If You Know What I Know, Buhari Will Be Next President. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

Yes, General Buhari is a Muslim by faith, but he is neither a bigot nor a radical Muslim in the strict sense of the word. He is certainly does not belong to Al Quaeda. He is the kind of a leader who would not judge you by your faith or state of origin but only by the content of your character. Details


Reading ‘A Man Of The People' By Chinua Achebe. By Abubakar Adamu

The current shenanigans in Nigerian politics are nothing new. We as a people and as a country have not learnt much lesson since the so-called ‘independence’ in 1960. Our politics is still elementary. Details



Nigerian Leadership And Rulership In Historical Perspective III:  The INEC And Double Standard. By Samuel Oluwaseyi Oduyela

The INEC openly and unabashedly helped the PDP to rig the 2003 election. One of the most memorable riggings was the ones on Abuja where the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) candidate was leading in the senatorial election and all of a sudden, she lost to the PDP candidate. Another case was the one in Adamawa State, where it was announced on the Radio Nigeria Network news at 7AM that the ANPP won two of the three seats in Adamawa but by 2PM the result changed and PDP won. Details


Stupidity Inc. By Ihas Idriess

Its indeed very difficult if not impossible to understand the driving force behind Atiku’s stupid action of wanting to remain Vice President of Nigeria under a PDP government and a Presidential Aspirant of AC, although we all know the Vice President as extremely  greedy nobody ever taught his level of greed has reached the extent that it has turned him into a fulltime dim-witted fellow Details


Is Shekarau’s “Human Development” Project the Panacea? By  Jaafar Jaafar

Where lies the wisdom of any development project that can not construct a single kilometer of a new road (not rehabilitation) in almost four years of its existence? Shekarau administration, confirmed the deputy governor of Kano State, Engr Magaji Abdullahi on Freedom Radio, did not construct a single new road! Why, despite this much-celebrated “human development” project, Kano still tops the poverty index of the country? Details


Bafarawa’s House of Humour. By Dahiru Maishanu

The Governor’s media machine may turn out to be his worst enemy. This comprises a bunch of people who have hijacked the governor’s conscience and created an invincible bond that dictates all his official pronouncements according to their own dictum. They attack any shade of opinion that differs from theirs and present it to the governor as a bad opinion which must be crushed by all means. They go berserk like wounded lions against any body who dares challenge any policy of the state. Details


Warning to Obasanjo and Others. By Elie Smith

Hence, if it is true that Obasanjo has backed Yar’adua not for reasons that democratic etiquettes dictates but otherwise, then he should brace himself for trouble after he leaves Aso Rock (the official resident and office of the president). Details



The Caging of Babangida. By  Babatunde Adenodi

Babangida is one soldier who knew exactly what he wanted and did his damnedest to work for it. He did not wake up on August 17, 1985 to call himself President for nothing after ousting Buhari. It is clear that he had given it a lot of thought prior to the coup. So, he was the most prepared for the post. Details


The Deal That Screwed The South, The North And Nigeria’s So-Called Minorities. By Aonduna Tondu

The scope of the tragedy in Nigeria today is such that we cannot afford to be held down by the vagaries of partisan, primordial emotionalism  and suggestion. Now is the time to vote for a leader who would help steer us away from the rot we have been swimming in since 1999. Details


When Kano Rocked, “Shariah” Rocked Too. By  Jaafar Jaafar

You may call it concert. Some may tag it Sallah fiesta. Others have dubbed it a show of insanity. But the government of Kano State says no to all these assertions as it coined some tender adjective to describe the gathering so that the gullible can have an easy swallow without mental indigestion. It named it: “violence free Kano” concert. Details


Is Atiku a serious Character? By Usman Yerima

I have to wonder what goes on in Atiku's head. Obasanjo is a lost cause as it is anyhow. In the case of VP Atiku, here is a man that decamped from his party and formed/joined another political party in order to 'fulfill his ambition' of becoming President. He has made his intention known publicly that he intends on running for the Presidency and winning come election day. Now, here is the retarded thing he does next. Three months to that very election, he is in the US vacationing. One would have hoped that his numerous trips to America over the years would have enlightened him some.



Disintegration of Nigeria-State Is the Answer: A Critical Conversation & Forward-Looking Strategy. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

The nation-State called Nigeria is coming to a closure some insiders inside the international intelligent community have predicated some decades ago. Recently, this list has added to its feathers the United States intelligent community.  Details



Saddam, a Sacrificial Lamb.  By Umar Bello

"It will not increase our moral authority in the world. ... Saddam's heinous crimes against humanity can never be diminished, but he was our ally while he was doing it. ... Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth will make us blind and disfigured. ... Saddam as a war trophy only deepens the catastrophe to which we are indelibly linked."  The Rev. Jesse Jackson.  Details 


The Last Moments of the Defiant Saddam Hussein. By Babandi Gumel

While many people saw Saddam as a dictator Who ruled with iron fist others saw him as a hero even as a martyr who  was extraordinarily defiant even at the time of death refusing to wear the usual black hood worn by prisoners before execution giving the graphic picture of final inevitable end which one meets. Unfortunately the latest Video has rather generated more controversy and hatred to the invaders than love drawing more sympathy to the former dictator than condemnation for his crime against humanity charges which brought his execution on the 30th December two days before the new year coinciding with the Eid El Kabir Festival. Details



2006: Beyond Appalled! By Victor E. Dike

With the 2007 elections around the corner the political gladiators are scrambling for the last minute looting activities, with some of them are busy eliminating their political opponents through hired thugs, while unemployment, poverty, and armed robbery activities are rising. Details


PTDF Inquest: Spilling the Beans and the Unanswered Questions. By Abubakar Chika 

Nigerians are beginning to know how public monies are being wasted by the people put in trust to manage them for the common good. For example, in addition to the daily looting of the public financial resources going on at the States and Federal government levels by our supposedly elected leaders, a lot of haemorrhage of the public treasury is going on simultaneously and is being perpetrated by our bureaucratic and technocratic elites in the public service. Details


The Buhari Ticket and ANPP’s Challenge. By Ibrahim Dan-Halilu

The media campaign apart, Buhari needs to build bridges across the Niger to make genuine friends among the Yorubas, Igbos, and other southern minorities. Through his networking he can build trust and understanding with other Nigerians who regard him as a bigot and a regionalist.  The party has to go extra mile to boost its fortunes in the south through alliances, mergers and personal contacts.  Details


Welcome Yesterday. By Dahiru Maishanu

The so-called Lagos-Ibadan axis of the press will have a field day attacking a familiar foe. The average Nigerian, south of the Niger, can now be sold the idea that the whole of the north and all northerners are after his extinction and he will take it as gospel truth as it comes from the press, the most reliable source of information in the country. Details


Service Delivery in Nigerian Banks After Consolidation. By Bello Abdullahi

The banks’ banking halls are still congested, long queues exist thirty days in a month, transfers are always delayed, customers still experience system downtime, and withdrawals (either through ATMs or across the counter) are a nightmare, not to mention credit processing and account opening. Details


Hillary As First American Female President: A Third Term Bid for the Comeback Kid. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

America is going to do it again and do it in style as the nation swears in her first female President and her first black Vice President in January 2009? You will remember I told you so, and this article is my configuration of how and why it could possibly happen. Details


Saddam Hanging and Arab Culpability. By Yushau A. Shuaib

If Republic of Germany, France and even the Vatican could condemn the attack on a Muslim nation and even some going extra length to condemn the death verdict on Saddam, while other Arab nations are cautious not to annoy the Super Liberators, one wonders who is more Islamic. Details


The Death Of A President-For-Life. By Aonduna Tondu

What do Nigeria and a demographically tiny Central Asian country of 5 million souls called Turkmenistan have in common? Nothing much, except that apart from both being energy-rich, either one has been inflicted with the misfortune of a power-hungry despot suffering from delusions of invincibility marked by acts of lawlessness and criminal impunity that brood no opposition. Details


Ribadu Floors Babaginda But Maybe Saved By The Bell. By Farouk Martins

This Ribadu “self”. He woes that Babaginda will not be the head of State again, as long as he remains the head of EFCC....Those of us who called Ribadu, a loud mouth may need to apologize. He must know something we do not know, as in that romantic word called looting. Babangida should have been contented with keeping his loot in a secret deal, otherwise risk exposure. Details


2007 Elections: OBJ Is Becoming Power Drunk. By Kunle I Sowunmi

Ordinarily, as a Yoruba man from Abeokuta I should have been very sentimental about Aremu staying in office beyond May 2007 but I believe in the rule of law and constitutional democracy. Life is give and take and no single ethnic group out of 200 fought for Nigeria Independence. It was a collective efforts of all and sundries. The approach of OBJ is negating all we fought for from independence to Abacha regime. Details


Obasanjo’s ‘Impeachment’ Of Atiku! By Zayyad I. Muhammad

Official lawlessness with impunity is one character of Obasanjo’s government that is extremely impossible for one to take no notice of; on 22nd December 2006, the People’s Democratic Party in her  NEC meeting, with president Obasanjo in attendance, conferred on itself  the function of the chief custodian and  interpreter of the Nigerian constitutionDetails


Ban Government Sponsoring Of Pilgrims. By  Ihas Idriess

Now lets look at it from a angle of rationality, if we all believe that its only those invited by Allah that make it to the Holy city of Mecca, then are those pilgrims sponsored by governments also invited by Allah?, am sure a lot of my readers will answer in affirmative, well, left to me and rationally thinking they are not…. Details


Is Atiku’s  Position Legally Vacant? By Jim I Akhere Ph.D. 

Fellow Nigerians, ’Be not sad that your rulers have been at war. Take it that the silver lining from the Obasajo/Atiku war is the financial information which would otherwise have been privileged, that we were fed with relating to how the duo plundered our treasury while a teeming population of Nigerians were writhing under crushing penury and devastating deprivations in the midst of plenty. Only God knows how much more of our money would have been plundered if the President and his Vice were in harmony. Shouldn’t they both have been impeached? Details


Repackaging Muhammadu Buhari for the 2007 General Elections. By Aliyu A. Ammani

Second, the Buhari Organization should not only present Buhari as a democrat, but should also work to prepare him to act and speak like one. Utterances made by Muhammadu Buhari, for instance, shortly after the results of the last General Elections were announced in 2003; and even his reaction to the outcome of the last ANPP Convention for the election of the Party’s National Officers, does not sound democratic. Details


2006: The Year in Review. By Michael Oluwagbemi

How time flies. It is already the twelfth month of the year 2006; in the country called Nigeria, and in the lives of her inhabitants called Nigerians this has been an exceptional year in political and socio-economic terms. Details


The Shame Of Nigerian Opposition Political Parties. By  Uche Nworah

Some of Nigeria’s opposition political parties are just jokers. They are simply playing a game of the-more-you-look-the-less-you-see with Nigerians. The whole equation and logic behind their choice of presidential candidates and running mates just doesn’t make sense. Details


Bafarawa’s Declared Presidential Candidature: Living in fools Paradise? By Dan Azumi Kofarmata

Governor Bafarawa, amongst others, falls into the category of the pack of the bad, ugly and seriously ridiculous 2007 presidential candidates. The presidential candidature of Governor Attahiru Bafarawa (DPP) shouldn’t have bothered my attention to warrant devoting time and energy in making public comments on it for obvious reason - it is just a pipe dream and an exercise in ego trip at the expense of the Sokoto State Government treasury Details


2007: Where Are The Big Masquerades? By Halliru Sani

Meanwhile the fate of the big masquerades is what arouses serious suspense in the polity. These are the people who have either participated in the presidential contest or have been rumoured to be keenly interested in the plum job. Details


Celebrating Disaster in New York. By  Moses Ochonu

President Obasanjo is incorrigible and shameless. While new revelations were issuing forth from Abuja about how he and his cronies have been squandering billions of naira on their vanities and on hedonistic pursuits, Baba was in New York celebrating what some are calling a successful tenure in office.  Details


Goodbye, Profligate Governors. By Maxwell James

The scenario that played out at the Eagles Square, venue of the PDP National convention last Saturday night should serve as a huge lesson to these profligate Governors who bask in unabashed opulence of spending tax payer’s money. At the end of the exercise, though expected, a prudent Governor won the presidential ticket. Details


General Muhammadu Buhari:  The Peoples Presidential Candidate? By Dan Azumi Kofarmata

General Buhari’s presidential aspiration is not going to be fought on the traditional political platform of the ANPP per se, but on the platform of the ordinary people. Political alliances or not, Buhari’s political machinery and structures are with the ordinary Nigerian folks and not the ANPP apparatchiks. For example, even he himself, acknowledged this in his acceptance speech when he stated that: "We have the people behind us, we have the support of Nigerians, we have the programmes all we need by the grace of God is a free and fair elections."  Details



It is Against Ndigbo’s Strategic Interest  for Dr. Eddy Oparaoji to Liken Umaru Yaradua with  Islamist. By Dr. Chudi Ikwueze

Permit me a space in your widely read news medium to extend a public apology, on behalf of well meaning Nigerians and Ndigbo in particular, to Umaru Yaradua for being characterized as an Islamist by Dr. Eddy Oparaoji of Peoples Mandate Party (PMP). Details



2007 Election: The Buhari Challenge. By Bello Gwarzo Abdullahi

There is now a strong indication of a possible alliance against the ruling party. Based on its performance and the personalities involved there is likelihood that the biggest party in Africa will be booted out. But let no one be under any illusion that it will be a walkout. The PDP can be likened to a madman in a China shop and the way and manner arbitrariness has taken the center stage needs to be addressed. Details



The Infantilization of Nigerians. By  Moses Ochonu

If there is one thing that has become abundantly clear from the legal and ethical controversies that have dogged political incumbents across the Nigeria, it is the fact that those saddled with the task of watching over our affairs have taken that charge quite literally and have proceeded to infantilize us. To put it quite simply, our current crop of leaders see us as children with malleable cognitive and perceptive propensities. Details



Sosoliso Airline and the Aviation Sector: When It Rains… By Atâyi Babs Opaluwah

For an airline that is still grappling with the second suspension of its Air Operating Certificate within 15 months to be involved in yet another scam of international proportion is to say the least, disgusting and an avid show of disregard for decency and ethical conduct. It does confirm the fact that when it rains, it certainly pours as the Airline has hopped from one crisis to the other in its quest to provide aviation service to Nigerians. Details



74 Years Of Dynamic Achievement Of School Of Hygiene Kano. By  Ibrahim Garba Gwarzo

When the institution was run by ABU the people of Kano realized that the indigenes of Kano were not benefiting very well in terms of admission despite playing host of the school. This led to an agitation for the transfer of the ownership of college to Kano state government during administration of late Sabo Bakin Zuwo.It was a huge success and Kano state government duly took over the institution in 1980. Details


Managing HIV/AIDS Among Females In Nigerian Law School. By  Marshall Ifeanyi

Dr Orduwa noted that, the AIDS pandemic is growing in all areas of the country with worrisome signs of resurgence in some states where successes in combating the disease were thought to have been achieved. He observed that the prevalence of HIV among youths is highest among some middle-belt and south-south states such as Benue and Akwa-Ibom States as well as their adjoining States. Details


Advancement Of Postal Service In West Africa Sub-Region: The Challenge Of Mori Baba Led NIPOST. By Emeka Oraetoka

This Federal Government gesture to Niger Republic’s Postal Service, through NIPOST has confirmed that Nigerian Postal Service [NIPOST] is a vital agency of the Federal Government. It has also confirmed that the reform in NIPOST is aimed at commercialization it, not privatization as erroneously believed by the Bureau of Public Enterprise [BPE]. Details


The Madness of Political Correctness: Constitutional Crisis as Nigerian Vice President is Replaced. By Oyeyemi Olodo

Whilst, the PDP grounds for expelling the Vice President after picking the Action Congress (AC) is understandable because he is no longer technically a member of PDP. The idea of removing him from the Office of the Vice President cannot be excused by the law. Details


Courting China for Africa Development: Following the Beijing  Summit. Dr. Lawal M. Marafa

Let me end this brief with some anecdotal phrases that sums up the African position: noting the diligence of the Chinese people and the dexterity with which they drive investment in Africa and the rest of the world, an African senior official (from Sierra Leone) commented that “the Chinese don’t seem to rest’ and “we could learn from that”, and I agree with that. Details


NIGER DELTA: A Wish For Peace At Christmas. By Atâyi Babs Opaluwah

As we fête in unison, in appreciation of the peace that is come in the   Niger Delta through this Christmas, may the creeks and the pipelines burst with unquantifiable barrels of peace and happiness and may the concomitant effects of progress, development and prosperity surge and reverberate Details