Obasanjo, Third Term and the Rest of Us. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

In the seven good years of Obasanjo regime which witnessed the biggest oil proceeds earned by Nigeria ever in history, yet, the Federal Government had virtually nothing to write home about in terms of capital projects execution, particularly in the Northern geo-political zone of Nigeria, where the most populated communities were terribly marginalized and discriminated out of semester and sentimental motives of tarnishing and endangering their future survival within the Nigerian federation. Details


Not in Our Name: The Third Term. By Emeka Kenneth Duru

The 3 senators from Imo state are the reason I am not overtly enthusiastic of a President from Ibo land. Distinguished senators who believe that out of over a hundred million Nigerians, we can not find another leader to take the mantle of leadership, how much less from 40 million people.Details


Nigeria  Government  And  Peaceful  Times. By Miles  P. C.  Opara

The Nigerian air force which has never tested their outdated bombers managed to fly to  villages in the creeks and bombarded their little huts for which only civilian casualties were recorded. The militants felt that Nigeria government resent peace and started killing Nigerian soldiers and police almost unprovoked and at will even with their fortifications and newly acquired arsenals. Details


My Name is May 29th, 2007. By Dahiru Maishanu

Does the Nigerian intelligence community have the ability to stop foreign intelligence organizations from gathering sensitive information from our policy and decision-makers? In other words: are we capable of preventing opposing security organizations from eavesdropping on our ministers, governors and on Aso Rock - considering the fact that we have foreign agents posing as business men and women crawling all over the Hilton hotel in Abuja, and all over government ministries in Lagos, Kaduna, Port Harcourt and elsewhere? Details


A Perspective On The Discrimination Against Nigerian HND Holders. By Christian Dimkpa

The truth is, like his BSc counterpart, the present Nigerian HND graduate is a lazy, dependent fellow who would not take his destiny in his hands. Many students attend polytechnics for several reasons. For me, but also, am sure, for many ND students, being from just an average-resource base family, undertaking an ND program was a form of security, since the later is of shorter duration, and there is no guaranteed funding for the longer BSc program. Details


Third Term Agenda: Matters Arising (2). By Chido Onumah

It was Lord Acton, the British historian, who wrote these eternal words: "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely". It is hard to find a better example. If we were in Hollywood, Obasanjo would win an Oscar for best actor based on his 1998 script. Details


Renegade Youths Versus The Rest Of Us. By Abdullah Musa

The point of reference and relevance of Prof Ayagi to this discourse was an interview he gave to News Line, an NTA network program long time ago. Responding to the question on the driving factor behind the establishment of the schools referred to earlier, he said they (Prof Ayagi and Co) wanted to train children to grow up and be “like us”. A renegade child, to put words into the mouth of Prof Ayagi , would be one who refuses to be like them. Details


Constitution Amendment: What The Opposers Are Not Telling Nigerians. By Ambi Philemon

The ongoing constitution amendment is un-arguably the most talk-about issue in Nigeria today, the battle is between those for it and those against it, and the ones for seems to be winning the battle, thanks to the psychological methods of action the adopted by making us belief that constitution amendment process means tenure elongation. “The so called third term”. Details


My Name is May 29th, 2007 By Dahiru Maishanu

The name May 29, 2007 is not even a proper name. Some people call me third term agenda, (TTA), some call me sad term while others simply call me Mantu. Yet others call me the decider, the leveller, the end point, the new beginning and the nemesis. I’m a mixed bag, a roller coaster, depending on which side of the pot you are. Details


Obasanjo's Dynasty Ambitions. By Abdulsalam Ajetunmobi

However, it is my candid opinion that the President should rather quit at the expiration of his second-term next year and allow another leader to come on stage. By amending the constitution to elongate his stay, President Obasanjo in office, at the third time, will be fostering a personal cult rather than creating a culture of leadership in the country and this may rumble on for generations. Details


419: "Those In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones"! By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.

By far, the biggest and most serious 419 fraud committed by Obasanjo’s government is the unprecedented rigging of the 4-19-2003 election. The president himself told the nation that he, personally, met with at least two self-confessed 4-19 elections fraudsters and, rather than treat them for whom they are, criminals that should be serving long jail terms, rewarded them with unhindered access to Aso Rock and to the president!   Details


What makes me sad about the whole situation is that the very people who misled Abacha and almost got Obasanjo killed on the alter of term extension are the same people reading the same script they wrote to Abacha, in order to mislead Obasanjo. I am annoyed because Obasanjo has fallen for the political deception of Anenih, Ojo and Jerry. To me, these people are Nigeria’s public enemy No.1, and what a sad old man Obasanjo will end to be, if he continues down this path. Details


Nigeria:  A Nation Trapped in Political Uncertainty. By Muhammad Bashir

Let me start with the popular belief or conclusion among its people, at home and in Diaspora and even members of the international community that, in view of the ongoing political gridlock in the country, Nigeria is, by any stretch of optimism, inevitably set on a roadmap to anarchy come 2007. Details


Obasanjo May End in Utter Disaster and Shame: A Rejoinder. By Abubakar Aliyu Funtua

The President is supposed to represent and indeed protect the interests of all ethnic groups in the country, not just his own. It seems that Fani-Kayode is the one “living in another planet for the last 41 years” but not anyone else.Details


Titles and Our Personalities. By Ifedigbo Nze Sylva

That a serving Nigerian governor should be addressed as “His Excellency, Alhaji, Senator……..” not only amazes me but also injures my sensibilities and such is a constant observation in our national polity, it is obvious that we really have to outline all our past achievements to be able to bring to fore our elder statesmanship status or drive home the point that “we’ve been there”. Details


Adams Oshiomole in Search of a Political Party for his 2007 Elections Programme. By Dr Abayomi Ferreira

It is public knowledge that Oshiomole is keen on becoming the next governor of Edo State. That is a very legitimate ambition. I also know that by his profound intellect, wide knowledge, good erudition and unique experience as a president of the NLC for two terms, Adams would be a much better president or prime minister of Nigeria than most of the exploiters who have occupied those offices since 1960. Details


Third Term Politics: Dear Segun, Dear Sunday (Week 3): A Satire. By Banjo Odutola

The signing off of your last letter is a new one. Sunday of Arewa. For a minute, I thought it was your baronetcy. Friends of our age, as you know refer to you as Joseph in the land of Pharaoh. Details


As India Beckons Adenuga And Globacom. By  Uche Nworah

Though a late entrant into Nigeria’s hugely lucrative telecommunication sector after a scandalous failed bid with their Communications Investments Limited (CIL) brand, the Adenugas have within a short time grown Globacom to become Nigeria’s second national operator behind MTN, and with over 6 million subscribers and market reputation as Nigeria’s fastest growing mobile service provider, there seems to be no end in sight to the group’s phenomenal growth. Details


NEPA/PHCN: Still A Sleeping Giant. By ISA Muhammad Inuwa

Being one of the oldest government corporations since Nigeria¡'s independence or even prior to that, the National Electricity Power Supply Company ¨C NEPA (Now PHCN), deserves all sorts of respect and protection as a lasting and living legacy and pride of a nation. However, the accompanying vicissitudes and ups and downs associated with the power supplying body has attached a lingering stigma to its name, which is synonymous with inefficiency in its vital functions of supplying (supposedly) uninterrupted electricity to the ever increasing demand of the populace. Details


Of Obasanjos Anti-Corruption And The Third Term Hunger: The Saminu Turaki Perspective. By Lawal A. T. Some two years ago the amiable Jigawa state governor made what he believed to be a deft political move by paying a visit to Yola with his speaker, a few members of the national assembly and the ANPP state hierarchy. The reason for the visit was to pay homage to Atiku Abubakar the V,P.... About the same time the EFCC swooped on Jigawa and arrested Saminus Chief of Staff with another warrant for his younger brother Bashir, and his Suleja born but now Singapore based 2nd wife. The charges were the over invoicing of a supply contract to the NSPMC during the Abacha days through which Saminu and Atiku Bagudu using the corporate name EPCEL Nigeria Ltd had siphoned off millions of dollars. Details


Obasanjo was right all along : Nigeria's Economic Reforms and Privatization Moves. By Ade Tay

First things first, I have to say this but with a heavy heart, I am extremely disappointed with Gani Fawehinmi and other so called “professional” Nigerians over the constant criticisms against privatization and now in the case of the Law School privatization.  I am a graduate student in Business Administration and I may not have written a book on economics but I know enough to hopefully, teach Nigerians a few things about why privatization is very good for our economy Details


Police Stations In Nigeria. By  Wale Akin

What is really wrong with the NPF, what are the causative factors and remedies needed to jumpstart this decayed arm of governance? Most of us were not too shocked when the former Inspector General of Police Tafa Balogun was arraigned on fraud charges and made to pay back all the official funds he siphoned into his private accounts Details


Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH): A Life Saving Hospital. By  Kabiru Inuwa

As an indigene of Kano, who benefits directly from the services of AKTH, I am greatly disturbed by the negative appellation being given to the refutable medical facility. The spurious allegations and rumours being spread around the ancient city about the hospital are unfortunate to say the least. The Hospital had been nicknamed “Asibitin Karasani” killing Hospital by none other than the immediate and direct beneficiaries of the medical institution. But that is not surprising at all, considering the peculiar character traits of an average Bakano who always failed to think positively about any idea no-matter how good and beneficial. Details


Obasanjo's Address To The Nation After The Resolution On The Third Term Proposition Has Been Roundly Defeated. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

"As a born-again Christian I do know that power belongs to God and God gives His grace and Power to whoever He chooses. I did not intervene to stop the debate on whether or not I should serve a third term in obedience to God. The same God has now told me it was time for me to speak, and that is why I am addressing you tonight." Details


Senator Jibrin Aminu And The Third Term Project. By Zayyad I.  Muhammad

There is no qualm senator Aminu is a fine lettered man, and grown-up amidst a well cultured people, but when it comes to politics and public choice the man is nothing but controversies and flops. The so-called PDP linkmen are the ‘instruments’ that took the third term agenda to States that powers that be know, the Governors at those States would not concede to the sit tight plot. Details


Nigeria – Hanging On The Precipice Of Greatness. By Tope Fasua

I traced three likely paths to Nigeria’s greatness, in spite of itself and in spite of the people who presently inhabit its space.  The first path in the hypothesis is that we can allow things to continue the way they are and wait for another 25 years for a class war to break out between the children of the super-rich and the super-poor.  The second option is for the Nation to really converge and discuss its problems, for its own sake, in a logical fashion and not sweep anything under the carpet Details


Let Us Unite Against Third Term. By  Kayode Oladele

If you take away the right of our people to freely elect and change their leaders, then our whole democracy and constitutional fabric will unravel. The promise of democracy, assertive civil society, political empowerment and emancipation of the people will become a sham. Details


EMIS: How Kano Is Blazing The Trail. By  Hassan S. Indabawa

What is EMIS, one would ask? Education Management and Information System (EMIS) involves collection of data in decision making. Data collected helps also in planning, monitoring of projects and evaluating development activities. The idea is to make necessary information available to managers and stakeholders at all levels in the education sector Details


Regarding the Niger-Delta Situation: If I Was Obasanjo, What Would I Do? By Usman Yerima  

Clashes between Niger Delta youths and law enforcement increased, and casualties began mounting. All kinds of weaponry found its way into the region and into the hands of these determined Niger-Delta groups made up mostly of youths. With such weaponry at their disposal, these youths were ready to take on the Nigeria Army, and did, killing several soldiers in small gun battles, and taking hostages from resident oil companies. All of this occurred, but Obasanjo lacked the leadership to step up and take charge of the situation when he should have. He simply ignored the problem. Details


The Scourge of HIV/AIDS in  Nigeria; Indigenous Solution.  By Taiwo O Fasoranti MD

On the topic of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, I would like to shed some light and suggest a practical solution I will call the “Nigerian Solution”.  Nigeria has now become the number three nation in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world (USAIDS, 2004). Details


Bleeding Heart: Bahamas. By  Paul I. Adujie

Here I am in Bahamas and every person I meet, gives me the soulful embrace and reminder of the fact that they are the blood of my blood, the bone of my bone and that we are kit and kin. Our collective origins are unmistakable. It is always so obvious! Details


How To Become Any Ethnic Africana. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

I entered a Cuban store in the US some years ago and noticed that the music was in a deep Yoruba dialect. Then a Cuban Babalawo was invited to give a lecture I attended. I was moved that Yoruba, Igbo, Ibibio and Hausa languages are still spoken by those who had not been to Africa for some generations. Without DNA, they know exactly their own localities. Those who do not are tracing their family trees back. Details


El-Rufai And the Architecture Of Abuja. By Ahmed Joe

How El-Rufai responds to these challenges will determine whether or not he will join the wunderkind fraternity of urban revolutionaries that includes Michael Bloomberg of New York, Former Mayor Ehud Olmert of Jerusalem, Shintaro Ishihara of Tokyo and Lee Myung of Seoul.  El-Rufai must therefore see to the creation of unforgettable vistas that would spice up the local economy of the city with Architectural tourism. Details


Memorandum On Police Extra-Judicial Killings In Katsina: The Truth And The Way Forward. By Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda

Therefore, the governor must note that he himself, many of the people around him and Obasanjo enjoy serious negative image and publicity in the state and nationally. Thus, to contemplate a self-serving constitutional amendment indicates insensitivity and lack of connectivity with the general population. Therefore, the governor and his henchmen must drop the selfish agenda of manipulating the constitution. Details


Yar’adua’s Militia And Security To Lives And Property In Katsina State. By Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda

The political temperature in Katsina state seems to be rising at a supersonic speed. The governed are disenchanted because despite poor leadership, the government continuously deceive the people that it is doing well. Details


The Dearth Of Girl-Child Education In Katsina State. By Dr. Sadiq Isah Radda

The Katsina state government has recently embarked on the policy of de-boarding the State’s Secondary Schools including female schools. This negative policy is initiated due to the usual reasons adduced by insincerely and corrupt governments: shortage of funds Details


Tazarce is Undemocratic. By Dahiru Rabe Kofar Sauri

Precisely, this paper is calling the attention of our youths to wake up and resist the undemocratic “tazarcefication” of Nigerian politics by Gen. OBJ’s regime, as well as the retrogressive reforms under the “Obasanjonomics” charade, which have been ‘earthquaking’ the very foundation of Nigerian nation since May 1999. I hope this simple presentation will serve as a motivating recipe for our future political undertaking. Details


Attack on Nzeribe's Office, Fresh Challenges Before PDP. By Emeka Oraetoka

One frightening implication of hesitation on the part of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in decisively dealing with future occurrence of the ugly incident of looting and arson in its fold as witnessed on 18th April 2006, in Orlu LGA, will surely be an organized incubation of anarchy in PDP in particular, and Nigeria in general. Details


Third Term Analysis. By  John Iyobhebhe

 It is important to note that the NA is considering a number of amendments, including important non- tenure related clauses, but Nigerians are solely and squarely focused on the issue of executive tenure as if it is the only amendment being considered by the National Assembly. Details


God and Abandoned Projects. By Anie Udoh

President Olusegun Obasanjo obviously knows his Bible. What may be in doubt is the degree of his belief and commitment to obey the commands of the Holy Scriptures. Details


The Palestinians. By Sabella Abidde

Recent events in the news have prompted me to return to the issue of the Palestinians who are fighting for their right to self-determination, right to peaceful coexistence, and the right to statehood -- all of which have been denied them by the state of Israel. Details


Nigerians Must Discover the Internet Secret. By Okoroinyima Kalu

Majority of Nigerians are trapped in the rat race having jobs working for others but do not know how to get out. This article offers a way out to achieve freedom through earning passive income. Internet business is recommended because it is exciting, rewarding and best home based business. Tips are given that are designed for professional business working from home. Details


"Free" and Open Source Software: A Revolutionary Phenomenon for Advancement in Developing Countries Like Nigeria. By Ben Oghre

By using the "free" Linux operating system instead of proprietary alternatives like windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, and "free" applications like open office instead of Microsoft office XP, 2000 and 2003; the cost of acquiring new and used computers is significantly cheaper. Details


Vice President Orji Kalu; Angling for Second Class Citizenship? By Paul I. Adujie

It is now becoming clear that Orji Kalu have engaged in grandstanding loud-talk, just in order to leverage himself into vice presidential candidate position with Mr. Atiku Abubakar or Mr. Ibrahim Babangida. Kalu only sought publicity and attention to, himself to appear attractive and visible for the number two position.  Details


This Man, Obasanjo. By Obeya Francis Kizito

This man Obasanjo; soldier, farmer, politician, coup plotter, prisoner, statesman and three-time president of Nigeria can best be described as a legend in his own right. Very few, if any, in the whole wide world can lay claim to be as blessed as Uncle Sege. A career soldier,  this army officer will have the honor of not only bringing an end to our only civil war (so far) but go on to provide much needed leadership to a nation whose stability laid threatened b the aftermath of the assassination of  General Murtala Muhammad, the then Head of State back in the day. Details


Obasanjo/Atiku: It is Enough. By Segun Adepipe

The world is increasingly nervous about events in the Niger Delta, but instead of facing the problem squarely, Obasanjo has time to push his personal problems with Vice President. How is the world to look at this? Details


General Obasanjo’s Third Term Albatross. By Ayo Makinde

According to Col. Ali, Nigeria would relapse into imminent decay should President Obasanjo surrender power in 2007; our constitution must therefore, be amended to let Gen. Obasanjo continue the magic of his achievements in office so far!  He argued that since Gen. Obasanjo abdicated office in 1979, Nigeria deteriorated in every respected in national life, but it picked up when he was elected in 1999 to restore the lost glory of the country. Details


Atiku: Striking A Chord With Democrats. By  Ayo Makinde

Given the level of desperation with which the President is subtly pursuing his obsession to rule for life, it is becoming increasingly evident that General Obasanjo wouldn’t bother if the country goes down with him rather than humbly abandoning this overwhelmingly unpopular political project. Details


To Utilize the Power and Beauty of Democracy. By  Victor E. Dike

Does Chief Obasanjo and associates think that Nigerians are fool? Are the third-term operatives working without his knowledge? He seems to be suffering from political amnesia!  Everybody knows he has been preparing grounds to sack Atiku in the same manner his gang attempted to abduct Chris Ngige of Anambra. Details


Third Term Plot: A Reveille For Democrats. By  Samuel Adegbenro

Despite the moral crisis facing the political career of third term promoters, they are still defying public opinion with their persistent determination to alter and impose a new constitution on Nigerians, which may force frustrated citizens to put up with President Obasanjo’s unpopular rule. Details


Assembling the Truth: Was that an IBB Declaration? By Okechukwu E. Asia

In a rare circumstance, President Olusegun Obasanjo has publicly confirmed that Ibrahim B. Babangida (IBB) is innocent of all those “mushroom accusations of corruption and embezzlement of public funds”. In what seemed to be Mr. President’s defense of IBB he confirmed what EFCC Chairman Mr. Ribadu said in early April 2005 that “the government has looked into and with all resources at their disposal to track the alleged funds that IBB stacked away in some foreign banks but was unable to find any”. Details


The 2007 Forum, Atiku And The Third Term Plot. By Abubakar Yusuf

Recently, the clampdown on anti third term (real and imagined) campaigners has taken the most dangerous dimension it can. The meeting convened by The 2007 Forum on April 5, became the citadel of brazen display of executive lawlessness. Details


Sierra Leone’s Quest for Justice. By Saad S. Khan

The arrest of Charles Taylor marks the end of head-of-state immunity from trials on crimes against humanity in Africa as he is the first leader to be indicted for such offences in the continent. His arrest has raised hopes that Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, Qaddafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt and Mugabe of Zimbabwe will too have their days of reckoning in this world. Details


RE-:What if our Northern Muslim Brothers Decide to Declare a Jihad. By Mamman Bijan

Nigeria's name has been soiled in the international arena. This is primarily due to 419 perpetrated by the Southerners where they rip widows and other destitute of their lifetime savings through phony stories. Only in the South will you see people demonstrating for, not against, their governor even though he was caught with hands in the public till. Details


Thinking, Just Thinking. By Wale Akin

Its 50 years this year since the first barrel of crude oil was exported by Nigeria and Bayelsa is yet to be connected to the National power grid, why won’t the likes of Asari Dokubo become agitated and continue the hostage taking games. Abi is this Federal Govt. mad ni? Details


Nigeria is Designed for Economic Superiority not Cultural Superiority. By Wilson Iguade

The state government MUST be allowed to develop its own police force and be responsible for training them. The existence of a state police force does not prevent the federal government from having its own federal police force responsible for federal crimes and injustices. Details


Atiku, Resign and Fight. By  Chido Onumah

Nigeria’s Vice-President, Atiku Abubaker, is a harried man. And there is no indication things will get better for him. Atiku’s face-off with the President has taken a dangerous dimension and going by the latest pronouncements by Atiku and the President’s men, the battle line has been drawn and there will be casualties  sooner or later. Details


Political Education: The Panacea For An Enduring Democracy. By Dr ‘Wole Akinwumi & Mr Omusa Baba Ohyoma

One is almost misled to believe that our country has degenerated into a banana republic that repudiates freedom of association and expression of own political pathways. The gifts of democracy are myriad; and its space infinitely defined, as it were, by political affiliations, ideologies or even making a simple political statement.  All of these have a place in the heart of democracy.  No qualms whatsoever.   Details


Nigeria: Engineering Education and Engineering Practice. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.

The Nigerian Government recently shot itself in the foot when it announced to the world that due to the collapse of the nation’s tertiary institutions, Nigerian-trained engineers are unemployable. Details


“TWO SKUNKS AT THE PICNIC”  Bush and his “Iraq quagmire” versus Obasanjo and his “Third Term” Disaster. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

I just cannot for the life of me understand why a President to whom the Nation has given so much, can turn round to want to destroy the edifice he claims to have joined others in building. Amending the Nigerian Constitution for the frivolous and self-centered reason of prolonging his tenure in office is about the greatest crime any leader can commit Details


Why Do We Have To Foot Abti’s Bill: Attention Tambuwal. By Ihas Idriess

This article is about what has been happening to us in Adamawa for the past three to four years, agreed that although Adamawa state is the VP home state, it can boast next to nothing when it come to infrastructural development, both local and federal, it is a fact today that not a single federal presence can be attributed to the VP even though it was universally agreed that from 1999 to 2003 he was the world most powerful VP Details


The Far North and the Begging Syndrome. By Dahiru Maishanu

 If Yabo has ever been to Lagos, he would not have so flagrantly written that there are no beggars from the state. This would amount to playing with the intelligence of the reading public. Details


The Yarima of Bakura. Why all the noises?By Abba Idris Adam

The secret behind his achievements is setting directions, intellectual flexibility, broad scanning, political astuteness and driving for result. He listens to people’s complaints on daily basis; by listening you show the speakers that they have your attention. Good listeners give focused and undivided attention as they are interested in finding the best solution to their people. How wonderful it is when people believe in their leader! But it is even more wonderful when the leader believe in his people. Details


Dr. Leke Pitan’s schools’ Tables and Chairs. By Banjo Odutola

The attempt in this article is responsive to the announcement by the new Commissioner of Education, Lagos State, Dr. Leke Pitan. It is appropriate to highlight the Commissioner’s concern; and impressive anodyne to a problem that can only be hoped is not a politician-speak.  Details


Nigeria May Become Somalia, Ivory Coast, Then Iraq. By  Paul I. Adujie

Several centrifugal forces are pulling at Nigeria to different directions of precipices. The political opposition and opponents of President Obasanjo have ratcheted up their do or die battle for power, in order to end their political orphanages; And in their obvious search for the plums that are usually found in public political offices. As government remains the sole growth industry outsider of profiteering religions in Nigeria. Details


Obasanjos’ Views On 3rd Term. By  Olu Majomi

Is it proper to manipulate the transition programme, including amending the Constitution for a President’s selfish end? Should a President continue in office when people have lost faith in him, do not trust him? How important is credibility in governance? Details


All in the Name of Third Term. By Emma Sunday Ozoemena

On the very moment that Charles Tailor's capture flashed on CNN as a breaking news, I wept for my Country, and the last hope I held for Obasanjo's good intentions in governance vanished like a mirage on a highway. Well, not that I trusted Obasanjo, but I did indeed trust a few of the people that worked for him. I trusted   Okonjo-Iweala of the finance ministry, I trusted Dora Akunyili of NAFDAC, I trusted Soludo of the Central bank, I trusted El-Rufai of  Abuja ,and I somehow trusted the EFCC's Ribadu. Details


Third Term: The Unravelling Of An Alliance? By  Igenewari Wilcox

Is the alliance put together by President Obasanjo for the realization of his 3r term ambition unravelling? It has emerged that contrary to popular opinion the outcome of the Mantu constitution review Committee’s deliberations has been giving Aso Rock sleepless nights.  Details


“Running Mate” Of Almajiranci, Destiny And Bitter Solution. By Jaafar Jaafar

Going by the antagonist of late Waziri Ibrahim’s immortal words, “politics without bitterness,” late Alhaji Aliyu Sabo Bakinzuwo, for whom “politics must be bitter,” and also his laughable conception of political running mate (governor/deputy, president/vice president) as “intractable problem,” truly, most of Northern states of Nigeria have a “running mate” (intractable problem). And the impeachment of or the remedy to this “running mate” of Almajiranci, to borrow Bakinzuwo’s lexicon, “must be bitter.” Therefore, swallowing the bitter pills would certainly be a tall order. But I will come back to this issue. Details


Good Essence For Structural Management. By Comrade Sylvester I. Ukusare

Mr. President should understand that him and his vice-president are having equal status despite he’s the boss of the nation and never-the-less that they belong to the same partisan enclave but everybody has the right to be entitled to his own opinion as necessitated by the constitution hence the V-P should not be gag or belittled to the extent that he should remain as  a puppet to his chief, of course this do not entail in good governance . Details


It is Not Cricket. By Omo Isokpan

As we draw nearer and nearer to an election year, we the ordinary people have a duty to be doubly vigilant so that we can not be taken for a ride by politicians. We must always be alert to the antics of politicians because if we are not, a clever rouge could pass himself off as an honourable gentleman Details


The President We Don’t Need and Atiku a Pro-Democracy Activist? By Ibrahim Salihu

His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON, Turaki Adamawa and Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a man of means, who has generated stupendous wealth for himself and his associates. As a young man of 23, he had joined the Nigeria Customs Service, rising, twenty years later to the rank of Deputy Director [the equivalent of today’s Deputy Comptroller-General]. Details


Is EFCC Being Selective? By  Ibrahim Balarabe

The ensuing argument making rounds around the country and even internationally that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is being used by the Nigerian government to hunt down those opposed to its policies and leadership, is indeed a topic that should be of interest to any body interested in the fight against economic and financial crimes in our beloved country Nigeria.Details


The Lyrics Of Indiscretion. By Terkura Aku, Esq.

His ranting may not match the eloquence of Brutus (Julius Ceaser) neither could his charisma rekindle memories of Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara, but Alhaji Atiku Abubakar sure roused some cheers and applauses from his listeners. Details


Like A Bull In The China Shop. By Mohammed Ibn Bello

 Legitimate as it seems under the guise of opposing third term, the gravity of that speech derives chiefly from the identity of its author – a sitting Vice President, and what’s more, one who has a presidential ambition.  No doubt he would have swayed many had he performed better than President Obasanjo when he was President Atiku. Details


If I Were the President. By Cletus Emaikwu

Frankly speaking Nigerians are very unique set of people with peculiar characteristics.  Nigeria is the most exciting country in the world.  Patriotism out of the picture.  I once met a guy outside the country who after discovering my country of origin (Nigeria) told me that he wished he was a Nigerian. Details


Atiku Must Stop Dining with Snake Charmers and Pharisees. By D. Akinsanya Juliuson

How Nigeria manages the potential tensions between the requirements of equal citizenship and the distinctiveness of its different communities and between internal inclusiveness and external exclusivity is an important indicator of the quality of Nigeria’s democracy. Details


All Hail Atiku, The New Democrat. By Mohammed Ibn Bello

Even the most cursory observer of Nigeria’s political future would have discerned, from developments in the 90’s, that the inglorious days of military rule were numbered.  The infamy it had thrown up, which  we are all so familiar with, had long revealed it to be an aberrant system of government, one whose anachronism was bound to give way, sooner or later, to the inevitable desideratum – the much-sought–after and severally attempted democracy. Details


That Charlatans May Rule Us. By Terkura Aku, Esq.

They came with their garbs, each a specialist on his hype, singing discordant tunes, a cacophony of voices that sought to mobilize our support for a cause they believe in. the battle is the 2007 general elections, the enemy, the 3rd Term agenda, in particular, one man, who has chosen to play mute, his melodies being sounded out by loud mouth prodigies, who, a few years ago were bitter opponents of a dictatorship that sought to perpetuate itself in power. Details


Female Genital Mutilation: Exploding the Myths. By Ejiro Joyce Otive-Igbuzor

The United Nations declared 6th February of every year the International Day of Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation. That day came and rolled by quietly. There were pockets of activities here and there but to say the least, the issue of eradicating Female Genital Mutilation is yet to occupy its pride of place in development work and activism in Nigeria. Details


Why Obasanjo Must Be Kicked Out of Aso Villa. By Babayola Toungo

The recently concluded population census that never was must convince all remaining doubting Thomases as to the desirability of shoving Obasanjo out of Aso Villa even if it means using all the available earth moving equipment at the disposal of Julius Berger.  Details


Disciplined School Children, An Insurance For Society's Security -- CPPF. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu

His ideas and position on some aspects of education in Lagos State may be considered lofty and well-meant, even though they have a tinge of the somewhat extreme. He once suggested that the problem of lateness, by school children, could be solved with a legislation issued by the Lagos State House of Assembly.  Details


Have You Heard The News? By  Douglas Akunia

There is always a lot going on in the news in Nigeria and around the world.  In the news in the past few weeks or so, a few items stand out to be worthy of commentary here.  First is the interview that was given by a former head of state, Rtd. General Ibrahim Babangida. Details



What if our Northern Muslim Brothers Decide to Declare a Jihad Over OBJ's 3rd Term Quagmire? By Ben Oghre

Islam is supposed to be "a religion of peace", yet 2/3 of the ongoing wars on the planet involve Muslims. Any chance to amicably resolve conflicts they resort to violence instead. Islam can preach that Christ is not the son of God but rather a messenger, blaspheming Christianity in the process, yet no Christian jihadists kill Muslim people or incite terrorism. Details


Open Letter To The Executive Chairman Alkaleri Local Government, Bauchi State. By  Bappah Mohammad Tata

Pupils are jam-packed in classrooms meaning no additional structures to accommodate them, dilapidated roads which since the inception of this administration nothing was done to alleviate their sufferings, on the side of health the so call General hospital has no facility equivalent to a General hospital, in fact patients has to come to Bauchi for treatment. Details


Obasanjo, Third Term and the Future of the Nigerian State: Supporting an Unpopular Machination. By Institute for China Africa Relations (ICAR)

Let us allow this generation of leaders to go with Obasanjo in 2011 by supporting the constitutional amendment for tenure elongation. It may not be popular, but what are the options?. Less I forget, whose turn is it to produce the next president the people of the south south, southeast or back to the north? Maybe be this debate will take us to 2011, but for now let the reform run its full course.