Slug: Between Obasanjo and Gana-- The Gerrymander. By Senior Fyneface

There was hardly any case within the last twelve months that I actually sympathized with President Olusegun Obasanjo as a leader, but the case of the recent outburst of his erstwhile political adviser (now former) Prof Jerry Gana, presented an opportunity for me to weep for Mr President. Details


Obasanjo, Gana And The Third Term Agenda. By Jide Ayobolu

However, one of the fall-outs of the failure of the third term agenda is the way and manner  some of the dramatis personae are now spilling the beans over what they did or what they fail to do. It is in this direction that professor Jerry Gana, the former special adviser to the president on political affairs has come out to say in very clear terms that, “president Obasanjo himself insisted on going for a third term and that he failed to heed advice that it was a dangerous gambit that could split the country. Details


The Chief Justice Or The Campaign Manager? By Jide Ayobolu

Nigeria has been described severally by different people over the years, one of the descriptions which is not particularly good is, Nigeria is a country of anything is possible. What will never ordinarily happed in some well organized and develop country happens in our clime and people just gloss over them. Details


The State of Education in Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor, PhD

Statistics indicate glaring imbalances against girls in enrolment, attendance and completion rates in all levels of education in Nigeria, particularly in the northern parts of the country, due to a variety of socio-cultural and religious factors. It means that the rights of millions of children, especially girls, are violated. It is estimated that 7.3 million school age children are out of primary school majority of them girls. Details


Do You Mean Aristocratic ? By Comrade Sylvester I. Ukusare

Just as is necessary, of course, it’s equally a distressed atmosphere to have noted the weakness of  the OBJ administration for had disappointed the natives confidence for not defending the sovereignty of his ancestry territory instead he compromised with the appellant party and ceded the peninsula [Bakassi] to the Cameroonian Details


A Paradox: PDP House In Contradiction. By  Ekanem Inobong

The PDP has destroyed itself with this affirmative non-elective congresses and convention held last year on December 10, 2006. Other reasons that tore the PDP apart which were long expected were its dictatorial tendencies, abduction of a Seating Governor, consorting with semi-literates and money miss-road called money bags, thuggery and hypocrisy. Details


$1.2 Billion And Governor Odili. By Eric Terfa Ula-Lisa Esq.

Rivers State through Governor Odili had received from a consortium of UN/Multilateral Organizations/Oil Corporations the whopping sum of $1.2 Billion. A representative of one of the stakeholders expressed surprise that in February, the Governor Odili claimed that he had spent $20 million on infrastructural development in Rivers State since it is not manifest where the money was applied. Details


Separating Activism From Political Realism: An Opinion On Atiku’s Presidential Bid. By Abdul Habeeb

It has become a pastime for Nigerian internet pundits to treat the presidential ambition of vice president Abubakar Atiku with disdain. Forgetting however that the task for a better Nigeria is a continuous one. If politicians are not angels, then it behoves on us to make rational demands of those who seek to lead us. Details


Is The Cookie Really Crumbling? Sokoto Politics And Dilemma Of Misinformed Analysis. By Gatawa M. Bagobiri

Explaining the complex political developments in Sokoto State has not been all that easy. It is an enterprise that requires sound understanding not only of the State political history but its geography, culture and political sociology. Details


Rules of Boxing. By Mahmud Jega

Right now, at least a dozen persons have signified an interest to seek the presidency of the Federal Republic in next year’s elections. There are many thousands of other Nigerians who have not publicly signified an interest to do so, but who have nevertheless been assured by bokaye and babalawos that the soon-to-be-vacated presidential chair will swing and twist and turn, only to land at their own feet. Details


Ribadu’s Insincerity On The N50 Million Senate Bribe Scandal. By  Senior Fyneface

When critics of Nuhu Ribadu, Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) accuse him of abusing the enormous powers of the commission, it has always been dismissed as political attacks on his boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo. Meanwhile, the EFCC strongman either by himself or his boss has been crowned the sole determinant of what constitutes financial crime in Nigeria. Details


Obasanjo’s Oil Windfall Scandal: Will There Be Another Missing Okigbo Panel Report? By  Senior Fyneface

Each time Nigeria benefits from unexpected revenue windfall from oil and gas sales, the next thing that follows is scandal, which usually concerns the spending of such windfall earnings. First it was former military president, Gen Ibrahim Babangida, now we have the current case of civilian president, Gen Olusegun Obasanjo. Details


Why Are Obasanjo, Anenih Deceiving The South-South People. By  Senior Fyneface

When the Kaduna State Governor Ahmed Makarfi said “There was a gentleman’s agreement back in 2003 that it (the presidency) should go back to the north”, that was just another way of saying that President Obasanjo and the leadership of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been deceiving the South-South people, maybe the South-East also. Details


Boll Weevil's Burrow. By  Mahmud Jega

The first unwelcome visitor to Nigeria’s once lush democratic farm was Chief Tony Anenih. Think of this former policeman as the migratory locust Locusta migratoria visiting a lush farm. Chief Anenih has migrated spatially and temporally across Nigeria’s political scene. As SDP national chairman in 1993, he agreed to abandon a presidential poll won by his party’s candidate; he arranged for the Constitutional Conference of 1994-95 to give a tenure “blank cheque” to General Sani Abacha....Details


Obasanjo Has Failed Nigerians. By Jide Ayobolu

It is funny and laughable that government points to the re-consolidation exercise of banks from N2billion to N25billion, but the fact is that the people of Nigeria have not been empowered enough to stabilize and propel the internal dynamics of Nigeria’s productive force. And, are the banks actually re-capitalized? Again, why has a lot of local or domestic companies’ closed shop in Nigeria? Why has the so-much talked about foreign investment eluded the country?  Details


Government Is Serious Business (Let’s Commend Atiku’s Example). By  Babajide Fadairo

It is for this reason that the efforts of the Vice President Atiku Abubakar should be commended for putting together a group of experts from around the to help him formulate policies that would guide and assist him when he eventually assumes the mantle of leadership. I stand corrected this the first time in the political history of Nigeria that an aspirant will assemble such egg-heads on the critical areas of the national economy, even before any serious electioneering campaign commences. Details


The Black Widow's Grip. By Mahmud Jega

In the last 7 years, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has been something of the Black Widow of Nigerian politics. Close political interaction with him has often resulted in the political destruction of many a budding political figure. Details


DPP, Incumbency and Politics of Emasculation. By Dahiru Maishanu

The Party has been seen as a new platform for the Governor and his supporters to re- assert themselves after decamping from the ANPP. The understanding of everybody is that a level playing field was created for both parties and indeed any other party that intends to participate in the politics of the state.  But the usual Nigerian factor seems to be crippling at a very fast rate in this regard. Details


SLUG: 2007: Politics of Hostage-Taking In Niger Delta. By Ifeayi Izeze

The mischievous and selfish plans are wide open to all informed analysts and political watchers of the Niger Delta. The security agencies, through their intelligence outfits should also know of the marshal plans to create crisis to attract the international community in helping them actualize their wish, instead of the wish of the Niger Delta people, which has remained the religious agitation for resource control or sustainable revenue derivation allocation. Details


Fear And Loathing On The Internet. By  Uche Nworah

Welcome to the 21st century baby, your worst nightmare if you are a Nigerian politician. Nigerians all over the world now have a new and favourite pass time- punditry. And how sweet it is to be on the dishing side, does it really matter what’s being served? Cold, warm, luke-warm, or hot dish, neither does it matter who is doing the receiving, shove it down their throats honey.  Details


Cutting Corners on Civil Liberties. By Michael Oluwagbemi

When the third term Agenda went down the drain, the president and his men left no one in doubt the entity they considered enemy. Even though he (the President) made conciliatory statements that was meant to distract us, his antecedents and actions since have proven that this was a man going for the jugulars given the opportunity. Details


Prof. Aminu’s Shocking Volte-Face. By  Shehu Jamilu Jimeta

Professor Jubril Aminu, a Senator of Nigeria from Adamawa State, is undoubtedly squirming in the crisis of credibility. Even his staunchest former hero-worshippers are now held breathless by his disgusting inconsistency and insincerity. Having already staked his reputation on the notoriously unpopular third term agenda, which suffered a predictable pratfall on the floor of the Senate, the Professor’s mind seems to be meandering like an airborne plane caught by turbulence. Details


Electricity Power Supply Shortage: Kano Must Take Destiny in its Hands. By Ahmad U Sanusi

At night, the skyline of Kano is nothing but dark – passengers on a plane flying by may not even recognise there is a city down there. The residents of Kano are suffering in silence, some close from work but never eager to drive back home – because when they finally do, what they meet is absolute darkness and the sound of generators from the neighbourhood. Even the few rich that can afford generators are slowly cutting hours they usage due to cost of fuelling. Details


2007 - The Absurdity And Futility In Stopping Atiku Abubakar. By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

Nigerians and the international community have continued to watch with keen interest all the ploys, schemes, plots and gang-up against the presidential aspiration of Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, and how he has through his political sagacity, bravado and divine providence remained undaunted and survived all these devilish and deadly plots and continued to be politically relevant in the political scheme of things in the Country. Details


Nigeria's Town Hall of Comedy. By Mohammed Zayyad

This is a PDP movie, starring: Field Marshal Emperor Obasanjo Loyalty. Co-starring: Lt General Atiku Abubakar Disloyalty, Major General Ken, Brigadier General Massari, Commandant Ali-Must-Go, Brigadier Audu Ogbe, lieutenant colonel Gemade, Sergeant Shuaibu Oyedokun and last-corporal Fani Kayode. Guest stars: Otumba IBB, Brigadier Lar and Major General Ghalli. Special appearance: colonel Fix, Mallam Bode and Sergeant Man2. Details


Naka Sai Naka and Identity Politics in Journalism. By Muttaqa Yushau Abdurrauf

It becomes obvious that the media especially in northern Nigeria is being awash with advertisement of the vice president Atiku Abubakar under the the programme titled NAKA SAI NAKA, this piece is prompted to explore the rational behind such a bid, which in all its ramification is aimed at deploying identity politics to champion a particularistic interest which would be detrimental to the masses. In view of the above this piece would answer the following question. Details


Stop Politics And Work To Find Viable Serious Contenders: (2007 Dream Ticket For Nigeria Buhari/Iweala Alliance. By Babandi Gumel

We are not campaigning for Buhari and Ngozi but the two needs to be given the chance to prove their worth. All hands are on deck to move forward successfully therefore cooperation of every one including the present occupier of the Aso Rock is needed.  As earlier mentioned we must forget our political differences with the intention to help build a prosperous virile nation for the future advancement of Nigeria and Africa in general.  Details


Adopting a Culture of Preventive Medicine Amongst Nigerians; A Wake Up Call. By Taiwo O Fasoranti MD

my fellow country men/women is what we do to our bodies and our health; we neglect our health, we work so hard to make money, we eat “all the good foods” and above all we ignore the warning signs from: dizziness, headaches, and frequent tiredness as a result of little strenuous activities.  Details


2007 Elections: Campaign Financing and Communication Strategies. By  Muhammad Jameel Yusha’u

It is too early to relax and be carried away by the demise of the third term agenda when there is the possibility of a negative resurrection agenda that might hold the nation in another political stagnation whose effect might be similar or even worst than the 1999-2007 scenario. Details


Atiku: Between Privatisation And Personalisation. By  Jonathan Manok

One was discussing with a friend and he retorted: I do not want Ibrahim Babangida, Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar to replace President Olusegun Obasanjo. His reason being that IBB and Buhari are retired military men and it is time for a break with men with proclivity toward violence.  For Vice President Atiku Abubakar, he dropped hints of his alleged corruption. Details


After This, What Next? By Jackson Stephen Liba

Mr. President Sir, if you recall clearly, people like the Abdullahi Adamu, the Governor of Nasarawa State, Senator Jonathan Silas Zwingina, Brigadier-General Buba Marwa, Tony Anenih, Jerry Gana were the hench men of the late General Sani Abacha now they are the ones winning and dinning with you. Could it be that you have forgotten so soon? Details


Elusive Peace in the Middle-East – The Way Out. By Bello Abdullahi

Meanwhile, Europe and America should resume the foreign aid they give the Palestinian government in the interest of peace in the Middle East. Suspending such assistance on the excuse that Hamas is in power is undiplomatic, constitute a stumbling block to any chance to broker peace in the region, and will also continue to harden the Palestinian youths to challenge not only Israel but their leaders – the vicious circle will then continue. Details



16th May 2006 in Reminiscence. By Mukhtar J. Ahmad

Let us hope that third term is really in its grave. Certain nationalists have expressed the possibility of another move to see Mr. OBJ in the presidency beyond 2007. " I know our president. He will not readily give up. I pray he does." These are the words of Cheif Sunday Awoniyi  Details


The Looting Of Nigeria. By Jide Ayobolu

Apart from the impropriety as well as total lack of transparency and honesty in financial matters, there is also the nagging defence contract scandal. The controversy trailing the award of a $250million contract to Israel’s Aeronautics Defence Systems is yet to settle as the various dramatis personae are running for cover. Details


Nigeria Is A Time Bomb. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

It is important to state here and now that Nigeria state, its agents and their current deployment of troops in Onitsha, Anambra State, and other illegitimate actions against Ala-Igbo and, Nigerians in general is totally irresponsible. Details


NNPC: A State Within the State? By  Jide Ayobolu

During the May 2006 meeting of the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) – comprising states’ finance commissioners and revenue agencies of the Federal Government – the body of States’ finance commissioners accused the NNPC of shortchanging the federation account by N310 billion! This has assumed a rather disturbing trend in the NNPC’s oil and gas sector accounting, vis-à-vis the federation account since 2002.  Details


Nigeria Asks: What Have You Done For Me Lately. By Emmanuel Chukwura Achife

Nigeria is the only free place for us on this planet earth, if you think otherwise, why are people who look like you and have lived in those place you so admire  for over 400 years still feel left out  - Katrina.  Is that how you want your kids or grand kids to feel after you are gone. Details


Jibril Aminu: How Not To Play Politics. By  Jide Ayobolu

The VP has not been fortunate with friends they have consistently betrayed him. And, the other reason why they behave the way they do is just because of envy, for instance in 1982 at the young age of 36, the VP was given a very important and historic chieftaincy title, and again he became unduly envious. Details


Our “Schools,” Their Bell, ABTI. By Jaafar Jaafar

It is, however, a trite to say that this country is at a standstill, retrogressing, etc. The condition of 80s is still present. A visiting European scholar in the 80s once said that Nigerian laboratories reminded him of a war-ravaged structures and he would forever remember a practical chemistry session where titration was taught without a drop of chemical!  Details


Democracy, Momentum and the Decline of the “Grand ol’ Party” of Nigerian politics-The PDP. By William Etim Bassey

Some suggest that the failure of Pres. Obasanjo’s third–term proposition might dampen the general national optimism brought about by democracy and the positives of his seven-year rule as Nigeria’s third democratically elected President. Details


3T Agenda in Overdrive. By Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo

The rift between President Olusegun Obasanjo and Nigerians cannot be wider than it is at the moment. Before the terminal sickness that afflicted his Third Term Agenda (3T Agenda), the depth of the crack depended on where, on the argument’s divide, any particular Nigerian stood. But Obasanjo accentuated this rift with his insincere denial of wanting the project, or even buying the idea. Details


2007 – Taraba State and the Pseudo-Analyst. By Babayola Toungo

If I were to have my way, I will organise a pressure group made up of the elders in the state to compel, even drag Ahmed Yusuf by the scuff of his neck, to contest and ask (demand?) the others to step down for him Details


Blame Seven Years of Democracy. By Mutiu Animashawun

Despite the not-so-great inroads Nigeria has made in democracy since 1999, the sorry state of infrastructure can not be changed within seven years even if the political class are running on every cylinder 24/7 in all honesty.  What is even laughable is using democratic process to change wanton destruction of sixteen in seven years from the ground up.  That is a tall order. Details


Is The Media Unfair To Obasanjo? By Zayyad I.  Muhammad

At the time president Obasanjo came out from his shell of studied silence, he accused Nigerians of insulting, blackmailing and abusing him; certainly, on the president’s topmost list of those he was pointing fingers at, is the media, especially the print media, our president said: “many derogatory statements and unfounded allegations have been made about my position… in the National Assembly and in the media which are false, incorrect and uncalled for." Details


How Not to Choose the President. By Chido Onumah

David Mark is a “business entrepreneur” and senator of the Federal Republic. Not too long ago he was a general in the Nigerian Army, governor of Niger State and minister of communications. Recently, he granted an interview in which he declared: “If I have my way, I will say whoever does not have a military background should not be made president.” Details


Ethnic Conflict In African Countries- Time To Stop Playing The Victims Of Colonialism. By Abdulrazak Ibrahim Baba

As a youth corp member serving in Abia State, I escaped death by the whiskers following the 1999 Killings in Kaduna during reprisal killings in Southeastern Nigeria. No mathematical formula exists to explain the miracle of my escape from the mayhem. After about seven days in a refugee camp at a naval base near Owerri, I returned and completed the service. Although a Hausa from Kano, today this writer fluently speaks Igbo language, courtesy of the crisis. It was simple. Why would an Igbo man want to kill me merely because I was not Igbo or not of the same religion as he? In an attempt to discover answers to this and many other questions, I found that we actually exaggerate our differences. Details


Want A Job? Get A Note! By Iliya Musa

If you got your job without presenting a “note” from a “big man”, you are probably one of the few exceptions.  The rule in today’s Nigeria is that one can hardly get employed in any organization without being “introduced” or backed by an influential person/god-father, usually by way of a written note addressed to the prospective employer and borne by the applicant. Details


Closing The Education Divide. By  Uche Nworah

...during the recent Central Bank consolidation exercise, the exercise led to graduates of state universities becoming the first in the firing line in the various retrenchment exercises embarked upon by the surviving and merged banks. The basic assumptions was that academic standards are higher in federal universities than in state universities, and therefore graduates of state universities are likely to be half-baked or ‘educated illiterates’. However, there is no evidence for such assumptions which remain largely anecdotal. Details


Terrorism and its Glorification. By Saad S. Khan

Recently, Israeli “self defence” forces murdered ten Palestinian civilians who were enjoying a picnic on the Gaza beach. Palestinian government decried it as terrorism while the Israelis denied responsibility. A few weeks ago, a Palestinian suicide bomber succeeded in penetrating into Israel and blew up a dozen restaurant goers after a lull in such attacks. The Israeli government was quick to decry the “terrorist” attack while the Palestinian government had called it a “self-defence” attack and refused to condemn it. The question is which of the attacks was terrorism and which one was an act in self-defence, or is it that both the sides were committing terrorism. Details


Foreign Affairs. By  E.Terfa Ula-Lisa

Because we have had through the years a succession of ignorant military despots masquerading as leaders, Nigeria has as a nation, not only existed under the aura of a pariah state, but the Foreign Affairs Ministry has only existed to serve the peculiar interest of the depraved military despots. The Nigerian Embassies and country missions used as outposts for negotiating minimal concessions from western governments and sometimes very unprofessional escort service for philandering dirty old men. Often, the country missions are not proactive, do not have any current data about Nigeria and cannot or refuse to provide minimal services to Nigerians like the renewal of an ordinary passport booklet. Details


Is it CNN, BBC or Nigerians? Part I. By Ndubueze Godson III

The question I ask to know is; where are the responsibilities of the Nigerians who do these uncanny things or did CNN set them up? Just asking for I do not claim to know everything especially as relates to this image thing, not of interest to me. If a moment is spared to forget the media to be unconscionable with how we deal with people with no known source of income yet display insane opulence, the shocking rage of some people over that CNN documentary will be massively diluted. Details


Obasanjo's Cross for Democracy. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu

Now that the unblinking opponents of President Olusegun Obasanjo’s alleged third term bid would seem, in the interim, to have carried the day, it is still quite intriguing just what the real import of the failed bid is. Details


The Leadership We Want - 2007. By Nwafor-Orizu Onwa

No doubt, Nigeria is a big country well blessed by God – but the developmental status of our country reflects in no main way these richly endowed human and material resources. Going by the basic parameter for judging good governance visa vie the rich endowment, Nigeria scores below average. Details


HIV Prevalence In Africa Distorted By Statistics. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

I almost hit the roof when I saw a recent study presented in Durban, South Africa that 20 percent of the richest Africans have higher prevalence rate of HIV than the poorest 20 percent. This conclusion on its face may seem right because of the number of people interviewed and the amount of blood samples taken. The reputable Researcher, Vinod Mishra, raised eye brows because of the interpretation. Statistic is a wonderful tool in scientific study, but sometimes we get carried away by skewed data that is in variance to local established socio-economic culture leading to wrong interpretation.Details


Freeing Women from HIV/AIDS Chains and Donor Agencies, Anambra State Government in Alliance Against HIV/AIDS. By Nduka Uzuakpundu

Women are dissatisfied with governments, international organisations, global institutions and multi- and trans-national corporate bodies for their less helpful role in the fight against the global pandemic: HIV/AIDS. And, so, they are renewing a series of long-standing demands, which, they believe, are central to meeting their health rights. Details


The Nigerian Police Force. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

In the history of contemporary Nigeria, I wonder if there ever has been an organization as reviled, scorned and derided as the Nigerian Police Force. For most Nigerians, the Police are the poster child for all that is wrong with the Nigerian society. Details


Trading Against Poverty. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu

In setting global development agenda - via the recently agreed upon universal Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - the United Nations did so in the conscious realisation of just how crucial a role the media would be expected to play. Details


Africa: Crude Oil, Gold, Diamonds, Conflict and Confusions! By Salisu Ahmed Koki

There has never existed in this world a continent that is marred by confusions, conflicts and contradictions than the BIG (for nothing?) AFRICAN CONTINENT. Africa is incontrovertibly the biggest and sternly the largest continent on earth Details


Reforming the Nigerian Workmen Compensation and Factory Act as a Social-Justice Development Plan.  By Kayode Oladele

According to the communiqué, regular courts are unable to satisfactorily resolve matters relating to Compensation, Health and safety of workers and the legal processes are often cumbersome, protracted and frustrating thereby making the entire exercise futile and practically unobtainable.  Details


Plot Against Nigeria? By Victor E. Dike

Let’s us not forget that there are many good things about Nigeria the world appreciates every day. For instance, books written by Nigerians are in use in schools in the United States and elsewhere around the globe, and there have been reports on the good work on some Nigerian professionals’ at home and abroad. Details


Banking Sector Consolidation In Nigeria: The Day After. By Maiwada Zubairu

Staffs that are laid off leave the sector with mixed feelings especially in a society devoid of social safety nets. A lifelong career cut shot within a matter of months. That creates bitterness and skepticisms in the whole banking reform process. Those employees that remain within the system continue to operate with some aura of skeptic loyalty. To many this might not be the end of Solodo banking solution. Details


Is This A Democratic Apple ?  By Comrade Sylvester I. Ukusare Esq.

Well,  the decease of the third term project wasn’t a surprised to Nigerians, even though that the instructive  plan  ended up in the dustbin but the disbelief  is yet afresh in the psycho of the general public. Details


Countdown to May 29, 2007 (2). By Chido Onumah

The other reason June 12, 1993 still reverberates is the unending presence of the major character that shaped the events of that day, retired General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB). Babangida  Details


Remodeling The Presidency. By Anthony A Akinola

The great Nnamdi Azikiwe had his own special “political anthem” when campaigning in the old Western Region populated by the Yoruba. He often sang in Yoruba, to the applause of his audience, a song saying we should build our house on a rock because the one built on sand gets easily washed away. Details


Garba A. Isa’s Iraq: Beyound Al-Zarqawi, a contribution. By  Ben Oghre

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was a terrorist of the most heinous pedigree. ... The Northern Nigerian leadership are still calling for a jihad on the Nigerian government because some Muslims were removed from government and the military. Details


Nigerians Are Objective & Brutally Honest!  By  Paul I. Adujie

There have been various reactions to CNN’s sloppy, shoddy and lopsided documentary on some Nigerians in Houston. Some Nigerians were ebullient and pugnacious in their justification and defense of CNN, but why? Shouldn’t the default position of Nigerians be to defend Nigeria? Why the sorts of auto-response to rally in support of CNN’s denigration and disparagement of Nigeria? Details


In Defence of Defence Minister. By Jaafar Jaafar

Defence Minister, Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was attacked, taunted and called names by his successor, henchmen, and thugs. Seeing that the resilient Defence Minister waxes stronger, they invented another way of tarnishing his image by linking every thing, and especially the Federal actions or inactions in Kano to this hapless minister who has always meant well for his State. Details


In Good Company With Berliners By Uche Nworah

From outset Nigeria had been bedeviled by succession crisis; successive governments in Nigeria did suddenly plunged into the problem of succession mostly at the tail-end of tenure of the government, and this was largely due to the absent of a political will by those heading the government to successfully lead a true transition plan that will bring to power a new government Details


Lets Have A ‘Lame Duck’ Presidency, Please. By Olabisi Olalekan

And so the PDP governors now constitute the party’s electoral college who would select and nominate its presidential candidate for the 2007 elections? This, according to the Daily Trust of Thursday 1st June flows from a directive issued by President Olusegun Obasanjo to the 26 PDP governors (now 27 with the defection of governor Saminu Turaki of Jigawa Statre) to meet and nominate from amongst themselves those from among whom the President would finally ‘anoint’ the one to contest on the PDP platform in 2007.Details


Must We Continue With Military Presidents In Our Democracy? By Isah Mohammed Dutse

Now with the exception of Abacha, who of course has passed on since 1998, the remaining trio of OBJ, Buhari and IBB are still aspiring to govern over what remains of the Nigerian nation which they played no small part in rendering an economic basket among nations. Details


2007 and Beyond: A Case for Ex-soldier President. By Tunde Adenodi 

Yes indeed, I am advocating for an ex-soldier as the next President of Nigeria in 2007 and beyond. But dear readers, before I tell you why, I hasten to exclude some former soldiers who should never be allowed to run for president, let alone, rule Nigeria again. Details


PDP: Who Is Reconciling Whom? By Emman Abashi

The totality of the submission is that reconciliation is very desirable and vital but it has to be well managed so that all actors would speak out boldly, frankly but truthfully and without malice. Members of the PDP have been truth shy in the last two years. The consequence of that is what the party has to manage today. Managing the consequence well is of vital importance. This is because in Nigeria of today, the PDP is the only alternative to the PDP. A diseased PDP is a weakened democracy and, therefore, a very weak Nigeria. Details


The Sinking Satanic Ark Of The PDP! By Jonathan Manok

Deserted and disdained by Nigerians, the PDP is merely whistling in the dark, pretending that all is well when, in fact, things are falling apart.  The odds are not as bright as Col. Ali and his cabal wants the world to believe. Details


Democracy Still In Chains. By Nathaniel Cholom

Despite the apparent defeat of the infamous and unpopular third term agenda of President Obasanjo, Nigerian democrats should not lower their guard or leave things to chances. Having been defeated and humiliated, the pro-third term campaigners will still do everything to throw a spanner into the works of our democracy. Details


Obasanjo: Greatest Leaders Are Transformational. By D. Akinsanya Juliuson

We have one problem in Nigeria we don’t always bring out the best in each other. Sometimes, indeed, no matter how hard we try to be fair and reasonable in our dealings with others, we end up having bad reactions. We say things we know are unlikely to go down well. Details


Nigerian Haters And Their Childish Rants. By Emmanuel Chukwura Achife

Some of us blame the country for their own personal failings and will wish Nigeria to fail just to prove their idiocy and  lack of will power to affect changes.   They are the Nigerian haters.  These group of Nigerians who are hell bent in seeing the country fail are either living  here in Nigeria or abroad. Details


The Most Intelligent People On Earth Can Not Elect A Skifull Manager. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

We may prove many people right or wrong by Election 2007. Others are the ones saying that Nigerians are smart, intelligent and arrogant, not us. This is not self aggrandizement or chest beating, though I have heard Nigerians talk about Hausa humility, Igbo creativity and Yoruba civility. Where, where are all these wonderful qualities in the polity? Details


President 'Yar 'Aduwa? Oh God! Not Again, Unless.... By Abdullahi Ibrahim Mahuta

If indeed the Governor is aware and even approved this campaign, then it makes nonsense and laughable the claim by the forum, in their press statement that ”‘Yar’aduwa has a strong moral standing to lead Nigeria”. The forum either does not understand the meaning of morality or it refers to the kind of morality of papa Aremu who allowed some opportunists in his government to rubbish his hard earned reputation of many years through their immoral activities for Tazarce. Details


Reflecting on “President” Orji Uzor Kalu,  “Minister” Fani Kayode & Music. By Dr. Sylvester Omosun Fadal

Orji Kalu continues to prep himself for the presidential house.  His base for believing he is qualified is unclear.  His performance record in his state remains questionable and to most Nigerians, he is a man with a loud mouth, poor record of accomplishment, a desperate power seeker and one with a narcissistic sense of self. Details


Obasanjo’s Endorsement: Kiss Of Death. By Emeka Oraetoka

Frankly speaking, the killing of National Assembly initiated constitutional amendment bill, first, on the 16th of May 2006, in the Senate chamber, subsequently in the House of Representative and post 3rd term comments from intellectuals like Dele Sobowale, has clearly shown that some Nigerians especially the judgmental columnists in Lagos axis, are textbook democrats who’s practice and belief in democracy exist only on the pages of Newspapers. Details



2007 – Is The North Ready? By Babayola Toungo

All those that have already thrown their hats in the presidential contest ring from the north so far, have one problem or the other.  Babangida may be the one least qualified to contest among them all.  As for Atiku, he was so consumed by the passion of making money more than any living Nigerian to attend to the needs of his constituents beyond the usual doling out of “alms” occasionally. Details


Iraq: Beyond Al-Zarqawi. By Garba A. Isa

What is the News is not that American forces have eventually killed the Iraqi Al-Qaida leader, the Jordanian-born Abu Musa Al-Zarqawi, but that he has remained alive and combative these past 3 years. Those seeking to die as cowards peacefully on their beds do not venture into the kind of the more than challenging task which the late Al-Zarqawi set to do in Iraq against the American and British-led occupation of a Muslim heartland. Details


Al-Zarqawi's Murder: Where Bush Goofed.  By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

AIR Attack led by American Forces which killed Al-Zarqawi in Iraq on Wednesday 7th June is to me, sending him straight away, to the most exalted paradise; He must have by now attained his exalted and covetous status in Heaven, to abide a befitting and blissful life forever. Details


Be Grateful to the Nigerian Military. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

I also doff my hat and express my gratitude to all those who lost their lives fighting for the BIAFRAN ARMY. It was a cause they deeply believed in. At the very least, one could believably say that the Biafran Soldiers fought for their motherland and for liberty. Details


Real Men for 2007. By Shehu Mustapha Chaji

Activities of religious organizations should also be watch closely by Nigerians as they will always propagate “vote only those of your same faith” irrespective of rather he is incompetent. They never look beyond their members as to who to elect even though a more competent and dedicated candidate is available. Details


Five [5] Billion, Doe, Abiola, Babangida, Obasanjo, Equals: June 12, 1993, Presidential Elections Annulment [Part I]. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

The premises surrounding the annulment of June 12, presidential elections in 1993, has remained a mystery for quite sometime now to many Nigerians. It is therefore, this writer’s mission, intentions, to unmask this treachery committed against this people Details


Banks Consolidation and N25bn Recapitalization -Another Perspective. By Bello Abdullahi

Banks consolidation through mergers and acquisitions and the N25bn recapitalization exercise, the thirteenth and first items on Professor Charles Soludo’s 13-point reform agenda in the banking industry, came to an end precisely on 31st December, 2005 as promised. Details


Is The Father Kukah Led Negotiation Worth Trying? By Bonkoo, Tombari Tobby

the Federal Government in corroboration with the Rivers State Government orchestrated a plot to silence and tactically created a blunder of rapidly bringing Shell back into Ogoni land without tagging along the recommendations and demands of the Ogoni people. The seemingly scam of ignoring all but most pertinently, the sorrow of our just recent past is a concerted efforts from all the stakeholders of this plot to punish and blatantly dehumanized the happy omens and lives of the Ogoni citizenries.  Details


The Trial of Jubril Aminu. By Kabiru B. Saleh

The message I got from that book is the importance of reputation and integrity that requires being guarded at all cost because one blunder can mar the achievements of a life time. It is against this backdrop that we are calling for the trial of Professor Jubril Aminu. Details