence. Refreshingly, to the credit of Nigerians, no violence attended the election. Details


The True Meaning Of Change. By Mohammed M Mohammed

Despite what we went through that motivated us to yearn for change it seems we do not really have a good understanding of this refreshing   word change. As such it has become imperative upon us to explore and clearly understand the true meaning of change particularly as  it apply in a democratic set up and how it works in other  democracies across the globe to impact positively on the life of the common man. Details


Electing A New Speaker For The House Of Reps. By Godwin Onyeacholem

However, as the race gathers momentum with intense lobbying and fine-tuning of strategies, it is important to highlight one singular factor that should determine the choice of Speaker of the House: Merit. Details


Now Nigerians Need Patience; Good Luck to Buhari. By Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim

I read and heard that no fewer than 100 souls were lost and dozens others injured in celebrations over General Buhari’s victory in the 28th March Nigeria’s presidential election. How sad and unfortunate! While telling my wife that people were euphoric to that extent, she rather inadvertently told me that when we returned to Nigeria in the middle of the year, there would be no more electricity outage, no more terror attacks by Boko Haram, and no more any other unpleasantness. That unrealistic wish left me transfixed, for I have heard and read many others expressing the same or similar expectations, as, to them, the ‘Messiah’ has attained power. Details