FRIDAY DISCOURSE WITH DR. ALIYU TILDE Locating 2003 in Bermuda Triangle


INEC is assuring people that everybody will be registered before the next elections. But the issue at hand is not registration really. How can we hold any election when we know that millions of registration cards were stolen? What difference does it make if tomorrow INEC registers more voters but with these millions of cards still missing? How are we sure that in the update exercise, more cards will not be missing? The bitter truth that Nigerians must accept is that we have reached the bottom of the abyss. I do not see this crisis ending. This is the bottom. Details


Charity Begins At Home. By Akin Falegan


The Federal government has since January 2002 been deducting the sum N136 million per month from the federal allocation to Ekiti State and will continue for a period of 4 years (2002 – 2006) approximately N 6.5 billion. By the end of the forth year the principal and accrued interest would be about N10 billion leaving the state with a debt of about N3.5 billion. The sad part of the story is that the 4 billion naira is not being invested in income generating ventures such as agriculture and allied industries etc. Details


Re: Muslim Rage and 9/11. By  Khalid N. isah


The aftermath of 9/11 has posed a great danger to the world security. It is very unfortunate and I really sympathize with the families and relatives of the victims.. This is clearly understandable. Since the event, America and its allies have taken upon themselves to fight what they defined as terror. The word terror  is always  linked to Islam. Whenever there is disorder or conflict somewhere some people will try and find ways to associate such to Islamic fundamentalist or extremist. Details


State House Chronicles - I: A Rasputin in the Villa? By Nnaemeka Chukwumerije



There is a Rasputin in the Villa, and many Nigerians do not know this. I believe that in these very difficult and uncertain times, it is important for Nigerians to know why their leadership appear like bumbling incompetents, unable to govern in a fair and just manner, and believing that they have a divine right to a second term even if they have nothing to show for their first term. Details


How Do You Want to be Remembered? By Michael Okoye


Just as Chief Obafemi Awolowo was one of the greatest mistakes of post-independence Nigeria, President Olusegun Obasanjo is presently the greatest threat to the survival of democracy in Nigeria . “It was sad to note how an English trained lawyer, full of energy like Awolowo, returned to his country to divide its people more than he could unite them by adopting tribalism as a doctrine in politics and pursued what he termed “abundance only for his people”. Details


That Attack on Dr. Julius Kpaduwa. By Austen K. Oghuma


Why is it that Nigerians are so highly intelligent, hard working and are found in all parts of the globe and yet Nigeria is so backward? We always tend to blame it on lack of credible leadership. To some of these other nationals, it is inconceivable that with the level of intellect and successes some Nigerians have displayed and achieved in their various fields, no one can emerge to show some traces of leadership that could find some admiration beyond their immediate ethnic enclaves. Details


Violent Crimes in Nigeria Can be Abated , If only President Obasanjo Would Listen. By Uzo Obi


The incidence of very violent crimes and assassinations have reached an all time high during General Obasanjo tenure as President. Today, people in Nigeria are not sure if they would live the next day as pump action guns are widely in circulation and Government appears not to care. The Police is badly structured and not well equipped to maintain law and order. Details


Obasanjo Betrayed Nigerian Voters in 1999: He Does Not Deserve Another Term Through the PDP. By   Professor Omo Omoruyi, mni


The conclusion I came to after reading the extracts of the minutes of the Agura Hotel of February 23, 1999 is simple.   President Olusegun Obasanjo behavior does not portray him as one with political sense at all.   If the same group that met with him at Agura Hotel on February 23, 1999 are the ones that God sent to him to seek self-succession he would fail.   If he wants to succeed he should rethink and seek God’s Guidance. Details 


Essay On War. By Magaji Galadima Abdullahi


At the end of World War II, the United States held a position of unparalleled pre-eminence in global politics. During the first decades of the postwar period, its power and influence expanded until it was finally checked in the jungles of Southeast Asia and by more fundamental changes in the international distribution of economic and military power. Details


The self-demystification of OBJ. By Mohammed Haruna


Obasanjo may have been on record as the first Nigerian military ruler to voluntarily relinquish power, but I have always had this sneaky feeling that ultimately he didn't have much choice in the matter. I have always had this feeling that if he had, he would have preferred to stay put. My suspicions were heightened by a lecture he once gave in 1985 during Major General Muhammadu Buhari's tenure as Head of State, wherein he argued in effect that, no matter how brutal, a dictatorship that delivers the goods is to be preferred any day to a democracy. My suspicions were heightened even more when an Obasanjo that had been hypercritical of military president, Ibrahim Babangida, suddenly stopped his criticisms when Babangida decided to support his bid for the secretary generalship of the United Nations, and resumed the criticisms when the bid fell through. Details


Olusegun Obasanjo: Independence Day Speech, October 1st, 2002

Forwarded by Dr. Nowa Omoigui


Foreign investors have expressed apprehension about the Sharia judgment of stoning of women or men found guilty of adultery. Our assurance to those who care to listen is that we have a legal and judicial system which grants any accused person the full opportunity of appeal to the highest court in the land. For this reason, we have never entertained doubts that whatever verdict a lower court may give, the appellate courts will ensure that justice is done. We fully understand the concerns of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria, but we cannot imagine or envision a Nigerian being stoned to death. It has never happened. And may it never happen. Details