Freedom to Caricature? By Saad S. Khan

The riots in Nigeria reflect deep rooted hostility between Hausa Northerners and Ibo Southerners, and have more to do with Southerner President Obasanjo’s attempts to twist the constitution to hang on to the power for a third time, than with the cartoons per se. Details


North, Not Afraid of Resource Control. By Jibo Nura

For seven good years, Nigerian has nothing to show and boast of other than bigotry, hatred and schizophrenic overzealousness of power mongers who by hook or crook want to continue ruling the country w illy nilly. Details


Understanding The Girl Child Education In Islamiyya School: An Answer To Malcolm Doney.  By Fauzi Muhammad Zarruk

To associate Islam with barring of the female child from acquiring sound education is therefore a malicious and indeed a demonic propaganda of the west to further delude…the rights of the child are recognized, defined and protected by Islam. Detail 


Nigerian Banks, E-Commerce, and Useless Credit Cards. By Femi Oyesanya

The problems with establishing effective E-commerce systems in Nigeria include not only erratic power supplies, postal delivery services, and those general digital divide issues that we are most accustomed to. But, in the case of Nigeria, the following factors also contribute to the under development of meaningful E-Commerce: Details


How to Resist Third Term: Lessons from a Neighbor – Part I. By  Dr. Nura H. Alkali

President Obasanjo's third term ambition has finally emerged in the open. The support for third term by PDP officials and 29 governors, and the attempt to change the constitution through sham public hearings have all confirmed the long-held view that Obasanjo is preparing Nigeria for a dictatorship. However, despite government threats and the arrests of several political activists, Nigerians have publicly expressed their total rejection of any extension of tenure of the president and state governors. Thus, the battle line has been drawn between the government on the one hand and Nigerian citizens on the other. Details


Has President Obasanjo a Third-Term Mission from God? By Abdulsalam Olatubosun Ajetunmobi

It appears that President Obasanjo’s third-term bid in the presidency is withdrawing from imaginary worlds into reality. In what seems like an echo rather than the voice of US President George W. Bush who once claimed that he decided to invade Iraq because he was on a “mission form God,” the deputy National Chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George in a newspaper interview declared last week that “One thing the president (Obasanjo) fears is the punishment that may befall him if he fails to follow the wish of the almighty God in playing his role to revamp the country." Details


Just What Has MTEL Got to Do With 3RD Term? By Talatu Darazo

Worrisome you may say.  Just what has MTEL, a mobile communication company got to do with the 3rd term agenda of President Olusegun Obasanjo. I will tell you.  But before then, Has anybody sat down to look at how MTEL has degenerated and is rapidly crumbling in the likes of Nigerian Railway Corporation?  You might as well conclude that MTEL is dead! Details


Olabode George And The NPA Raiders: Will Crusader Ribadu Have The Guts To Clean The Augean Stable? By Dozie Ikem Ezeife, Esq.

The only way Mallam Nuhu Ribadu can rid himself of this proverbial monkey on his back is to parade Boy George in chains on national television. Only a robust and aggressive prosecution of Olabode George and his accomplices on the defunct Board and Management of the NPA will turn the doubting Thomas (including this writer) into genuine disciples of the Crusader, Mallam Ribadu. Details


Democracy in Action: The London Example and the Hisbah Ban. By  Babandi Gumel

I am not a Constitutional lawyer nor trying to defend the Kano State Government in its dispute on one of it’s Policing bodies the Hisbah duly established by the State Assembly in 20003 now banned by the Federal Government recently and the matter is with the High Court. Imagine the Mayor of London elected by the people was banned only for comments which he made by an unelected body how would Londoners react... Details


EFCC Vs Kwankwaso: A Test Case. By Hassan S. Indabawa

An opportunity now presents itself for the commission and its founder, Obasanjo, to prove that the activities of the commission are not directed at perceived enemies of the Obasanjo administration. This opportunity is in the form of Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Obasanjo’s loyalist and governor of the Kano state between 1999 and 2003 who was compensated after he lost the governorship in 2003 with being minister of Defence, a position he still holds.  Details


Globalisation and the Internal Contradictions in Nigeria's Path to Prosperity. By Muttaqa Yusha’u Abdurauf

By the way of conclusion one would really understand the Nigeria’s integration in to the world economy and its subservient position which informs its marginalization and lack of voice in the global arena, but this should not be an excuse for the country not develop, the bane of the country has always being lack of coherent leadership Details



In the light of these observations, the people of Kano State hereby resolve that there should be no change to the existing Constitution before May 2007, in view of the fact that such changes, contrary to democratic norms and practices, are essentially geared to perpetuating serving elected public officials in power.  Details


How to Evolve A  Peoples’ Constitution Memorandum. Submitted. By Prof Auwalu H. Yadudu

In order for your final product, the new constitution, not to be telling a lie similar to that leveled against the 1999 Constitution, which claims its origin and mandate to the “people” – when indeed it was the creature of the military Details


Sensitive Matters, Blood and the Right to Self-Defence. By  Crispin Oduobuk

 if a man tells you he is Ibibio and not 'Calabar,' you ought to respect this distinction. There is something inherently disparaging about the way many people use the term 'Calabar.' Details


There Are Three Investment Ratings For Nigeria. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Investment ratings are the best way to attract money to a Country, a project, or a cause. The way to grow out of poverty is through substantive investment, not promises. In an environment of relative peace and secured life, we may fit into these three investments: Paris Club ratings, Niger Delta Club ratings and Western Union Money transfer ratings. Details


Who Is Persecuting Atiku: Another View. By  Sina Ogundipe

The reality is that the President needed others more than they needed him in 1999 and 2003, which explains why, despite his abrasive and stubborn nature, he had to go on bended knees, supplicating Atiku Abubakar to save his political career. And having thus been saved by his own enormously influential Vice President, the President should have shown gratitude to those who had stood by him Details


Why Must We Kill Ourselves? By  Paul I. Adujie

It does not matter to me, whether such Nigeria is a Christian, Muslim, Igbo, Hausa, Tiv, Ijaw or Yoruba etc. But meanwhile, the Nigerians who are in Nigeria appear not to be able to stand each other’s ethnicity, religion or region! Why can’t we get along, regardless of our subtle differences? We are Nigerians. We are one. Though ethnic and tongue or religion may differ, we are forever one. Nigerians! Details


Omatseye: Infecting Reason With Vitriol. By Abdul-Latif Rasaq

Indeed, if Atiku ever fell out with the north in the past, it was largely because of the perception that he was slavishly loyal to the President, sometimes at the expense of their own political interest. Let no one, however, deceive himself that the north has abandoned Atiku and thrown him to the wolves. Details


Niger Delta Crisis and the Nigerian Economy. By  Victor E. Dike

The Niger Delta crisis is a serious matter that requires serious policy and committed and courageous leadership to resolve. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has threatened some rocket attacks.2 Chief Obasanjo does not seem to care, because his life is not at stake. Details


Reducing Maternal Mortality in Nigeria. By Martins Adebo

In other words, the condom is not fool-proof. The condom is not ‘safe’. In fact, even international bodies are dropping the term ‘safe sex’. Do we now want to be the ones to take it up? Details


Peaceful Co-Existence Remains A Dream. By Anthony A. Akinola

That cartoon depicting the Holy Prophet Mohammed rather derogatorily was unnecessary. The author and the newspaper that published the cartoon had intended to insult Islam, but what they never intended were the consequences of their stupid action. Details


Why Would Shekarau Resign? By Hassan S. Indabawa

Shekarau’s decision to disown the third term dream is not his own as a person. The humble Malam is merely echoing the mind of the average Kano citizens who are not blinded by political motives to what is right and reasonable. Details


Jigawa Citizen’s And Kano-Base Syndrome.  By Sani Ibrahim Taura

A civil servant once told me that he has been in Kano for the last Twenty (25)Five years of his service -family wise, yet he told me that he has to shuttle to Dutse on daily basis simply because he cannot see the situation whereby he would move to a virgin land with no good social infrastructure.  Details


Boni Haruna: An Emerging Emperor. By Jauro Garry Maigaskiya

Every action of Boni Haruna depicts a typical emperor-like behaviour and character. I know his apologist may call me names; term me as one of the paid agents of destabilization; or even declare me an enemy of the State. But this is a reality and it is there for everyone who cares to check and find out for himself. Details


Are You Winning the Deceptive Game? Not Necessarily! By SpinCiy Spinoza

Several questions are in order now: Why should Nigerians continue to surrender their lives to this murderous administration? If Nigerian masses can no longer gain protection from the members of the current government, why should they continue to obey and to surrender their God-given rights to such a tyrannical administration? Details


Obansanjo and the Gang: Singing and Dancing the Colonial Way. By Menre Ayes

Why has the British foreign secretary (Jack Straw) chosen to take the massage of his government to the people of Nigeria? During his recent visit to the country he outlined their evil Development/Destabilation Plans (DPs) aimed to disunite our country. Details


The Cartoon Controversy. By Bolade Wade

Muslims have always claimed that Islam is a peaceful religion and as a reader of the Koran of myself, I have not really seen what advocates this kind of violence against innocent people.  It brings to my mind that Islam truly is peaceful in real practice. Infact, I would say Islam has just lost one of its ardent supporters due to the ‘madness of some violent few.’  Details


Nigeria Northern Tennis in Review: So Far, How Far? By Murtala Bala Habu

As northern states have adopted western education, so must sports in reference to tennis be fully integrated to balance the quality of life for the indigents, shari’a and non-shari’a states with “Little or No Players Data ” in the table must be given urgent attention to further develop programs. Details


Hadejia - Jigawa State of Nigeria. By Adamu Ayuba

I ask the Northern Excellencies, to send students on study trips for one two or three months.  I ask the federal Government to see the possibility of moving the Youths of the South South wanting to learn Computer to Jigawa State for three to six months studies on ICT.  Details


Self Succession Theory- The Phenomenon Of  President Obasanjo’s  Sole Reservoir of Knowledge. By Emma Ihejieto

The fundamental question remains what is the constitutional proviso for Executive Tenure of Office? What does the Statute books say are prerequisites for Constitutional Amendments? What does leadership Ethics provide as motives behind the push for such amendments? Does such a motive derive from altruistic dividends to the generality of the people? Or is it aimed at satisfying the whims and caprices of one man, or of particular benefit to a select few? Details


Limiting Doctors and Lawyers - Wrong Answer. By  Zakari Tata

Up until the late 1980?s, Nigeria produced excellent Lawyers and Doctors using the old educational values that we know best. Now that things have deteriorated we are better off going back to our time tested system instead of embarking on a new and costly system that will overtax the country. Details


Electoral Democracy on Trial: The Third Term Agenda and the Fate of the 2007 Elections in Nigeria. By Chris Kwaja

he questions we are confronted with presently are; will elections hold in 2007? Under what framework will such elections be held since the Electoral Reform Bill 2004 is still before the National Assembly with just a year to the conduct of elections? Details


The Third Term Fever and CNN Credibility. By Ibari Peterside

In fact, even in a sponsored programme, no credible medium such as CNN should surrender its editorial judgment for a mess of commercial pottage. How could anyone rationalize the subordination or bastardization of our constitution to serve the selfish ambition of a power intoxicated political leader?  Details


Riots in Maiduguri and Katsina –the Aftershock. By  Ahmed Yahaya Joe

The reckless abandon with which properties are destroyed and innocent  lives  snuffed out with grievous  bodily  harm inflicted on others whenever  hooligans  hijack  peaceful religious protests especially in Northern Nigeria begs for urgent introspection.  The examples are all too numerous and familiar to recount. Details


Obasanjo’s Manifest Destiny. By Anie Udoh

President Olusegun Obasanjo with 40years of service to his fatherland has earned a place in the front page of Nigerian history. To succumb, in the twilight of his life, to the lure of a satanic extension of stay in office beyond the mandated May 29, 2007 will surely scuttle him to an ignominious end. Details


Nigerian Economic Development Strategy: The Reality. By Onwa Nwafor-Orizu

The political history and practice in Nigeria militates against the laudable economic policy of this administration. Politics in Nigeria has turned the most lucrative business ever and as such builds the most incredible set of politicians that are so desperate to cling to power. The trend in the politics of Nigeria is becoming so bad that I really wonder the legacy our political elites are going to leave behind in a world fast moving in refined liberal democracy. Details


The Trouble With Professor Peter Okebukola, Executive Secretary, Nuc, The Trouble With Nigeria. By Maiyaki Agbaoye Nnadi

Come June this year, all things being equal, Professor Peter Okebukola would finish his first term as the Executive Secretary of the now famous National Universities Commission (NUC) and again all things being equal, Professor Julius Okogie, Vice-Chancellor, Bells University of Technology (President Obasanjo’s university) will takeover as the Executive Secretary, NUC. If you have not established the very obvious link then you must be a non-Nigerian or you must be coming from outer space. Let me help you then a little if you are still wondering, both men are close to OBJ. Details


Reconstructing The Esau-Jacob Paradox: An Analysis of the Political Drama in Anambra State. By Paulinus Anaedu

On April 19, 2003, there was a rape of democracy, a political robbery in a scale that has never been experienced in the history of elections in Nigeria. The extent of this rape and robbery was most manifest in Anambra State, a state created out of the old Anambra State; and which typifies anything and everything wrong with the Igbo man in particular and with Nigeria in general. Details


Houses Without Foundations, Fortresses Without Moats And Castles In The Air: Nigeria’s Decision To Acquire 15 F-7 Fighter Planes From China. By Anthony U. Esealuka, PhD

The decision to buy the Chinese F-7 fighters and the process by which the needs of the Nigerian Air force were identified and decisions made are flawed and in dire need of correction.  Otherwise, how can a reasonable people and government choose to spend in excess of $250 million buying an ancient and outdated relic of a fighter plane to form the backbone of its airpower? Details


Why the Cartoon Protest turned Lethal in Northern Nigeria. By Sunday B. Agang

I am struck by this phenomenon of protest in Nigeria. Why the difference in reaction between Kano, Katsina and Borno States? Why would a protest against a foreign newspaper publication turn to violence meted out to innocent Christians in Nigeria? Details


Cartoons and Brainless Rioters. By Abdulsalam Olatubosun Ajetunmobi

The difficulty here is that what may appear as an open statement of fact to one person (e.g. Sir Iqbal Sacranie's) may be threatening to another (Gay Right's). Therefore, free speech means that we must tolerate statements to which we actively object, however misconceived. Details


Any religious person must be very pained by those associating religion of peace with killers of Maiduguri and other places. As a proud Muslim, I can affirm that my holy Quran does not promote this senseless and un-Islamic attitude. In fact Nigerians, wherever they are must also feel terribly disappointed at the reprisal killings of fellow citizens in Onitsha. Details


Sir Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto: The seasons of a man’s life. Compiled By Prof. Isa Odidi and Dr. Baba J Adamu

He had a profound belief in the capacity of his own inherited political culture to adapt to the needs of the future, and he was unwilling to trade this heritage for an imported western model. He accepted the “rules of the game” with regard to the electoral mechanisms of achieving political power and felt that the demographic advantage of the “interior” made him a natural ally of “the one man one vote” principle. Details


Nigeria’s Leadership Crisis. By  Chido Onumah

The recent massacre, another in the long history of violent religious and ethnic bloodletting, points to the serious shortcoming of the Nigerian experiment. But it also points to something else equally, if not more, disturbing: the problem of leadership. More than two decades ago, eminent literary scholar, Chinua Achebe, identified the trouble with Nigeria as that of leadership. Details


Between Hisbah, FG and Terrorism. By  Ayodele Toafik Ogundele

The minister similarly made a serious accusation against the Kano state government of seeking assistance from foreign countries to train ‘100 jihadists in the act intelligence and practice of jihad’. The accusation may look simple to the authors but it has far reaching implication on the image of the nation and the future security and stability of the country. Details


Today, NdiIgbo still need leaders that have clear mission and vision, and can be trusted like Nna mdi Azikiwe, leaders that can be as dedicated and selfless like Mbonu Ojike and Michael Okpara. We need leaders that will call (on us) and NdiIgbo will come running because of the trust vested in them.  Details


America/Europe, Israel, Palestine, Hamas & Democracy. By  Paul I. Adujie

Hamas won their elections fair and square. Hamas is not accused of any electoral malpractices or frauds. Hamas must be allowed to form a legitimate and constitutional government without outside interference and intermeddling by the United States, Israel and Europe. Israel should unfreeze monies meant for Palestine. In the alternative, Palestine should declare nationhood and create her own currency and institutions! Details


A Rejoinder to Joseph Shehan. By Abdul-Razaq Ibrahim Fagge

 It is pity that most people used to capitalize on physical violence, neglecting the devastating effects of violent psychological, emotional or spiritual provocations and attacks. Details


Extra-Judicial Killings In Katsina: My Encounter With The Katsina State Commissioner Of Police.  By Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda

My intention in this piece is not only to share with the reader and the Civil Society community my bitter experience with this unprofessional conduct of the Katsina State Commissioner of Police but to call your attention to the extra-judicial killings that took place in Katsina on 19/2/2006. Details


Obasanjo’s Successor. By Sam Kargbo

President Olusegun Obasanjo did not catch politicians unawares with his ‘third term’ agenda. Even the most naïve among them would have noticed Mr. President’s scheming for a life presidency long before the end of his first term. Details


What Justice? By  E. Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq.

Sometimes bad things happen to people that do not elicit sympathy. Ordinary educated and hardworking Nigerians find it difficult, for instance, to really sympathize with the victims of the regular 419 scam because, more often than not, it is always premised upon the lure of unearned money to benefit a westerner colluding with a crooked African in a scheme to rip off the system or to procure fantastic sums of money that without a doubt would put an honest person on notice. Details


Continued Detention Of General Ishaya Bamayi, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha & Their Co-Accused Cohorts Is Illegal And Inhuman. By Dozie Ikem Ezeife, Esq.

During the Abacha regime, President Olusegun Obasanjo and several other innocent Nigerians were accused of a phantom coup, “tried” and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. Some of them including Retired Lieutenant-General Shehu Ya’Ardua lost their lives in prison. Nigerians rose in collective protest and expressed support for these martyrs. That was during a dictator’s regime. It therefore saddens me that this sort of injustice is being practiced in the administration of a victim of past injustice. Details


Nigeria Jaga-Jaga and Getting Worse. By Douglas Akunia

Nigeria could break up within 15 years, so said the Americans.  Something some of us had also predicted.  It is said that the best prediction is one that doesn’t happen because it is heeded.  Details


Hisbah: In Defense of Information Minister. By Jaafar S. Jaafar

What would you do if your leader lacks visions, if your leader blows an uncertain trumpet, if the chief security officer of your state condones thuggery, if your governor and his chief publicist lied?  Details


ANPP Leadership Crisis: Bafarawa, Wamakko And Political Relevance In Sokoto State. By Yusuf Dingyadi

Governor Bafarawa had once convince me of his ability in political calculation by analyzing the up coming of PDP primary in Kebbi State long time before it took place. This forecast of political equation and result over the outcome of result in the candidature of Late Abubakar Koko of blessed memory against Bello Khaliel later become reality. Details


Is the US a Friend of Nigeria? By Elie Smith

When Nigeria stood up against France’s test of its nuclear bombs in the south of Algeria, France was vexed. And showed it immediately, when Nigeria’s civil war started, it stood by the Biafran secessionists’ forces of Colonel Ojukwu. Details


Remembering the Bravest of them All. By Peter Opara

General Abacha’s “enough is enough” was as good in private, as it was in public. He never minced words, you knew where he stood – with you or against you; he brooked no nonsense, that is, he brooked not whatever he did not like, and he made it clear to you. Details


The Elusive Treasure Called Peace. By Abdullah Musa

The ideal is that nations with stable political system should not have citizens going to war with one another. In Nigeria this recurs with increasing frequency that we have come to accept it as inevitable. Details


Opposition To The Rumoured 3rd Term: Assumption Of “One Party” State? By Emeka  Oraetoka

Since the outbreak of this imaginary opposition to President Olusegun Obasanjo’s rumoured ambition to have the Constitution amended to afford him 3rd term in office, one assumption is fast creeping into our body polity- that Nigeria is now a one party state. Details


Vesico vaginal fistula (VVF). A Problem of Under-development. By Dr. Rahmat Hassan Mohammad

In Nigeria, an estimated 529,000 women died from the complications of pregnancy and childbirth in 2000.   For every woman who dies, approximately 20 more are seriously injured or disabled. Details


Nigeria: Must The Collision Occur? By Abdullah Musa

Whether we like it or not, we are forced to be obsessed with politics. People are looking at the dark political horizon not really sure of what the clouds portend. The normal expectation from clouds is the rain which may come with gusts of wind. We demand and crave for peace. Details


Nigerian Unity On Earth Not In Heaven. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

There are so many events lately that have given ammunition or might vindicate those who pledge for the break up of Nigeria. One of the new friends I made urged me to join them in the break up of my beloved Country. The sad part of these events is that it is not new. These are recurring problems after which committees are set up; promises made to investigate culprits that would be swiftly brought to justice. It’s all talk and little action. Details


Kudos to Adamu Adamu and Related Matters. By Crispin Oduobuk

Now, regardless of what has been in this recent past—or perhaps because of it—in tune with Adamu’s premise, it is a good season to be talking peace. But we should not only talk peace; we should also live peace, even if our nation state perpetually fails at guaranteeing that peace. Details


On Banning Hisbah. By Sani Garba Mohammed

The banning of Hisbah is not only unfortunate but bad. Hisbah is the vanguard of implementing Shariah which we are trying to implement in all the strata of our lives. Details


The Genius that is Olusegun Obasanjo. By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Can anyone think of Nigeria in the last thirty-five years or so without Obasanjo? He is the custodian of political-goodies, the man with both raw and refined power and unbridled influence. Details


The Pitfalls In  President Olusegun Obansanjo’s Concept Of Loyalty. By  Eze Chukwuemeka Eze Loyalty interpreted from the past acts and actions of President Olusegun Obasanjo since the inception of his administration in 1999 is no longer based on one being principled or respectful to one’s principles or carrying out one’s functions according to the tenets of such office or assignment, but one’s ability to be a high-class sycophant Details


Buhari and Kalu: Do not be Deceived; OBJ is in Free-fall to Illegal Third Term. By SpinCity Spinoza Obasanjo is in free-fall to his third term ambition if you allow yourselves to be deceived by his thugs. Every object under the influence of free-fall is not necessarily free of its own will. Instead, there are forces at work, propelling the object to some destination. Details


Who Is Afraid Of Constitutional Amendment?  Matters Arising. By Eugene.  Uzum Esq

The social political situation in Nigeria and agitations by Nigerians in Diaspora for good governance makes it imperative that the 1999 constitution be reviewed.  The 1999 constitution is silent on a lot of substantial issues and in some cases the constitution is ambiguous. Details


Niger Delta Crisis and the Nigerian Economy. By  Victor E. Dike

The crisis in the Niger Delta is not complex by itself. But the approach to resolving it makes it complex and dangerous. The people are not asking for anything out of the ordinary. The region that is home to Nigeria’s oil wealth remains the most impoverished community in the nation. Details


Revolution Revisited … [Part 2]. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

Comparatively speaking, Nigeria northern military and northern civilian elites who have looted and continue to loot Nigerian treasures since 1960s did not see the need to educate and enlighten its populations. They have rather preferred to keep mute or all call for empty inconclusive investigations old slogans as Rome burns. Details


Open Letter To Chief James Onanefe Ibori, Governor Of Delta State. Part II By Eugene A. Uzum Esq

The picture of Politics in Delta State is getting clearer, plans are being perfected but the real political direction is still very elusive. I’m compelled to write this letter to you, after a careful dissection of your governmental policies, deductive approach to State affairs and unalloyed support for the Niger-Delta struggle. Details


Bukar’s Legitimate Ignorance. By Nasiru Lawal

Mr. Obasanjo, though never coming out publicly to state that he intends staying in office beyond that allowed by the current Nigerian constitution, appears to have fooled very few. State governors (like Bukar Abba Ibrahim) have recently been shamelessly coming out to endorse an extension o f his tenure.” Details


OBJ, A ‘Democrat’ in Military Uniform): A Reply to Jibo Nura. By Dean Akobuije

You may not know this.  Everytime you write insalting article on the person of General Ojukwu, you insalt all of us.  If you took time to read true accounts of event that led to the civil war.  You may find that General Ojukwu tried more than all the players to give peace a chance short of given up his head for their sharp knives. Details


Confederation Is It! By Babayola Toungo

One of the resolutions adopted by the Southern Leaders at their recent summit towards the tail end of last year was the adoption of Confederation, should they fail to produce the President of Nigeria come 2007.  Since this thunderous pronouncement (with a soothing effect) was made, the more I reflect on it, the more I become fascinated with the idea of Confederation. Details


OBJ, A ‘Democrat’ in Military Uniform. By Jibo Nura

As Odumegwu Chukumeka Ojukwu, the Biafran warlord, attempted to hide his military Khaki, he uttered “If politics is a game, and if at all it is a game like football, then it must have its own rules which must be obeyed”. But unlike Odumegwu Ojukwu, who unceremoniously made this statement out of one of his kiri-kiri sermons, President Olusegun Obasanjo, has a different notion of this view all together. Detail


Ujudud Shariff- A Writer Without Cause. By Muhammadu Abubakar

I recall during the Abacha days, when Col. Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, out of sheer patriotism wrote an open letter to General Abacha requesting him  to discard his idea of staying in office, forever. This, Dangiwa said would not only destroy the nation, but would rub-off on the northerners’ integrity and our position in the state of the union, particularly when most of the prodemocracy  activists clamped in jail, were of the southern extraction. Details


“Pirate Confraternity”, The Root Of All Cultism In Nigeria And The Bane Of The Educational System…” By John Oke

The Niger Delta has been under siege by armed militia, killing, maiming and kidnapping both Nigerians and foreigners, the entire nation has been held hostage by armed robbers, robbing banks at will and sacking police formations. The political imbroglio in Oyo and Bayelsa States are fresh assaults on our national psyche, the crises in the Daffur region of Sudan and the rot in our aviation industry are all cases in point. What is the government position on these issues? Details


The Abuja Dream. By  Uche Nworah

Because most of the big ogas and politicians had left their wives back in Lagos and in the other towns where they were transferred from, an opportunity arose for young women who quickly cashed in and became mistresses for the rich. Many of these young women as a result became millionaires pandering to the sexual needs of the rich and mighty, some of them were paid with lucrative government contracts and choice land allocations. Life was good, but not for everybody Details


Obasanjo, Governors And Third Term. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

Governors in their attempt to save their necks from the tightening noose of EFCC coupled with the excitement of being beneficiaries of extension of tenure, is the driven force behind their colossal disregard to the long suffering of the Nigerian masses and their irresponsible, reprehensive, revolting endorsement of the attempt to burgled and adulterate the Nigerian constitution Details


Urhobo Panacea For Peace In Delta State: A Rejoinder. By Eugene  Uzum

Chief Benjamin Okumagba emphasized that the Urhobo Nation constitute more than 50 percent of the entire population of Delta State.  He also reiterated that Urhobo nation constitute over 70 percent of the solid landmass of Delta State. Without prejudice to the entire Urhobo nation, if this positions where actually canvassed and anchored as reported within local newspapers, then the Urhobo Nation must rise up to the challenges of false leadership. Details


Kowtowing to Bird Flu Scare. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

Most poultry owners all over Nigeria expressed dissatisfaction with the 250 Naira per bird compensation fee announced by Minister of Agriculture, Mallam Adamu Bello, which they consider as too meager. Details


Obj’s Third Term Agenda – A Monkey Trap. By Dozie Ikem Ezeife, Esq.

How can anybody tell us with a straight face that we cannot find another Nigerian capable of taking over from the President? What about Muhammadu Buhari, Dora Akunyili, Dangiwa Umar, Emeka Anyaoku, Ngozi Okonji-Iweala, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Gani Fawehinmi, Alex Ekwueme, to name but a few? Surely any of these men and women and several thousands of our Countrymen can do as well if not better than Olusegun Obasanjo. Details


No Single Ethnic Group Can And Will Carry Nigeria. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

A tree can not make a forest. Nigeria has to be carried by each and every Ethnic group in our Country for the sake of Africa, for the sake of blacks in this world. I pride myself as a dedicated Nigerian but sometimes I find it easier to be an African. I must confess that I was ticked off by the recent headline that Yoruba have betrayed the Igbo AGAIN. Details


The Presidency, The Constitution and the Public. By Anthony A. Akinola

Nigeria’s diversity is not necessarily responsible for its relative backwardness. The reason ours is a “crippled giant”, to borrow from the title of Professor Eghosa Osaghae’s book , is because we have consistently had small men with oversize boots at the helm of our national affairs. Details


From Grace To Grass: N55 Million Scam. By Alhaji Ismaila Sadik

For the first time ever, it appears that majority of the masses are completely in support of the on going war on the vices which rubbed the nation the benefit of the enormous wealth the nation had acquired over the years.  The avowed determination of the present administration to tackle this problem and without looking back, posses a serious threat to the beneficiaries from the business as usual. Details

The Muslim Public Affairs Centre Strongly Condemns Killings in Borno State

PRESS RELEASE MPAC It must be remembered that the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, was quick to condemn the islamophobic cartoons in its courageous and principled position expressed recently. It is actions such as this, that will reassured us of the possibility of a better future in which Muslims and Christians can work together in order to bring peace and justice to the country... Also, leaving free young Muslims who wants to do something and who have not been taught the Islamically sanctioned ways of objecting to insults and provocation, is a dangerous recipe for the type of actions that occurred in the state... It is wrong that we Muslims have not dealt with these thugs once and for all. Justice is for all, and injustice must not be allowed to go unchallenged Details