An  Open Letter To Justice Akanbi And The ICPC. By Paul I. Adujie


The trial of those charged with corruptly enriching themselves in Nigeria's efforts at producing a national identity card, must be pursued with robust vigor , as this national assignment rightly deserves, the indictments or charges stemmed from investigations conducted in Nigeria and overseas, including the arrest and repatriation from Europe, of one of the persons currently facing trial Details


“Some Nigerians' Attitude to our Nation, National Anthem, Pledge and Flag….” By Elizabeth Oddiri (Mrs.) Head, Nigeria Information Service Centre, New York.


Paul Adujie’s recent writing on the above subject matter made a curious reading and has brought to question the motive for some of the allegations against a so-called Information Officer in the Nigerian Consulate, New York. Details


National Assembly, Corruption And Assets Declaration. By Paul I. Adujie


It is baffling to learn that, so many months after the inauguration of the current national assembly in Nigeria, so many members of the august legislative arm of the Nigerian government have not fulfilled their obligations and responsibilities of declaring assets, which in fact is or ought to be a precondition to their assumption of office as law makers in Nigeria Details


The United States of America and the Muslim World: An Introductory Survey of Relationship. By Ibrahim Ado-Kurawa


This piece is an introductory essay taken from a manuscript that is undergoing an editorial review. The manuscript which is expected to be published as a book with the title of: The Muslim World and the United States of America, examines the relationship between the Muslim World and the US based on available information with the sole aim of understanding the reasons for tensions between the two and possible areas of cooperation. Details


Babangida’s Project Double O Seven. By  Tunde Adenodi


When I read that Generals Adisa and Olarewaju head Babangida’s campaign outfit in Lagos aptly named it Project 007 I knew that Nigeria and Nigerians are in for serious trouble. This is the very first time IBB comes out straight to tell us what he intends to do in his second coming. Project Double O Seven-License to Kill. Details


Risks in Nigeria. By Umar Bello


Idang Alibi in his ‘survival tips’ advise Nigerians though jocularly about the ways to survive in case of any crisis. First, he advised that you should, as a Hausa man, for instance, learn Igbo or Yoruba or vice versa. And if you are a Christian you should learn some verses from the holy Quran and a Moslem from the bible and you should also try to dress cross-culturally. These are not necessarily for the purpose of National cohesion but as measures to save your neck in case you come across rioters who are not of your stock. Details


Obasanjo and Babangida: The Rumored deal?(2). By  Tunde Adenodi


Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR). Unless OBJ is trying to bring down all recipients of this honor, IBB, in my opinion, does not deserve the honor. It is a slap on our faces. It is an object of ridicule in international circles. It is a disgrace to Nigeria and Nigerians, dead or alive. Details


Open letter to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. By Wada Nas

Having said this Your Excellency, I am sure you are aware of what Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the imperial president of Nigeria, told our Northern leaders when he invited them to a close door meeting in Kaduna quite recently. These were leaders from our traditional establishments and Ummah. He requested for their support, they obliged him. They requested for his, he declined, shifting the matter to you. I am here referring of the case to Bamaiyi and colleagues who have been in detention for over four years. Details


Transformation: New Year Message to Nigerians. By  Emeka Njoku


Nigerians must be Godly (not religious) to realize and change the gross injustice inflicted on Igbo and Niger Delta peoples (the oil producing areas). I often wonder if it is a crime in Nigeria to be given oil and resources by God. Details


The Mischief of a President: Obj and His Ways. By Dr. Abubakar A. Muhammad


Ours is a government that has for the past four years been a world leader in corruption, and this ‘enviable’ rank has been authenticated and certified by the Transparency International. What a disgrace! This is a government that has for the past four years denied its citizens the right and the means to work; this is a government that has for the past four years denied its citizens the right to basic social services like water, electricity, education, health, jobs and security because it has deliberately failed to execute its own budgets, yet our foreign debts have gone up the roof Details


Atiku 2007 and a President’s Antics. By Banjo Odutola


At the heart of the antics of Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the aspirations to inherit the mantle to his office in 2007 by his deputy, Mr. Atiku Abubakar is sheer prostitution of naked power, which has absolutely nothing to do with proselytization of political doctrines or ideals, which are beneficiary to the governed. Details


Petrol Tax As An Evil, A Desirably Necessary Evil! Nigerian And America Compared. By Paul I. Adujie


The petroleum tax is long overdue! I am aware that some Nigerians believe that we should not pay petroleum taxes because we are a petrol producing country, or what is the benefit of being a petrol producing nation, to the average Nigerian? Details


In Response To Mr. Paul I. Adujie’s Sinister Article Against The Nigerian Foreign Service. By Dan A. Madu


The task of foreign envoys is, therefore, beyond being armed with the national anthem or knowledge of the location of Yankari Games Reserve, Obudu Cattle Ranch or the Ikogosi Warm Water Springs, important as they may be.   Sadly, the writer did not stop at this postulation, he used the incident to heap a barrage of tirade against the Nigerian Foreign Service, and in the process displayed an alarming degree of falsehood and ignorance because he was commenting on issues that he has very limited knowledge about. Details


Mr. Babangida’s Perceived Presidential Ambition-- A Yoruba Desecration Of Nigeria’s Sovereignty And A Betrayal Of Modern Civilization And Political Decency. By Chidi P. Eze


The fact that Mr. Babangida’s presidential ambition is reverberating and making wave in Yoruba land should not surprise any one familiar with Yoruba politics and culture. That political heavy weights in Yoruba enclave is falling on top of each other over Babangida’s presidential interest in spite of the man’s political antecedence given his June 1993, annulment Details


Goodbye 2003, Hello 2004! By Victor E. Dike


As rightly noted in the Vanguard of Dec 27, 2003, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo seems to have realized the suffering and hardship that citizens went through in 2003 when he utilized the Christmas season to assure a better life for the people in 2004 Details


2007 and the People's Rights. By Femi Olawole


The ironic lesson here is the ease it takes a military despot to be transformed into a civilian democrat and the apparent difficulty of the so-called Nigerian democracy activist to embrace democratic principles.  Is democracy meant only for a certain class of Nigerians or is an elective office a no-go area for some classes of Nigerians?  This is the question one would like to ask the “Campaign for Democracy” as it declared and argued, a few days ago, that Gen. Babangida should be stripped of his rights to contest for the nation’s presidency in 2007. Details


Nigeria: The Good The Bad and The Ugly. By  Salisu Ahmed Koki and Suleiman Abdullahi


Unto The National Orientation Agency and all the powers that be tasked with the responsibility of orienting the populace (The likes of Code of Conduct Bureau, ICPC etcetera). In terms of achievements I will score them zero. They failed to gear the society up toward achieving one goal, the goal for "One Nigeria" instead they reward liars and despise the honest with the total absence of national ethics. Details


When We Walk in the Light. By Ovie Ughwanogho, MD.


When Nigeria walks in the light, what a glory shall come our way. Let us walk in the light now and in the future before our time expires. Details


A Year of Junket Trips and Gallivanting Around the World. By Omoba Oladele Osinuga


There is nothing decent in making fun of a person who is genuinely sick nor is it courteous to hit a man when he is down. A notable feature this year has been the criticism of progressive commentators on the fad amongst our politicians to embark on trips abroad in the name of medical check ups particularly to the far-flung parts of world in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Details


Bye-Bye 2003, Welcome 2004. By Auwal Musa


It was the year that Nigerians saw prolificacy at work: Hosting of COJA, hosting of CHOGM, construction of stadium at Abuja, none of which is an employment generating project beyond the General Obasanjo Fantasy. Details


Deadly Export. By Bala Funsho


Despite much gnashing of teeth about Nigeria’s inability to compete as an effective exporter for products other than oil, there is something of which Nigeria is one of the world’s top exporters and one of the top two global producers. This would have been great if I was talking about a manufacturing industry. But, unfortunately it is the deadly disease, Polio. Nigeria is now among a unique trio of countries responsible for 99% of new polio infections. Details


Simple Electricity Generation Towards Bettering of the Quality of Life in Nigeria. By Engr. Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe


A Nigerian living in the Middle-East read my article and informed me that his village has a bore hole that has stopped working for the last few years because the generator is spoilt, and also that his village has a clinic without electricity where kerosene lanterns are used for which he requested for an alternative solution. Details


What Is Happening in Kebbi State? By  Abdullahi Usman


The fact, however, remains that contrary to Alhaji Lamba’s claims, a Club can indeed operate in a “Shari’a friendly society” once such offensive conducts he described as “alcohol consumption, promiscuity and other immoral acts” are banned within its confines, unless the Commissioner is telling us that the government is incapable of enforcing such rules. Details


El-Rufai: Obvious, Not Obvious; Is He the "Messiah"? By Mohammed Umar


Now to our main discussion, simple Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai and let us start with his person.  He is a perfect gentleman in every sense of the word and obviously so.  He is a genius, courageous, daring, honest, serious, hardworking, blunt, etc., a fine gentleman.  Consider his assignment at BPE, which he handled excellently well, elevated the art of selling public enterprises to a height never before achieved in Nigeria.  He rightly deserved to be called ‘Giant’ as he is fondly referred to.  No one I know, believe me I do not know many people, ever underestimates his capacity or zeal for excellence. Details


Cooling the Polity: A Response to Dr. Uzoma. By Sammy Adebayo


You said both Gen. Buhari and Babangida owe Nigerians some explanation.  If any of these men believed for one minute that they owe the nation any explanation, that explanation should have been presented years ago, not now or in future. What exactly do they need to explain anyway? What kind of explanation does IBB want to give regarding the June 12 elections annulment? Nigerians don't need explanations, they need responsibility and accountability from its leadership. Details


The State of the Nation: ‘The Problem With Nigeria’. By Hillary Okoronkwo


‘Of all the men who had a shot at the presidency, Obasanjo seemed to me to be the person who seemed to perceive Nigeria’s problems and the need to find solutions to them with the greatest sense of urgency’ those were your exact words...You suddenly woke up from your slumber! There is something very sinister about your explanation and motives not stated in your writing. Details


"From Grace to Grass and from a Field Marshall to a Spiderman": The Transient Nature of Power and Why Pride Often Goes Before Destruction. Dr. Wunmi Akintide


As we count the remaining part of the Year 2003 in hours, minutes and seconds, I feel compelled to share this end of year thought with readers around the world. Those who argue that the World would never be the same again following the horrors of 9/11 in the Year 2001, cannot be more correct. That tragedy was an important watershed in world history, and more so for the shining City on the Hill, and the leader of the Free World. Details


CHOGM: A National Dribble. By Suraiya Abba


At a time when salaries, pensions, contracts are not paid; that and a lot more has not stopped the federal government from going into self deception—calling it self “the giant of Africa ”. The mere camouflage that commonwealth would actually address problems concerning member state, is just a gimmick which can never e transformed into reality. Details


Nigeria, The Beautiful And Gorgeous Mosaic! And Nigeria Did Not Expire In 2003! By  Paul I. Adujie


I have traveled 90% of Nigeria by road and by air and I have found Nigeria the most scenic, the most breathe-taking and most spectacular of all the views, that I have ever seen! I have seen the hilltops and snow cap-like mountains of Plateau State, I have seen the purity of Oguta Lake, I have sauntered in the delightfully warm Ikogosi water spring, I have spent days in the Yankari Game reserve, just as I have dreamt owning a home in Obudu Cattle ranch! What is there not to like in the wonderful landscape of Nigeria? Details


Reading Nigerian Leaders’ lips: General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. By Dr. Chidi Uzoma


In the highest interest of the country, wouldn’t a statesman of IBB standing support a bid for the presidency by the South East and South South geo-political zones? IBB has taken pride in being the principal architect of Olusegun Obasanjo’s presidency to assuage the bruised feelings of the Yoruba over the June 12 debacle. Details


Fighting Africa’s endemic Corruption malaise through United States’s “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” . By Adewale, Francis


Contrary to what many U.S political analyst are churning out, the first problem Halliburton company had was not the recent “over-charge” of Pentagon for supplies made to the armies in Iraq. The first scandal Halliburton had was brought to light in its May 2003 Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) filing, therein Halliburton disclosed that one of it’s numerous subsidiaries KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown & Root), paid bribes of approximately $2.4 million to an entity owned by a Nigerian national who claimed to be a “tax consultant” when he was in fact an employee of a local tax authority. Details


From ‘Resource Control' and ‘Dichotomy’ to ‘Political Vision’ For 2007: Happy New Year to and Solidarity with the Governors of South-South. By Professor Omo Omoruyi


I read with sympathy the lamentations of the Governors and some leaders of the south-south at the last PDP South-South Congress in early December 2003.   Maybe that was an opportunity for me to say, I told you so since 1999 that the Governors and the political leaders of the south-south did not understand the President they were dealing with, with regards to the status of States in the control of oil resources. Details


Militarism threat to democracy, not Daily Trust. By Kevin Etta Jr.


The military may yet intervene directly in Nigeria’s political experience not because I, Gani Fawehinmi, Daily Trust, and a host of others predict that this could happen, but because the military are a fact of life and part of the strategic framework of ensuring national security and regional stability. Details


That Obasanjo-Muslim Leaders Dialogue. By Muhammadu Dan Saraki


Your Highnesses, surely you know that the last four years have not been rosy for the people on this side of the divide and especially the Muslim ummah, who are now on the verge of extinction in the hands of Obasanjo and his  kitchen cabinet. While the nation at large has only but seen continuous retrogression in all facets of human endeavour, with the generality of the populace including Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Tiv, Kanuri, Urhobo, Idoma, Muslims, Christians and Animists all struggling even if it is to catch the short end of the stick, the Muslim community in particular seems to have been singled out for the most severe collective punishment in the hands of ours leaders represented by Obasanjo Details


From Waste to Wealth; Want to Abundance. By Adeleke Otunuga


The fact is Nigeria is not in any way poor. It is the leadership that we’ve been unfortunate to be plagued with over the years that have been bereaved of ideas on how to move the country forward. The government of a poor country will not spend billions of dollars on hosting the COJA, and awarding phony and over-bloated contracts to its cronies. Details


Nigeria on the Brink of Collapse. By Musa Inuwa Husain


Nigeria often referred to as ‘the giant of Africa’. There are over 200 ethnic groups and different religious beliefs, has survived several military coup d’états, a civil war, about 36 years of military dictatorship, as well as several ethnic, religious and communal crises. Economically, this nation has also survived systemic and inordinate looting of her treasury that has already wrecked the nation’s fortunes. Details


2004: Any Hope for Nigerians? By Umar Tanimu Umar


The greatest disservice done to Nigerians in 2003 was the deregulation of the downstream sector of petroleum products. The Obasanjo-led Government on assumption of office in 1999 have being increasing the prices of petroleum products without any consideration: petrol goes from N22.00 per litre, to N26.00, to N34.00 and in 2003 "Market Forces" are left to determine the prices. Details


Death Penalty And Public Execution For Corrupt Enrichment? The Chinese Treatment, As An Example. By Paul I. Adujie


The Chinese may have something to teach us, in their efforts geared toward the elimination eradication of corruption in their land, which incidentally, is similar our own efforts in Nigeria, to tackle corruption and kill it! Recently, a court in China sentenced a provincial leader-governor to death, because he could not sufficiently account for his wealth, as his wealth exceeded his income! Details


"Deji of Akure, Part 2": Ondo State Government Clearly in Limbo About What to do Now! By Dr. Wunmi Akintide


Even though the Awolowo Government in the West had attempted to break the logjam in endless Chieftaincy disputes by enacting the 1958 Chieftaincy Declarations covering all chieftaincy matters in the defunct Western Region. The only two towns that were not radically touched by the edict were the old Benin Kingdom and Ibadan metropolis. Details


Cooling the polity: Gowon’s Kaduna Christmas present to Buhari By Dr. Chidi Uzoma

(Rome, Italy)


Let me state immediately without any equivocation that the December 17 2003 Kaduna kermis camouflaged as a book launching event was well stage-managed and its outcome, a welcome development to the much talked about but little implemented “cooling of the Nigerian polity” as against heating and overheating of the same polity. Details


A Mother’s Christmas Present.  By Banjo Odutola


I take particular interest in family issues because I grew up in a dysfunctional one. I do not discuss my family because along the years, I have had to determine who is in and who stays out. I come from one of those families with countless children and a string of wives that surprise was a tool when a particular woman escaped the bedspread of the child making factory room. In my opinion, my family members are the ones that stayed my course of what true family values are. Details


The Federal Government Of Nigeria Is Too Big By Sylvester Ikeogu Okoro   


The composition of the present federal government of Nigeria (ministries/cabinets) is too big for a country whose president recently characterized it as “a poor nation” to have all these ministries. More disturbing is that a country with so many ministries/cabinets is only operating with an estimated population.  How come no Nigerian, home and abroad, have given a thought about the size of the Federal government of Nigeria? Details



Writen by Ameena Mohammed Indimi

As a Nigerian, sir, I believe that I, in fact we as a whole nation would be terribly remiss in not bringing to your immediate attention the plight of millions of our fellow citizens. Sir, since your coming to office, our country has been enveloped in an endemic of absolute penury and impoverishment of our way of life. I believe that the incongruous policies that your cabinet and administration have been pursuing are for the most parts, to blame for the economic malaise that your administration is best known. Sir I do believe if you do not take immediate action, your legacy, as president will be seriously damaged in the archives of the indelible service you have performed for this country. Details


Health care in Nigeria- The way Forward ? Part 2 By Olumide Ogunremi


It is indeed fortunate that the present Minister of Health was a top official of the World Health organization, he would thus be in a good position to understand the international politics of health care and agenda creation. It would be important as Ransome Kuti did before him to coordinate  Nigeria's health policy goals and funding with that of the various international organizations such as World Health Organization, UNICEF and the like. Details


Debt Forgiveness, Disarmament, Africans And Arabs Meet The World
By Paul I. Adujie

(New York, United States)

Perhaps it is appropriate? It is only appropriate, that Nigerians and other Africans frequently discuss our national and continental issues passionately, with singular focus and with stridency, vociferousness or fervor; our national and continental affairs are matters that touch us directly and personally, these issues therefore have immediacy. Details




Let me say whole-heartedly though with a sense of humility that I welcome the Arewa Consultative Forum back from its long sojourn that one might call a retreat of incompetence. While one appreciates the fact that some of the leaders of the ACF can be so abrasively blunt to tell us that the organization, or principally, its leadership has failed the North, it is pertinent to ask the question what is now the guarantee the so called rejuvenated leadership will avoid taking us once again to political oblivion in the difficult years a head? Details




It is factual that Nigeria is the most populous country in the African continent. But what is EXACTLY the population of Nigeria?  Nobody in Nigeria knows EXACTLY how many people are inhabited in Nigeria. What a shame! Nigeria conducted its last census in1991 under Alhaji Shehu Musa of the National Population Commission. The result of 1991 head count estimated Nigeria’s population to be over 80 million. According to the 1979 Decree, Nigeria must conduct national census every ten years. This is the eleventh year going into the twelveth  when the last census was conducted in Nigeria. Details




The COMMONWEALTH comprises some of the most advanced, civilised, powerful and oldest nations in the world; but a good number of its members include the modern nations of Africa created by the European colonial system in the 19th century and granted independence only a few decades ago.  Nigeria is in the group.  And it has more problems than any other country in the Commonwealth.  ''It is never easy to govern a country like Nigeria- It is somewhat artificially created - divided between Muslim North and Christian and Pagan South''. Details


Igbo Nigerian President or Igbo Self-determination? By Peter Opara


A prologue is in order for the treatise presented here, titled as above, a chapter in my book – The Man of Biafra - Posterity Books – 2003 – a prologue that shines some light on the aberrant Igbo and the Igbo In Name Only – IINO. I am qualmless about the import of the treatise, in light of the resurging hubbub about Nigerian presidency and Ndiigbo, where the Igbo is being told how to act and behave or how not to act and behave if he wants to be president of Nigeria. Details


Saddam Hussein :In the threshold of nemesis By Tanimu Umar Tanimu


On Sunday 24th December 2003 the world was shocked by the news of the capture of the erstwhile Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein. That same day a Kurdish woman told the BBC, amid uncontrollable tears of joy, that Saddam’s capture made that day her most happiest. Her reason: saddam had killed 21 members of her family. The woman’s testimony was a microcosm of the tyranny perpetrated by Saddam during his 24-year totalitarian rule. Details 


2003 and the Nation we created By Victor E. Dike


As 2003 winds down, we are all prone to reflecting on the past 12 months and taking stock of what we accomplished individually and as a nation. A number of notable things have taken place in Nigeria during the period. It has been a long uphill fight, and there had been very few real successes. At the end of 2003 millions of Nigerians did not earn the minimum required to sustain the most basic existence, because local and national efforts targeted toward taming the scourge of corruption in the society showed little or no result. This is simply because many of the political leaders, judges, police and customs officers who are corruption-fighters by the day are hypocrites by the night. Details


STAR REVELATIONS:  Nigeria's Officialdom and Public Expenditure

Waste By Mobolaji E. Aluko, Ph.D.

According to the source, the top bureaucrats watched in awe as the Minister made power-point presentation of statistical data of government's revenue and expenditure profiles.   The profiles showed why government could not continue to spend about 80 per cent of its total revenue on about one per cent of the population in the civil service............




It is an understatement to say that Dr. Sulaiman Kumo`s letter to Mallam Adamu Adamu was well written. However, sir, I beg to bring to your attention that that the letter should have been addressed to Nigerians. Details 




In a certain country under the sun, which though having people of equal sizes with her neighbours was perceived gigantically, trouble was brewing. Oh yes it was brewing. You see the king was trapped between twos. How do I mean? Well he found that things always happened to him in twos, sometimes by his own making, sometimes by divine will. He had been twice a favourite, and twice the grandest host to a very great principality in world affairs. A warrior he was in two battles, and as a man he had lived in two worlds, the inside world and the outside world. Details


Governor Tinubu Of Lagos: Have You Been To Amukoko? By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye


I am not the Governor of Lagos, and no one can claim to have seen my posters in the area as opposed to Tinubu’s. Generously splashed  on all those “houses” located in unimaginably unhygienic surroundings from which I saw multitudes of fellow Nigerians milling out, Tinubu’s campaign posters were the only sign that those in authority might be aware that a place like Amukoko exists. Details


Health care- The way forward?

By Olumide Ogunremi

Attending Physician in Internal Medicine

(St Louis, MO. USA)


I would like to start this article with some statistics. The source is the Economist fact book for 2004.This will give us some perspective of what we are dealing with. Life expectancy for males in Nigeria is 51.1 and 51.8 for males and females respectively. The crude death rate is 13.7. Health spending as a percentage of Gross domestic product is 2.2% and hospital beds per 1000 of the population is 0.9.This means that the ratio of Nigerians to hospital beds is 1 bed for 1,000 people roughly. Details


The Igbos and their quest for justice and fairness in Nigeria

By Ritchie Ejiofor esq.


Given the Nigeria’s diversity in cultures molded by several years of cultural relativity and supremacy, there seems to be a common ground for perceived suspicion particularly against the easterners in the fierce struggle for political and socio-economic competition for national resources. This perceived and, or imaginary fear of domination have manifested in well- grounded and well known national stereotypes and prejudices against the igbos and eastern minority by other ethnic nationalities. Details



(Cleveland, TN, USA)


Godfatherisms is old fashion enterprise that circulates around nations with different names or headings for centuries. Godfathers in Nigeria is a topic that has not enough literature or given attention until recent coup that exposed Chris Uba; estranged political Godfather of Chris Ngige among political criminals that is behind election or selection of most of our state governors and other lawmakers. Apparently, it appears majority of our state governors are financed by such caliber and, for those financed by their Godfathers got into office(s) now have huge power in respective states. They assigned civil service and or political positions to people who are not people of the people but people of the privates, except in Anambra state; Governor Chris Ngige hopefully is for the people. Details



(United States)


Nigerians had mixed feelings when the idea to introduce the national identity card scheme was conceptualized. This stems from the fact that it was politicized from onset about the merits and demerits of the entire program. The skepticism surrounding it’s introduction was viewed with suspicion and it’s inabilities to cognizance of defining who are eligible to be identified and also, there was the ever nagging fear that it would marginalized some sections of the population, which given our geo-political configuration was real and, or imaginary given what side of the fence one truly aligned. Details


L’ÉTAT, C’EST MOI By Aonduna Tondu (New York)


The people are suffering – politically and economically – largely because of the paranoid mindset of the Obasanjo government. A few days to the last Commonwealth jamboree in Abuja, pro-democracy activists in Lagos became the latest victims to receive physical punishment at the hands of the police. And what was their crime? Daring to tell the world that Nigerians are fed up with the excesses of the Obasanjo dictatorship!  Details





Nigeria , Africa ’s most populous nation is going no where in terms of national development, contrary to our assumptions which democracy is supposed to deliver. This is due to its President’s incompetence to adopt agendas and strategies that may lead Nigerians to taste the real sweetness of the dividends of democracy. Details



By Ritchie Ejiofor



Everything seems to be wrong within Nigeria. Given the fact that it is generally accepted that the federal structure is defective and perhaps malignant, there has been no concerted efforts to revisit and review critically, how to remedy or address these defects which has transcended to all facets of the society. It is so pitiable that, Nigerians and their leaders and future generation have come to accept as fait accompli the present mal functional decadent society as a Nigerian way of life. Details   


The Stinking Ambience Of  The British High Commission, Lagos By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye


I have been told that, in diplomatic circles, the reputation of Nigeria as a most treasured goldmine  for  ambassadorial posting has risen to unimaginable heights indeed. The rush is incredibly great. In fact, the situation is such that in divers countries now, several ambassadorial hopefuls fall over themselves in the mad lobby  to secure the highly competitive chance of a posting to Nigeria. So pleasant, and so richly rewarding  our Nigeria has become, that those who happen to make it to Nigeria eventually are most unhappy when the time to leave comes. Details



Still on Trust and its critics


Governance is, however, much broader and deeper than elections. Unfortunately, most elected governments the world over, but particularly in Africa, find it rather convenient to ignore this fact. They often behave as if once they win elections then they have a license to do whatever they like. They conveniently forget that good governance is more important than elections for sustaining democracy. Indeed, good governance is absolutely essential for sustaining democracy. Details 




I strongly, request the immediate replacement of page 3 girls with role models in various aspect of human endeavour especially in Nigeria be it science, arts, religion or politics, be it medicine, law, music, military or poetry. This will encourage our youth to strive and attain brighter heights in life than exposing them to means of wasting their lives. Journalist should always remember to provide avenues for diverting reader’s attention from promiscuity and not endangering their lives to seductive tendencies. Details


Tone-deaf on Abdulsalam

By Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo


Hamza Al Mustapha’s accusing finger at General Abubakar Abdulsalam as the man who wants him to freeze in prison may bear some iota of truth. But would Mustapha be glad to know that Abubakar may indeed not be wishing that alone? Abdulsalam has every reason, like many others who saw hell while Mustapha and his clan held forte at the Villa, to wish that the major froze in jail. If Mustapha’s accusations are correct, then Abdulsalam is succeeding at it. Details


Colonial Mentality and International Court of Justice By Audu Zango

(Abuja Nigeria)


The recent plan by the illegal government in Nigeria to surrender 33 villages to the republic of Cameroon sequel to the out come of judgement by the ICJ has confirmed the dangers of tolerating an inept and illegal government to continue its agenda of destruction. Details


MID-WEEK ESSAY:  The Arithmetic of PMB, PSB and Interconnectivity Telecommunications Charges in Nigeria. By Mobolaji E. Aluko, Ph.D.


One of the dividends of privatization, deregulation and consumer democracy in Nigeria has been the recent “forcing” of the GSM operators to include per second billing (PSB) into the mix of charges meted out to consumers.  Previously, only per minute billing (PMB) was available – at N50 per minute - and consumers howled so loudly about such a “rip-off” (among other issues) that a one-day GSM boycott was successfully accomplished in Nigeria on September 19, 2003. Details



Military Ranks of the Nigerian Armed Forces - The History Behind those Names


An officer who holds an Acting rank temporarily enjoys the salary and perks of that rank, but can be reverted - without notice - to his previous rank by order.  During the civil war, for purposes of carrying out operations in specific locations (or to replace officer casualties) some NCOs and Officers were granted not only Acting ranks but also higher Local ranks, which were temporary like the Acting ranks but - theoretically - unpaid. There have been other situations when such measures were taken.  For example, when Brigadier JTU Aguiyi-Ironsi was deployed as Force Commander ONUC in 1964 he was granted the "Local" rank of Major General in the Congo.  He reverted to his substantive rank of Brigadier when he returned to Nigeria.  Details