Obasanjo Solidarity Forum, FCT and Dr. Gbolade Oshinowo. By Emeka Oraetoka


On the occasion of the inauguration of FCT chapter of OSF, in Royalton hotel some four years ago, Dr. Gbolade Oshinowo, "the eyes of Mr. President in OSF" delivered what could be regarded as earth moving address, in the process exposing  the forces against the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo. The address was direct and straight forward, full of logic and reason.  In the end, he succeeded in correcting the negative impression held about president Olusegun Obasanjo and his Administration by many including this writer. Details


On Reforming the State and Local Government System. By Medua Nwasor


Like a fresh gust of wind, one received with deep satisfaction the news that Nigeria's fundamentally flawed local government system was up for review. Perhaps the darkest epoch in the history of state and local government administration in Nigeria were the years 1987-1996. Details


Hawking Nigeria. By  Kevin Etta Jr.


In a country of 130 million people 70 percent of whom live on less than a dollar a day, government cannot leave its citizens at the mercy of "market forces," which is simply a pseudonym for Western teleguidance and manipulation of our economy to bring it into conformance with Western indices and interests. Details


In Defense of the Nigerian Youths. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.


It will be wrong and unfair to say that Nigeria as a nation is doing nothing in respect of meeting the above stated obligations meant for the future of her children and youths. In fact, on paper, Nigerian policies and programs   on the welfare of her children and the youth are among the best world over. Details


What Exactly is Globalisation? 

By Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman


The belief that the whole world is now, largely, one huge global free market is an illusion. When we obtain and examine the concrete evidence about how the contemporary world economy operates, revealed much more widely from the revelations arising from the dramatic collapse of trans - national corporations like Enron, we realise that far from a global free market existing we have a specific type of international market organisation which is highly regulated and manipulated by the ruling elite of a handful of countries, to serve their purposes. Details


Rethinking the Nigerian Reform Programme. By John Moru


The nature of the Nigerian state has implications for its structure. What we know is that the existing structure facilitates favouritism, abhors creativity, and latches on to mediocrity. To this extent, power and political clout determines who gets what, when and how in Nigeria. Details


The Black Spots of Governor Goje's Administration. By Ababakar Jauro Kashere


Secondly, your administration despite all its recorded successes in infrastructural development has failed to recognise the importance of cultivating vibrant youths in our community. It is sad to note that your Government does not have a youth programme despite your so much belief in the youth Details


Understanding HIV/AIDS and Combative Ways in Nigerian Society. By Patrick Iroegbu

Quite disturbing in this decade of 2000 is how the human population is profoundly threatened by HIV/AIDS. Thinking of and preparing to visit any STD (sexually transmitted diseases) clinic voluntarily or as a condition for employment to check one’s health condition against HIV/AIDS is the most troubling thing. Details


President (Tokunboh) Obasanjo, Our Fairly Used President in Nigeria. By Prince Charles Dickson

In a conversation some years back, I was discussing with my lecturer friend about the phenomenon of Tokunboh in Nigeria, while we discussed the salient issues arising from the trend, we were grieved at how Nigerians had deteriorated to the point, that only Tokunboh (used items) were regarded as good for Nigerians. Details


Rejoinder to Umar Bello and Abubakar Muhammad: Enough of the CAN Bashing. By Yusuf Danbaba Yariyok, Ph.D.

When does a leadership become so-called, is it when you disagree with it or when it has the weight of its constituency? The Sultan has never been, will not and cannot be the spiritual leader for both Christians and Muslims especially in the North. Details


Personal Blogs on Federal Government Websites. By Femi Oyesanya

Grab your mouse.  Double click and load your favorite Internet Browser. Let Yahoo carry you yonder to any Nigerian government Web-site.  Is the site there?  Well, wait! There might be a power outage in Lagos.  You know how NEPA is now.  Try again.  Double-click. Coffee!  It is so slow! Details


Traditional Cults And Campus Cultism. By Matthew Oban


A lot of us seem to be ignoring the influence of non-Campus cults on the Campus based cultists and other youths. Across the country we are all bothered about what our schools and universities are turning into as a result of the activities of cultists. I dare to say that, the strength of campus cultism lies in their affiliations with native doctors and a non- campus cult called Osokpikan. Details


I am Going Crazy? Please Help. By Okoronkwo Hillary


Lately I have been going crazy. Nothing makes sense about Nigeria anymore. I have wondered if I am becoming too ‘Americanized’ and not by any means smarter than other Nigerians home and broad who seems to have accepted the current malaise as normal. Details


X- Raying Dr Magashi's Rivalry among Health Professionals: The Polio Experience. By Mr. Adalat Yusuf


My aim this morning is to help the reader understand who are those face less characters in Magashi's article, other assertions he made and their implication to Polio Discourse in Nigeria. To begin with, I will start by the face less characters in the name of Pharmaceutical chemist, the pharmacologist and other pharmaceutical dons who were against the work of a pharmacologist of being the leader of the investigation team on polio vaccine. Details


Governor Kalu Orji: Ariam Usaka-Ukwu Autonomous Community Needs Your Government Atthention and Help. By Ikeogu S. Okoro


Dear Governor Orji, there is no excuse for this continue marginalization of Ariam Usaka-Ukwu autonomous community in the distribution of infrastructures. I am concerned with the plights of the people of this community because no government seems to care for the people of the communities Details


An Evening With General Ishola Williams. By Banjo Odutola


A date with General Ishola Williams can decently be compared to the experience with the British noble Lord. But Ishola Williams is not British; he is morally better than that governor; and has occupied the Nigerian space without suspicions of scandals. Details


Soldier come, Vodacom, Soldier go, Vodago: A Nigerian Corporate Mess. By Prince Charles Dickson


Just like one of its brand Vodago, Vodacom has decided to go after a taste of our corporate waters, Soldier come, soldier go barracks still remain. Details


Defining Obj's Visit to Jigawa. By Sani Ibrahim Taura


This writer has find it necessary to come this far and explain to these who cares to listen, that mindless of the steep and organized political opposition at home, the good people of Jigawa State are very happy and appreciative of the “Presidential concern” of OBJ, who as history has it,  is in the good book of Jigawa citizens as the first and the only president since  creation, to ever visit the Baby state Details


What Exactly I’m I Brooding On? By Hakeem Babalola


As I write, Nigeria external debt stands at $30 billion. As I write, Nigeria is reported to have earned $20 billion from oil exports last year. As I write, the communities where the resources are extracted are living in subhuman conditions. As I write, most of our hospitals are barely functioning. Details


The Looming French Revolution in Nigeria. By Salihu Yerima


The fact is the Nigerian masses far outnumber the Nigerian Armed forces combined especially with the tribal pruning of the armed forces done within the last four years. Can a population of 80 million poor people who are hungry and starving overpower such a small and ill equipped military? Can the Nigeria police which number under five hundred thousand control a mob of determined poor and hungry people? Details


2007 Nigerian Presidency: The North and Its Town Criers. BChidi P. Eze


The 1 million naira question is, why does the north want the presidency immediately after Mr. Obasanjo? From the inception of Nigeria’s independence in 1960, the leadership of Nigeria has been with north till May 29, 2003. Details


Is There Any Point in Complaining? By Laja Adebayo


So called ‘settlers’ and ‘indigenes’ alike are ready for war and our great soldier president stands on the threshold of history poised to oversee the demise of a nation that he has vowed to keep together but of which he will eventually have to admit is beyond his power. Details


It is a Bad Experience, Sam. Forwarded By Dauda Dangaladima


Why did you do it, Sam? What led you to let yourself be taken for a ride, literally and figuratively, by Saminu Turaki, even if we have to admit that he is one of the smoothest operators roaming the political landscape today? Details


RONALD  REAGAN: An Awesome Side of His Life, Legacy and Universal Appeal that Many May Have Overlooked. By Dr. Wumi Akintide


In my own opinion, what has made Ronald Reagan such a legend, is not so much what he has done for himself, his family, the conservative movement around the world, the whole country, and by extension, the whole world. It is his very unusual luck as a man, as a husband, as a politician and elder statesman, and above all as a President of the United States. Details


For Ronald Reagan; Farewell to American Synecdoche. By Prince Charles Dickson


For a man whose father was a drunkard that was always in search of the American dream. Dutch as he was fondly called as a kid left a mark on the sands of time. An actor whose only role, was acting himself. His death reminds one of a large part of America's multiple pasts. He was bright, shallow, complex, simple, instinctively shrewd and at times plainly dumb. Details


Northern CAN and its Hubris. By Umar Bello


The decision by CAN leaders to boycott the peace meeting organized by Northern stakeholders is highly unfortunate. It has clearly underscored the fact that it is not really the peace of the region they are after. They hide behind the fact that his eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, does not have the power to summon such meeting because his jurisdiction is only within Sokoto and are as such not under his authority. Details


Far From Iraq: Response to Dr. Abubakar A. Muhammad. By Joseph Dangme Rinyom


Dr. Muhammed’s first fallacy is his belief that “His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, (who) is both the traditional and spiritual leader of the North”. He was, but no more. During the jihad, and colonial rule, the sultan was the traditional leader of the north and spiritual guide of the majority Muslim! Since independence, other people have had their paramount rulers who play the traditional leadership role that Dr. Muhammed is ascribing to the Sultan of Sokoto. Details


Re-Oduduwa: A Rejoinder to Chukwu Eke-Benin Have No Cause to Imitate Yorubas. By Ewaen Edoghimioya


Let me start this rejoinder by first correcting a supposedly inadvertent error in your write up. The word BINI is a derogatory name the British coined and used for the purpose of divide and rule of the Edo people. It is insulting and therefore unacceptable to us. Details


What Does President Reagan's Death Mean To Nigerians, Africans And Arabs? By Paul I. Adujie


Reagan as president of the United States persisted in talking the nonsense that was constructive engagement, it was an idiotic policy that tolerated injustice, oppression and discrimination that was practiced by the minority regime in Apartheid South Africa, and as it is often said, where you stand
on issues, depends on where you are sitting, my assessment of Reagan, is
based on the impact he had on me or my people, and I am unforgiving Details


Violence in Kano: A Reply to Governor Ibrahim Shekaru's Letter to President Obasanjo. By Abba Anwar


Malam Shekarau, you are more than kind enough to tell Obasanjo that, "For the avoidance of doubt, I wish to categorically intimate Mr. President that from the inception of my administration in May 2003, I have taken concrete and deliberate steps to promote understanding and peaceful coexistence amongst people of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds Details 


Oduduwa: Saving History From Ethnic Propaganda. By Chukwu Eke


I do not know why the Yorubas are so unsettled by the recent   claim made by the Oba of Benin to the effect that Oduduwa was a felon expelled from Benin kingdom. The story is not new. The Binis have known and told it before now. Details


Time: The Fading of African Traditional HomesBy Murtala Bala Habu


New African generations have allowed western economies to downsize our economic systems, the ‘nails or roofs’ for building these nuclear homes we export from the west and their agencies in bulks is the negative impression that our products of such are not natural, instead western products are natural, while is vice versa. Details


Everything Scatter, Scatter; Nigeria's Petroleum Crisis. By Prince Charles Dickson


With each increase we see the monotonous dance where everything and everyone scatters. The government on one hand, and labour all start the debate like primary school pupils in a debate competition, by now too many Nigerians know the lines of the script, at the end after brandishing their swords a form of compromise is reached with the majority of the Nigerian citizenry bearing the brunt. Details


Hypocrisy of the Northern Leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria. By Dr. Abubakar A. Muhammad


While erstwhile leaders like the Sultan of Skoto, Emirs and Chiefs from all parts of the North and the entire leadership of the Arewa Consultative Forum are putting their heads together to find amicable and lasting peace, the Chairman of CAN in Plateau State, Reverend Yakubu Pam is busy fanning the embers of hatred among our people. Details