The Inside Story of Nigeria's First Military Coup (Part 1). By  Max Siollun

There were rumblings of possible military coup as early as 1964.  Then President Azikiwe (in his position of commander in chief of the country’s armed forces) had openly called on the army to intervene to break the political deadlock in the country after Azikiwe refused to call Balewa to form a new government following scandalous elections that were marred by massive rigging, thuggery, intimidation and murder.  The heads of the army, navy and air force all met with Azikiwe and made it clear that they would not intervene. Details


Blaming The North While Excusing One Another. By  Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

If the South-south wants to admit it, they feel more secured in an association with the so called conservative or progressive North than with any of the so called conservative or progressive Southerners. History has taught them that they will be cheated whereas they can rely on the promise made to them by whatever we call North. Details


Audu Ogbeh:  Seeking The Mercy of The Battered. By Dr. Sylvester Omosun Fadal

If the rule of law is to be truly applied in Nigeria, Ogbeh should be in jail for his diseased and inhibitory actions glazed by his corruptive acts.  The suffering of the masses shows clearly that nothing good has happened under any leadership till this date. Details


Obasanjo and the Third-Termism. By  Chidi P Eze

Does one wonder why in a country that sells 2.5 million barrel of oil daily @ consistent average of $50 a barrel, has no functional electricity, no tarred roads, no running water, no functional or standard tertiary institutions, no good medical facilities for common headache, no functional airline, a country where members of the military and police are daily looting the banks, robbing and killing innocent citizens, Details


Third Term Agenda: Is Obasanjo a Gambler? By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

I don’t know whether President Obasanjo is a gambler. And even if he were, is he a petty gambler or a high-roller, the kind of man that could have had a permanent residence at the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand or the Wynn Las Vegas? May be he is. And here is why: Obasanjo looked across the African landscape and saw despots like Obiang Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Paul Biya (Cameroon), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), and Omar Bongo (Gabon) and several others and thought, “Gee…why not me?” He placed a bet! Details


As Obasanjo Disdains The Nation. By Laolu Akande

Nothing should worry truly patriotic Nigerians more than an attempt to becloud their reasoning. This is especially so when such camouflaging is being done in a brazenly dim-witted manner. I am talking about an urgent national matter: the thickening third term hullabaloo. Details


A Review of Education for All in Africa-Dakar + 5: Paving the Way for Action. By  Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.

The Education for All in Africa Dakar + 5 report is a useful addition to the resources in education in Africa. It will be very useful to all those interested in advancing the education agenda particularly in terms of the statistics and challenges that it provides. Detais


Voices Qone Quiet. By Musa Mandarin

If we sit back and say nothing, we will all come and see this third term plan actualized, and what do we do then? We should all come out on the 1st of January 2006 at 12 Noon and say no to this third term bid. If we do this maybe our voices will carry the message to Otta via Aso rock. Details


Gombe Intrigues and 2007 Governorship. By  Usman Aliyu Garry

People like us are leaving witness to the already dead party with factions and so many internal wrangling after Goje left office in 2002. The party was thrown out of their rented state headquarters along BCGA road barely few months after Goje was dropped as a minister for non-payment of rent for two years. Details


Obasanjo The So-Called Uniter Could End Up As Our Worst Divider. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

It was Yakubu Gowon who once crafted the statement "To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done" Our current Commander-in-Chief may be coming up with his special cliche by replacing the Gowon dictum with a more apposite description of his gimmicks as a sit-tight Dictator. Left to him alone, "To keep Nigeria guessing on his third term bid, is a task that must be done"  Details


History And Oyo’s Show Of Shame. By Akinyemi Akinlabi

For the first time in my life, I was ashamed of my Pacesetter State last week. In a similar vein, I was ashamed of my party’s lack of ability to manage its electoral success and intra party frictions in Oyo State (Just like other States). The dishonorable conducts of our so called honorable members of house in Oyo State last week is a show of shame, display of crudeness, political rascality and exhibition of shallow knowledge of history. Details


Benchmarking Our Aviation Sector. By Zayyad I.  Muhammad

The Nigerian aviation industry is a typical prove of Law Of Reverse Order, when serious nations are vigorously building high-tech Airport, we are crawling to patch up our run ways, when other country’s air space are in the pink we don’t have radars to know what is happening on our skies Details


Garbage Removal Is President Obasanjo’s Job! By  Paul I. Adujie

I am really not interested in a single story about garbage collection, garbage removal and disposal, as I am interested in the attitude that has become pervasive among too many Nigerians. This attitude that I here talk about, has to do with apparent misunderstanding of the duties and functions of our different strata of government in our democratic Nigeria. Details


Obasanjo’s Third Term Looting Agenda; Analysis of Groups Behind the Evil Plot for Legal and Historical Records. By Mahamman Adarawa

In conclusion this group of Nigerian elite as well as their leader (Obasanjo) are poor students of history, they easily forgot how Babangida and Abacha tried to perpetuate their rule but they had to leave the scene in one way or the other. Additionally as long as the trio of Obasanjo, Babangida and Danjuma  are not tried for crimes against humanity then genuine democratic rule is in danger Details


Who is Obasanjo Working For? By  Akinwole Ogunlola, Esq.

It is very unfortunate that President Obasanjo’s regime which prides itself as champion of anti-corruption is in itself involved in a scandalous financial involvement in Abubakar’s case.  During the oral argument of General Abubakar’s appeal, his attorney, Mr. Emeka Ugwonye arrogantly informed the U.S Court of Appeals for the seventh Circuit that Abubakar’s legal fees are being paid by the Nigerian government and credible sources reveal that Nigeria has spent well over one million Dollars Details


Third Term Agenda; What Third Term? By Paul I. Adujie

Emphatically and unequivocally, President Obasanjo has repeatedly expressed his lack of interests in self-succession as events and all eyes turns toward the 2007 presidential elections in Nigeria....It must be recalled that it was this man, President Obasanjo, who willingly and voluntarily relinquished political power, even as a military head of the Nigeria state in 1979 to a democratically elected President Shagari Details


Dictatorship in Shariah Apparel: A Kano Model. By Umar S. I. Nuhu

Critics tend to be oblivious of Shekarau’s giant strides to eradicate the problem of potable drinking water in the state. No sooner had the wise Shekarau assumed office than he voted N1.5m (the amount that turned out to be a chicken feed, because it can not cater for that gigantic project). Details


Reply to Rejoinder of Carlisle U. O. Umunnah Regarding:Ngozi for President. By Eric Ula-Lisa

I write because looking at the bunch of pretenders to leadership and civic responsibilities in Nigeria, it is my estimation that, OBJ in spite of all his faults, found a good conscientious worker in NGOZI; and having followed her trajectory to limelight, it is my opinion that she would make a good successor to OBJ in 2007. Details


Sokoto State: of Despots and Mercenaries. By Dahiru Maishanu

In conclusion, the all important question is, does it have to take our leaders to employ others to be able to put their points across to their people? Does the reading public have to be bombarded with faceless names and innuendos in order to get at perceived opponents? Details


The Ijaw Question: Military or Diplomatic Solutions? By Mr. Sabidde Ogbobode Abidde

Nigerians and the rest of the world are perplexed as to why there is constant agitation and upheavals in Ijawland. Well, we agitate and call your attention mostly because we are being treated like third-class citizens. Details


The Benue Governorship Race-Power Shift. By Oioi-Onoja Odo

In the light of this history, I consider it a fantasy on the part of the Idoma elites or politicians who are looking up to their Tiv brothers to be given  a chance to rule the State.  It is fantasy because this is unrealistic and unattainable.  Nobody gives power to another on the platter of gold. Details


2005 Award - Nominating Obasanjo. By Mahdi Shehu

Nigeria as a country has no single data that can be said to be genuine, original, reliable or dependable, particularly if the data comes from Government, Local, State or Federal.  Because in most cases, it is either a recycled data concocted, distorted, stale, fraudulent or non-existent.  Details


Carol Service: Obasanjo’s Bitter Pill-Third Term Agenda Nose Dives! By D .E. Inyang-Mbekwe

To insist on third term will be preparing to throw the country into avoidable “political pogrom”. The next generation in line to take over the leadership of the country will be phase out. Details


Banning Mingling of Heterogeneous Sexes on Commercial Vehicles in Kano. By  Abdul’Aziz Ahmad

I believe that the banning of mingling of men and women is a pleasure and honour to women as it has been instituted in Islam. Islam has really esteemized females contrary to the Western world, which proclaims a "false" women right nowadays. Details


A Rejoinder to E. Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq. “Ngozi Iweala, Our Next President” By Carl Umunna

Ndiigbo has great sons, professionals, technocrats to provide guidance and assistance for Nigeria if Nigeria and Nigerians decides to start on a clean slate. Details


Group Calls For Equity In Political Appointments  By Hassan Garba Pella

As we solicit and canvass for support, development and a more sense of belonging for our respective communities, we should not do it at the expense of our collective unity by making uncomplimentary remarks that is capable of causing disaffection among us. Details


Gas Flaring in Nigeria: The Decision of the Federal High Court in Context. By Engobo Emeseh

The only reason why gas flaring continues at the rate it does in Nigeria is because of the lack of will to do so on the part of both the government and the oil companies. Details


EFCC, Obasanjo’s Untouchables And The Anatomy Of Corruption (I). By Prince Charles Dickson

I know that Alams was a rogue, Dariye a crook but why has same EFCC that has stormed Adamawa, Plateau, Ebonyi not stormed Asaba or Benin or Port Harcourt. The looting of these men are child’s play compared to Alams small chop of “make body no lost”, these men certainly are untouchable. Details


The Enugu Summit Re-Visited. By I. Thomas Dappa

I am in support of power remaining in the South. It is only fair and “conscionable”, given that of the forty-five years of indigenous rule Nigeria has had, our brothers from the North have held the office of president for the longest intervals. Details


Nigeria and the Acts of God. By Dr. Francis F. Fadero

Of all the various age groups in today’s Nigeria, children and the youths are worse off in the ladder of the Nigerian ‘experiment’ – majority of them are born in hospitals that are not fit for dogs Details


2007: Let Obasanjo Run. By  Uchenna Richard Akwiwu

Love or hate IBB, there is one thing you cannot argue about him:  he is the quintessential high-stakes political maradona.  A maradona, by my definition, is one who in an attack mode and under intense pressure in a high drama, stays ahead of his opponents by inventing a move on the play or run. Details


Buying A False Sense of Security: The Abuja Carnival. By  Prince Charles Dickson

I know of an AD agency that made N17 million profit like they say after tax and ‘egunje’ (bribe) for erecting billboards and posters for the so-called carnival. Today like everyday, our leaders owe us no explanation, how much profit did COJA bring, did CHOGM bring, will the Commonwealth Games 20 whatever bring a corrupt free leadership to Nigeria? Details


The Niger Delta and Politics in Nigeria: The Obasanjo In Our Confusion. By Seyi Oduyela

Alamie once served in the military, Nigeria AirForce to be specific. He was caught cheating during a promotion examination. He was court martialed and later dismissed. He left the Air Force as a Squadron Leader. One thing that showed that Alamie is guilty of the money laundering charge is the fact that since he came back, he has refused to address the fact that 1.9m pounds was found in his house in London, rather, he resorted to propaganda. Details


2007 And Power Shift, In PDP? By Emeka Oraetoka

With the opposition to the proposed 3rd term agenda of President Obasanjo becoming a reoccurring decimal, at least from the camp of those said to have lost out in the power game in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the stage appears set for a major political engineering that may see the emergence of real politics in Nigeria. Details


The Bafarawa Money Laundering Investigation: A Bogus, Deceptive and Stage-Managed Kangaroo Exercise. By Dan Azumi Kofarmata

I hasten to add that, no matter what belated fire fighting  approach the government of president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is initiating now, the verdict is that, all the deaths of Nigerians by road, air, water and other modes of  public and private transportation are largely due  to criminal looting of public resources meant to ensure safety Details


The Fallacy of Shekarau’s Human Development. By Sanusi Akilu Abubakar

Kwankwaso and his cronies have in-built hatred for the people hence whenever people are provided with jobs they get angry and start making all manner of allegations. When they were in power they were busy sacking people. Details


Don't Extradite Alamieyeseigha. By  Crispin Oduobuk

After the Bellview and Sosoliso accidents, why is the Minister of Aviation still in office? After the permanent secretary and a director in the ministry have been sent on suspension, why is the minister himself still there? Like the archetypal superstitious Nigerian, your correspondent must ask: what sort of juju does he have? Who is his babalawo? Details


Presidential Lies, Public Stupidity and Just Dessert! By Angel Walker

To the best of my recollection, Governor Wase died because Jos airport didn't have the ILS which costs only $15,000.  Meanwhile, the dear departed governor however had about  $3million (cash) stolen funds on the private plan in which he perished!Details


Obasanjo's Cross-With Western Standards. By Nnaji Kene

The truth is that an average Nigerian graduate is at a self developmental dilemma. He is not smart enough to catch up with modern technological challenges. Yet not as humble as to take after his fore fathers in practicing non merchandised family. Details


Why Does Our Nation have a Rendezvous with Death in the Skies on Saturdays? By Kasirim Nwuke, Ph.D.

I beg to differ with Mr. President.  Not because I do not believe in God, I do; Not because I do not accept the basic tenet of Christianity and Islam that it is only by dying that we can reach the Kingdom of God, I do. I differ with the President because in the Ten Commandments, God commanded us not to kill, yet we as a nation have been killing our people so wantonly on our roads and in our skies. Details


Checking The Wisdom Of The Unwise.  By Okorie Matthew

I must say that Nigeria is where and what it is today: the portrait of fragmented values, festered morals, untapped potentials, disillusionment of accomplishment and aberration of true sense of splendor and nationhood all because Nigerians have refused to come together to one position where the richness of our co-operativeness will open up the expected boundless possibilities for our nationhood. Details


Alhaji (DR) Ahmadu Adamu Muazu: Our Distinguished Alumnus.  By  Jonathan Ishaku

Ahmadu Muazu does not need any of the honorary degrees to define his intellectual accomplishments. He was a straight “A” scholar while in school. Some of my recollections of him in Gindiri was that of the gangling Fulani boy who seemed to collect all the prizes for all the subjects on Speech Prize Giving Day. Details


“This Animal Called Man” . By Peter Opara

I do not know the man Atiku except from all I have read about him as beneficiary of the late Y’ardua political machine. I did not know Y’ardua either.  But for all that can be said about and against Atiku, it seems to me that disloyalty is not one of them, at least going back to 1999 and about only a few months ago. Details


President Obasanjo: The Quote Of The Year. By  Dennis O. Balogu, Ph.D., M.P.A.

During the launching a new Microfinance policy Framework prepared by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in Abuja, yesterday, President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria used a very short stanza to correctly state the modus operandi of his macro-administrative style which appeared to mimic the styles of one of America’s greatest Presidents, Ronald Reagan. Details


Gombe 2007: The Hurdles Against An Overbearing Governor. By Garba Shehu

The list of victims of Goje’s misrule could go on and on without an end but one of the beautiful features of democracy as a system of governance is that there is always the day of reckoning –that is the Election Day. Details


Death on the Air: Yet Another Plane Crash, A Heartless Nigerian Leadership. By Prince Charles Dickson

The Minister of Aviation, Professor Borishade at the time of the air crash was in Canada as usual doing nothing other than chopping estacode. I purposely picked the phrase wicked leadership for lack of the proper word to describe the set of people in whom we have entrusted the governing and administration of this nation to. Details


Governors Leaving Their States ‘Better’ Than They Met It: Plateau State, Like Other States. By Prince Charles Dickson

The EFCC guys whom I called gendarmes were in town recently and they had the bitter taste of leaving the state better than they came. Authoritatively I state that one of EFCC officials received the beating of his life (not that I sympathise with him). The operative with the name Mr. Iliyasu was thought some lessons. He had gone with his colleagues to Dariye’s brother’s house as part of their investigation to question the younger Dariye. When Dariye was informed, he gathered his some of his Police aides and “fast quick” was at his brother’s house where he assaulted the EFCC man. Contrary to newspaper reports the EFCC men or man were never kidnapped, but he was actually beaten up by the Governor, YES, the Governor. Details


The Recent PDP Conventional Confusion: Our Politicians, They, Themselves And Them. By Prince Charles Dickson

The President called PDP a reformed democratic, disciplined, and people oriented party, what more can be a lie if this is not a lie, in his speech the President thank the founding fathers of the party who were nowhere to be found at the Eagle Square venue of the convention. I have said it on many occasions the President’s speechwriter is either so good at fabrication or possibly not a Nigerian. Details


The 2006 Nigerian Budget: A Fairy Tale Like Others Before It . By Prince Charles Dickson

In this life I never thought I would live to see my nation talk in billions of Naira, much more trillions of Naira without achievement and poverty would still be walking in broad daylight and depravation and frustration mixed with confusion would be a three course meal for the average Nigerian. Pardon my use of the term average that class of people no longer exists; they have been eradicated like the West has done to mosquitoes and malaria since long time ago. In Nigeria you are poor of rich, a thief or a honest man…we have a sprinkling of contented men these days. Details


When Water Pass Garri: The Twin Malady Of Nigerian Education. By Prince Charles Dickson

Our public schools are dying, the same public schools that produced great men and minds. Often I ask where are the public schools that produced the Soyinkas, Chike Obis, Jubril Aminus and their likes…teachers are absent without leave…children are scattered all about playing soccer with sucked orange waste and then you ask yourself where is the future of this nation. Details


The Need For Alternative Knowledge To Bring About Development By Dr. Otive Igbuzor

Unfortunately, many countries of the world especially in Africa continue to formulate and implement policies and programmes that further widen the gap instead of closing the gap between rich and poor nations on the one hand and rich and poor citizens of individual countries on the other.  Details


Aba Residents Now Live In Fear. By  Uche Nworah

Residents of Aba (aka Enyimba City), the commercial city of Abia state may be wondering if life will ever return to normal for them, their doubts are strongly rooted in past and current happenings in the land-locked town, which boasts of the famous Ariaria market, one of the busiest in sub-regional West Africa and also African Champion’s league winners – Enyimba Football Club. Details


The Nigerian Minority Question:  Speaking for God. By Hosiah Emmanuel

Many Nigerian families have seen no joy since the Niger Delta Freedom Fighter, Alh. Asari Dokubo was arrested by the Nigerian police for exercising his rights to speech and  granting an interview to the press and making statements that the Obasanjo government found unpalatable.Details


The Alams Saga. By Urua Ini

With Alams in the kitty, the sincerity of the fight against corruption will be tested beyond political colouration. We may now ask: what of Governor Dariye? What about the other 18 Governors EFCC indicted? Details


Corruption: Honourary Degrees For Sale In Nigeria!!! By Sirajo Abdullahi D/Iya

At this moment, I wish to appeal to the EFCC to as a matter of national importance and urgency extend their search light to our tertiary institutions and to add academic fraud in its mandate as part of enrichment of its functions. Thus the EFCC can now be referred to as Economic, Financial and Academic Crime Commission, EFACC. Details


Contemporary Challenges To The Unity Of The North. By Alhaji Magaji Dambatta, Ofr, D.Litt, Fnge

Today, whatever anyone else says to the contrary, the truth is that Northern Nigeria is the most poverty-stricken part of the country. The head start made in the provision of education is now replaced by near-collapse and general lack of direction in the sector. Details



Mallam Nuhu Ribadu; Nigeria’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, Against Corruption! By Paul I. Adujie

This is to congratulate Mallam Nuhu “WMD” Ribadu and his staff at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for the big victory scored in the investigation of the fallen and disgraced former governor of Bayelsa state. Details


Nigeria: Political Associations Vs Political Ideology. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

To a keen observer of political intrigue and practice in Nigeria, it is not a difficult conclusion that politicians generally form political parties for the dominant purpose of contesting and winning elections rather than as vehicles for coordinating development efforts on the basis of some deep political and economic conviction-ideology. Details


For The Love Of The Game. By Uche Nworah

Football is a passionate game, for some die-hard fans it has become their religion, they eat, sleep and worship the beautiful game. Many have built shrines in their homes dedicated to their favourite teams. Football and emotions go together, the combination is a dangerous, bitter-sweet cocktail, depending on whether your team is winning or loosing. Details


Third Term or the End of Democracy? By Muhammad  Bashir  Usman

Truth to be told however, Obasanjo can get away with whatever rascality he deems fit having cajoled members of the National Assembly the last six wasted years. Since he is the supreme commander in the nation to hire and fire, do and undo what he likes and dislikes, he can trample upon the constitution even if, as it never seems, he fails to get the mandate of the National Assembly. Details


Political Tussles and Youths in Nigeria. By Samuel Uwhejevwe-Togbolo

The way and manner our political actors are piloting the affairs of the nation is a disdain, a threat to our nascent democracy. In most cases one would wonder why these entire political contest against each other, why they confuse the masses with series of publication garnished with lies, modified in their own interest. Details


The Derailment Of Student Unionism In Nigeria. By U. Tanimu Umar 

Nowadays student unionism is but a lame duck, and to worsen the situation the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) has been transformed into a sycophantic cabal. NANS, and virtually the entire Student Union Government (SUGs) of our institutions of higher learning, have turned themselves, amazing, into beggars and praise singers of the unpopular Nigerian government. Details


Managing the Impact of HIV: Assessing Nigerian Policy and Bureaucratic Intervention. By Dennis O. Balogu, Ph.D., M.P.A.

In the Nigerian system, bureaucratic corruption had been perfected through several years of successive military dictatorships.  Hence, the level of inefficiency and corruption in government reached unprecedented levels with the military government eras in Nigeria.  There is, in existence, a rigid hierarchical administrative system which allows public officials to practice nepotism and fraternization in the public domain. Details


Where Did Matthew Kukah Go Wrong? By Samuel Peter Aruwan

The debate continues! I challenge the northern elite (Muslims and Christians) to actually come out and prove to the entire world that they have been sincere and genuinely accountable to the northern masses who today are the most exploited group in  the country. Details


The Destruction of Nigeria by Religious Means. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde


I have always felt that the destruction of Nigeria would come by way of one or a combination of the following cleavages: ethnic and religious conflicts, cataclysms with origin in the Niger Delta, or the combustion of pent-up anger within the military. Lately however, a fourth dimension seems to be manifesting itself within the Nigerian fault line: the religionization of Nigeria. Details


Executive Immunity In Other Countries. By Akinyemi Akinlabi


Section 308 of Nigeria constitution forbids criminal and civil prosecution of the President, Vice President, Governors and Deputy Governors until they leave office. In a country ridden by corruption, embezzlement, lack of accountability and outright looting, this is like building a shield or military bunker for rogues and Vagabonds In Power (VIPs). Details


Ngozi Iweala, Our Next President. By  E. Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq.


President Obasanjo has intimated us that he knows those who would not succeed him. He has also made it clear that the Vice-President is not his favorite person, not to mention the issue of being his successor.  President Obasanjo has also made ample preparation for life after the presidency with the questionable, if scandalous, Presidential Library foundation launching. Details


Our Best Aid For AIDS Prevention. By Faruk Sarkinfada


While Islamic marital codes permit men to marry up to four wives and allows divorce, which appears to potentially increase the number of lifetime sexual partners (a known risk factor for acquiring HIV), prohibition against sex outside marriage may outweigh these risks. Details


Dictatorship in Shari’ah Apparel: A Kano Model. By Jaafar S. Jaafar


It is quite believed that Shariah is much more than penalties; to wit decapitation, amputation, stoning, lashing etc. It is an alternative system for bad governance where people feel safer and enjoy certain governmental interventions in their day to day life. Details


The Obasanjo Enigma: Absolutely No Third-Term Ambition. By  Chika Onyeani


The shameless and despicable role being played by the Igbo in being in the forefront of championing this cause has become a unique role for them; they don’t seem to believe there is any serving president who should not perpetually continue in office, whether it was Babangida, Abacha, and now President Obasanjo.  The Igbo seem to have lost all manners of self dignity since the end of the Biafran-Nigerian war, becoming the most sycophantic group in the history of Nigeria. Details


Danfo Driver Politics In Nigeria: Operation Kill PDP. By Prince Charles Dickson


Among the galaxy of parties I do not see the need for more, rather the strengthening of the existent ones and then the partial coming together to at least outwit the big fool called PDP through a possible merger of existing political structures. As these new parties, clubs and unions as I see them have not corrected anything other then riding on public sentiments of disapproval of the current error we call leadership through Obj’s PDP. Details


Some Women, Some Proverbs And Bitter Pills: A Caricature. By Prince Charles Dickson


If you marry the woman you met on the dance floor, she will someday go off with a drummer, in its raw Yoruba dialect this proverb is a delight....A woman is like a rat, even if it grows up in your home it steal from you. I am sure some one is calling for my head...once more apologies, with the present reform programme, we have witnessed more stealing from same people that grew up in this mistake called Nigeria. Details


Balogun Deserves Longer Term of Imprisonment than Six Months. By Paulinus  Okache Onah


The  recent  verdict  of six  months  imprisonment  passed  by the Nigerian  judiciary on Tafa  Balogun'"s   case  is more  ridiculous   than   funny. If the  judiciary  is not willing  to  give  him  the punishment  he deserves  for the  gravity  of the crimes he committed it  should  better  revoke  that  verdict  passed on him. Details


Tropical Gang Stars: The Thieving Nigerian Public and Corporate Officials. By Dan Azumi Kofarmata


Least we forget, the convicted former IG of Police, Tafa Balogun was praised by President Obasanjo several times and even, crowned his appreciation for Tafa’s excellent handling of the heavily rigged 2003 general elections with an award of National Honour in 2004. Details


Obasanjo’s Nigeria Defined: Recession, Repression And Reforms In Nigeria (The Real Picture) By Prince Charles Dickson


Obasanjo’s legacy in his six LONG years has not changed anything, it is still the same brain drain…its shocking I am still here in Nigeria despite the mental torture of everyday life when a graduate of French Language spells Bonjour as BORN JUNE, tell me its not his language…insecurity- these days in some streets of the nation if you are not careful you would be stolen as in ‘won ma gbe e’ (they will carry you). Details


Alamieyesegha: Really, are we Surprised? By Pius Isume


In the political, sporting and economic life of the country, we have a long history of cheating sometimes our opponents, sometimes our colleagues and when we find no one else to cheat, we end up cheating ourselves and paying the ultimate price (as Abacha found out) and so the question remains pertinent: Really, are we really surprised at Alamieyesegha? Details


Alamieyeseigha: Deconstructing Nigeria's Perpetual Stuttering By Chuma Obiora


We watch Alami’s case keenly while waiting for the next heist. They are everywhere in Nigeria’s bureaucracy including Aso Rock. Their sins will continue to find them out. Details


Fighting Executive Corruption In Nigeria: The Problem Is Not With The Immunity Clauses. By Kennedy Emetulu


To Obasanjo, the arrest and prosecution of Alamieyeseigha in the UK presented him with one huge opportunity to kill a thousand birds with one stone. In his eagerness to strike the killer blow, he dispatched the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Bayo Ojo to London to tell the British court that Nigerian laws are powerless to deal with Alamieyeseigha, especially as he has immunity under the Constitution, notwithstanding the fact that this same Ojo was the one that used the immunity clauses to successfully defend Dariye a few months earlier. Details


Nigeria: The Dictatorship Of The Minority. By  Abdulmumin Yinka Ajia


The subject of Nigerian federalism is very interesting when you consider that on paper Nigeria is a supposed federation of states that are to a very large degree autonomous. Sadly however, the reality is that in practice Nigeria is run in a unitary fashion. Details


Obasanjo, Please Stop This Illegality. By By Eso Ugoeze


If the corrupt governors must be removed from office, the rule of Law must be followed. Section 188-189 of the 1999 constitution of the nation is unambiguous on the procedures that must be adhered to in removing an elected governor from office. The immunity clause under section 306 of the 1999 constitution must be respected until the constitution says otherwise, though you don’t swap horses in midstream. Details


Alamieyeseigha’ Arrest- Another Perspective. By Akinyemi Akinlabi


I have no doubt about the sincerity of the present administration in curtailing corruption and uplifting the domestic and international image of the country. However, section 308 of Nigeria constitution has been an impediment towards this. This section prohibits criminal and civil prosecution, investigation and appearance of certain political office holders (President, Vice President, Governor and Deputy Governor) before any court while still in office. Details


The Missing Though in Obasanjo's Heart. By Zayyad I. Muhammad


The Obasanjo reform program was meant to positively transform the lives of ordinary Nigerians, renew   the civil service, restore public confidence in the system, and revive moral and enthusiasm of the civil servants; and paved the path to healthy and participatory democracy on the Nigerian polity. But it only succeeded in re-echoing the same old civil service bureaucracies and procedures in different nomenclature: Servicom, Due Process, etc; Details


Land or Crash: locating the runway to 2007. By Muhammad Jameel Yusha’u


Politics has become like a commodity packaged and sold to the highest bidder, manoeuvred for the power drunkard in the hands of the present day ‘moniticians’ who are ready to auction their integrity, devalue there principles and sacrifice the trust bestowed upon them by the patient, hardworking and downtrodden electorates whom we can argue have been reduced to the position of a football match Details

The Sarkin Yaki's Beach-Head. By  Mahmud Jega

From the late 1960s right until the mid-1970s, the old institution of traditional rulership in Nigeria was in pell-mell constitutional retreat. Slowly they were stripped of the Yan Doka, the once vaunted Native Authority police; then the courts were taken away, as were the prisons. And finally, in 1976, the entire Native Authority bureaucracy, complete with its treasury, was taken away from the chiefs. Details


For Nigeria, A Big Lesson From South Africa And Liberia? By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

With the possible exception of the United States, Nigeria is the world's greatest Father Christmas in peace keeping missions around the world. We did it in the Congo. We, sure, did it in Sierra Leone, if you remember ECOMOG, and more recently, we are doing it in Liberia. Details


CNPP and PDP/MDD, between Democrats and Kleptocrats. By Mahamman Adarawa An interesting scenario is evolving in the Nigerian political environment with the split in the PDP and the expected eventual self destruction of the organisation as a political party. However, Nigerians should be very careful of the splinter group of the PDP namely the MDD, whose members are dreaming to register it as a political party. Details


The Deplorable East-West Road: Another Sad Story Of Niger Delta Neglect. By Sokore Collins Erebi

The colossal loss of human life and resources is clearly manifested in the number of haulage trucks, tankers and damaged vehicles that often veer of the road into the surrounding soggy swamps. Details


Cameroon Airlines: The Case Of Another Fail National Carrier. By Elie Smith

Air Afrique struggled to survive and when the governments financing it went bankrupt and gave up the ghost, like most on the continent, the pan African airline disappeared leaving behind thousand of staff with unpaid salaries. Today in Africa, only a selected club of countries have succeeded to maintain beneficial national carriers. Details


Politics Of Creating A Foundation Of A Military Political Order. By Abdulkarim Audu Gangpete

To conclude, the parallel congress and the formation of Movement for Defense of Democracy {MDD} is a formidable opposition against one party being opted for by President Obasanjo and this is the only way to promote democracy for good governance. Details


The Good in the Alami Story. By  Moses Ebe Ochonu

For all his villainy, Alamieyeseigha has done Nigeria some good. Through the criminal ingenuity of his escape from London, he has exposed the underbelly of several claims of the Obasanjo dictatorship. Details


INEC And Electronic Democracy. By Barrister Festus Okoye

The most challenging aspect of civil society work at this period of Nigerian democracy is drawing and mapping out an accurate road map to the 2007 elections. The panic, the nervousness and the breathless anticipation of the 2007 date has nothing to do with whether the date will disappear from world or electoral calendar of the Nigerian nation. Details


Millions of Nigerians live in foreign lands not because they want to or love to. Many of us do not want to remain in foreign countries under any circumstances for one day. We are here because we have no better place called home to return to. Details


The Niger-Delta And  Politics In Nigeria. By Samuel Oluwaseyi Oduyela

One question begging for answer is why is a region that is generating to so much wealth for the country is left, neglected and allowed to suffer the way it is now. Details


Decency in Advertisement: An Observer’s View. By Ibrahim I. Bello

I have been wondering alone lately over the positive shift I am noticing in our, especially, outdoor adverts. There seems to me a conscious, methodological shift from portraying our womenfolk as sex objects in the name of advertising. What is it that has come upon these ad people? I asked myself. Is it a new moral crusade among the practitioners? I started speculating. Details


Obasanjo’s War On Corruption, Casualties Galore! By  Mike Ozulumba, Esq. 

The President shall not relent in pursuing these greedy leaders and hopefully by this wobbling effort, spare our people from the continued hemorrhaging of state funds by the criminals who parade themselves as state executives. The rot is not confined to State Executives. Details


Third Term Frenzy: Folly Of The Media And Lethargy Of Politicians. By Ahmadu Abubakar


It is as if the “Third Term Frenzy” had decided to cool down during the mourning period as dictated by socio-cultural imperatives.  No sooner was the sad week over, suddenly the atmosphere once again became awash with the hysterics about a supposed extension of tenure for President Olusegun Obasanjo.  Let us at this point consider certain perspectives to this new preoccupation that appears to suit both the media, and the politicians, which by extension has become the latest mantra for Nigerians. Details


Diepreye Alamieyeseigha:  Dancing Naked At The Market Square. By Akinyemi Akinlabi


Many foreign investors and corporate bodies I have met have one or two bad stories to tell about Nigeria. This is why some of us are very happy with the quality of job (some people say it is selective) Nuhu Ribadu is doing at EFCC. There is no doubt that the quality of job is raising the international rating of Nigeria. Details


Why The Paris Club Relishes Pounds Of African Flesh By Farouk Martins


Where else can Paris Club make so much fast money by creative financing if not from poor staving African Country as Nigeria? How many hard working people will part with a hundred, a thousand, a million or a billion naira or dollars without a fight, except Nigeria or a Nigerian? Details


An Abasement Called Alameiyeseigha. By U. Tanimu Umar


For an executive governor in Nigeria to commit such atrocious show of shame, and for him to receive a rapturous reception from a mammoth crowd, or be in a stage - managed one, it all added up to the fact that our polity has miscued and some of our so-called leaders can rightly be labeled VIP, which in Fela’s lexicon stand for vagabond in power. Details


Return Of Alamieyesegha: Between Diplomacy And Legality. By Mahdi Shehu


If one may recall, in 1976, one Captain Dauda Usman and Sgt. Clement Yilda of the Nigerian Army were among the coup plotters that masterminded the assassination of late Nigerian Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed.  Their colleagues, Bukar Suka Dimka and Co. were tried, found culpable and subsequently executed.  Capt. Dauda and Sgt. Clement Sneaked away through the borders and ended up in Britain.  The British Government were fully aware of the treasonable offence they committed against Nigeria which is a much more heinous crime compared to that alleged to have been committed by the Bayelsa State Governor.  But yet instead of sending them back to Nigeria to face the law, they harboured them, offered them asylum and by April 9th, 1978 granted them full citizenship of the United Kingdom. Details


Fighting Corruption: Or the United States Prediction? By Murtala Bala Habu


And if the British Authorities, including the police and judiciary who are also criminals are receiving the illegal wealth with pleasure to upgrade their economic through bonds or bailing systems called justice served. Are looking for Dariye and Alamieyeseigha to prosecute in their soil to enrich their country with the ill funds at Dariye and Alamieyeseigha deposits must not be given chance to devaluing the constitution by arresting launderers in Nigerian soil.  Details


Terror Journalism Or Terror Governance? By Babayola Toungo


I am very angry and ashamed to be a Nigerian this morning.  Angry and ashamed in equal measures.  Am angry that a whole bunch of elderly misfits are trying to take us for a joy ride in an ill-fated train that is headed for a head-on collision with Nigerians.  My anger stems from the fact that this bunch of elderly criminals don’t care a bit ... Details


When I Grow Up: On Tafa Balogun Former Inspector-General Of Police, Nigeria Is Sick. By Prince Charles Dickson


These days, strange things have been on the increase at, a per second rate, if a governor is not jumping bail, he is dressing up as a woman, or thanksgiving services would be held for the thieves. Details


A Brief: The Nigeria Media, 2007 and Sundry Issues. By Prince Charles Dickson


But why jump bail (if indeed he jumped bail without the connivance of Abuja and London)? What manner of a man would jump bail and imperil the life, the trust, the confidence and the property of those who guaranteed his presence in British Court? The opportunity was there for him to clear his name, but he instead muddied it some more. Details


Presidential Endorsement Of Plundering Of Public Funds. By Dan Azumi Kofarmata


Recently I advised President Obasanjo against being hoodwinked and outsmarted by State Governors into endorsing fraudulent white elephant projects that have littered the landscapes of our States all over the country. Details


Why Do Nigerians Prefer Delusion to Confusion? By D A Juliuson


In Nigeria our country we are getting a glimpse of the shape of things to come. If we like the look of this, let’s trust it and work to make it a reality. If we don't, let’s take heed - and take action. Details


A Brief: The Nigeria Media, 2007 and Sundry Issues By Prince Charles Dickson


The 2007elongation project started like a Nigerian Airways Plane as if it would never live the ground, but now in flight the problem is how it would land. Details


Escape From Sobibor And London; Alarming Alamaiesyeigha And Diplomatic Baggage ( A Beautiful Woman). By Prince Charles Dickson


Nigerians the most creative people there is… we recall after Dariye was smuggled out too, one of the first callers to check out his welfare was big brother governor the Capone Orji Kalu, who admonished the small boy Joshua to be careful next time, infact he was quoted as saying to the governor “…I am not saying you should not steal but work for your people”. Details


Northern Members Forum and the Future of Democracy in Nigeria. By Sadiq Mahmud


The vultures in the north are now salivating for power to return to them so that they can return to their indolent past. But this is not possible because kan mage ya waye (nobody can deceive anyone). President Obasanjo is against the north. Details


What to do About Alamie on the Lam. By E. Terfa Ula-Lisa Esq.


To be taken seriously, the Senate in Nigeria must consider their role and place in the history of Nigeria.  The best way to aid the anti-corruption drive would be to expunge the immunity clause for the governors. Details


Fugitive As Governors In Nigeria? Dariye & Alamie! Tragedy Of Looting Governor Alamieyesegha of Bayelsa. By  Paul I. Adujie


This is a tragic blow to the anti corruption efforts currently going on in Nigeria, it is, also a wake up call to Nigeria’s National Assembly to expunge, repeal or amend the immunity clause to change the present state of affairs, in which some public officials have turned the immunity clause to an impunity cloak and cover. Details


Einstein: 100 Years of Relativity.  By Bello Salihu


Albert Einstein died of heart failure in Princeton New Jersey on April 16, 1955. His body was cremated and his brain has been preserved at the Princeton University. He was 76 years old. Details


Olumuyiwa's  $520,000.00  House. The Truth. By Badejo Adedeji Nurudeen


Mr.  Olumuyiwa  Obasanjo  had  refused  to  show  Nigerian  if  truly  he  had  got  a  job  which  can   guaranteed  such  a  mortgage  plan,  and  all  investigations  shows  clearly  that  the  deal  is  not  mortgage  but  outright  purchase,  in  an  American  society  where  Dr  Condoleezza Rice    the  Minister  of  States  earns  a  little  over  $180,000. Details


This Man, Atiku....By Zayyad I. Muhammad


This man, has amazingly crossed many intricate difficulties, which many people, if found themselves there, cannot scale it, this writer is of the believe, this man, achieved such, due to one reason, he knows no barrier, as Sultan Of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido pointed out at the occasion of the reception 2000 organized in honour of the vice president on 18th November, 2000 in Kaduna Details


The Key To Progress In Nigeria Lies In Sincerity, Not Cynicism. By D. Akinsanya Juliuson


There's not enough kindness in this world. People are far too quick to criticise and complain. Where is their compassion, their tolerance and their patience? There's not enough kindness in our own country Nigeria, either. We can't do anything about anyone else's harsh attitude, but we can at least resolve not to reply in kind. Details


Obasanjo’s Presidential State Tours. By Dan Azumi Kofarmata


As President Chief Obasanjo takes leave from his never ending foreign trips to begin an official State visit to Sokoto State, I hasten to caution His Excellency and our reading public on some fundamental issues in respect of official commissioning of State Government projects (and even some federal government-owned projects). Details


Nigeria’s Politicians And Their Involuntary Political Gymnastics. By Sadiq Isah Radda


One can argue that Nigeria’s politicians are the architects of their misfortunes. They have always been the ones to rationalize and stabilize military governments. In fact, they fall all over themselves to get involved and feel that they belong. Details


Sickle Cell Anaemia: Prevention and Control. By Dr. Murtala Muhammad Umar 


The first step towards prevention is for each and every person to know his or her genotype. This can only be possible with health education and making screening centers accessible and available especially to the rural poor. But for the teaching/ specialist hospitals only few general hospitals in Nigeria have the facility to do Haemoglobin genotype at a cost that may be unaffordable to the masses. Details


Adamu Adamu and Abuja Carnival: Let the Show Go On. By  Crispin Oduobuk


Adamu Adamu, the respected Friday columnist of Daily Trust, has been waging a significant one-man war against the organisers of the Abuja Carnival which, if the government doesn’t suddenly lose its nerve, should take place from the 24th to 27th of this month. Details


Saro-Wiwa: In Reflection, Sad Soyinka Sets Forth At Dawn. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu


As Soyinka set’s forth at dawn – most likely, upon the Ogoni Nine’s-blood “wetness of the earth” – to reflect on the series of events that led to Saro-Wiwa’s death, he may take solace from the fact the Napoleonic constructs of the late environmentalist have chased oppressors away from the land Details


World Gone Mad. By  Kevin Etta Jr.


That any public official in Nigeria should have to go overseas for medical purposes is an indictment against public administration in Nigeria. Not that one should not do it if one must, but if things were as they should be in governance one shouldn’t have to. Details


Liberal Democratization: A Process of De-Islamization, the Debate Continues a Response to Dr. Christopher Enakpene. By Abdul – razaq Ibrahim Fagge

Against the western claim that Islamic fundamentalism feeds terrorism, one powerful paradox of the twenty first century is often overlooked. Thus, while Islam may be accused of generating more political violence than western culture, western culture generates more street violence than Islam. Details


Daily Independent Story on Slavery.  By Tunji Balogun


This is a rejoinder to the Daily Independent story (Nov 17, 2005) on the meeting between the Nigerian Culture and Tourism Minister, Ambassador Frank Ogbuewu and Portugal’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Joao Gomes Garinho in Abuja, during which the minister claimed 75 percent of enslaved Africans came from Nigeria... I do agree that the Minister is probably not an historian; hence handicap with the history of the slave trade, but that is even the more reason why he should not throw out misleading figures. Details


Reviewing The National Seminar On Economic Crime. By  Ibrahim Balarabe


The President further pointed out that while his administration was campaigning for debt relief from debtor nations, Nigeria’s corruption profile and negative perception was a factor that complicated its arguments and prolonged the negotiations. Details


My Dream, Illusions and Reality: Obasanjo’s Nigeria and Nigeria. By Prince Charles Dickson


The more I slept I realized that there was a great difference between illusions and realities, I knew I was only pretending to be asleep, because how could I be asleep when PHCN or is it NEPA, had taken electricity power for the third day counting and fuel to run the generator was like asking for spring water in the desert. Details


Alleged  Arms Build-Up In Kogi Central, The Limit Of Security Mischief. By Emeka Oraetoka


The writer believes that their must be limit to the language politicians should employ in politics and politicking. A situation where the deputy Chief Security Officer of a state is raising alarm on arms build-up is the height of security mischief. It should be discouraged at all cost. Details


Increased Crime Rate In Kano State: The Genesis. By Mahdi Shehu


These crime rate increases (from 1999 to April 2003) were not coincidental but happened to be incidental, identified and associated with the then Kwankwaso regime which deployed and adopted pedestrian and vigilante approach to security matters. Details


MDD, PDP, Political Parties: Thieves Like Them. By Prince Charles Dickson


Nigerians can be so like anything new, we are a nation that derives joy in the rave of the moment syndrome, is it new, and anyhow, anyway, Nigerians would fall over themselves to get part of the pie. However in reality it is the same old story, same wine different bottle, and a form of repackaging. Details


Is Obasanjo Going The Abacha Way? By  Abdu Isa Kofarmata


After the dissolution of his first federal cabinet in 1995, late General Sani Abacha was held hostage by some unpatriotic, selfish and political opportunists. He was caged in the presidential villa and was told and lectured daily about the favor he was doing to Nigerians and all the good things about his style of leadership. He was daily, begged by those self- seeking elites to continue as civilian president in order to save Nigeria from disintegration and possible collapse. Details


Mauritania: Reopening the Military Chapter. By Saad S. Khan


Newspapers appeared to be bald when there was no news of a military take over somewhere; but that was in the 1960's and 70's. The governments in the third world changed periodically, not because of elections but through frequent military take-overs. But then, the governments became clever in devising means of perpetuating themselves. Torture, espionage and media control became organized and institutionalized traits of the third world style of governance. Details


Ethnicity And Power: The Long Courtship of MASSOB, MOSOP, OPC, And Such. By Prince Charles Dickson


As I battled to put this essay together, the entire Igbo community in Jos, Plateau State held their Igbo Day Celebrations, economic activities were abruptly closed down throughout that Saturday. Thus a strong statement was once again made on the ethnic line of Nigeria. The Niger Delta warlord Asari Dokubo, OPC chiefs, Gani Adams and Fedrick Fasheun, MASSOB’s Ralph Uwazurike and MOSOP, the Hi sbah groups, the Ijaw National Congress, Egbesu and many more have been in the news for all the reasons from the really good, terribly bad and nastily ugly. Details


When Will Religion and Politics Save Nigeria? By Samuel Peter Aruwan


Today in Nigeria, the news that the health sector has collapsed is not a hyperbole , absence of experienced medical personnel’s and other hospital equipments attested this. The though that education sector has fallen is not a fiction , the hand-outs saga, lectures intimidating students for cash and sex is a fact . Details


The Bellview Plane Crash, the Ban on AIT and Media Anger - Putting Things in Perspective. By Julius Joel


I think it is barbaric of AIT to broadcast human body parts. Sudden death as happened in a plane crash – such misfortune is nothing to joke about. The argument that AIT did it to expose the lapses in Nigeria’s response to emergency is an argument that is flawed for so many reasons, not least the fact that as citizens of Nigeria members of the AIT crew should not only have human feelings but should also be la w abiding. Details


Governor Alamieyeseigha: Resign or be Impeached. By Mr. Sabidde Ogbobode Abidde


Ever since Governor Alamieyeseigha was arrested in London for money laundering, Bayelsa State has remained without an active governor. The irony here is that even when he was a freeman, he spent a sizeable amount of his time outside of the state in search of lootable resources. Or stashing his ill-gotten riches. Details


A Wrong Government: More On The Bellview Air Crash, Dis Nigeria Sef! By Prince Charles Dickson


Did we need to loose 117 lives to know that our aviation sector was being run like molue and touts in a Lagos park. That most of our runaways have deteriorated to the point of potholes and bumps like the Oshodi – Apapa expressway. That foreign airline operators had to boycott their flights before the President would start barking orders, it’s funny that it would take over one year to refurbish a runaway and it would take ages for lighting to be imported from somewhere in Finland. Details


Donate To Nigerian Schools And Institutions. By Paul I. Adujie


$100 Million dollars was donated by an American last week.  I read the story about an anonymous donor who donated the one hundred million dollars to Yale University, the donor instructed that the money be disbursed entirely to Yale University music programs, this, means that the donor only intended to benefit the music department and faculty, of Yale University. And not to, say, Yale University Law School or Medical School etc Details


MDD: In Defence Of What? By Babayola Toungo


The Nigerian media, pseudo democrats and pseudo human rights activists have made tremendous capital out of bashing Abacha, a man who died nearly eight years ago for his despotic rule between 1993 – 1998.  It is a fact that Abacha was a tough man and therefore suffered no fool.  The man was never known for his sophistication in dealing with the opposition; he was as raw as they come and as tough as nails.  He brooks no nonsense and was ready to deal ruthlessly with anyone no matter who he may be, no matter the consequences.  When Ken Saro Wiwa and his brigands killed four Ogoni Chiefs in 1994, Abacha hanged nine of them in 1995 on the day the Commonwealth Heads of Governments opened its meeting in Auckland.  Details


Welcome Team Nigeria. By  E. Terfa Ula-Lisa Esq.


It is debated in intellectual circles that the current group of leaders has also failed to start.  If that is true, could we not start again?  If you were given great land mass, lots of sunshine lots of disparate people groups, plenty of mineral resources to work with, what would you do? Details


A Mother Like Lady Stella! By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye


I have taken time to examine the various tributes paid to late Stella Obasanjo by several characters that have over the years over-tasked the public space with their uninspiring presence. The most prominent description of her, which was later seized upon by countless unimaginative mourners and plagiarized and recycled several times over to the point of almost turning it into a national slogan, was the one in which she was called “the mother of the nation.” It would be interesting to look out for the inventor of this ingenious phrase, who, most unfairly, stands the chance of being denied due dividend for his “intellectual property,” as his voice has been effectively drowned by more strident ones in the battle by mourners to out-mourn each other. Details


The Re – Elections Of George Bush And  Tony Blair Aggravated World Tension. By Alhaji Ismaila Sadik


I have come to the conclusion that the United States of America and particularly the government of President Bush are more interested in the subjugation of legitimate governments of the Middle East that are unwilling to bow to the dictates of that country. Details


France in Conflagrations. By Elie Smith


Even the eight thousand five hundred French military police, claimed by authorities before the incident to be the best in the world in urban warfare, that were drafted in to support the traditional riot Police had no visible effects on the rampaging youths. Details


Ondo State Deputy Governor: A Staggering Profile In Timidity And An Embarrassment To His Constituency And Supporters Across The Board. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide


Our people are terrible, all of them with only a few exception, have squeezed water out of a stone, so to speak, in the way and manner they had fed fat on Ileri Oluwa. It was amazing how easily some of the king makers were willing to jump ship, and to leave Ileri to his problems, once Governor Agagu has suddenly changed direction, completely leaving Ileri Oluwa on the lurch. Details

Egypt: Mubarak plays it again! By Saad S. Khan


Condaleezza Rice would keep her mouth shut for another five years and that is all that matters for the power centres in Cairo. The runner up in Presidential elections of two months ago, Ayman Nour is shown to have lost his parliamentary seat in urban Cairo that he had retained for the last decade. The Egyptians have the full right to “choose” Hosni Mubarak and have a further opportunity to “choose” his son Gamal Mubarak after his death but the choice does not unfortunately extend to other candidates, rather it is limited to choosing the duo and going to jail. Details


Wanted: A Vision For Post-Obasanjo Nigeria. By  Jonathan Manok


There is no doubt that the major fall-out of Obasanjo’s deliberate attempt to overheat the polity in his quest for undiluted and prolonged dictatorial rule is that governance has taken a back seat.  Priority is now accorded to the struggle for the control of the PDP or rather the struggle between democracy and dictatorship. Details


The Real story of Anambra Union NY. By  James "Udoka" Okoro


For those who do not know it already, Anambra people in New York City (NYC) have been engaged in a latent war that has brewed to over-pour into arenas of possible grimmer outcomes. A very bitter war that has resulted to lawsuits upon lawsuits as some of the warring parties have even died in the process, and yet it continues. Details


Is IBB Really Evil? By Abubakar Adamu


IBB’s name can have different effects on different people. Some gets to the point of ecstasy and feel they can fly with joy and excitement. Others hearing IBB name may get to the point of depression and feel suicidal. It therefore seems to me, no one is indifferent to the name IBB in Nigeria Politics or indeed those with interests in Nigeria affairs. IBB is an enigma of Nigeria Politics, whether or not he is in Office. Details


Nigeria Is Open For Business! Truly! Says, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister. By Paul I. Adujie


I witnessed genuine euphoria, enthusiasm and exuberance in the past several days. These are not customary or usual terms some reserve for describing Nigerian officials. But the Presidential delegation led by Finance Minister Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, are different, they certainly passionate about Nigeria! They are self-assured excited and ecstatic about the reforms that have taken place in Nigeria, and the consequent bountiful opportunities that are now open to Nigerian and Foreign Direct Investment. The enthusiasm, the exuberance, the confidence and excitement borne of conviction by the entire delegation, was simply contagious and infectious! Details


Third Term Agenda: Who Really Is To Blame? By Abdullahi Ibrahim Mahuta


Over the past few months, especially during the period between pre and post the National Political Reform Conference, so many things have been said and written about the alleged intention of the Obasanjo administration to extend it’s tenure beyond 2007. While those who oppose the idea continue to be suspicious of the administration and try to give meaning, mostly negative, to every action of the administration, the suspected brains behind the idea use every opportunity to distance the administration from such a ‘rumour’, as they call it.  Details


Political Gimmick with Youths. By  Samuel Uwhejevwe-Togbolo


Nigeria Politicians are perpetual liars without apology; they take advantage of the poverty stricken nature of the country to exploit the people, the bulk of the electorate are the poor and under privilege citizens, hence they are easily flirt around in order to get money from politicians. Details


Jigawa’s Cursed Capital City. By Adam Muhammad


Why is it that when most of the state capitals in the Federation seem to be competing to out-beautify and out-modernize one another as their various governments stock them with one social facility meant to upgrade the social standards of their residents thereby ensuring their utmost comfort and wellbeing, the seeming objective in Jigawa State is to drive away as many of the capital’s residents as possible from it and make life as uncomfortable and uncompromising as it can bee to those diehards who won’t leave? Details


Bill Clinton And Our National Pride. By  Uche Nworah


Bill Clinton may have shown his ‘blackness’ by setting up his post-presidential office in Harlem, New York. He may have also done this and that for Americans and African-Americans but those my folks in the village in Enugwu-Ukwu don’t seem to have benefited in any way from his government. Details


Political & Social Indecency: The Nigerian Factor Part 1  By Wale Akin


Many Nigerians also believe that nothing good will ever come forth from Nigeria and as such have devised a siddon look approach to national issues that should have been tackled and nipped in the bud even right from time immemorial. Nigerians are of the general belief that we all must chop clean mouth, a phenomenal decay that has eaten deep into the polity and corrupt the whole rungs of the political ladder  Details


Adamawa PDP Congresses; The Ugly Side of the Coin By Zayyad I. Muhammad


It is no longer news that the Adamawa chapter of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is factionalized between the Senator Jibril Aminu and the Atiku/ Boni supporters groups, and so far two parallel congresses were conducted for both the local government delegates and the state executive of the party, this made the party’s congresses in Adamawa fascinating. Details


Obasanjo/Atiku: Putting The Nation Before Politics By  Batholomey Adegbenro


In a nutshell, the Vice-President was telling us that the late First Lady was remarkably unique because she proved a dependable ally of her husband, when other so-called friends of weaker or dubious loyalty were scared to associate with the General because he was perceived as a fall guy. Details