Between Nudity and Scholarship. By Mohammed Abba Sadiq


Some tertiary institutions are now turned by some as jungles sort of a setting where all sort of animal like behaviors are manifested in the name of freedom. In facts, certain forms of dressings particularly amongst the female colleagues cannot be easily described but imagined. Dressing where 80-90% of the body are exposed could not be said to be decent no matter how one believed the natural way. Details


Political Parties, INEC and Margical 2007. By Ayara Dennis Omeiza


With the recent pronouncement by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), that foreign groups will be denied the opportunity of monitoring the 2007 polls.  It is certain that the winner of the election will be known before the commencement of the election rituals as usual.  Thus, the election would be a waste of tax payers’ money. Details


OBJ Versus  Corruption: Charity Begins at   Home.  By Muhammad Bashir  Usman


On final notes, if people like Tony Anenih, Julius Makanjuola, Olumuyiwa Obasanjo [ Gbenga’s brother who recently bought $500,000 in New York, the United State of America under dubious circumstances ]  with such  stinking financial crimes would be allowed  to move about scot-free in the country and lesser crooks like Joshua and  Alamieyeseigha are being traced and prosecuted at home or, most recently abroad, then the  Nigerian people will not believe in the EFCC. I rest my case here. Details


Census: Avoid These Obstacles. By Abacha A. Musa


Inaccuracies of the past censuses in the country could be attributed to a number of factors. A brief overview of such exercises would help us overcome the pitfalls as preparations for the now 2006 census are well underway. It is therefore imperative for the stakeholder and organizers of population activities in recent times to study the administrative and technical reports of past censuses. Detail


Nigeria: Corruption and Poverty. By Zarah Abubakar Ngileruma


The third most corrupt nation, worst example of growth without development in Africa, a hotchpotch of traditionally oriented economy. Whatever economic growth rate was recorded did not lead to any remarkable rise in the standard of living of the masses. Details



Katsina Indigenes: Stop And Think!!! By Samira Galadima

These elites or educated indigenes of Katsina mostly live in Kaduna State or Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. They use their resources to help develop other cities while they don’t care about their own state. They are very well aware of the underdeveloped nature of their state, but yet, it seems like they don’t have a conscience. Details


The Din About Dress Code in Tertiary Institution. By Vivian Ada Awaogu 


The Dress Code on campuses is simply a law passed by the authorities of some universities and other tertiary institutions in order to ensure that students dress properly and decently. The Dress code, which has been passed in many institutions, notably the University of Lagos. FUT Minna, University of Abuja among others, prohibits certain types of dressing considered to be indecent for the students on campus. It goes further to specify specific uniform dress for students in some professional courses such as Law and Accounting among others.   Details


An Earthworm and Salt, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP): A Family Affair. By Prince Charles Dickson


PDP, a convent of thieves, which is why every Tom, Dick and Harry wants part of the pie, my prayer is that the party would collapse. When I say the party, it is not a political party, but a party in the sense of confused persons dancing James Brown’s disco to Sunny Ade’s Juju. Details


Obasanjo Frankly Speaking the Truth (Independence Speech). By Prince Charles Dickson


Before I loose my point, let me at this bus stop emphasis that I do not have anything against the person of the President, however I, and over 120 million Nigerians have a score to settle with the President and we will not stop until the last is heard of this self p

roclaiming messiah. Details



Fighting Corruption: The Unanswered Questions. By Abdu Isa Kofarmata


For over six years now, president Obasanjo has been junketing the globe informing the whole world that he is fighting corruption. Similarly, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu of the presidential puppet commission, EFCC, has graciously joined his paymaster in this lucrative business of globetrotting. He often swears at any slightest opportunity that they are indeed at war with corruption. Details


Sidi H. Ali & Adamawa’s Bornyface. By Babayola Toungo


But to us Adamawa indigenes, it was more a slap on the face by Sidi Ali than anything else.  He cannot sit down in the comforts of his Kano or Abuja residents and lecture us on Boni’s mirage achievements.  The fallacy of a “deliberate policy” of completing abandoned projects has since worn out and Boni’s apologists are yet to find another fulcrum to anchor their arguments. Details


The Father Of All Nigerian Ethnic Groups. By Farouk Martins


Nigerians talk about relatives in Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal etc. The distance between Maiduguri and Lagos is not as long as that between Nigeria and Australia, yet Nigerians deny each other at home. Details


Nigeria’s Elimination from 2006 World Cup: We Got What We Deserved. By Bello Abdullahi


Without sounding unpatriotic in any way, I make bold to say that I felt happy Nigeria was eliminated from the 2006 World Cup – we really got what we deserved. Details


Nigerian Anti-Graft War- The Case Of Bayelsa Governor Alamieseigha. By Tony Ishiekwene


But it appears Nigerians are still not prepared to fight this dangerous cancer that has plagued the system for 45 years of Nigerian independence and seem to worsen with each successive government. As it is now every one seem to accept that the only way to survive in Nigeria, whether in public or private business is to engage in corrupt practices. Details


Is Kwankwaso Above EFCC? By Abubakar Abbas


The question is neither academic nor philosophical. It is simply one of those questions that even a lay man can easily grasp the meaning and come up with an instant answer. The question is doing nothing other than asking the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the main, but solid reason behind the Commission's soft handling, or to many extents, shunning away from treating the case of a financial mismanagement engaged by the former governor of Kano state, Alhaji Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso, sent to it by the incumbent government of the state, under Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau.  Details


From Bayelsa to Britain: Life in Brixton Prisons Where A Seating Nigerian Governor Now Resides. By  Hosiah Emmanuel


The Brixton prison was sold to the British Government in 1862 and converted into a prison for females. In 1882, it was converted to a military prison, and in 1898 made the remand and trial prison for the whole of the London area.  Today, it is still used as a remand and trial prison but for only male offenders.  It is therefore no surprise that Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State of Nigeria who is awaiting full trial is being remanded there since September 28, 2005 for alleged money laundering in the UK. Details


Rev. Akinola and War on Corruption. By Julius Joel


Nigerian church is corrupt that is why Nigeria is corrupt and it is no use Akinola blaming others, but he together with people like Okogie who likes to criticize government should seat back and think. If the church is not breeding corrupt officials for government Nigeria will not be corrupt. It is the church in Nigeria which is corrupt that makes our nation corrupt. Details


Constitutional Reform In Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: Challenges To Civil Society Organisations. By Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.


One of the major challenges of the constitutional reform process in Nigeria is the difference in strategy on how to go about constitutional reengineering between the ruling elites and the people.  This view was captured by the report of a conference organized by Citizen’s Forum for Constitutional Reform (CFCR) documenting that the political class has so far proved to be incapable of or unwilling to push for the creation of Constitutions that would promote just and equitable societies, and are distracted by a chance to exercise power instead Details


Alamieyeseigha, Asari-Dokubo and the Ijaw Narrative. By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde


Politically, the vast majorities of the Ijaws feel that they were forced into the Nigerian nation-state by the colonial authority; and also that the Nigerian government did not keep to the promises she made to our post-independence leaders to look after the interest of the Ijaws. And so the Ijaws want to get out of this one-sided alliance.  This is part of what gave rise to Isaac Boro and like-minded Nigerians of Ijaw extraction.Details


The Sick Man of Africa. By Obeya Francis K.


Each time I ponder the Nigerian situation, I try to peer into the minds of those who brought Nigeria into being. Those who agitated for our independence. Who were they? What sort of people were these? What motivated them to want independence? What sort of plans did they have for Nigeria? Details


This Beautiful Land Of Our Birth. By  Uche Nworah


We can’t but ask why we have to be the way we are, and live the way we do in the midst of abundance, why 45 years after we stopped paying obeisance to the Queen and her people, we are not yet any where near our promised land. Details


Dealing With Worst than Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Nigerian. By Emakoji Ayikoye


If there is one crucial fight all Nigerians must unite to fight against, it is the fight to rid our land of these indigenous terrorists, who have hijacked our economic and political system and made an open mockery of us by their gruesome greed, gluttony and embezzlement. Details


Where Is Nigeria's Senate President? By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye


As an implacable Executive drives the nail hard on the on the populace, the unspoken question everywhere is: Where is Senator Ken Nnamani, the President of Nigeria’s Senate and leader of the National Assembly? Does he ever pause to ask himself the real reason why he is in Abuja? Details


Nigeria’s National Independence Day Celebrations; New York 2005. By  Paul I. Adujie


This year’s October 1st was a bumper harvest of euphoria for me in a very personal sense! What with the flag of Nigeria galore? Flag of Nigeria was everywhere! Nigerian flag is all shapes and sizes and plentiful! It is the must exuberantly colorful Nigerian National Independence Day parade that I have ever seen any where outside of Nigeria Details


Understanding Cultism and the Needs of Youths. By  Victor E. Dike


In higher institutions in Nigeria cult members are “members of student affinity groups” that sometimes kill students from “rival groups.” Cults are dangerous and cult-related violence in schools is attracting national attention, as schools are often closed when rival cult groups kill students or teachers or destroy school properties. Details


Understanding Civil Society And Government Partnership. By Engr. Bashir Lawal


The three-day retreat between the Government,  Civil Society and Donor Agencies held in Kaduna recently was a serious preliminary activities to seal what relation would Civil Society Organisations  (CSOs) have with the federal Government. Details


You Have All It Takes to Make It. By Emmanuel Best Thliza


A lot of us in Nigeria have defeatist mentality; because we have gotten so accustomed to the societal imposed predicaments, we have surrendered our will power and desires to fate and fate alone. Details


Between Bafarawa, Power Shift, Umarun Kwabo and the Rest of Us. By Aminu Aminu Sokoto


Bafarawa and his fellow crop of northern leaders parading themselves as champions of power shift should go ahead and tell it to the dogs. The people of the north are not unaware of the fact that their clamour for power shift is a selfish move to reclaim power for themselves, their immediate families and cronies. Details


Sheikh Abubakar Gummi: 13 Years After. By Garba Isa


Gummi's often unpalatable view or advocacy of a "Muslim President" is based on the game of number view of democracy since the country is more than 60% Muslims. But what the Sheikh should have added was that politics is also a game of "Give and Take". Details


The Passage of a Giant: Tribute to the Late Dr. Yusufu Bala Usman By Yasir Muhammad Adamu


Dr. Bala Usman challenged northerners who also talk about Sardauna’s virtue and greatness arguing that “you Northerners every time Sardauna, Sardauna why can’t you be like Sardauna.” Details


Hausa Home Videos: A Reflection of the Society. By Umar Bello


There are nowadays many complaints about the Hausa film industry which border on their immorality and the need for them to preserve the real Hausa identity and culture. The more we probe further into this phenomenon the more we see our faces in the mirror. Details



Nigeria’s Unsung Heroes (7): Politics Without Bitterness: Capturing The Message Of Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim By Paul Mamza


Chief Obafemi Awolowo rekindled the ethnic rivalry that marred the First Republic even before the 1979 election and by 1983 round of election it was clear that the Second Republic is on a cusp of gunpowder.  It exploded. Details



Tribute To Dr. Yusufu Bala Usman (1945-2005). By Jibo Nura


To say that the man ( Bala Usman) liked the best for his country, is just an understatement. It is due to our leader’s ineptitudes, mis application of justice and priorities and lack of patriotism and true dedication to nation building that always made him to take a radical approach to reform processes and initiatives so as to have genuine corrective ness and total attitudinal change in the mind of his people. Details


Nigeria At 45: The Challenges Of  Nationhood. By Garba  A,   Isa

Admittedly,  some of those first generation of Nigerian leaders were more colonially indoctrinated than others,   Much as one may excuse the first generation of Nigerian leaders,  this generation of leaders have no justification to continue with the colonial political,  economic and legal structures which are irrelevant to the majority of the population Details



Paul Unongo Has Lied this Time Around. By Mahamman Adarawa

The veteran Benue politician Paul Unongo in his recent lecture at the Institute of Public relations said that Joseph Gomwalk was killed for liberating the middle belt. In that statement Paul Unongo deliberately lied in trying to re write history. Details


International law, Immunity and Money Laundering: Gov. Alamieyeseigha’s Ordeal. By Osa Iyinbo

Sentiments aside, whether or not the arrest and detention of an incumbent Governor of another sovereign State (nation) on charges of money laundering should draw any international furor depends on the status of, or privileged enjoyed by, such governor outside the shores of his or her country. Granted that Gov. Alamieyeseigha enjoys immunity from prosecution for crimes committed in Nigeria based on his status, absent any bilateral agreement between Nigeria and the UK, such immunity does not apply extraterritorially. Details


Handling Conflict. By Amina Ibrahim

Think about the relationship between violent conflict and poverty, generally, no one is happy with the economic condition of the nation. This prickle violence in people by the slightest mistake by others. This is obvious is our everyday experiences, in homes, on streets,  Details


Nigeria at 45: Success or Failure? By Muhammad Bashir Usman

I seek to admit however like some other fellow Nigerians, that there is virtually nothing to celebrate since the concession of independence to the country by British colonial masters on 1st October, 1960.Details


Malaria Scourge: The Facts, the Lies and the Politics. By Dr. Felix S. Odaibo

In a series of articles, I shall discuss the issues of Malaria: The facts, that have been misconstrued or are not so well understood or known, the multiplicity of lies that have been churned out over the years and kept many people ignorant and misinformed as well as a discourse on the politics, both national and international, that has condemned the tropical and subtropical countries to penury and underdevelopment due to the scourging effect of malaria on their populace. Details


Africa Shall Rise, When? By  Emmanuel A.C. Orji

When I asked my father what the question meant, he told me that Africa was a backward continent, but that it was hoped that one day it would rise in development to the level of Europe and America; but no one knew when that would be. My regrettable experience, however, is that to this day, Africa has not yet risen. Details


Marwa, the End of the Swindle. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

Marwa’s press conference was a defining moment for true Nigerians to see his real picture as a counterfeit presidential candidate, employed to swindle Nigerians; the message that many of us are saying that Marwa is a puppet assigned to do a certain job, Details


Why Nigerian Leaders Need To Learn From The Best. By D. Akinsanya Juliuson Iom

The Vice President of Nigeria is lucky enough to know some, he needs to seek their company and he needs to remember that his friends are not necessarily the people who agree with him most. Always remember “Don’t be afraid of the opponents or  enemies that attack you, but be extremely careful of friends who flatter you”…. With cheap praise Details


Cultural Imperialism. By Oshafu Hauwa Umar

Our mode of dressing has been totally distorted by western civilization through foreign films and media content. Today we seem not to have any cultural attire. Our people now prefer to go naked on the streets as against our culture, micro minis with handless tops has this to show. Details


Police: The Battered Image and the Selective Friendship. By Jafar S. Jafar


Like ritual, successive Inspectors-General of police could not profer palliative (not panacea) to the battered image and the protracted ailment of the bedridden force. Nigeria police is in an acute disrepair, the police that once had a notoriety of a force where nothing works is fast graduating to one where nothing lives  Details


The Immunity Shroud. By Eric Ula-Lisa


Every accused person is entitled to his counsel but when the good Oditah, Q.C. regarding the questioning of the Bayelsa Governor says "Indeed, there is no requirement in the UK to declare any cash brought in or taken out of that country," one wonders if he has been following international security trends since some terrorist turned our lives around. Details


Expunge; Excise & Repeal Immunity Clause Now! By  Paul I. Adujie


It has become clearer by the day, that immunity clause need to be jettisoned immediately to enable Nigeria fight corruption at home and abroad. Too many office holders in Nigeria are now using the immunity clause as a sort of shield and bullet proof for their criminal behaviors and all manners of gross misconduct, while the hold on tenaciously to public office that was entrusted to them by the Nigerian electorate, whether these office holders are in such position de facto or de jure is almost irrelevant, they are there now! Details



Vendetta As State Policy. By Jonathan Manok


How many Nigerians know that it was Atiku who brought into government most of the so-called dream team members who have, however, been thoroughly intimidated into avoiding contact with Atiku? ...It is sad that Atiku’s people have not chosen to make these matters public, all in the name of being loyal to Obasanjo and being nice. Details


As Obasanjo Loses Face. By Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo


For many, Babangida’s era marked the beginning of the full fading of the middle-class. Those who had connections to power became stinking rich while the rest remained impoverished plebs on whom all the junk was dumped. Civil Servants, who were contented with little, earned even less by comparison and saved nothing.Details


George Taubman Goldie-the Founder of Nigeria (1). By Tatabonko Orok Edem


 Goldie’s greatest move was in calling Frederick Lugard to Nigeria, based on Lugard’s experiences in pacifying the Muslim societies of Sudan and Burma. Lugard also had checkmated French interests in Uganda, Goldie a good judge of his lieutenants knew that Lugard was the ideal mercenary to carry out his vision. Details


Okunrounmu and the Business of Loyalty. By  Segun Onabanjo


One disgusting side to the open friction between President Olusegun Obasanjo and Vice-President Atiku Abubakar is that it offers some self-styled analysts-cum-sycophants the opportunity to assault the basic intelligence of discerning Nigerians. Details


The North and the Challenges of 2007. By  Garba A.  Isa


The Hausa-Fulani or core Northerners, are truth be told,  Obasanjo's worst victims,  that is why he is always pitching them against their fellow Northern minorities who are their ancestral neighbours under his Northern divide and rule project. Details


Origin of Resource Control. By Kunle I Sowunmi


It will be unwise to criticize for the sake of criticism the supporters of resources control failed to understand that some if not all these requests are the responsibilities of the state government not Federal government. Details


Nigeria and Magic Numbers: (A Sober Comic Reflection). By Prince Charles Dickson


In Nigeria 1 plus 1 plus 1 equal four, depending on the circumstance it could even be 2. An error of statistics indeed! In the last one year, miracle is the best word to describe the war of figures that has ravaged Nigeria, all because we find ourselves in the unenviavable position of being governed by a collection of crooks. Details


Reading Abacha Politicians Again. By  Yushau A. Shuaib


Abacha has never made any statement to anybody, group or individual that he is going to contest the next presidential elections. We cannot build a Nigeria of our dream on speculation and gossips” Late Wada Nas March 28, 1998 As lousy as some critics tagged Wada Nas, he was more careful with his choice of words just as his above statement depicted few months before Abacha’s death. Probably he believed in posterity. Details


Nigeria Must Adopt a Suitable and Peculiar System of Democracy to Salvage our Situation. By Emakoji Ayikoye

With due respect to the international community and to the rule of international laws, I have to argue today that Nigeria is not the United States of America nor is it Great Britain; and arguably, Nigeria will never be any other country but itself. The whole idea of this democracy which we are trying to practice, that unfortunately seems not to work out very well for us, needs redress. We as Nigerians are a peculiar people with a peculiar cultural norms and values; as such, we must adopt a system of democracy that will suit us and our vast peculiarity. Details


Alhaji Shehu Shagari; How Not To Be A Statesman. By  Abdu Isa Kofarmata

Recently, former president of Nigeria, Alhaji Shehu Aliyu Shagari seems to come out of retirement from politics and must have already register his membership with the ruling PDP (president Obasanjo’s faction). His recent move and sponsored initiation to reconcile president Obasanjo and his Vice, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, are not only unfair to the young people of Nigeria but an abuse on the psyche of the entire Nigerian masses. Details


Governor Igbinedion of Edo State Should Shut Up! He Talked About Dignity? What Dignity? He Should Be Ashamed! By  Paul I. Adujie

Governor Lucky Igbinedion of Edo State frequently visits the America and Europe and it has been speculated that his visits, usually, coincides with the schedule and time-table of federal allocations of revenue to Edo State; Edo state it must be said, is one of the oil producing states in Nigeria that has jointly, with other such states clamored for increases in the revenues allocated to oil producing states based on the principle of derivation.  Details


Migration and Diaspora: Craze, Significance and Challenges (I1). By Patrick Iroegbu

 It raises the critical question: is life in diaspora killing or building up Nigerian total development process? How can the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with her Foreign Embassies and High Commissions tap the global competencies, sensibilities and intercultural skills of the people in diaspora – therefore bring these back-home? This amounts to stating that life in diaspora is both a social process of self-discovery, identity formation, and attachment to the mainstream society and also to one’s homeland. Details


T T: Yet Another Syndrome.  By Zayyad I. Muhammad

For the last twenty years, all governments in Nigeria have had the privilege of suffering from a unique ailment, at the tail-end of the life of every administration, the disease have a sole primary target; the heart of the leader of the government; and it impinge on it rigorously, IBB experienced ABN, late Abacha suffered the YEAA phenomenon, today president Obasanjo is swimming in the pool of TT. Details


Storm Towards Privatization of Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC): Seventy-five Years Journey In the Wildness. By  Sulmann ElMammann Esq.

The time has come to implement a policy of privatization that bode meaning to what a concessionaire program (that the FRN government is advocating) should represent. The government will be required to work on the cogent legal frame by revisiting the Nigerian Railway Act, which vest a total monopoly of the railway to itself. Details


The Case Against Corruption: A Cupric Engagement. By Dr. Sylvester Omosun-Fadal

Reality is, who isn’t corrupt in a system that encourages corruption as a get-rich-quick means?  Is it the spare part dealers at Mile 2, the money seeking church pastors, the check-point police officers, the bank cashier or manager, the relative assisting with a project while you are sending them the money from Japan, the USA or Britain? Details


General   Buhari   and Nigerian Politics. By Bashir Usman

To  most  observers  especially those informed about  the dirty tricks involved in struggling to get oneself  elected, selected or even out rightly  appointed  to hold any public office in Nigeria today, General Muhammadu Buhari [rtd.] has taken a quite  wrong and risky decision  to soil his hands in the dirty waters of  Nigerian politics. Details


Periscoping  Poverty  in  Nigeria... By Bashir Usman

Most Nigerians today cannot afford a three square meal talk less of standard health care, education for themselves and their children. Even official in 2004 data put 80% of the Nigerian as people living below a grinding poverty level.Details


My Treatise on Managing Political Capital and Power. By Leonard Shilgba, Ph.D.

The name Nigeria has been blasphemed because of us Nigerians, especially those of us in the Diaspora who interact more with foreigners than Nigerians at home do. We have lied against her and committed so much crime abroad that genuine Nigerian business folks are being frustrated in their attempts to increase the level of production back home and generate employment for fellow Nigerians. Details


Hurricane Katrina: When Nigeria Became an Example to America By Sokore Collins Erebi

Truthfully, the obvious reason why hurricane Katrina made a landfall with such damages is that humanism has being globally commercialized. A background study of the city of New Orleans shows that the city is mainly inhabited by poor and low class black Americans (not Africans in diaspora) Details


Poverty and Child Abuse. By Aisha Jibrim Ali

Being young is hard enough but having to live through pain and torment while growing up is grueling. A UNICEF reports shows that estimates of eight million Nigerian children are involve in hazardous and exploitative work.  Details


Germany In The International System And It Is Preentelection: A Lesson To Ngeria. By Suleiman Babayo

But unlike Nigeria and other under-develop nations where campaigns characterized by ethnic and religion differences, Germany the campaign was based on issues because there no one can deceive anybody from the real issues on ground. Details


Freedom Radio and Social Conspiracy in Kano. By Garba Hamisu

Although the station is named freedom or the people's voice its management does not believe in the people or even freedom. It can only be people's voice if it identifies with the aspirations of the people. Details


Animals in Human Skin: Nigeria's Failed Health System. By Prince Charles Dickson


The Bayelsa State Governor would have not been caught in London, if he had gone to a hospital in Bayelsa at least the hospital at home would have provided him with immunity, but thank God, he had more than malaria of the body, he also had malaria of the pocket, which he hoped to cure with a million Pounds in the U.K. Details


Time For ‘De-Pdpification’ Of The Nigerian Polity. By Muhammad N. Aliyu


Until finally, the PDP became a party without a soul; foisting on the nation a ‘militical’ dictator; a conquering, tempestuous and all-knowing emperor, who is completely oblivious of the realities of his subjugated subjects. In his characteristically witty prose, Garba Deen Muhammad  of Weekly Trust summed our relationship with OBJ – and by extension the PDP, thus: "There is definitively a disconnect between Obasanjo and Nigerians.  Details


Few Sitting, Plenty Standing (Suffering and Smiling): This Fuel Increase Again. By Prince Charles Dickson


Away from all the recent drama of the feud between Obasanjo and Atiku, the raid on the Vice President’s U.S home, the allegation of corruption leveled on the President by Governor Orji Kalu, the intra-party crisis of the World’s most corrupt party with its Ali must chop Chairman and his cohorts, I am forced to go back again on the recent fuel increase by the Federal Government of Olusegun Obasanjo. This time I am looking at it from the civil society and labour perspective vis a vis the nation and her leaders. Details


The Superciliousness and Peevishness of Nigerians is the Undisputed reasons for our Woes. By Emakoji Ayikoye


Let every organization or individuals who are seeking for the disintegration of Nigeria be arrested with immediate effect and charged with treason. These individuals, I believe, have no clear vision for themselves. Details


Abdullahi Zuru’s Warped Kebbi Scorecard. By  Abdullahi Usman


What was originally billed to serve as a veritable avenue for the official unveiling of the much anticipated government’s performance scorecard of its stewardship during the past six years turned out to be a disastrous exercise Details



Is Biafra Alive, Dead Or On Life Support? By Okenwa R. Nwosu, M.D.


Amongst the Igbo, therefore, Biafra continues to be a subject that readily elicits profound emotions despite the fact that the Civil War ended more than 35 years ago. On one end of the spectrum, we have those who are willing to bet their lives on the fact that Biafra lives and offers Ndiigbo a clear path to their redemption while on the other end, the Igbo political establishment operates with the mindset that Biafra belongs to history. Details


State of The Nation: We are going into a Hia. By Okoronkwo Hillary


In summary we concur with Chinua Achebe that things in Nigeria have really fallen apart and the center (Aso Rock nor any of the state capitals) cannot hold! We will participate in meaningful discourse(s) that seeks urgent and practical solution to Nigeria's hydra headed problems. Details


Obasanjo: of Puppetry and Deception. By Ikenna O. Ezenekwe


The case of record breaking oil revenue of which now record at about $19.3 billion for the months of June thru September 2005 combined with the recent debt relief of $18 billion – to any clear minded Nigerian would think the masses would automatically reap of the benefits but the contrary is the case. Details


Is The Obasanjo/Atiku Feud A Rumor? An Answer To A Misnormer. By Samuel Oluwaseyi Oduyela 


For students of Obasanjo politics, it is clear that the Balogun of Owu does not know how and when to forgive. He does not forgive and forget. He has stated it clearly to the elders that the issue cannot be resolved because as it is now Obasanjo is a Super Human in Nigeria. Details


The Governor Zamfara State Needs Come 2007. By Abdullahi Dangusau


So many things are wrong with Zamfara state today. And the situations continue to degenerate as 2007 draws near. Forget about the sharia issue. Zamfara people now know better. They know it is a farce and it has fizzled out as President Obasanjo rightly predicted way back in 1999. Details


Kano Shias Under Wahabi Threat. By Mahmud Mustapha

Having failed to pitch the Sunnis of Kano against their Shia brethren, the government has devised a new tactic of using its 9,000 Hisbah or Sharia enforcers to unleash mayhem on the Shia as officials of the state’s Sharia Commission which controls the Hisbah have started a vigorous campaign against the Shia Details


Governor Alamieyeseigha and His Wahala. By Sabella Abidde

Ha, Alamieyeseigha’s wahala, if guilty, must not become Ijaw’ wahala; for this man has set us the Ijaws back two decades in terms of growth and development. He was already a disgrace and a monumental failure long before all these happened, anyway. Details


Alamieyeseigha What Next. By Emeka Igbudu Ph.D.


There must be something about this government that is cause for wonder. I read today that Governor Alamieyeseigha was arrested in the UK. I would have let this go, like my trust in Nigerian politics currently, but I couldn’t. I had a run in with these folks that made me doubt not a word of the news report regarding this fellow’s corruption et all. I really want to know what happens next what precedence this sets for us all. Details


Governor Alamieyeseigha, Justice and the People. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde


And what did this man called Dipreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha do? He and his gang started stealing and misappropriating the people’s money; they started running amok with the people’s resources and acting as though the purse is/was theirs;  Details


Still On Abuja Corporate Organizations And The Future Of AEPB. By Emeka Oraetoka


Reports have it that Abuja Environmental Protection Board [AEPB], mobile court, on Tuesday, August 22, 2005, impounded a truck belonging to CBN for dumping waste at an illegal site. The report further stated that the driver of the truck and his two assistants were reminded in prison custody until August 31, when their case would be heard. Information has it that the relationship between AEPB and CBN got sour when CBN refused to settle a N22 million four – year waste collection fee. Details


“El-Rufai, Demolitions and Other Matters”: A Reply to Fred Ohwahwa. By Ajayi Olatunji Olowo


It is horrific seeing people who has not even met el-Rufai in person trying to paint him black for merely having the courage (which other office holders in charge of FCT before him lacked) to call a spade a spade and carry out his duties as assigned to him by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in accordance with the provisions of section 148 of the Nigerian 1999 Constitution. Details


They Need Our Prayer and Protection. By Hakeem Babalola


A police officer, the one we cursed and abused yesterday, is invariably the one we run to, whenever trouble comes. Am I right? I think it’s only sheer naivety that would make any Nigerian – educated or illiterate – to expect manner from heaven concerning our friends in uniform. Interestingly, the same critics would eventually do the same if they joined the police force. Egunje is contagious! Details


The Plateau Referendum: A Rebuff For Despotism. By  Mohammed Al-Amin


Freedom of choice is the heart and soul of democracy, and once you deprive democracy of these components, it dies automatically. In fact, in case Col. Ahmadu Ali, Tony Anenih and co. have forgotten, the will of the people is superior to a standing army, because even coup plotters try to gain popular good will to claim some semblance of legitimacy. Details


Democracy and Corruption. By Eric Terfa Ula-Lisa


We had read with dismay the reports of certain dubious organizations that sponsor or support corrupt individuals who have hitherto looted the public treasury to return to government and to continue with the same.  All well meaning Nigerians with the aid of our international partners are set to seek out this infamous group, their allies and properties and expose them via the internet. Details


Governor Kalu of Abia State Should Shut Up! By  Paul I. Adujie


The Nigerian public must keep their eyes on the ball regarding Governor Kalu’s corruption challenge, they must demand and insist, that Governor Kalu and others like him, who possess evidence of corruption against public officials, from the president to local governor councilors, must provide or disclose such evidence publicly, the same must apply to anyone with evidence of corruption in the private sector. Details


Again, the Cold Winter. By  Uche Nworah


London’s long drawn summer is gradually coming to an end, this eventual transition to the cold winter months will obviously evoke certain feelings amongst folks living in London, most especially Nigerians and other African immigrants who may have grown up in the sunshine continent. These feelings may be those of nostalgia, despair, loneliness and even satisfaction, yes, satisfaction! Details


Can We Produce a Woman President 2007? By Aisha Sambo


Nigeria kept fighting for gender equality when women are still eluded from politics. The brave Serah Jubril came up to contest for the seat of the president in 1999 but was defeated; it does not count on how many times you fall, as long as you’ll make it let every woman fight liberation. Details


Poverty As A Tragedy Of Death. By  Samuel Uwhejevwe-Togbolo


The government is not helping matters; they are making things worst for the poor masses, the recent increase in Petroleum product could be termed to be poverty induced system where the government is only thinking of the gains they will have rather than the pains inflicted on the people. Details


Killing Brands Without Daggers.… the Emerging Culture of Silencing Plurality. By Omo’ba Olumide Idowu


The government creates room for justified suspicion when all we hear from most of its functionaries are intellectually barren comments that attempt to brand proponents of opposing views as unpatriotic or misguided Nigerians. Details


Is Polytechnic Education Going into Extinction? By Ayara Dennis Omeiza


The recent pronunciation by our Humorous President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo that students of Mass Communication and Sociology may be allocated permanent residence in the already saturated labour market because they are uneducated and lack basic skills shows that those saddled with leadership responsibilities lacked the psychology of human feelings. The President may have forgotten the role played by media in the Abacha`s regime when he was jailed for a phantom coup. Details