Woke Soyinka – A Familiar Target! By Dozie Ike Ezeife, Esq.

Professor Soyinka has not exhibited any personal animus towards President Umaru Yar’Adua. Professor Soyinka’s testimony was backed by facts and motivated by deep-seated personal conviction. The thrust of Wole Soyinka’s testimony was and still is that since Umaru Yar’Adua was the beneficiary of a wide-spread electoral fraud; his administration is temporary until the electoral malpractice is dealt with. Details


An Interim Government Is Imperative. By Baban Iya Bala

The reality of the situation is that we have a grossly illegitimate government of pawns which is run by a gang of corrupt and dangerous criminals headed by Obasanjo, Assisted by Olabode George, Anenih, Ahmadu Ali, John Odey , Andy Uba, Ibrahim Mantu , David Mark and a host of other  deadly foot soldiers scattered all over the country. Details


EFCC and Ex-Governors' Parley: Another Reversed Hazard Ranking. By Saint Azuh

There are two men in one Nuhu Ribadu, the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). While one of the men says what he means and goes on to act base on conviction, the other man in Nuhu goes about talking before thinking. Details


Praise The Guts Of Some Some Junior Police Officers. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

The Nigerian Police Force has just earned the inglorious title of the most corrupt entity in the Country. You may then wonder why anyone would sing their praises. In spite of what I had written and will continue to write about them in the past, we have to look deeper and sort out whom amongst them can salvage the Police Force. Details


Obasanjo’s Paternity Brouhaha. By Remi Oyeyemi

My theory before the recent publications by Michael Mukwuzi of TheNews magazine and others is that Obasanjo’s father is from somewhere in the Hausa/Fulani dominated area of the North. There have been several of these people who came to buy kolanuts from areas of Yorubaland and have settled down in these areas. Details


‘Aminu Kano was there’: Sule Lamido and Jigawa's Poorest of the Poor. By Baba El-Yakubu

Like the proverbial cat; that spirit appeared to be indestructible. After celebrations of his election as the governor of Jigawa, Lamido left no one in doubts about the fact that 'Aminu Kano was there'. Details



There is no Such Thing As Niger-Delta. By Carlisle U. O. Umunnah

Warning: You can divide, discriminate, separate and segregate our peoples as much as you want, one thing is clear to us, we have refused to be divided, and there is no such thing as Niger Delta because it was instituted to cause divisions against us, what we do have albeit, is Niger Basin. Details


Do Unholy-Alliance With Political Allegiances Centered On Arab-Nationalism—Implicate Buhari, Atiku & Cronies, As Liars & Apostates? By Carlisle U. O. Umunnah

It is no surprising therefore that Buhari, Atiku and cronies are beginning to sing different tunes nowadays, including negotiating with inaugurated illegitimacy called Yar’Adua Presidency, etc. Buhari threatened massive land and air protests so did Atiku Campaign Organizations, if-and-only-if, 2007 [s]elections were not nullified. From all political data-banks locally and nationally gathered, we can conclude that these fellows are quintessential liars, hypocrites, and apostates to their faithful—indeed. Details


Re-Yar'Adua's Presidency: Nature of Things to Come by Babatunde Adenodi. By Musa Yusuf

Common, my brother wake up! The issue of Nigeria has got nothing to do with who is in a position or where that person comes from, it is an issue of thugs, thieves and opportunists taking over the reign of governance! And tell me, omo iya, what did the Yorubas benefit from all the former ministers, chairmen, ambassadors etc and even the former president himself during the last regime? Please my people wake up!!! Details


Obasanjo's Ghost of Misdeeds Haunts Yar'Adua. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide  

If you look at the unfolding problems of Yar 'Adua in his first 100 days as President, and all the problems facing him as we speak, you have to view much of the legacies left behind by Obasanjo as a total failure, and you have to feel sorry for Nigeria and her people who are on the receiving end of this conundrum. Details


Nigeria Needs Constitutional Amendments. and Electoral Reforms NOW! By Paul I. Adujie

Nigeria's democracy may be imperfect or flawed now, but, I strongly believe that the best cure for any imperfect democracy, is more democracy! Nigerians must follow the processes to the promised-land Nigerians must therefore say no to the so-called Sovereign National Conference or any make-shift or any other ad-hoc arrangements,  outside the purview of the Constitution of Nigeria Details


President Musa Yar'Adua and the Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria. By Benjamin Ogbebulu

The holistic approach adopted by the present PDP administration under President Shehu Musa Yar’Adua in solving the myriad problems like the Niger Delta is commendable and most Nigerians would like the new pact of this administration to be broad based to give people that sense of belonging. Details


INEC Must Be Penalized for Patent Infringement. By Mohammed Ali Jnr.

That the last general elections were fraught with many irregularities is no longer news. What might be news to many is that the Independent National Electoral Election (INEC) acted with impunity on its contractual obligations to its customers. As a body widely known to have petite or no respect for the rule of law, the Independent National Electoral Commission almost operated as if it were above the laws of the land. Aside from disobeying court orders, INEC was also found wanting in areas of contractual obligations. Details


Atiku: Nigeria's Undisputed Hero of Democracy. By Hajiya Hafsat M. Zanna

Despite executive provocations by Obasanjo against Atiku, he has remained resolute, focused and did not do anything that will be seeing to be against our norms of decency, observance of rule of law, due process and patriotism. He has behaved responsibly as an elected representative of the people of Nigeria . Details


President Yar Adua and the Making of Nigeria’s “Yukos” By Dan Azumi Kofarmata

Moreover, the similarities between Russia and Nigeria can be seen from how the respective leaders of these two countries (late President Boris Yeltsin and Military President General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB); late Military President General Sani Abacha and Civilian President General Olusegun Obasanjo - until May 29, 2007) handled economic reform management in their respective countries. For example, while Yeltsin allowed most of  Russia’s State-owned enterprises simply transferred to his cronies through a series of rigged auctions, former Nigerian presidents from IBB to Obasanjo similarly passed the ownership and control Nigeria’s state-owned enterprises to their friends, family relations and themselves in the name of privatization and deregulation of the Nigerian space economy. Details


Yar’Adua’s Presidency: Nature of Things to Come. By  Babatunde Adenodi

I had planned to wait to see the list of President Yar’Adua’s cabinet before writing this piece.  But now, I cannot wait. What he has done so far is enough to draw some important conclusions. Or at least, it is enough to suggest, to a reasonable degree of certainty, his future moves on the issue of what we all know as Federal Character. Details


The Difference Between Fake and Authentic “Baba”. By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

Throughout the last eight years, I failed to fathom the actual reasons why Nigerians generally, referred to Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo, the former undemocratic maximum ruler as “Baba”. Was it due to his advance age, having  past the middle age longtime ago probably early 50s?,or was it due to his braggart mien? Details


Post-Obasanjo Nigeria: A Thought. By Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz Fagge

As the pandemonium resulted from the erstwhile general (s) elections is dying down all eyes are now on the new administration to see what it will deliver to the people. What does it have for the teeming millions population of Nigeria, the yearning, pleading, anxious and waiting population of Nigeria? There are several thoughts, procrastinations, prognostation and heap of hopes on the newly administration headed by President Umaru Yar’adua and Vice President Goodluck Jonathan. Details


Kano-Nigeria Versus Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. By  Paul I. Adujie

Pfizer used innocent Nigerian children in Kano to conduct an inhumane and barbaric tests of Pfizer’s unapproved and unproven drug, Trovan. Pfizer in clear violations of well established pharmacological protocols, proceeded to kill and maim our children in Kano Nigeria. Pfizer committed willful, criminal medical negligence against Nigerian children, as Pfizer conducted illegal, fraudulent and unethical clinical trials in Nigeria, evidences show.  Details


Chinua Achebe’s Booker Award, Nigeria’s Glory. By Farooq A. Kperogi

Achebe is one writer whose literary charm has won him as much affection and popularity at home as it has won him abroad. Call him a prophet who is honored both at home and abroad, if you like. I got my first experiential taste of his popularity here in 2005. One day I was having a conversation with an American professor. Details


Nigerian After the April 2007 Elections: What Next? By Abdul Raufu Mustapha

Nigerians have not forgotten the June 12th 1993 Presidential elections which were annulled under controversial circumstances by General Babangida, plunging the country into political crises. Similarly, Nigerians are unlikely to forget the state and national elections of April 2007. There was much hype in anticipation of the 2007 elections: US National Security Adviser, Negroponte testified before Congress that these were the most important elections in Africa in 2007, while Nigerians themselves trumpeted the fact that this was going to be the first time that a civilian-to-civilian transition took place in the country. Details


The Contrasting Irony of the Cancelled and the Un-cancelled Elections. By Babandi Gumel

Fourteen years back to be precise June 12 1993 Nigerians witnessed one of the most free and fairest elections ever conducted in the Country which saw Chief M.K.O Abiola  of the SDP and his Vice Presidential Candidate Ambassador Baba Gana Kingibe now Secretary to Government almost nearly installed to power. Details


Of Bafarawa and The Ghost of N13 Billion. By  Dahiru Maishanu

The fallout of the April, 2007 polls in Nigeria has created interesting revelations and controversies. New State administrations and old ones are trading words on what the former has left or bequeathed to the latter. The nucleus of all the controversies currently raging is money, that quintessential Nigerian dominant factor denominator. Details


Who Will Cry for Him? Nigerian Murdered in Spain. By Dr. Udeme E. Akpan

It sometimes takes a strong-minded black man or woman to walk the streets of the big cities of some of these countries. I've had monkey chants in Rome and Netherlands, strange scrutiny of my passport (despite being filled with all types of Visas), by a few ignoramuses who call themselves Immigration/Visa officers at Passport control.

As a frequent traveller, I find it such a big responsibility carrying this beautiful colour and feature! Details


Professor Wole Soyinka: Let this Yar’Adua Be. By  Babatunde Adenodi

Professor Wole Soyinka, Africa’s first Nobel Laureate in literature has come a long way.  In 1965, by his own account, he forced his way into the NBC studios in Ibadan to switch Chief Akintola’s victory speech for his own. While his “crime” was political, his prosecutors sought to make it criminal by charging him for armed robbery! He escaped being criminalized by whiskers! He took it upon himself to mediate between Ojukwu’s Biafra and the Federal Government of Nigeria during the civil war. He became the emissary of Brigadier Banjo who asked him to seek for free passage through the West from Colonel Obasanjo who was then the commander of the Ibadan garrison. Obasanjo turned the tide against him by reporting falsely (allegedly) to his boss in Lagos: General Yakubu Gowon. He was locked up on the orders of Yakubu Gowon until the end of the civil war.



Nigerian, Murdered by Spain, Does Anyone Care? By  Paul I. Adujie

Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, a 23 year Nigerian, on June 9, 2007, was murdered by Spaniards, they handcuffed him, chained his legs, gagged him with his  mouth completely closed with industrial strength rubber or duck-tape and put a twine-bag or sack, over his head, once out of public view, they pummeled him, until he suffocated, or choked and asphyxiated! He drowned in his vomit, with excrements or feces all over him, all these, testament to the torture, directed at him by Spain! Details


Yar’adua: Getting Rid Of The Obasanjo Nuisance. By Aonduna Tondu

It is instructive that the other day, in apparent contradiction of the thinking of some of the people close to Yar’Adua, the speaker of the House of Representatives, herself a supposed Obasanjo adjunct, had the temerity to publicly state that the controversial sale by the Obasanjo regime of the Apo legislative quarters would not be revisited. Details


Jefferson Confession: The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost. By Bright Adeola Coker

At the heat of Obasanjo’s onslaught against Atiku Abubakar, the latter made a touching statement that made me to develop interest in the whole saga. ‘I am the most investigated vice president in the world’ Atiku was quoted as saying. Both at home and abroad, Atiku was ransacked head to toe and inside out. EFCC deployed the most sophisticated weapons all in the name of investigating Atiku. His bank records both at home and abroad were periscoped to find Atiku’s wrongdoings in order to nail him. The federal government cum EFCC used their international connections in their attempts to get at Atiku. Details


Nigeria’s Senate Presidency And A Whiff Of Corruption. By Akintokunbo Adejumo

Professor Itse Sagay, SAN,  former Dean of Law, University of Benin, and a renowned legal expert, described the emergence of David Mark as the Senate President as a tragedy. ”Mark has a bad record; he was the one who threatened to deport non-indigenes when he was the governor of Niger State. As Minister of Communications, he said telephones were not meant for the poor. It is an eternal shame to him that virtually everybody now has a phone. It is a great tragedy that a man who has no compassion for the common man has emerged as Senate President. He is a member of the establishment that wrecked the country; there is a great difference between him and his predecessor, Senator Ken Nnamani.” Details


Corruption In Nigeria: As A Tendency In Our Political System. By  Samuel Uwhejevwe-Togbolo

Corruption as found is way into Churches, Mosque, this is so because most of our preachers are interest in political empowerment inform of appointment, financial gains that are accruing from the politicians to the clerics, in most cases cleric openly preach to their congregation to vote for their personal candidates instead of praying to God to give them a good leader Details


When The Ears Are Bigger Than The Head. By Abubakar Mohammed Sambo

One thing which Boni Haruna is known for is his political doggedness. He took the former vice president, Atiku Abubakar to be his political mentor. That is the reason why he tolerated the vice president for some time and be came absolutely loyal to the Atiku Abubakr. He is quoted to have said that, he would rather go to jail than to support the erstwhile obasanjo’s third term political agenda. This basically is because his political godfather was not in support of the third-term agenda, and was having an agenda in becoming  Nigeria’s president. Details


DIG Onovo: Time for the Igbos to Fight for Their Rights. By Saint Ikechukwu Okoroafor

The gap created by the anomalies associated with the lopsided appointments would have been closed if DIG Ogbonoya Onovo had been appointed the Inspector General Police. Unfortunately, the Yar’adua led government seems to be insensitive to the plight of the Igbos and hence, decided to declare another officer as acting IG after an earlier announcement that Onovo takes over from the former IG. Details


Blessed Supreme Court To The Rescue Again. By  Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

God works in a mysterious way especially in Nigeria, the most religious country in the whole wide world. As I sat down wondering what the coming attraction was going to be after Obasanjo v. Atiku movie was ending, our prayers have been answered by the Court order on Peter Obi. We may not need a revolution after all. The youths have been pestering us that nothing short of that will save Nigeria. Details


ASUU: Time To Show Academic Excellence. By Abdullah Musa

If there is one achievement I would credit ASUU with over the years is its unchallengeable ability to keep the gates of Nigeria's universities shut. they are currently savoring the delight of their favorite meal. Details


JAMB:  Problems and Solutions. By Emmanuel Y. Kwache

Twenty six days after the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board held its Universities Matriculation Examination, the results were released. This is another feat by Professor Dibu Ojerinde, the Registrar and Chief Executive, which hitherto has never been achieved in the life time of the Board;Details


Arrest Corrupt ex-Governors NOW! With Zero Options! By Paul I. Adujie

I thought there was an agreement to fight corruption in Nigeria, regardless of who is president? I thought that there was a   national consensus to fight  corruption in Nigeria, whomever the corrupt is? Nigerians expect the war on corruption to be intensified, not lessened. Nigerians are not expecting a kiss-and-make-up between the EFCC and the corrupt. Nigerians are not expecting a wink and a nod, to the corrupt. Nigerians are not expecting a kinder gentler EFCC. EFCC can be cordial and professional, that is it! Details


Jefferson Confession: The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost. By Bright Adeola Coker

At the heat of Obasanjo’s onslaught against Atiku Abubakar, the latter made a touching statement that made me to develop interest in the whole saga. ‘I am the most investigated vice president in the world’ Atiku was quoted as saying. Details


The Sorry State Of Nigeria’s Health Sector And The Agitation For A 21st Century Comprehensive Health Care Delivery System In Nigeria. By Benjamin Ogbebulu

In many places in Nigeria , our Hospitals especially primary Health centres are far away from where people live and  some are with expired drugs , dilapidated structures, corrugated roots , covered with cobwebs and in many places, have become inhabitants of domestic animals.  Details


Welcome to Orji Kalu Institute of Democracy. By Nwokocha Okereke-Nwam

I guess we begin from the beginning; the Institute cannot be sited in Abia state not because there is no land available to host its proposed four faculties but due to the critical absence of access roads in the state.  Details


Wole Soyinka: Debts Nigerians Owe Nigeria. By Paul I. Adujie

Soyinka is denigrating and ridiculing Nigeria before foreign audiences; In doing so, it is my strong belief that Soyinka, is engaging in a campaign against Nigeria and doing a disservice to Nigeria. For one thing, the elections are over, arguably, the elections were imperfect and those with grouses have since filed complaints and petitions with elections petitions tribunals. This is how it ought to be and this is what the is provided by Nigeria’s Electoral Act and the Constitution of Nigeria. Details


Alternative Blueprint For Nigeria’s Economic Recovery - Year 2007 – 2011. By Israel Esehoghene Abraham

In summary, Mr. President, your priority to declare a state of emergency in the Energy & Education sector is a step in the right direction. But this declaration will be fruitless if you lack the political will to face the negative factors which makes these sectors to remain comatose in the first place. These conspicuous factors are still prevalent and ominous in Nigeria today; corruption and faithless ness in Nigeria. Details


Armtwisting Of Pfizer In Nigeria. By Max U. Gbanite

The Nigerian government charged that Pfizer were negligent in administering an untested drug ‘Trovan’ to an unsuspecting public in Kano State, the largest State in Nigeria during a meningitis outbreak in 1996. The government further claimed to have expended about $2 billion to support the families of the victims and to enlighten the masses, amongst other gimmicks. I say gimmicks because the government could not even afford to account for the billions of dollars it received between 1999-2007 in donation from various international donors to assist in the fight against polio, malaria, river blindness, HIV-aids, and other recognized diseases. Details


Yar ‘Adua, G8 & Africa. By E. Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq.

To jump-start this new relationship, President Yar ‘Adua should offer as a matter of priority, land in Abuja to businessmen in any of the nations working with Nigerian partners to build an ultra-modern hospital with all gadgets and facilities as a short term mark of goodwill to obviate the need of government officials to jet out of Nigeria for the treatment of cough or ankle injuries. Details


G-8 and Africa: Why Do We Always Want to be Like Beggars? By Babandi Gumel

The question every one is asking why can’t we help ourselves? Why do we have to defend on others to help tackle our problem? Although every day we hear the problem is being tackled yet is on the increase rather than decreasing. Diseases, corruption, wars and killings dictatorship electoral rigging and what you have all are unfortunately bedevilling our Continent yet we keep on complaining that the Rich Nations are not fulfilling their pledge to help our unfortunate poor people. Details


The Marshall Plan. Europeanizing Nigeria. By Bello I. Mohammed, MD, MS.

If you consider the fact that the so called developing world is a vast source of raw materials for western companies and also a vast market for western products ¡­ just tell me how and why the west should develop them. In my kind opinion it is utter stupidity and an indication of abysmal failure for the government of any developing nation to expect that the western nations will develop it and hence destroy the current status quo in the community of nations that will be in favor of the weaker nations. To me that is unnatural. Details