Deconstructing Nigeria’s Power Distribution. By Oseloka H. Obaze Nigerian DISCOS are collectively behaving dissolutely.  Major equity owners in the DISCOS represent the special interests.  These same special interests for long orchestrated policies that emasculated the power sector; shunned development of eco-friendly solar power, stimulated the use of generating sets and pushed the price of diesel to high heavens. They too, advocated fuel subsidies, ostensibly to assuage the incidental high-cost to the masses, only to turn around and reap the benefits of the fuel subsidies. Details


Good News From The Port Harcourt Refinery. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

To millions of Nigerians who have had to endure the excruciating pains brought about by the scarcity of petroleum products across the country in the past two weeks, the news, the report carried by this newspaper yesterday to the effect that the Port Harcourt refineries twin facilities was set to resume full production today, after undergoing intensive repairs and rehabilitation must have caused many to embark on exuberant celebrations. But to me, the greater cause for celebration, was not so much in the knowledge that the facilities will resume production at all. Details


How The Biafrans Lost Me. By Dr. Abdussamad Umar Jibia

The Biafran agitators have not been consistent. The intensity of their struggle depends on the Government in power. If the person in charge is one of their own, there is no Biafra; when they lose out, the struggle for independence begins. This is not the trait of a sincere people struggling for freedom. In fact, the direct opposite is supposed to be the case. For example, since the end of the Nigerian civil war the Igbos had never had it politically rosy like they did during the last PDP administration. Details

Biafra on My Mind. By Chido Onumah

There is enough from history to tell us that we need to address the Biafra agitation constructively and quickly too. The government can’t adopt the approach of, “the leaves are dying then cut off the branches.” Yes, we have the problem of corruption, of building our educational and health sectors and providing basic social services for our blighted country and impoverished citizens. But we have a bigger and fundamental question, that of national cohesion.   Details


Re: Biafra: Is It Time To Let Go? By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

The Nigerian army recently threatened to deal decisively with the pro-Biafra agitators. As they go about preparing to do this, they should ask themselves how many more Igbos they are willing to kill to keep Nigeria one. Are the over 50,000 killed by the Hausa/Fulani before the War plus the more than 3 million destroyed by the army in the cause of that war not enough? Details


In Dasukigate Stealing is Not Corruption. By Anthony A. Kila

In all this, my favorite ‘victim’ is the chap that testified/confessed in a written statement that he did not get a single kobo from the Dasukigate Father Christmas bounty. He simply did as he was told. The man is not alone. It appears the CBN Governor and those that acted for him simply did as they were told. I am very worried for those that simply ‘did as they were told’ because the law is very clear about doing what you are told when you know it is illegal.  You cannot say ‘I didn’t know it wasn’t illegal’ since ignorance is not an excuse. Details


The $2.2 Billion Armsgate and Metamorphosis of Boko haram. By Abubakar Alkali

It is mindboggling that such earth shaking scandal involving the alleged misappropriation and deliberate diversion of $2.2 billion and N643.8 billion could have come at a time of pervasive poverty in Nigeria when the average Nigerian is struggling to make ends meet. To make matters worse, this monumental scandal was perpetrated under the guise of fighting Boko haram which has sent tens of thousands of innocent lives to their early graves in their on-going relentless albeit senseless wave of killings which to the understanding of Boko haram, is necessary for them to establish an Islamic state. Details


Chinese are Raping You, Indians are Molesting You, and Your Mama Seems to Care Less. By Ahmed Garba

Now that Buhari's administration is emphasizing the need to fund and promote agriculture, watch and see how the Indians and the Chinese will jump on this opportunity and saturate us with all sorts of crappy products, a litany of gimmickry gadgetries, some of which we haven't even fathomed yet.  We may begin to see tools/equipment claiming to make it possible to farm yams from plastic bags draped over your balcony, or a machinery that can farm, harvest and produce dried okra in a blink of an eye. Details


Trump was Right. By Oladele Oluwasogo

A couple of weeks ago, US presidential candidate Donald Trump in a blunt and accurate manner, lampooned the black race. He fearlessly tongue lashed people from our part of the world. While his statement has been severely condemned by people all over the world especially those of the black race, with Africans, especially Nigerians clamoring for him not to be adopted as the Republican candidate. He was swiftly replied by Nigerians and other Africa brothers and sisters –though I doubt if any will get to him. However, I dare to say that Trump was right. His analysis of the continent was critical, thorough and absolutely correct. Details


Hijab In NYSC Orientation Camps. By Dr. Abdussamad Umar Jibia

Over the past several days there have been active discussions in social media on the use of hijab in NYSC orientation camps. The discussions followed an incidence that occurred in one of the camps. A Muslim youth corper wore a ‘long’ hijab and was consequently beaten by an Army officer. The NYSC authorities did not deny it and immediately redeployed the officer and according to the Director-General of the NYSC, more punishment will follow. How far that is true remains to be seen. My intention here is to look at the issue from a Muslim observer’s point of view. Details


Dasuki And His Notion Of National Security. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

With Boko Haram, Niger Delta militants and kidnappers threatening the nation’s socioeconomic well-being, Dasuki could have written his name in gold by bequeathing an intimidating security infrastructure for the country as his legacy. The enormous sums that accrued to his office clearly proved that was possible. But he apparently chose the famished path and in the process exposed himself to disgrace and ignominy his noble background hardly deserved. Details


Africans Cannot But Our Land Grabbers Can Feed The World. By Farouk Martins Aresa

It is not unusual for the Americans and Europeans to call world attention to Chinese exploitation in Africa! They claim the Chinese are buying up Africa like them and like them, Chinese are only interested in Africa’s natural resources. Some of the studies indicated that the Chinese get more involved with corrupt leaders of Africa. Details


Of Bishop Kukah And Northern Muslims: A Response. By Faruq Hussain

In a crass display of ignorance of the genesis of terrorism which is not limited to Boko Haram, Father Kukah attributed the senseless agitation of Boko Haram to the “promise made by northern leaders to ensure the total implementation of Sharia law”, forgetting that from time immemorial, terrorism in its real sense has never been about adherence to Islamic faith but a radioactive desire by blood-thirsty extremists to take control of territories and impose their demented belief on the larger populace, as evident in the hoisting of flags by Boko Haram during the last administration and the established hegemony of ISIS in the middle-east. Details


The Military, ‘Zaria Massacre’ and a Defective Federation. By  Chido Onumah

In a country where truth is a scarce commodity and where impunity (whether by state or non-state actors) is the norm, it will be difficult to know exactly what happened in Zaria on December 12, 2015. Since nobody takes responsibility for anything in Nigeria, that egregious crime – committed by both parties – will go unpunished. Of course, there will be an enquiry, perhaps a white paper, and that will be the end of the story; well, until the next crisis. Details


The Economics of Petroleum Products Prices Modulation in Nigeria: Part 1. By Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

After over 30 years of subsidizing petroleum products by the federal government, most economists and many other professionals now agree that the policy has been a dismal failure. The subsidy regime or policy has been ineffective and inefficient, and has been characterized by frequent shortages and hoarding of petroleum products, selling of products at prices that are far higher than the official pump prices, corruption and sharp practices such as smuggling, round-tripping and adulteration of products. Details


Biafra: The Voyage of Memory vs. Custodians of Stolen Legacy. By Emmanuel Franklyne Ogbunwezeh

Today, the active struggle against the bonds of oppression as   made manifest in MASSOB (The movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra); OPC (Odua People’s Congress); MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, and other ethnic movements lend concrete credence to our submission. Nigeria is not a nation: It is a construct of federated grievances that needs urgent geopolitical surgery with the scalpels of justice and right, if we are not to go to the battle fields once more. Details