Nigerians Under Siege: Re-thinking Exit Strategy. By Murtala S. Sagagi Ph.D.

At present, Nigerian politicians are preoccupied with 2007 election quagmire. The irony is that the current political debate is focused on where the next president would emerge from and which of the ex- rulers would be recycled. It is also evident that the current leadership is reluctant to let go power.Details


The Blabber, The Bunglers And The Undertakers. By Kennedy Emetulu

Was it reasonable for Gbenga to assume that the information he was giving freely was being given off-record without him making a formal request that this be so before the conversation or at any time during same? Details


Why The Aspirants Are Shy. By Garba Abdul-Majid

Surely, Gen. Obasanjo’s third term ambition has thrown Nigeria at the crossroads, thereby shooting the country’s political temperature to one of its most frightening levels in our political history. Details


Hajj Pitfalls: The Adamawa Case. By Zayyad I. Muhammad The general consensus among Nigerians is, the recent stranding of pilgrims throughout the country’s Airports and Hajj camps is due to shoddy preparations and official negligence at both the national and state levels. Details


An Open Letter To Sir Ahmadu Bello. By Abdulkareem Mohammed

Obasanjo has neither said nor reputed that he has 3rd term agenda. But indicators like the constitutional amendment, fury over the Honourable Speaker’s pronouncement that there will be no extension of political tenure beyond 2007, North-South divisive tactics and others, have raised 3rd term agenda to the point of harnessing resistance from progressive groups to the unholy agenda. Incidentally sir, you are becoming the rallying centre for northern standpoint. Details


Citizens As Journalists. By Uche Nworah

Gbenga Obasanjo in the said interview remarked thus; ‘One day, I was at Abeokuta with the Ogun State governor, Gbenga Daniels; these press guys came in and started asking hard questions. The moment they were served with food, they left their scrap papers and rushed the food. Of course the next day, their reports were very shiny. That’s the way it goes over here. The press boys are a hungry bunch’. Details


Lack Of Accountants And Accountability In Nigeria Financial District[s]: Is Sheer Irresponsibility. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

In the meantime, in a country called Nigeria, at no time did her trained accountants question the credibility of Parish Club, question its financial balance-sheets when its financial records are comparatively placed side-by-side with those of Nigerian financial balance sheet[s].  Conversely, some financial think-tanks and critics against this arrangement believe that Nigeria has long paid off its debt believed owed Paris Club and as such a remittance of additional nickel to this entity is deemed as account irresponsibility by default. Details


There Could Be Some Method to Obasanjo's Ways of Doing Thing. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

In my last article on Obasanjo, I concluded there is a chance the enigma of a uniter could end up a divider of our country and an embarrassment to his Yoruba base. I still hold that prediction to be self-evident, but I am having a rethinking on some of what the President has done. Details


Don’t Give Corruption A Good Name Emulate The People Of Anambra. By  Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

This fight against corruption is now taking a new turn that must be guided against before we throw out the baby with the bath water. The people of Anambra have demonstrated to us that they can tell the difference between goats and sheep. Most Nigerians are very decent people even though we are sometimes misled by the unscrupulous leaders. Details


A Celebration of the Trivial and the Third Rate. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

A celebration of the third-rate. A celebration of the treacherous and the iniquitous. A celebration of mediocrity and the unintelligent; of thievery and thuggery. A celebration of lawlessness and the trivial. A celebration of Ubanism and Adedibuism. These have been the order of politics since the advent of the current republic. Details“Adieu to Nigeria”. By  Chidi P Eze

Nigeria's democracy has become one man’s industry with Obasanjo as the only managing director, who has created Bill Gate of Nigeria in the names of Mike Adenuga and Alhaji Dangote.Details


DSP Yari: Whither The Rule Of Law? By Kabiru Mailafiya

Despite its limitations from one polity to another, democracy still remains the most fashionable system of government around the world.  Its beauty lies not only in the freedom to choose our own leaders, but also because it holds leaders accountable through the rule of law and   accords respect to the basic rights of citizens, including men in uniform. Ironically, however, despite our celebrated return to democracy in 1999, the jungle order still seems to dominate the practice of democracy in our every day life.  The rule of law means we are all equal before the law, including our leaders who are entrusted with our mandate to enforce the law. Details


Removing Immunity Clause from the Constitution will undermine Executive Capacity. By Kayode Oladele

Prosecution of a sitting president or Governor prior to impeachment would create serious practical difficulties and interruption in political administration. The reason is simple, if the constitution is amended and the immunity clause is removed, the question then becomes at what point will the executive be impeached? Is it while the criminal proceedings are going on against him or after his trial and conviction? Details


The Tragedies for Pilgrims. By Saad S. Khan

As if the Hajj flights fiasco, where the intending Nigerian pilgrims had to be sent home from mid air, due to the mismanagement of the Nigerian government, and the hotel building collapse where many pilgrims died, were not enough signs of mismanagement, over 362 pilgrims are confirmed dead in a stampede near Mecca. Details


Lamidi Adedibu-The Crooked Wood That Upsets The Fireplace-(Igi woroko ti n da’na ru!!). By  Wale Akin

In as much as I would have loved to sing and shout for the political demise of Ladoja, I am very cautious of the obvious fact that due democratic process was not followed, nonetheless, we need to address the main issue which will continue to rob us all of the dividends of democracy-POLITICAL GODFATHERISM. Details


Ladoja's Issue: A Political Language. By Tony Adesemoye

Until we are able to address these issues of god-fatherism, elected leaders will continue to use public funds for political patronage. If Ladoja's spoon had been long enough to the expectation of his godfather, regardless of how much he steals (if he does steal), the public will not be informed. Details


Banking Sector Consolidation: Not Yet Uhuru? By Baba Kabiru Isa

The basic import of enhanced capital base is in the area of depth of portfolio and competitiveness with new vistas for participation in highbrow business ventures like oil and gas, telecommunication, energy (hitherto done with syndication or consortium) and warehousing of foreign reserves.  Details


Atiku’s Media-Poisoned Chalice. By Uchenna Akwiwu

All you constantly glean from the newsprint is that Atiku is all at once licentious, greedy, corrupt and desperate.  The only way for you to have pity on the man is only if you have the mind of Christ. Details


Creative Whistle Blowing and Non-Violence for the Nigerian Beginner. By  Dr. Kọmbọ Mason Braide


In order to turn around the on-going charade in the Nigerian theatre of the absurd meaningfully, we urgently need to inject some more robust and more direct measures of radical ethical reorientation in Nigerians. Whistle blowing and non-violence are proffered as workable alternatives to our usual flaccid tolerance of Aso Rock-designed targeted vindictiveness, masqueraded as anti-corruption crusade. Details


Blooded Democracies? By Saad S. Khan

The past few months weeks saw a "rape of democracy" on all the four corners, first, it was at Zanzibar in Africa; second, Azerbaijan in the Caucus; third, Egypt in the Middle East, and fourth and more recently, in Kazakhstan in the Central Asia. Then I stopped counting out of sheer frustration. Details


Third Term And The 1999 Nigerian Constitution. By Dr. Otive Igbuzor

Finally and perhaps more importantly, the way that the third term issue is resolved will have a long lasting implication for the political stability, social cohesion and economic prosperity of Nigeria. It is discomforting that barely one year to the 2007 elections, there are no credible, popular and progressive candidates. Where are the Awolowos and Aminu Kanos? Details


Nigeria: Time Well Wasted! By Habu Dauda Fika

There is now a new clamour for new and hopefully relevant political group blossoming under the usual acronyms like MDD, MRD, and so on. The people that are pushing these new political franchises are the same ones that have dominated the power structure in our 40 years of many failed attempts. Details


Nigerian Politics And 2007. By  Dr. Abayomi Ferreira

The platform for public political discussion in Nigeria is being deliberately and consistently abused by the very intense concentration of efforts and energy on the Third Term Bid allegedly being promoted by Olusegun Obasanjo, but strictly more by the PDP governors and the political godfathers that dominate the Nigerian political terrain. Details


Ayagi and the Morality Decline! (1). By Muhammad Bashir  Usman 

There is no gainsaying that the present breed of Nigeria’s political leaders and quite a number of academic professionals careers civil servants, businessmen, technocrats etc. especially those hailing from the vast Northern hegemony can compromise their moral burden and obligation to do the dirty biddings of other people so long as the pay master offers sizeable amount for payment Details


Parties and the Party System. By Anthony A. Akinola

Obasanjo may not be quite the “messiah” he assumed himself to be, there are nevertheless some ideas of development which can be associated with his name when, hopefully, he leaves office honourably in May 2007. Details


Performance Management by Targets in Our Banking Sector: A Case for Edward Deming’s Principles of Management. By Jameela Ichalla

I personally support a shift in emphasis from the sole use of paper qualifications as the basis for career progression in Nigeria. A combination of factors should be used instead. Ideally, these should include; academic achievement, on-the-job performance, dedication to duty Details


Judiciary As The Last Hope Of Itself. By I. M. Attahir Esq.

What is not in doubt is that the judiciary has been severely condemned, lambasted and castigated since the aftermath of 2003 presidential election otherwise known as 419 elections. Even the verdict of the apex court in Buhari’s petition has not abated the anger of Nigerians on the judiciary. Details


An Open Letter To Gordon Brown. By  Uche Nworah

I do not believe that rich countries like the UK have a legitimate claim to these debts – many of which are the result of loans given to dictators set up by the west in recent history not forgetting the revenue received by the Western countries (European and American) from their past slave trade legacy Details


National Dialogue: Adopting A National Language. By Carlisle U. O. Umunnah

The fact that we are still using English language as our national language reveals an appalling state of the country’s psyche about its identity and direction as a republic. English language showcases, as part of the conspiracy theory, the demise of Nigeria languages, Details


State of The Nation: The Reuben Abati Award. By Hillary Okoronkwo

The State of The Nation’s submission is that by default we all 'contracted' for where we are today when the elections were rigged and we said or did nothing!  Details


The Advocates Of Power Shift And The rest of Us. By Samuel Agboola

One thing even the worst critic of Obasanjo’s administration cannot take away from the man is the subtle and matured manner he has manage to reinvigorate our belief in this country, showing all that cares to know reason the country is still a toddler after more than 40 years of independent from the colonial masters and that the country can rise again with good  leadership in place. Details


Pension Reform in Nigeria. By Ahmed Makele

The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Federal National Assembly are to be warmly applauded and congratulated on the passing of the Nigerian Pension Reform Act of 2004. A few weeks ago, the new regulator for Pensions, the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) granted licences to several pension fund administrators and  handful of pension fund custodians to begin the receipt, investment, management and administration of defined contributions pensions in Nigeria. Details


The 'devil' the EFCC Can't arrest. By  Crispin Oduobuk

Ribadu himself is even less concerned about these charges of bias. In an interview with the Trust editorial board last year, he made it clear that he believes the war against theft in public service is entering a phase where nobody can protect anybody. Details


As We Move Into 2006…By Jibo Nura

By virtue of what happened from May 1999 to date, we should have understood that no amount of advanced mathematical calculations, be it in form of logic, abracadabra, complex numerical analysis or even double integration, can solve the nation’s geometrical problems that are daily induced by the so called political advocates of democracy and governance. Details


Which Way Nigeria. By  Mohammed Bashir

Recent developments in Nigeria has made it necessary for any observer to become concerned as to where the country is leading to. At the beginning quiet a number of Nigerians have expressed doubts on the half baked democracy handed down to the nation by the Abdulsalami Abubakar military junta in 1999. Details


Nigerians Are A Lot of Things, But Failure We Are Not. By D. Akinsanya Juliuson

Let's appreciate the fact that mutual respect (especially for our leaders), partnership, and understanding between men and women are the best and only way. Let's not be afraid of changing slowly; but let's be afraid of standing still. Details


Deji of Akure, Par X: A Post Mortem Analysis of the Winners and Losers. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

Let us begin with the winners. Yes, the newly created Osupa/Odundun Ruling Line had to be seen as a winner. The last time any Deji from their unit ever reigned in Akure was in 1845. It was a tremendous achievement for them to find one of their descendants being selected a Deji again. Details


A Politician And The Legacy Bequeathed To The Society. By Ibiyinka Solarin

On Monday, Dec.5, 2005, Chief Justice Mohammed Lawal Uwais addressed the All Nigerian Judges Conference in Abuja.  Justice Uwais spoke of ‘disobedience to court orders…those in authority cannot pick and choose what court order to obey. If they feel aggrieved, the only remedy they have is to appeal but in the mean time, the order must be obeyed’ Everybody in Nigeria knows to whom Justice Uwais words are directed. Details


Valuing Our Values. By Mamman Lawan Yusufari

Unknown to the admiring fellow, life away from home could be hell. With all the ‘good’ life abroad, and the ‘frustrating’ home life, home could be unsurpassed. Details


Reflections On Femi Fani Kayode’s Venom. By Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda

The message Gowon sent to Obasanjo is timely and if one goes back to history it is congruent with Patrick Wilmot’s Message to Oppressors of Africa of which Obasanjo was/is still one. Wilmot says: “What I have tried to do is to hold-up a mirror so that you can see your own reflection. If you do not like what you see....Details

The Chessboard Of Instability: The Present Coup In Nigeria (Leadership Crisis). By Prince Charles Dickson

It is said that our politicians never seem to learn from the past, with eleven coups but real ones and the cooked up ones. I see that we have the unfortunate bliss of having leaders that simply have lost focus or that have no sense of the past from which they are coming from. Details


Beyond 2007: Nigeria, Junta Politics Or Democracy. By Prince Charles Dickson

The Nigerian history as it relates to leadership is an intriguing paradox of junta hegemony. Military despots shrouded in the deceptive toga of ‘civilizing themselves” and the civilian crooks called politicians preaching a false sermon of “redemptive vision” or developmental efforts. Details


Saints Obasanjo, Adedibu, Chris Uba et al…Nigerian Hooligans and Political Thugs. By Prince Charles Dickson

I had warned myself that I would stay clear of Yoruba politics especially that of Ibadan, the centre of the wild, wild west (plenty apologies). However this essay is essentially not an Ibadan thing or an Anambra thing…it is also not a Bauchi State thing neither is it about the yan whatever in Gombe State. But the issue here is that this is the continuous sad story of a Nigerian leadership gone confused Details


A Compass of Obasanjo’s Achievements: Directing A Legacy Of Propaganda, Lies And Half Truths By Prince Charles Dickson

On Obasanjo’s compass of achievement, it has so far run an efficient and equitable nation. What efficiency, is it in NEPA now PHCH or the Nigerian Railways or the Aviation sector, is it the efficiency of the health sector or education? Can some one truthfully tell me what is equitable when the gap between the poor and rich has not only increased but is beyond measure? People can barely feed and we hear government’s equitable propaganda. Details


Peace: The Message Of Islam. By Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Sani Yahaya And Prince Charles Dickson

The essence of these series is to in our little way help people understand Islam, the religion, its practice and all it stands for. It is a little contribution in helping people to know the truth, from the untrue and propaganda about the religion and its faithfuls. Details


Atiku, MRDD And Post-Obasanjo PDP. By Zayyad I.  Muhammad

The path to post-Obasanjo Nigeria’s political scene would be interesting, thrilling, amusing and all-revealing, beginning from this New Year 2006 interesting episodes would start to unfold, opening the road to post-Obasanjo Nigeria, one of such chapter would be centered around the trio of Atiku, MRDD and Obasanjo’s PDP Details


The god in Ibadan: Responding to Remi Oyeyemi. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

In a sane and constitutionally guided country, Lamidi Adedibu’s outburst, criminality and shenanigans would not stand. And in fact, his shenanigans, criminalities and outburst should not be allowed to stand in Ibadan, or anywhere else in Nigeria. Details


Building a Culture of Basic Truth. By  Victor E. Dike

One of the major problems facing Nigeria is that the so-called leaders find it difficult to transform words into positive actions. Because of social injustice, which the government has not cared to resolve, the suffering and hardship in the Niger Delta where billion-dollar oil companies operate remains alarmingly unbelievable. Details


Northern Anarchists Made the Third Term Agenda Possible. By Mazi Onigbo

It is becoming unbelievable with deep shock in particular to Yoruba and Igbo people with such advance educational system and good background of technical know-how to fail abysmally exhibiting very poor ,shallow and foolish behaviour of understanding Northern political Scripts and Nigeria political systems Details


How Dis Country Get Big Head: Fellow Countrymen More Aviation Palaver, (Head Without Sense, Fire Without Water. By Prince Charles Dickson

Even in times like these, the Nigerian Immigration Services NIS have just refurbished two aircrafts that have been grounded for about six years and they claim it has been certified and ready to fly….in the words of the NIS chief “Dornier-228 has outstanding performance characteristics, providing infinite travel flexibility, it can land virtually anywhere…” I hope that does not mean it can crash anywhere, can some one tell me how much It cost taxpayers to refurbish a plane that has been idle for six years and I will certainly take you to where you would buy two new planes for same price. Details


Immigrants: Riots, Asylum and Integration?  By Saad S. Khan

The present poverty in Muslim lands has direct roots in the phenomenon of non-representative authoritarian regimes... In a state as rich as Saudi Arabia, the poverty in urban ghettos of the capital Riyadh is appalling; the metropolitan area of Riyadh is comparable to that of Los Angeles, only that in the former one thirds of households have no running water for drinking or sanitation. The poor localities in Riyadh and Dubai seem marginally different from those of the poorest nations, Mali and Niger. Details


What is Good For Nigeria. By Fixson Akinrimisi

In the absence of a police service Nigerians can be proud of , having an agency that could and would enforce the laws no matter how skeletal their impact might be must be a welcomed approach. Who would have thought the likes of those mentioned as having been dealt with for their part in the endemic corruption’s that for nearly three decades beclouded and engulfed Nigeria could meet with the fate that befall them in the course of this dispensation. Details


All Hail Our Campus Prostitutes. By Salisu Ahmed Koki

Having said this, today in the name of freedom, civilization and hard-earned maturity coupled with JAMB-UME-DE license to fecklessly tip-toe and cat walk on the theories and stories-spoiled soils of our news-making higher institutions of learning, many nudists, caparisoned teenagers and sex mongers are perpetrating heinous crimes that never cease to daunt our image and incur damage on the already degenerating moral fiber of our society. Details


This Third Term Thing: An Evening With Brothers Olusegun Obasanjo, Mbotu And Idi Amin. By Prince Charles Dickson

The North and South are out there certainly and foolishly playing unconsciously and knowingly to a well scripted selfish script of greed and senseless movement, stationary movement. Fighting for power that does not exist or has been shared already, as I thought to myself I wondered how we created the monsters like Mbotu, Idi Amin, Taylor, Mugabe Obasanjo et al and were aided by the so-called international community for their own self centered reasons to kill ourselves. Details


PDP As A Terminal Patient. By  Ifeanyi Ebere

Despite all the pretensions or posturing that defy obvious reality, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is terminally sick. The funereal atmosphere that attended the party’s national convention recently had removed any vestige of doubt that the PDP is ill. Details


Globlization And De-Nigerianization Of Nigerian Economy: A Corporate Takeover. By Carlisle U. O. Umunnah

The continent and Nigeria-state seem[s] to be lacking in these premises irrespective of the latter’s claims – as the giant of the continent. Details


EFCC: Corruption and the Rest of Us. By Yushau A. Shuaib

It seems only Nuhu Ribadu and his team have staked their lives, daring the untouchables in this war. This most not be so. All hands must be on deck  - from the government, religious bodies, traditional institutions to the media, to intensify the campaign against corruption. As the arrowhead of the war, the EFCC must be strengthened to perform.  Details


The State Of Higher Education In Nigeria. By Roy Chikwem

Nigeria was a country that produced world-class university graduates that could compete with their counterparts around the world and hard work was their watchword. Today, we only produce the worst set of uneducated tertiary graduates that cannot structure a simple sentence. Details


EFCC, Obasanjo’s Untouchables And The Anatomy of Corruption. By Prince Charles Dickson

Our corrupt untouchables keep thriving because of a dysfunctional democracy, a democracy that tries to change constitution like a play paper to accommodate illegality without the blink of an eyelid. How can a “BIG THI…” like Mantu be chairing a constitution review committee, an untouchable crook is used by an untouchable President to touch a nation’s law book for corrupt reasons. Details


The Sad and Pathetic End of Obasanjo. By Aonduna Tondu

But first, Nigerians should remind themselves that one critical factor of the full-blown dictatorship Nigerians are living under today is the role of the Nigerian media and especially that of the so-called Kabiyesi press in Lagos. Details


Nigeria: How Not To Revamp Agriculture. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D. I am not against the Chinese, or any foreigners for that matter, being engaged in projects for which Nigeria simply does not have the expertise.  That we can learn a thing or two from the Chinese in agriculture and related fields need not to be overemphasised.  Suffice to say that China is not only able to feed its 1.3billion population, the largest in the world; the country is also a net exporter of huge varieties of food items. Details


Cybercrime And The National Security! By Mahe Shehu Ahmed

The challenge to the Nigerian National Security agencies are unlike crimes involving personal violence, in which the offender and the victim have to be present together in one place at one time, economic criminals however, and their victims can be located anywhere in the world and sometimes never meet in person. Details


Globalisation And Nigeria’s Economic And Political Future By Jibo Nura

The Nigerian government has secured loans and shares and they have a say on who run the government. The issue is that should these multinationals be agents of development,  they would not have tolerated the two charges made against them by the anti-globalisation  brigade Details


President Bush Authorizing Covert Action Against Citizens Without a Court Warrant Scares the Hell Out of Me. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

America the Beautiful has not only become the leader of the Free World, it has, to all intent and purposes, become the gold standard for measuring the efficacy of Democracy around the world. When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold instantaneously. If America does it, it has got to be right, would now be the clarion call of those emerging dictators in our midst from Zimbabwe to Nigeria and from Egypt to Botswana. Details


America Should Be Neutral On Third Term. By  J. E. Iyobhebhe 

Does America have a right to take an interest in political developments in our country? Of course they are entitled to take an interest. They are entitled to counsel and advise our leaders privately, in the same way that you would advise or counsel a friend. What the US is not entitled to do is to start making official statements and utterances that could be deemed undue interference in the internal political affairs of a sovereign Nigerian nation. Details


Katsina State Under ‘Yar-Adua: So Far, How Far? By Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda

‘Yar-Adua has dealt a deadly blow democracy and to its potentials for thriving in Katsina state. He is the alpha and the omega! He is the boss!! Being fascistic, he passes commands down the line and no one dares him!! He is just like a feudal over-lord or an emperor. Details


Would-be-Dictators and American Foreign Policy. By Dr. Nura Alkali

The recent comments of a U.S. official concerning president Obasanjo's third-term agenda could not have come at a better time for most Nigerians. In separate press interviews, Mr. Mike Cohen, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs made it abundantly clear that the United States is not favourable to the idea of a constitutional amendment that would pave the way for president Obasanjo to succeed himself in May 2007, when the tenure of his administration will have expired. Kudos to Mr. Cohen and the United States government for their bold stand on this issue. For the first time in recent memory, America appears to be acting out of sheer altruism and conscience, rather than economic and strategic interests that have guided her foreign policy in the recent past. Details


Nigeria: Still An Abandoned Project. By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Please, could somebody just walk across to President Olusegun Obasanjo’s cozy castle in Aso Rock and ask him how he felt when he saw the report that the two survivors of  the December 10 crash of the Sosoliso Flight 1145 in Port Harcourt were flown to South Africa for medical treatment? So, Mr. President, does it make you feel good that after nearly seven years of encumbering the ground as Nigeria’s ruler, and at a period the nation earned an unprecedented, jumbo windfall from oil, your hapless country cannot boast of a single hospital anyone can confidently send such accident victims Details


Why Governor Chimaroke  Nnamani, Shunned Ogoni & Saro Wiwa In An  All-Souths-Unity Congress. By Cornelius Dumerene

Another Ogoni boy who was a student in University of Port Harcourt also confessed that, in 1995, an Ibo boy that was in English department, told him in his face that Ken Saro wiwa was a stupid man, and he would not have read his book “Soza Boy” if it were not required by the department, and once he is done with the exam, he will burn it up to show how despicable Ken is to all Ibos. Details


Bovinelola Borisacrede: A Man with a Menace Touch. By Jaafar S. Jaafar

Paradoxically, the term ‘sacred cow’ in Nigerian definition, refers to those who dance to the tune His Overlordship the Imperial President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. The ambiguous term further refers to those that can compromise their honour, pride or dignity (if they have any) for the president’s undemocratic agenda whimsically called ‘Third Term.’ Details


Power Shift Palaver. By  Crispin Oduobuk

The idea that power at the centre is the birthright or ‘turn’ of any group must always be resisted by all well-meaning Nigerians. In 2006, while the battle to free the nation from the shackles of the unpatriotic milito-political/business class is being waged, Nigerians, taking into cognisance the general elections of 2007, should be searching for persons with track records of honour able service, and the best ideas for bringing meaningful progress to this country. Details


A  Power Shift To The North:   A Development Approach. By  Dr. Enyantu Ifenne

Let us rank Nigeria’s 36 states on a score chart of socio-economic development indices such as infant and maternal mortality, primary school enrollment, JAMB enrollment and poverty levels.  When this is done, it will be evident that the states with the lowest aggregate score on the chart are the 19 northern states. Thus in development terms, the north should be defined as the most disadvantaged region of Nigeria. Details