Yar’Adua, listen to Bauchi State citizens. By Musa Tukur Usman

No one is saying that Adamu Mu’azu did not perform as governor in the last eight years, far from it. His positive marks and giant strides in Bauchi State are there for all to see. But having him to represent Bauchi at this time will simply send the wrong message to the people and even PDP loyalists in the state. If you don’t get the import of this message, please read on. Details


Prospects of a Servant-Leadership Model. By Anie Udoh

The president’s silence and inaction on the worsening fuel crises is robbing his administration of critical public goodwill and sends frightening signals as to what manner of president he intends to be.  He seems to be unduly restrained by some invisible hand perhaps the fear of PDP (read Obasanjo!). Details


Before the Niger Delta Special Summit. By Maxwell James

If there is any region in the world today in which social disequilibrium, dissonance, pillage, poverty, misfortune, neglect, sadistic disdain, and outright injustice reign supreme, then it is the Niger Delta region of the federal republic of Nigeria – the region that oils the economic wheels of our dear country. Details


Between Politics and Appropriate Pricing of Fuels. By Ifeanyi Izeze

Frankly speaking, the recently retired President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is one man who has a well defined rhythm though he spends most of the time on the negative side of the wave. When he came into power in 1999 the first official oil-related assignment he performed was to jack up by over 98 percent the existing fuel price regime.  And barely 48 hours to his departure from office after eight years, had he again wrapped up his stay by finally taking the price of petrol to N75. Details


The Unwarranted Search For An All-Inclusive Government By The New Nigerian President. By  Dr. Abayomi

Our very strong advice to Musa Yar’Adua is that he should form his government from the PDP even though the party has no real programme for the development of Nigeria. In any case, the parties whose politicians are jostling to hold jobs in the new government equally have no real programme for the development of Nigerian. We may at this point put the question, “What was the good results Nigerians got from Bola Ige of the Action for Democracy AD serving in Obasanjo’s PDP government?” The answer is,” None” Ferreira Details


American Investors, Solar Energy Experts Returns to Nigeria. By  Paul I. Adujie

The upsurge of investments in Nigeria by American and other investors of the world, is a testament to the progress that is made in Nigeria. It is a reaffirmation by Nigerians and foreign investors, of the confidence that we repose in Nigeria. Details


Machines Competing With Man For Staple Food. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

A couple of years ago in Nigeria, the price of gari were almost the same or more than the price of foreign subsidized rice because we found a market for our cassava in China. The slang then was: Obasanjo has turned food of the rich to that of the poor and food of the poor to the rich. Details


Sule Lamido: The Antics of An Ingrate 'Area Father'. By Hajiya Hafsat M. Zanna

Since he took oath of office as the governor of Jigawa state, Lamido has resumed his attack on Atiku. Has Lamido signed a covenant with Obasanjo to continuously launch attacks on a prominent citizen like Atiku Abubakar? Lamido must understand that Atiku is not his equal. If not for Obasanjo’s do or die politics, Lamido cannot even be seat in the same room with him not to even talk of insulting him. Details


‘Seven Thousand Naira (N 7,000) Per Month for Jigawa Disabled’: A Good Intention, But… By Muhammad Saddiq

First, I would like to say ‘good for you’ to my friends from Jigawa – and they are a lot, and the entire people of the state for having a governor that wants to do something about the poor. It did not come as a surprise to me at all considering the antecedents of the new governor – he belonged to and was moulded by the pro-poor PRP of the late Mallam Aminu Kano. However, making statements like paying N7, 000 monthly to the disabled in the state as a means of ridding the state of beggars, though well intentioned, showed how far behind the times the understanding of poverty by the governor remains. Details



Olusegun Obasanjo: The Wrong Man, At The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time. By Jide Ayobolu

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who until some few weeks ago was the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and commander in chief of the armed forces of Nigeria.  He was an individual who came, saw and failed woefully. Details


Yar’ Adua, and the Need for New National Reorientation. By Abdullah Musa

I may not be well informed, but to my perception, two categories of people are the ones most desirous of reorientation: the Press and the politicians. Details


Mr. President Sir, Your Attention Is Urgently Needed. By  Abdu Isa Kofarmata

It is therefore imperative that the president begins this heroic assignment by fighting and uprooting corruption. In order to uproot, dislocate and ultimately wipe out corruption in the political and economic landscape of our country, the president should first of all begin with the total overhaul of the two agencies established to fight corruption, notably the EFCC and ICPC. Details


Expectations Fatigue Among Nigerians. By  Paul I. Adujie

Care must now be taken, to manage these expectations carefully. Managing expectations is a good strategy for achieving or obtaining good governance. The key to success for this new administration, among other things, is to manage people’s expectations, it would be wise to have another good strategy, which entails, getting the message out and staying on the message. Letting the electorate know what policies are being pursued and what the challenges and successes are. Details


An Open Letter to Nuhu Ribadu. By Musa Ilallah

I therefore ask you, Nuhu Ribadu to in the name of Almighty Allah commence van immediate investigation into the fortunes, assets and worth of Obasanjo between 1999 and now. The News cover story will serve as a very important guide in this regard. This will make Nigerians believe that you are not selective in your fight against corruption in this country. Details


Lamido’s Unambiguous Adventure. By Adagbo Onoja

There is no way the inaugural address by Jigawa State Governor, Sule Lamido, would not be the subject of comments, observations, newspaper editorials and similar interventions as is going on already. This is because the address touched on socially discomforting issues which the society, in apparent frustration with resolving them, has obviously come to accept as normal even though they are not. Details


Global Melting Ice – How Will it Burn Nigeria? By  Aliyu Salisu Barau

It is painful that though President Yar Adua and Vice President Goodluck come from states that suffer from series of ecological crises yet they could not enlist environmental sustainability as one of the seven point priority agenda of their government. Our only hope lies with the Executive Governor of Jigawa State Alhaji Sule Lamido whose state falls within same ecological belt with Katsina State, the home of Mr. President. Governor Sule Lamido said clearly in his inaugural speech that, he would invite Wangare Mathaai, the Nobel laureate to come to Jigawa to help in addressing the ecological inadequacies of the well suffered state. Details

That Foul Kebbi Liaison Office Deal! By Abdullahi Usman


I feel obliged to once again intervene in the brewing controversy resulting from the rather strange and, some would argue, unilateral decision to sell the Kebbi State Liaison Office located at No. 3, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. This, of course, is in line with the valuable advice by the 1999 Nobel Laureate, Gunter Grass, that: “the job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open”. The recent sale of the said building, which was only communicated to the public on the eve of the formal handover of power to the new government on May 29, 2007, is already generating series of angry reactions from concerned stakeholders both at home and abroad for three main reasons Details


Nigeria Elects First Female Speaker! Madam Speaker, Congratulations Ma'am! By Paul I. Adujie

It will be recalled as well, that the first female member of the Supreme Court of Nigeria was appointed less than five years ago! Gender Equality has not been achieved in Nigeria by any stretch of the imagination, but steadily, crucially necessary steps are being taken! We concede that there is more that needs to be done to elevate women worldwide. America for the first time, elected a female speaker, and that was only a few months ago! And now, I can shout, America! Show me your Speaker Nancy Polosi of the US Congress. I will show you Madam Speaker Patricia Etteh of Nigeria's National Assembly! Details


Nigeria And The World University Rankings. By Uche Nworah

Nigerians may not like what they see at the moment, but it may be a blessing in disguise if the poor showing of Nigerian universities in the World University rankings will eventually lead to improvement in standards. Nigerian Academics, government officials and other concerned stakeholders should see the non-inclusion of Nigerian universities in the global rankings as a challenge. It is only through a resolve to change for good that Nigerian universities may eventually emerge from the doldrums where they currently find themselves.  Details


President Umaru Yar'Adua, Relate Not With Obasanjo. By Hajiya Hafsat M. Zanna

An opportunity has now presented itself for Yar’adua to prove his worth to Nigerians.. He needs to disabuse the minds of pessimists that he is capable of giving Nigeria a good, effective, purposeful, committed and result oriented leadership. In spite of the reported and often exaggerated ill health of Yar’adua, he needs to act fast so that opportunists and veterans of ‘any government in power’ will not have a say in the running of his administration. I humbly appeal to Yar’adua not to act and behave like Obasanjo. He must remain disciplined, focused, patriotic, nationalistic, transparent, open and sincere. He must not be vindictive, parochial, sectional, sentimental, tribalistic and a distraction to achieving our national goals. Yara’dua must not be a nuisance to Nigerian and Nigerians. Details


President Yar'Adua – Salvage Our Soccer (SOS). By Opeyemi Ajala

For the domestic league scene to gain pre-eminence as it was in the ‘years of plenty’ effective and achievable master plan is desirable as no meaningful development can vegetate in an aridity of confusion. This is where it behoves President Umar Yar’Adua (GCFR) to create the enabling environment for the game to prosper (himself being an avid squash player) a game he boasted of his prowess to test his fitness level against anybody in the heat of the health debate. Details


Yar’adua not fair to Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Onovo. By Nuhu Shuaib

Some of us have just started building our confidence in the administration with the directive from Yar’adua that former IG handover to the most senior officer in the Force. Naturally, Onovo, the most senior officer is expected to succeed Ehindero as substantive IG. I am not in any way opposed to the emergence of Okiro as acting IG but what I am opposed to is that square pegs were not put in square holes by bypassing Onovo for Okiro. Details


Open Letter To The Chairman, Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). By Alhaji (Dr.) Attahiru D. Bafarawa

The Chairman will recall that in the cause of my campaign in the various States of the Federation, I indicated that in addition to various development projects that we have been able to put in place in every nook and cranny of Sokoto State, we had a cash balance of N13 Billion in the State and Local Government Accounts, reserved as savings for the rainy day. I am happy to say that up to 1st May 2007, we had that same amount. Details


All Await Ribadu in Sokoto. By Makuwana Bawa Shugaba

In his inauguration speech after being sworn in as the Executive Governor of Sokoto state on the 29th May 2007, Alhaji Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko said that the out-going administration had left nothing in the state coffers and that the state government accounts were overdrawn to the tune of 2billion naira.   Later in the day, the out-going Commissioner of Finance, Hajiya Aishatu Muhammad Binji, came out to tell the whole world that they were leaving behind some 11billion naira for the in-coming administration. It was said that the Commissioner showed pressmen detailed documents in support of her submission.



Achebe, Soyinka and 100 Concerned Nigerians Abroad Warn Bush Over Iraq War! By Paul I. Adujie

In specific terms, the Nigerians, it was learnt, were pained by the enormous waste of Iraqi and American lives in the course of this needless war of choice in Iraq. Additionally, it was learnt that the Nigerians took strong exceptions to human rights abuses and violations of individual and civil liberties in the name of the contraption, the Bush contraption, also known as the war on terror. Specific references were made to the US upsurge of wiretaps! Details


Time to Dishonour Those Undeservedly Honoured. By Abubakar A Nuhu-Koko

Furthermore, the University administrators started “auctioning” the sacred and highly coveted priceless commodity they have – that is, the time-honoured Honorary Doctorate Degrees (i.e., Doctor Honoris Causa). Over the years, the degrees were shamelessly conferred to the highest bidders. The highest bidders turned out to be the 36 Executive Governors of the 36 respective States of the federation. Details


The Rollercoaster Life Of Murtala Muhammed. By Max Siollun

Very few of Nigeria’s former military leaders are spoken of with any great affection.  The one notable exception is General Murtala Muhammed.  The time of his regime is recalled with nostalgia by many Nigerians (both civilian and military) as a golden age.  Whereas today, military rule, and military rulers, have been demonised, Murtala gave Nigeria a glimpse of the principled and dynamic leadership that its citizens crave.  Here, I attempt to give readers a closer look at the most popular Head of State in Nigeria’s history. Details


Extractive Transparency in Perspective. By  Waziri Adio

Fifty years after striking and squandering oil, Nigeria has embarked on the path least taken. With the creation and legal strengthening of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI), Africa’s slumbering giant has, belatedly but finally, initiated moves that should translate to increased transparency and accountability in the management of revenues from oil, gas and mining sectors. Details