ADC CRASH: Too Painful For Tears. By Garba A. Isa

A flight attendant reportedly asked the late Sultan Abubakar iii out of courtesy whether he was “Okay” shortly after take off on an international flight; the Sultan in  Far Northern bluntness, wondered how he could be comfortable with “all his legs up in the air”. This used to be constantly referred to as  a joking statement. But after the tragic ADC plane crash on Sunday 29th October near Abuja which ironically killed Sultan Abubakar’s son and later, successor Sultan Maccido Abubakar, it is no longer a joking matter once one is destined to fly in Nigeria’s mainly “Tokunbo” aircrafts. Details


Nigerian Students’ Movement In Perspective. By Ibrahim Kolawole

Without mincing words, the state of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is nothing to write home about. The Nigerian students’ movement has lost all the radical fibres it was formerly recognized for. The media is replete with condemnation and open disgust about the treacherous cum fraudulent activities of the Kenneth Orkumah-led NANS national leadership with its being the second group after MAN to publicly declare for the ruinous third term agenda. Details


Intra and extra African Regional Trade Could be the Best Way to Fight Poverty. By Elie Smith

Smuggling may enrich some local barons as already noted, but it is inimical to governments where it is being practiced.  This is so because, its creates petty local roguish-barons who stall and circumvent state laws by harbouring and funding brigands and terrorists organisations such as the “Salafists” terror groups in Algeria or thuggish bands like those operating in the Nigerian Niger-Delta regions , Area Boys operating in Lagos, Bakassi Boys in Igbo-land to mention just these few. Details


Year 2007, Obasanjo, INEC And Credibility. By Mohammed Bala

Another reason why Obasanjo is having a lot of regards from Nigerians is that, even if for nothing else, he has held and binded the nation together. He has ensured absolute stability without which no meaningful progress would have been made. He has demonstrated concern and care to the feelings of all Nigerians irrespective of their differences. Details


From Democracy To Babacracy : The Obasanjonisation Of Nigerian Politics. By Jide Ayobolu

What we have witnessed in the past few weeks is the country is a political tragedy of monumental proportion, the subversion of the rule of law by an agency of government all in the name of fighting corruption, which have not only been selective but outrightly lopsided. EFCC has been used by the president in pursuing his gale of impeachments proceedings, thereby engulfed the polity with ceaseless political tension, in pursuance of his third term agenda. Details


Kano’s Smoky Future: Let’s Sue The Chinese. By Abdullah Musa

I don’t buy any kind of cigarette, but I smoke daily. I am not a passive smoker by associating with smokers, but I smoke because I ride a car, have to stop at road junctions, and in the interval billows from motor cycles find their way into my car; and since I can’t stop breathing, in they go unhindered into my ageing lungs. Details


Another Plane Crash: Evidence of Nigeria's Failed State Status? By Usman Yerima

The truth is Nigeria is a failed state, pure and simple. Nothing works, and it begins with leadership. Despite the number of educated Nigerians within and beyond its shores, we have the most substandard leaders of all countries in the World. If they were only substandard, it would have been better, but they are substandard as well as corrupt, and that’s a dangerous combination. Many Nigerians loyal to their state governors for instance, confuse development with the building of superficial structures. Details


Dariye and The Politicization of Issues. By Umar Bello

Dariye is a thief who has understood the mechanics of the corrupt system in Nigeria. He has made sure that the political elite, the so-called elders and the Clergy have also partaken in the orgy of thefts of the state resources. People like Solomon Lar are on their toes to shout down any criticism of Dariye. The most recent cant by Lar in this defend-Dariye rhetoric is that the issue is now an attempt to ‘Islamize’ the state by the enemies of Plateau State. Details


Anambra: The Possible Consequence Of Impeachment. By Emeka Oraetoka

There is nothing politically wrong with the impeachment of Governor Peter Obi and his deputy, if they have committed impeachable offences, but in doing that, the beneficiary of the office should not be Hon. Belonwu based on his anti-democratic antecedents? It is therefore the candid opinion of experts that Belonwu led Anambra State House of Assembly leadership should be shown the way out first then, Governor Peter could now be impeached otherwise the after effect could be catastrophic to the overall interest of PDP. Details


Tokunbo Afikuyomi: Perspectives On “Lagosian” Syndrome. By Akinwole Ogunlola, Esq.

It is amazing to watch the ongoing clamor by some Lagos State indigenes for a “son of the soil” candidate as governor in the upcoming election in that state. More amazing however is their mischaracterization of the two-term State Senator, Afikuyomi, whose mother was a Lagos State indigene, and who was born, raised and bread in Lagos as an outsider or non indigene. In some cases, the clamour is subtle but maddening while in other instances, very loud and desperate. Details


But for a Few Bad Guys… By Crispin Oduobuk

We Nigerians are for the most part incredibly docile and cowardly. We are cheated in our places of work; our landlords fleece us; our leaders literally milk us dry at every turn. Yet we do nothing. We fold our hands, murmur, grumble, and pray! That is why the few bad guys are on a campaign to right our wrongs even if they perpetrate wrongs of their own in the process. Details


Oduduwa Unhinged, Out of Control. By  Spinoza

Everybody is asking why, except foreign observers. Every invalid in Nigeria and from Nigeria asks why. The incompetent legislators ask why. Even the vindictive Yoruba King and his Yoruba Goon Squadrons ask why. Here is why: You are out of control. Your leadership is out of control. Your moral is out of control. Your politics is out of control. Your culture is out of control. And the Nigeria system has been rendered out of control by your out-of-control culture. Show me who is in control and I will show how his out-of-control amala culture is contributing to your deaths.  Details


Port of Corruption: This Port Stinks. By Samuel Oluwaseyi Oduyela

In the eyes of the Nigerian public the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, is perceived as a den of corrupt practices. And perhaps this much was well captured in the report of the Economic and financial Crimes Commissions, EFCC led Special Committee that investigated the activities of the Commission. According to the report, “the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA is regarded as one of the parastatals where irregularities and malpractices have become deeply entrenched in the management of its affairs. The NPA is widely perceived to be deeply plagued with massive corruption and inefficiency, especially in the award of contracts, which had been characterized by their indiscriminate and unscrupulous nature with little or no regard to financial regulations or due process.” Details

Progressive Forces, Needless Schism And Imminent Political Fiasco. By Jide Ayobolu

No doubt politics is a very sensitive issue, however, emotions should not be allowed at anytime to override or becloud our sense of reason and judgment. For instance, when the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) made a public pronouncement to the effect that, the methodology and modus operandi adopted by the EFCC in the discharge of its statutory responsibility is not only antithetical to the basic tenets of democracy, it wantonly violates the fundamental human rights of the people Details


Political Manipulations, State Of Emergency And Tenure Elongation. By Jide Ayobolu

There are also plans to use the census results to fan the embers of ethnic discord to cause nationwide political upheaval that would necessitate a situation, where a state of emergency will be declared, the president will then say that, elections cannot be conducted, therefore, he will have remain in office beyond the time that is allowed by the 1999 constitution. Details


Do Not Let Us Down Please O Sharia Defenders. By Babandi Gumel

They say truth is bitter but it has to be told as cure for our maladies. The euphoria which greeted the introduction of Sharia in our Country was there for every one to see sit down and reflect. The introduction of the Islamic system in 1999 was greeted with mixed feelings those who were in favour mainly the Muslims in the North with few intellectuals and those in the corridor of power as against the system. Unfortunately in those days when the going was good between the President and his Vice, the President cleverly refused to be drawn into the controversy of the Sharia except the usual comment which he used to make that it was a political Sharia which would fizzle out. No body would forget the Anti- Sharia stance which the Vice President Atiku took at that time asking the Governors to go back to the status quo. Details


Who Corrupted The Public Service? By Kola Ibrahim

The reigning idea is that of the fact that public service is corrupt, inept and totally bankrupt, but one just wonder how striving corporations like NITEL, Ajaokuta Steel Mill and other mills in the country, NICON, NNPC and several other striving businesses which were rated as best in Africa.  Details


Still On Unity Schools Workers’ Strike. By Kola Ibrahim

My attention has been drawn to the recent protest strike of workers in unity schools who are protesting against unity school privatization – a continuation of government neo-liberal reform policies. I completely support the strike and completely disagree with those who support government position on privatization. Details


Sex, AIDS & Bigmanism. By  E.Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq.

On the world statistics, Nigeria is the third most infected country with the deadly AIDS/HIV virus. Why Nigeria would be climbing in infection rates in spite of all the money and attention given to it is a question that begs for answers. We shall attempt a re-focus on what group is high risk in Nigeria. Details


In Search Of H.I.V. By Aderemi Yemi

I will like to start by introducing myself. I am a married man with three children and I have been married for over 11 years and I courted my wife for 5 years before we got married. Lately I got a job with a company  with a branch in a city in Northern Nigeria, where I was posted to serve the company. Details


Reichstag Fire’s Smoke. By Mahmud Jega

Last week’s culmination of sordid events in Ekiti State, contrived political crisis which was then seized upon by the Presidency to unleash an anti-democratic solution, easily recalls to mind a parallel in history, namely the infamous Reichstag fire of 1933. Details


Fascism: The Ekiti Example. By Kola Ibrahim

In Nigeria today, the signs of fascism are fast emerging with the happenings in Ekiti and those of Plateau and Anambra. The bigger rats are struggling for control of the nation’s wealth as exemplified by the Obasanjo/Atiku feud, North/South power tussle, etc, while the smaller rats in states and local governments are struggling to retain their positions and privileges against the interests of the bigger rats. Details


The Tenor Of A Presidential Visit. By M. T. Usman

Your President comes to town. A cause for celebration. Right? With townspeople trooping into the streets to catch a glimpse and wave at the august visitor. Wrong. Not when the visiting leaders is the Nigerian president. The recent experience of the residents of Kaduna is proof positive. Details

Anti Corruption Crusade: The Kano Example. By Bashir Sa'ad Abdullahi

Because corruption undermines economic growth, creates institutional mismanagement and hurts society by holding back economic development at all levels, while the Federal Government is hell bent on fighting corruption at the national level some states in the country also borrowed a leaf from the practice with states like Zamfara and of recent Kano state taking a cue.  Details


The Constitution and the Nigerian Press  By Charles Akolo Katsibi

It most often amazes me when I see how Journalists are treated in the process of gathering information. They face insults, embarrassments, and harassments, beatings and even death, which is the highest risk. And I wonder, why is the press not protected?  Details


Does Peter Obi Really Deserve Our Sympathy? By Jideofor Adibe, PhD

The moves by the Anambra State House of Assembly to impeach Governor Peter Obi have recently dominated the news. The fact that the impeachment moves came on the heels of President Obasanjo’s state visit have led some to point accusing fingers to Abuja Details


Obasanjo & Donald Rumsfeld Compared: Two Men of War & Same Modus Operandi. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

I have read nearly everything that comes my way on the embattled American Defense Secretary plenipotentiary including the on-going CNN documentary titled "Don Rumsfeld,- Man of War". I have come away with the strong impression that our own President in Nigeria appears to be a carbon copy of Rumsfeld both in his style of management and his modus operandi. They share a lot of things in common. They are both ex-soldiers with a long tenure of service in different capacities to their countries.  Details


Changing Our Political Discourse. By Hamilton Odunze

Weighing the prospects of Igbo presidency was at the heart of this year’s World Igbo Congress held in Boston, Massachusetts. For three days at the Copley Hotel, one of New England’s most prestigious, Ndi Igbo gathered to answer the question – how can an Igbo man be the next resident of the Aso villa? Details


Anambra is About Igbo Failure. By John Iteshi

Anambra is about the failure of the Igbos… The fact that no Nigerian leader can ever do Anambra to any Yoruba state makes it clear that it is about the failure of the Igbo nation and nothing more. Anambra is not alone in failure in Igbo land, but the problem is that Anambra state has a special significance as the heart of the Igbos (Ojukwu and Zik’s home state) and as such its destruction ought to worry every right thinking Igbo man. Details


Obasanjo, The Last Military Dictator: The Ekiti Political Debacle. By Dr. Abayomi Ferreira

It is a very sad notation that the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party PDP which is in power both at the centre and Ekiti State, as it was in Plateau State in 2004 is incapable of running its affairs and regulate its members in a manner to promote positive political development in Nigeria. Certainly, Obasanjo is all in all in the affairs of the PDP. He has removed from offices and replaced at will appointees and elected officials in the political party called the PDP. Details


Nigerian Muslim, Ramadan Fasting and the challenge of leadership. By Baba El-Yakubu

Muslim leaders under the auspices of Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic affairs (NSCIA) simply ask the general public to watch for the new crescent. They give some telephone numbers and perhaps increase the volumes of their ringers and wait for willing volunteers. Are there some prerequisite for sighting the crescent? Was there any mass campaign about the importance of accuracy in the matter? What is the clear definition of who and who is not a person of unquestionable integrity? Details


The Many Ills Of GSM In The Nigerian Society. By Mbosire Kazon

The coming of GSM has also brought about a new form of examination malpractices. Some GSM handset-owners store a lot of information in its memory. Students are the major culprits here, because they copy most of what they are taught in class and during the examination or test, they enter the hall and engage in examination malpractice. Details



Nigeria And Politics Of Emergency Rule. By Ajayi Olatunji Olowo

Apart from the measure being a denigration of the principle of federalism on which the fragile Nigerian Nation State is anchored, it is predictable that the emergency rule would further deepen rather than heal the political wounds inflicted on Ekiti State in particular and Nigeria at large. And if the emergency rule is continually deplored at every slightest novel political development, there is the possibility of democracy being undermined covertly or overtly. Details


Nigeria: Blame the GOs? By Apostle Paul Taiwo Adenuga

Christianity is supposed be to an expression of the love of God and your neighbor epitomized in forbearance, tolerance, forgiveness, honesty, steadfastness, truthfulness, incorruptibility and fairness among many attributes. Acts suggestive of greediness, dishonesty, and wickedness are not supposed to be mentioned along with the labels of Christians. But what we have had and continue to have is a fuelling of the negative attributes by the GOs, who remain only concerned with the cumulative incremental financial income Details


EFCC, Corruption And The Due Process. By Jide Ayobolu

For instance, what has the EFCC done about the N84billion naira that is missing in NPA? What has EFCC done about the N311billion that is missing in NNPC? What did EFCC do about the N50million bribe that was given to pro-third term legislators, during the tenure elongation debate in the National Assembly? What did EFCC do to Senator Ibrahim Mantu, when he mismanaged N400million in the failed hajj operations last year? Just to mention but a very few instances of the selective procedure of the EFCC, which is also corruption in the real sense. Details


Nigeria: Layers of Irresponsibility. By Abdullah Musa

In real fact I have no sympathy for Atiku. A typical opportunistic Nigerian, he came into wealth and prominence by following paths that the Books would not approve. If as a consequence one of the paths (presidential ambition) becomes thorny, he is welcome to the path of gloom that had been the fate of those who chose to live by the Book. This is another layer of irresponsibility in Nigeria. Details


Democracy At Crossroads In Nigeria: The Paradox Of The War On Corruption By Oche Onazi

The war on corruption is the mantra. Few can deny that corruption remains a topmost challenge in all facets of Nigerian life, particularly to our context, its democracy. In this short piece, I argue that although corruption has indeed impeded authentic democratic practice, the “war on corruption” itself is very much at odds with democracy. Details


Nigerian Courts, Injunctions, And The Electoral Process. By Akinwole Ogunlola

That the successful implementation and resolution of election disputes affect the Nigerian public interest is not in doubt and it therefore calls for extreme caution on the part of our Courts before arbitrarily granting injunctions to the politicians. The success of our electoral process and emerging democracy to a large extent may therefore depend on the independence and integrity of our courts. Details


NSITF: Who Is Behind The Hostile Acquisition Of Afribank Workers’ Shares? By Saint Azuh

Questions: Who in the Presidency ordered the divestment of the Nigerian workers shares in Afribank hitherto held in trust for the workers by NSITF? Who are the controlling share holders in Access Bank? Who are the controlling share holders in Bank of Industry? Who in the Presidency facilitated the release of the huge amount of money by Bank of Industry to Access Bank to enable it acquire the NSITF stake in Afribank? Are there common “denominators” in the ownership equation of Bank of Industry and Access Bank? Details


Preview on Nigeria’s Open Political Field. By  Emman Ozoemena

But, then we should ask; what is at the heart of the issue? What do people of Nigeria want? Does posturing of the political class and/or power elites represent the heart beat of the citizens? Are there verifiable indicators that Nigerians are ready for elections in 2007? Are members of the political class laying booby traps to truncate the process through these events coming under several guises and antics?  Details


Rev. Fr. Kukah’s Latest Goof. By Ali Al-Hussain

Only Muslims ignorant of the background of former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger ; who is now the Pope and holy father will be surprised by his recent attack on Islam. The timing of the attack itself tells a lot; it came just after the fifth anniversary of 9/11. Although the Pope in move less than sincere puts an apology and a televised meeting with Muslim diplomats in his palace, the damage has been done Details


The Constitution And The Nigerian Press. By Charles Akolo Katsibi

Nigeria, today has come of age – 45.  However, it seems we are still under some sort of control from some “colonial dictators”. This is most likely in the manner our leaders design a blueprint on a project and thereafter implement it. We must note that, the western nation we often copy their policies have being in democracy for more than 200 years, and ours is a mere journey of a mile.  Details


NIGERIA: Challenges of the Millennium Development Goals and The Imperatives of Globalisation. By Vincent Ayaka Yusuf

Statistics shows that, 102 millions Nigerians are without decent homes at an average of six persons per household across the country. About 44 Trillion Naira is needed to build about 17 million Houses to achieve MDGs target in the housing sector by 2015. This shows that the efforts of government in fighting hunger and poverty have not produce positive result yet. Details


The God of Obasanjo and Fani-Kayode Versus God of Nigeria. By Yinka Leo Ogundiran

On a more serious note, aside the aforementioned threshold of his ebullience, Femi Fani-Kayode is an embodiment of everything despicable in a man. The avalanche of notoriety which his name has garnered in the eyelid of our participatory politics is weighty and mighty. His gusto to showcase imperviousness to shame and discretion has no example. Details


EFCC, Selectivity and the Masses. By Abu Muhammad

I always differ when people argue that it is only the enemies of the President that the EFCC pursue. My argument is simple, let President Obasanjo bring all his enemies that are corrupt for EFCC investigation and prosecution provided that justice would be done to them in the process, that way the country would at least be free from a number of corrupt people. Details


Atiku Does Not Deserve Our Pity In Adamawa State. By Lawrence P. Ganchok

Nuhu Ribadu can best be described as a courageous man who has carved a niche for himself for the task entrusted to him. We need many more Nigerians of his type. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what Obasanjo’s regime would have been without people like Nuhu Ribadu, Nasir el-Rufai, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Obiageli Ezekwesili, Charles Soludo and Prof. Dora Akunyili. Details


Obasanjo, Corruption And The Politics Of Who Gets What, When,  Where And How In 2007. By Jide Ayobolu

Both the government of the day and the EFCC are always wont to say that, more than any other government of the day, they have made bold attempts at tackling corruption in the real sense of the word. But in reality, what they have succeeded in doing is just a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Details


Next Level EFCC. By E. Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq.

The question remains, what is the parameter for initiation of an investigation/prosecution by the EFCC? Does the President have to authorize every investigation? Can a petition initiate such investigation? Put another way, Can the Presidency halt an ongoing investigation? Details


2007 Presidential Race:Of Jokers And Pretenders. By Taninu Umar

EFCC, as we all know, don’t go after Obasanjo’s loyalists. Like a story out of a fiction book, Abdullhi Adamu has also showed an interest to contest for Nigeria’s Presidency. If people like him should take over from Obasanjo the country will continue to plunge into the abyss-from prying fan to fire. Details


Why the Corporate Affairs Commission Needs Reform. By Chike Eze

The present structure of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is not only fraudulent but represents a major obstacle to well-meaning average-income Nigerian entrepreneurs that want to register businesses and organizations. Contrary to its sustained public relations campaign that attempts to package the agency as a modern technology-aided government agency bereft of bureaucracy and sharp practices, the current CAC system promotes fraud and a lot of undocumented kickbacks. Details


The North And Challenges Of 2007. By Garba A. Isa

The lethal uses of the Media by the Lagos-Ibadan press especially after the annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections, was simply more than meets the eye. The June 12 madness offered the South West Press and the elites the golden opportunity to hammer hard, the pre-conceived hidden Agenda that Power must Shift to the "South". People who claim to be "Democratic" must be persuasive and accommodative in dealing with other contending groups to win respect and acceptability. Intimidating one's neighbours does not portray good democratic potentials.  Details


Anarchy and the Rule of Law in Ekiti and Plateau. By Michael Oluwagbemi

Throwing the rule of law out of the window for short term gains including securing conviction or punishing corrupt leaders is short sighted and self defeating. In fact, I reject every claim that the choice before Nigerians is to have the rule of law or fight corruption. We can do both; in fact if the EFCC and the Police are products of the law, then it is their duty to uphold the law; but I am afraid that recent events seem to point otherwise. Details


Can Ali Sheriff Break The Continuity Jinx? By Tahiru Bala

The political climate in Borno State is saturated with healthy and unhealthy rivalries among the different political parties in the State. But the common sights are the acrimonies exhibited by the two popular parties in the State the all Nigeria people’s party (ANPP) and the peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Details


The Trial Of Governor Fayose Of Ekiti State: When The Rules Run Out. By Ajayi Olatunji Olowo

And if there is a declaration of a state of emergency, the evil day would only be merely postponed because the removal from office and trial of Fayose in a court of competent jurisdiction for his alleged financial and other offences is the first major portal of reforming the political stable in Ekiti State and by extension, that of the entire country Nigeria Details


Governor Orji Kalu's Crime Family Syndicate Need to be Taught a Lesson. By Usman Yerima

The lawless leaders of Nigeria should not expect the ordinary people to be law abiding citizens when they are the chief law breakers in the country. There was a time when the notorious Governor Orji Kalu sounded off nationally about his Presidential ambition. He barely has a clue about his job requirements and responsibilities in a small state like Abia, yet he had his eyes fixed on the Presidency. Details


EFCC Mobilises Civil Society Against Corruption. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu

President Olusegun Obasanjo would seem to have made an anti-corruption statement: that given the political will and public support, it’s a war—in the Nigerian context—from which many heroes and heroines could emerge. Detail


The Theory Of Privatising Education. By  Yushau A. Shuaib

In a situation where average senior civil servants, not junior cadre or ordinary masses, earn less than N50, 000 as monthly take-home pays, how can their children benefit from intended privatized schools? If it is necessary to privatize the schools it may be imperative too that the ordinary citizens are giving the opening to have the financial muscles to afford the fees Details



Containing Babangida’s Ambition. By Anthony A. Akinola

The psychologist in me says General Ibrahim Babangida is not a very happy man in spite of his stupendous wealth and legendary influence.   He has the book of his political life placed before him and he does not like what he is reading.  There may be therefore some sense and justification in the argument or assumption that the essence of his ambition to become an elected president is to be presented with an opportunity to redeem his name. Details


Press Coverage of Islam in Nigeria. By Ibrahim Ado-Kurawa

The Nigerian society has not disintegrated as predicted by its dominant sections. The statement attributed to US President Thomas Jefferson who was reported to have said: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers [97] could be a right description for anyone who depends on Nigerian newspapers. This is because they are advocates of the views and opinions of their proprietors and sponsors. Their representation of Islam is largely based on interests and not knowledge and could not withstand scrutiny as the analysis in this paper has shown. Details


The Almajiri Syndrome and Acquisition of Knowledge. By Mohammed Bala

One teacher can register up to a hundred and more pupils who he singularly keeps, guides and controlled. To keep them fed and accommodated are also part of the teacher's responsibilities. But nowadays even to keep and feed one hundred mouths is not easy, and perhaps impossible. Details


The Random Musings Of A  Motor Park Architect. By Ahmed Joe

As the saying goes -"it never rains in southern California". The 'yeye' farmers in that part of the world have probably never heard of Nigeria and its slick miracle workers. Because its only in Nigeria the Government will sell off its residential properties for a purported total of N 25b and still want to build a Millennium Centre for about twice the same amount when the  reasons for the sales in the first place remain valid.  Details


EFCC’s Hasty Graft Index. By Jide Ayobolu

The is no doubting the fact that, when General Obasanjo came out from the prison in 1998, after he had spent three years, three month and three days, he came out as a poor man, in fact he was indebted to a number of banks, not only this, his family has started selling off equipment and other valuables in his Ota farm, almost everything he had, have all gone down the drain, he was in fact, rehabilitated by a group of political elite, by making sure that he became the president of Nigeria in 1999. Hence, the question has been asked that, how come that a man who was poor in 1999 become suddenly rich overnight? Details


Atiku/Obasanjo Feud: As Dan Etete Seals new JV Campaign Deal. By Senior Fyneface

Nigerians are not fools, for the President to conscript a man with criminal records, a man that lacks integrity and credibility to make poorly-packaged completely false allegations against a duly elected official just because he has been promised to be installed as the next governor of Bayelsa state is an obvious indication that the entire feud between Obasanjo and Atiku has always been based on concoctions rather than facts. Details


Fayose, Yerima: You Did All That? By Mohammed Bala

The EFCC report on Zamfara is said to be the worst case and is still under study! If that is true and the investigations were able to establish a water tight case against Yerima, then we are doomed, as no one will ever trust any one that appears to be too religious again. Details


Fayose and His Legacy. By Anthony A. Akinola

Not many contemporary Nigerian politicians understand the art of self-publicity better than Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state. Of the nation’s 36 state governors, Dr Fayose is arguably the best known face on television to Nigerians living abroad. When he is not granting an interview to the London-based BEN television, viewers are being reminded of his great accomplishments via adverts or documentaries of monotonous frequency captioned "Ekiti transformation". Fayose’s accomplishments must have made a great impression on the authorities of the University of Ado-Ekiti that, barely nine months into his administration, he was conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Public Administration! Details


Ogun State And The Ribadu Report. By Tayo Agunbiade

Admittedly, the past couple of weeks have been very interesting in the political life of the nation as well as in the lives of Nigerians. For one, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has kept the nation agog with revelations about some of the staggering levels of financial crimes being committed wholesale in some of the State-run tills. Indeed in a few cases, State Governments have literally been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Details


Sustaining the Peace in Niger Delta. By Jamila Zubairu Mammam

The Niger Delta region is the golden land of Nigeria, it is the area that lays the golden egg for the country. It is the region where the country produces more that 80 per cent of its reserve of crude oil and gas. Unfortunately over the years, this region has been the most neglected. To make matters worse governors of the Niger Delta state have done nothing to remedy the situation. Despite the huge sums of money that have accrued to them since the inception of this administration Details


The Odds Against Kano PDP. By Kabiru Inuwa

Nevertheless, in its characteristic incurable optimism in the face of a hopeless situation, and conforming to its Motto of Peoples deceiving Peoples, PDP can still continue to spread lies and half truth taking advantage of the un-usual press freedom ahead of the 2007 election; with the sole purpose of tarnishing the image and good refutations of the incurably tolerant ANPP government Details


Tackling the Dimensions of Corruption in Nigeria. By Victor E. Dike

Nigerians are suffering today because those in the position of authority are mindless looters. A World Bank Report indicates that about $170 billion stolen from the public treasury are stashed in foreign banks. Details


Hausa 'Fim' Still an Issue. By Madiha Zarruk

Movies as tools for entertainment provide all form of pleasure to children, youth and adults. As these services are provided for, the providers try to maintain as much as possible some decency in what they give to their audience and the same time doing themselves justice by safe guarding their wears. But are the Hausa movies makers aware of such an issue and do they really care about the viewers? Details


The Babangida in Our Imagination. By Seyi Oduyela

It would have been better if General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida had kept quiet and did not make his recent statement on the Crashed Dornier 228. Though some believe he is intelligent but I think he is being overrated. A man’s intelligence is not measured by how much he stole; how many people he killed, but on how he affected, positively, the lives of his people. I cannot believe that this man can blame the Army for allowing 10 Generals to travel in one plane. Details


Ribadu's Crosswords with Obasanjo on 23 Alleged Corrupt Governors. By Senior Fyneface

Ribadu had revealed during his testimony to the Senate that about 23 state governors have serious allegations of fraud and corruption to answer, but President Obasanjo outrightly contradicted the EFCC Chairman and said “it was not so”. The President tried to emphasize that since investigations were still going on, “the blanket indictment of the governors (by Ribadu) was wrong”. Details


Driving Nuhu Ribadu Out Of Town. By Aonduna Tondu

The EFCC is a good example of a noble idea gone awry. Faced with the rabble-rousing histrionics of its mercurial head called Nuhu Ribadu and the glaring evidence that both the outfit and its chairman have become tools in the service of a dictator and his anti-people fantasies, Nigerian democrats and those who wish our country well must be alarmed at the prospect of letting Ribadu and the contraption he pretends to lead continue to desecrate our democratic spaces with his resort to violent and illegal tactics that clearly are an affront to the sensibilities of decent, law-abiding citizens. Details


Ribadu And EFCC Blessing In Disguise For Our Country. By Babandi Gumel

The coming of Ribadu and his EFCC   is one of the best things that ever happened to our Nation chasing all corrupt officials some forcing them to go into hiding while others don’t know what to do with their unlawful plunder which they acquired unlawfully. Although they say truth is bitter but in the end is sweet if you follow it eventually. As every one knows corruption and acquiring illegal wealth known as Haram is unlawful religiously and morally one loses respect. Details



Exclusive - Warning! ABC Lessons For Nigerian Travellers To the U.K By Oyeyemi Olodo Esq.

Since the early 60’s, Nigerians have always enjoyed the UK public services including housing, education and more importantly health care. However, the days of free services are over and there is clear writing on the wall that the British government is refusing to be the “Mr Nice Guy” nation or welfare state of the past. Details


PTDFgate: NNPC’S Unclear Accounting for the Missing  $555m Bid Proceeds. By Senior Fyneface

Following the revelation that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) realized about $700 million as proceeds from the 2002/2003 licensing rounds and out of that money, about $555 million was withheld by President Olusegun Obasanjo, who since 1999 has been acting as the Petroleum Minister and sole administrator of the NNPC, the corporation has made serious attempts to clarify facts behind the figures. Details


The Gale Of Impeachment And Constitutional Intricacies. By Ajayi Olatunji Olowo

The currently gale of impeachment sweeping across the country (while good enough to bring erring governors to book) is seen in some quarters as made possible by the monopoly of security apparatus by the Federal Government deployed to exert pressure on the lawmakers, thus the view that the anti-corruption campaign is targeted (rightly or wrongly) at those governors not in the good books of the FGN. Details


Shameless Peoples, Nations, Tongues, Hardly Find a Thread of Hope, to Restore a Sense of Place. By Carl Umunna

The question is, in today’s Nigeria, can the ill-equipped military sector fight and defend her well-being; can its citizenry especially its corrupted-youths, its regions and communities put its lives on the line to defend her? If, Nigerian corrupt leadership has abandoned its population, one does not need a rocket scientist to conjure or decipher the outcome.  Details


The Impeachment Moves: Hand of Esau, Voice of Jacob. By Seyi Oduyela

Most of the people arrested and investigated so far are people who have lost favor with President Obasanjo. In spite of the case against Olabode George over his running of the Nigeria Ports Authority, Obasanjo rejected the report submitted by the EFCC. But I have a document on some of the phony contracts awarded by the Ports Authority to the tune of 1.7 Billion naira within a period of 10 months, while the actual cost of the contract was 344million naira. Details


Third Mainland BridgeIsland’s Most Sought After Suicide Spot. From Nigeria Today

Several of those who commit suicide on the Island prefer jumping into the lagoon from Third Mainland Bridge , according to Island News investigation. The trend is worrisome. Ayobami, a banker, was in her thirties when she took a drive to Third Mainland Bridge . Her mission was simply to commit suicide. Details


Ban on Okada in the FCT: Issues Involved. By Nuhu Shuaib

Okada also constitute major environmental hazards like noise and environmental pollutions as a result of the toxic smoke they emit. Some of the riders blast their horns when there is absolutely no need for doing so. It is alleged that some Okada riders intentionally change their horns for louder ones in order to harass other road users. Details


General Babangida and Democracy. By Shehu Mustapha Chaji

Some Nigerians are of the view that General Babangida should first of all explain to Nigerians his role and reasons for annulment of June 12 election ,how did his government utilise the over 12 billion dollars Nigeria got from oil windfall during the gulf war , death of Dele Giwa , Nigeria's entering Organisation for Islamic Countries and returning diplomatic relations with State of Israel ,accepting World Bank loan/IMF conditionalities and introducing Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) which had devalue the Naira and inflicted untold hardship to Nigerians. Details


Fani-Kayode: Ministerial Rascality Taken too Far! By Farooq A. Kperogi

But who is this Fani-Kayode that never ceases to outrage our sensibilities and assault the basic decencies of civilized society? Who is this man that has elevated vulgarity, coarseness, and infantilism to an art? Just who is this nonentity? Details


US Visa Policy and US Visa Racketeering in Nigeria and Ghana. By Michael O. Folorunso The United States along with Britain are actively helping to corrupt our women and exploit the desperation of these young women to travel out. In many cases I am told that these young women were sexually exploited all for the opportunity to get visa out of Nigeria to the US. Details


Post Obasanjo Nigeria. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

If current trends in Nigeria as they are now, especially in the economy, politics and the much celebrated anti corruption war; continue unchanged, the post Obasanjo Nigerian polity would be interesting to ordinary Nigerians Details


For Democracy's Sake, Give Women a Change– Mbagwu. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu

With a bevy of stirring women in power, democracy would be richer by the attendant demilitarisation of civil society, transparent poverty eradication campaign and the culture of peace that it breeds. Details