Governor Nyako Came With A Psyche Of A Conqueror. By Ihas Idriess

The assertion that Murtala Nyako is only fit to be a farm manager rather than governor, made Mr. Mathias as if one who is coming out of a trance or someone coming out of a beer palour, but I wish to take Mr. Yohanna on this and ask what was the highest position held by Boni Haruna before his ascension to power, if my memory served me right, Boni’s highest position was holding the bag of Governor Nyame who was then the Governor of Taraba state Details



The New Faces Of The Nigerian Student Fraternity In The Diaspora. By Roy Chikwem

The Nigerian student fraternities have been imported over the years into countries such as United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, and other European mainland territories. These Nigerian student fraternities operating in the Diaspora have been able to successfully market and sell themselves to their respective host communities through charity work, community development and other social programs. Details


Wake Up Call Africa , Your Cell Phone Is Ringing. By Zakari Tata Askira

Cell phones are an example of a welcome western innovation that we all own. It is estimated that over 50 million Africans own cell phones.  The cost of buying these phones and air time is a true testament to Africa ’s consumer culture.  Apart from personal convenience and prestige, we contribute more to trans- global cell phone manufacturers than to Africa when we buy cell phones. Approximately 5 billion dollars is the cost of just buying 50 million cell phones at $100.00 each.  This does not include line rental fees and recharge cards.  The issue here is to show how much wealth Africa spends on imported items. Details


Dangote: Maintaining The Rich Kano Tradition; A Rejoinder. By Abdu Isa Kofarmata

Recent economic and political moves by the president Alhaji Umar Musa Yar’dau has started to yield positively in the country. Availability of refined petroleum products such as PMS, AGO, LPFO etc in all locations can serve as a proof to this assertion. Similarly, the presidential intervention in the reversal of fraudulent purchase of our refineries in Port Harcourt and Kaduna receives the blessing and support of larger percentage of our people. Details


NIPOST: Mission Of Expanding The Frontier Of Mail Delivery In West Africa Sub-Region? By Emeka Oraetoka

With the apparent seriousness of NIPOST in the area of mail delivery expansion in West Africa sub-region, and related assignments, it has clearly shown that Mallam Mori Baba led management is poised to make Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), the giant of Africa in Postal Service, in fulfillment of the responsibility placed on its shoulders by the Universal Postal Union [UPU]. Details


Where Are Our Intellectuals? By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

It is sad; sad and disgraceful that the vast majority of Nigerians living today does not know the person or the works of people like Ayodele Awojobi, Bala Usman, Ishola Oshobu, Cornelius Ubani, Dr. Segun Oshoba, Ola Oni, Gbolabo Ogunsanwo, Bode Onimode, Biodun Jaiyefo, Segun Okeowo, Bala Mohammed, Sam Amuka, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and others. But for such men and women, Nigeria may have long gone to the dogs. All those mentioned in this treatise -- and of course others too numerous to mention -- gave up comfort and convenience for country and for humanity. Details


Divided by a Common Language: Comparing Nigerian, American and British English. By Farooq A. Kperogi

Contemporary Nigerian usage has even extended the original sense of deflowering in the use of the word “disvirgin.” Now when people use their passports (which we also uniquely call “international passports”) for the first time, they say they have “disvirgined” their “international passport”! I heard this extension of the word first time in 2004 when boarded the same plane to Dublin, Ireland, with young, first-time Nigerian travelers. They told me they were excited that they had “disvirgined” their passports. Details


Celebrating Youth Day in N/Delta. By Maxwell James

In the media today, it is argued that too often, youth policy direction is driven by negative stereotypes of young people; including delinquency; drug abuse and violence and other sundry crimes. What seems to be forgotten however is that young people are a positive force for development, peace, and democracy especially for a developing world like Nigeria! Details


President Musa Yar’adua (PDP) Leadership Skills And The Journey So Far. By Benjamin Ogbebulu

Two months after the inauguration of the present People’s Democratic government { PDP} , the largest party in Africa, Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora are beginning to see the difference in style of governance between Ex- President chief  Olusegun Obasanjo administration and President Yar’Adua  progressives style of administration whose political club of radical politicians and academia by nature is simple but not stupid. Details


Yar'adua Axing Obasanjo's "Reforms"? By Mohammed Bala

President Yar'adua is just about three months old as President, but Obasanjo's stooges have already started countering some of the popular decisions the new administration has taken. Recently the President in his wisdom, and to the delight of millions of Nigerians ordered the reversal of the sale of the Apo Legislative quarters to Members done without thinking by Obasanjo. Details


Nigeria: Transformation or Status Quo? By Abdullah Musa

Prof. Charles Soludo appears to me as someone who either enjoys his job, or position, or both. I come to this conclusion from looking at his various snapshots as appear in Nigeria’s dailies: he is either beaming from ear to ear, or looking very smug and contented like a cat that had just finished devouring a fat mouse. Details


Foreign Graduates Are Better. By Joseph Anwana

I read with shock and a deep sense of dismay an article by Shola Ajani titled “Foreign graduates are better”, published in the Guardian Newspaper of 13th August, 2007. Ajani’s piece which was a rejoinder to my earlier article titled “Nigerian Employers and tokunbo mentality” completely missed the point and sentimentally defended a personal opinion based on parochial survival exigencies. Details


Why There Was No Military Coup in Nigeria. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

I personally do not know why there were no successful coups during the Olusegun Obasanjo administration. And I am not inclined to think something happened or didn’t happen that should have happened but failed to happen. The importance of this essay lies in the fact that in spite of the arrogance, fraudulence and recklessness of the Obasanjo government, there was not a successful military coup even though since its early years of its post-independence period Nigeria has been a coup-prone country, and these coups come at the slightest provocation. Details


As Port Harcourt City Gradually Degenerates Into A Jungle. By Joachim Ezeji

Today, this unabashed and envious longing for Port Harcourt seems to have dramatically waned. Life in the city has now turned brutish and rough like as in a jungle. This is very pathetic with the sad turn out of events. Miscreants, hoodlums, anarchists and all sorts of delinquents have overtaken the city. This takeover regrettably is holistic and total as both the leadership and subjects (dwellers) are not really innocent. Details


Police Indiscriminate Arrest of Women in Lagos. By Hakeem Babalola

How would right thinking Nigerians describe a scenario of this nature? "At night, some of them (Police) will come and start touching our breasts," says Chinwe Okorie. "And I was not a prostitute but they wouldn’t listen". Details


Expanding and Extending the Frontiers of Power Generation in Nigeria. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

By omission or commission, successive governments in Nigeria since independence, do not seem to tackle appropriately, the problems posed by the power sector or indeed all other national social and economic infrastructures. It is now widely recognised and accepted that Nigeria’s power and energy sectors are grossly insufficient, inefficient and unsustainable, and that the present path of continuous and continuing development and growth in the nation’s infrastructural sectors are unacceptable. Details


Team Nigeria: A Perspective. By  Paul I. Adujie

Events of the recent past, have demonstrated the immutable fact that Nigerians need national unity, and for that purpose, Nigerians urgently, must jettison petty family squabbles that arises from, what is at once, familial proximity and distance. And in this instance, familiarity clearly trumps insularity. Details


Based on that prism alone, I would totally agree with General Theophillus Danjuma, the right hand man of Obasanjo  and one of the brains behind his second coming, when he defiantly declared in a recent lecture that President Obasanjo's Government was a total failure. In doing so, the General did not spare himself. He admitted he was a part of that Government and did not exonerate himself from blame because he was Obasanjo's Defense Minister for all of Obasanjo first term Details


The Return Of Arthur Nzeribe. By Emeka Oraetoka

It has been observed that with Arthur Nzeribe’s membership of board of trustees of People Democratic Party [PDP], the era of vibrancy will soon be witnessed in the party. Arthur Nzeribe, as Nigerians know, is a stickler to the rule of Law Details


Ghali Na’Aba: How Not to Moralize Political Prostitution. By  Farooq A. Kperogi

Well, let’s grant Na’Aba the latitude to agonize over and sermonize on the absence of morality in politics. So are we expected to take his return to the PDP as proof that the PDP has now become the ultimate sanctum sanctorum where saints abide in splendid isolation, untainted by the moral stains of society? Details


AP Sales: Time for Yar'Adua and National Assembly to Act. By Hajiya Hafsat M. Zanna

It is therefore significant to note that even the national assembly has through a group of federal legislators cried out aloud against the sale of the AP and called for an immediate reversal of the sale in national interest. Details


Between State Of Emergency And Omehia’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. By Senior Fyneface

Oprah Winfrey is a person of African descent, for whom I have publicly expressed admiration, poured encomiums in a most public way, and only recently in: “Oprah Winfrey: Powerful, Selfless & Giver of Dignity!”  Sadly and painfully, it has come to pass that our daughter, the highly achieved and accomplished Oprah Winfrey, our most famous descendant, has chosen, wittingly or unwittingly, to add her high profile voice, through her far reaching medium, to the campaign of calumny against Nigerians and invariably, Nigeria.  Details


In less than 3 months of so-called democratic leadership, it now appears clearly to the impoverished people of Yobe State that their prayers, anxieties and age-long dream of getting a responsible leadership have turned out to be a disastrous mirage, which is threatening to injure their collective interest and desire. Going by what has been seen and from authoritative information gathered so far, Governor Mamman Ali's promise of ensuring probity, accountability and transparent government, which was declared publicly, is just a gimmick aimed at creating conducive atmosphere for looting public resources. Details



Kano-Nigeria Versus Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; An Update. By  Paul I. Adujie

At this stage though, the applications or motions by Pfizer is very significant; this is so, in view of the fact the fact that Pfizer had previously deployed this tactic in New York successfully. Pfizer had a couple of years ago, argued that an American court in New York, did not possess the requisite jurisdictional predicate to enable the American court to permit the parties (the Nigerian victims/plaintiffs with their legal representatives on the one hand, and Pfizer the offending defendant on the other) to litigate or canvass issues of law and fact before the American court, sitting in New York. Details


NigComSat’s Inconsistent Technology Development Policies. By  Femi Oyesanya

The recent controversy between NigComSat (Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited) and NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) over Telecommunications provider license and frequency spectrum allocation is evidence of dysfunctional governance within the Nigerian Government.   Two Nigerian Government agencies are now in a thug-of-war over issues related to how Nigeria’s recently procured Satellite will be managed. Details


NCC: Stalling Nigeria's Advancement. By Jide Ayobolu

The recent standoff between the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and NigComSat over the former’s refusal to recognize the latter’s right to provide telecommunication services is a study in the attenuating mentality that has stymied our progress and conditioned our underdevelopment. It says so much about our nation as a paradox with all the requisite credentials for success and yet the apparent reality of failure.Details


National Assembly Should Probe NCC. By Jide Ayobolu

Sometimes when two bitter people quarrel, the truth will come out. The current face-off between two powerful Federal Government agencies in the telecommunications sector, the newly established Nigerian Satellite Communication (NIGCOMSAT) Limited, a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology  and the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), an agency of the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications, has revealed that there is urgent need for the two committees of the National Assembly on telecommunications to commence immediate investigation of the telecommunication sector, with a special attention focused on the NCC. Details


Open Letter To His Excellency President Umaru Musa Yar’adua. By Max Gbanite

Welcome to the hottest seat of power in Africa. I hope your prayer-mallams prayed well to sanctify and remove all “demonic and satanic forces” (Gen. Yakubu Gowon’s statement), and all the “occultic” and fetish materials (Gen. T.Y. Danjuma’s words) left behind by your predecessor in Aso-Presidential-Villa. If not done yet, then be ready for every negative attacks and underachievement that will come your way. Please, be wise and protect your spiritual flanks. Details


Post JAMB Tests PLC. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

I am very sad that I have been forced by some very horrifying reports coming out of our various university campuses to seriously regret my earlier support for post-JAMB tests. I am highly disappointed that post-JAMB tests now present Nigeria with the worst and crudest forms of the very evils they were set up to combat, and have, indeed, deepened the despair of a horribly disappointed nation. Details


Port Harcourt In My Dreams. By  Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Of course, nobody has all the solutions. Nigeria is disintegrating from inside. I mean from within. In other words, each ethnic group, each sub-ethnic group up to the tribal level is disintegrating within itself. This has gone beyond one ethnic group against the other, it is a case of a core center that can not hold itself in place and may disintegrate out of our orbit’s centripetal force. No part of Africa wants pieces of blemish in its territory.  Details


The Real And True Enemies Of Nigeria And The Nigerian People. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

I don’t blame the people. During the eight profligate years of Obasanjo’s administration, and despite the so much publicised fight against corruption (I will commend OBJ that this was at least the first such initiative  in the history of Nigeria), it had always been business as usual in our number one industry and  pastime; that of corrupt enrichment. Details


Dangote: Maintaining the Rich Kano Tradition. By Kabiru Mohammed

By his resourcefulness and business acumen, the business mogul has raised the standard a step forward. He has moved the bar to a new bench-mark in keeping with the rich Kano tradition of producing Models and pace-setters in various fields of human endeavours. Details


‘Encircling’ Governments. By Abdullah Musa

You set up a Ministry of Agriculture. Why do that? The answer may be to introduce society to modern farming methods. Fifty years later, the farmers still stoop to back-breaking chores; and you give him a bowl of modern fertilizer to ensure higher production! And this will go on as long as there are no people with ability to force the Governments to aspire to higher performance, higher standards. Details


My Last Moments With Adamu Yusuf. By  Sule Ya’u Sule

My friend Adamu Yusuf lived the good life, had his time, used it very well to serve God and humanity and has gone back to his God.  He touched so many lives, including mine, in manner that I will never forget him in my life.  For the remaining time of my life, I will continue to pray for Adamu’s soul.  May his gentle soul find perfect peace in Allah’s paradise.  Goodbye my dear friend, the tears will never dry from my eyes but all of us whose lives you touched in many ways will always be consoled by Allah’s promise and your own exemplary life. Details


Non-oil Producing States and Growing Socio-Economic Crisis. By Murtala S. Sagagi Ph.D.

Prior to the discovery of massive oil reserves in the 1960s, the North and South West were the richest geographical zones in Nigeria. Over the years, the South West is able to sustain relative growth and poverty reduction through massive human capital and infrastructural development. The North has not been so fortunate. This is partly because majority of the states in the North operate with the simple belief that resources are meant for distribution and not as a source of building economic and social capital. Details


Nigerian Employers And Tokunbo Mentality. By  Joseph Anwana

This dangerous trend has shifted from importation of goods to importation of work force, not just in the sense of reversing brain drain, but at a level that spells disdain for locally train professionals. It is now so bad that most companies in the oil and gas sector have it as a core strategic recruitment policy to employ from abroad. Details


Chief Justice Legbon Kutigi-Led Judiciary, Stolen Mandates And Umaru Yar’adua’s Electoral Reform Agenda. By Chudi Ikwueze, Ph.D.

Nigerians are aware that it took the combined efforts of patriotic men and women of the Legislative arm of government, under Ken. Nnamani, to finally scuttle the third-term agenda. We know as well that immediately following that rejection, the former President Obasanjo mobilized all resources available to punish, humiliate and politically destroy anti-third term politicians. Details


The Price Fixing Punitive Fines for British Airways (BA): Any Lesson for Corporate Nigeria and the Nigerian Regulators? By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

World media attention shifted to the Corporate Headquarters of the undisputed Aviation giant – British Airways (BA) on Wednesday August 1, 2007. The reason for that intense focus was no other than the breaking news that the regulatory authorities in both the UK and the US have found BA guilty of colluding with rival airline – Virgin Atlantic and other airlines to fix Air Ticket price for long haul transatlantic flights to the US over a period of time. The act was considered breaches of both the Anti-Trust law in the US and Competition law in the UK.  Details


Challenge Before Bafarawa as Opposition Leader. By Ali Alkali

When Bafarawa was unanimously elected by his party members as their presidential candidate for the 2007 elections in December last year (after serving for eight years as Executive Governor of Sokoto Sate), even his political opponents attested that should he win, it shall be the beginning of a new dawn. It shall be the beginning of a people’s government that knows it gets its legitimacy and power from every Nigerian, not just the rich and the powerful. Details


Lost in Space: Nigeria’s Telecoms and ICT Policy. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

President Yar Adua has a number of options before him: to continue with them as full public-sector initiatives and continue to foot the bills – business as usual option; or ignore the call for more cash into these white elephant projects and allow them to survive or die as normal commercial business entities; or to shut them down and hand them over to the BPE to be auctioned to the most eligible and qualified Nigerian business moguls and oligarchs or foreign interests. Details


Infectious Diseases Are Back In Unusual Places. By Farouk Martins

We had a similar reservation in Nigeria in 2003 but ours was based on sincere suspicion of infertility agent in the polio vaccine. By the time the opposition to polio vaccine was solved, thanks to cooler heads between our experts who demanded new “clean” vaccines suitable for local standard and our religious leaders, cases went from 355 in 19 States to 682 in 31 States. Details


President Yar'Adua: Meeting Nigeria’s Energy and Power Challenges. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

The Special Adviser to the President on Electric Power, Engineer Joseph Makoju, has said that the Federal Government had spent a total of USD6.3 billion from 1999 to date (July 2007) on power generation.[1] Many Nigerians have wondered why such staggering amount of money spent failed to make Nigeria swimming in excess electricity by now. Details


Ikedi Ohakim: Who Can Tell? By Joachim Ibeziako Ezeji

Gov. Ohakim had revealed that the immediate past administration of Chief Achike Udenwa left a debt portfolio of N24 billion. He was particularly irked that “the state is indebted to the tune of N10 billion in pension and gratuity arrears dating back to 1994”. He also told the stunned Imo Elders that “debt owed to contractors amount to over N14 billion”, adding that “we have over 250 un-energized transformers lying waste in many communities and over 300 dysfunctional water schemes”. Details


Yar’Adua And The Burden Of Undue Influences. By  Ayo Fawibe

As President Umar Yar’adua is gradually consolidating his grip on power, voices of dissention over his controversial election appears to be simmering. However, the arduous task of running the affairs of the nation may suffer a serious setback due to distractions from his political party, the PDP. Details


Our Destructive Obsession With Tribalism. By Dr. Raji Bello

I am writing this piece out of extreme frustration, caused by my countrymen’s incurable obsession with tribal identity. In Nigeria today, tribalism has been elevated to the status of a national culture which dominates national discourse, controls how we think and talk, and determines what we oppose or support. It is promoted by the most educated and powerful among us, embraced by the young and the old, passed from generation to generation, and has even crept into our constitution. Details


Dollar Salaries: Why the Court of Appeal Goofed. By  Eric Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq.

It is my observation that in rushing to judgment, the revered Court of Appeal omitted one important facet of our law, Due Process. The Court of Appeal did not allow the parties directly affected an opportunity to be heard in the matter. Details


Privitisation of NNPC: A Refined Downstream Controversy. By Ifeanyi Izeze

As the Bluestar Consortium finally exercised their right of first reversal of the purchase of two of the nation’s existing “name-plate” refineries, should the Federal Government return the management of the three plants back to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)? And should the new government probe the activities of the nation’s apex oil concern from 1999 to May 2007? Details


Supporting the 2014 Abuja Commonwealth Games. By Elie Smith

The Nigerian federal capital territory, Abuja is prepared to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She has almost all the needed facilities and the recommendations from the awarding committee are being followed to the letter.  Nigeria and Africa are again surprising the world, for all those who have set foot in Abuja, are shocked by its cleanliness and orderliness. The Nigerian capital is a proof that, there is an ocean between perceptions propagated by some media and the realities on the ground. The Commonwealth Games is perhaps the most interesting games in the World, which attracts billions who watch the games on TV, listen through the Radio or read the unfolding events via Newspapers. The only other game that attracts such interest and passion are the Olympics Games. But the hosting rights have not yet been bestowed to the Nigerian capital, Abuja, for she is still in competition with the British Scottish city of Glasgow.  Details


The Last ASUU Strike. By John Igoli

The last ASUU strike will be the very last for a long time to come. Let us be prepared for a reign of peace on our university campuses. This is because the ASUU strikes are becoming a burden too heavy for frail lecturers to carry unless the super ones; the VCs, Professors with portfolios or political appointments do it. Details


Jonathan Goodluck “D-Y-A, D-Y-A, D-Y-A…Publicly!” By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

In lauding President Umaru Yar’Adua’s recent public declaration of assets, Mr. Sonala Olumhense (Guardian Jul 22, 2007) says this of him: “It says he is not afraid. It asserts he is whom he says he is. It says he is a man of principle.  It describes his character.” Mr. Olumhense went on to say “there is one Nigerian, one particular Nigerian, for whom Mr. Yar’Adua’s example is of even greater significance. That person is Mr. Jonathan...If the Vice-President does not declare his assets, it would be a signal to all other public officials that nothing has changed, and that the example of Mr. Yar’Adua should be ignored…all of the talk about a new beginning is the President’s problem that has no meaning.” Details


Shekarau: A Turning Point For The Rule Of Law (1). By Naseer Kura

Since the electoral perfidy of 14th April 2007, where Governor Shekarau successfully hijacked the electoral process, by means that cannot be Justified, to obtain his preferred outcome, the bad and the ugly folks in the All Nigeria People Party in Kano have, to our astonishment, been busy celebrating what they call their "conquests" at the ungovernatorial election held in Kano. Details


Governor Mamman Ali: Yobe’s Eureka Moment. By  Habu Dauda Fika

The days of one single godfather’s largess, bloated and ghost filled payroll, sectional and divisive leadership, inept and inefficient bureaucracy, mirage like social services, dilapidated and rapidly decaying educational infrastructure, poor and impassable local roads, dry and waterless pipes, and acute underdevelopment in most towns; a misdirected city planning especially in Damaturu and Potiskum, and a totally abused and weakened civil service has come to a sudden and an abrupt stop! The termination of the ills of Yobe state and the blossoming of a new hope was evident from about 2pm on Tuesday May 29th. Details


Port Harcourt/KADUNA Name-Plate Refineries: Right of First Refusal or Actual Reversal? By Ifeanyi Izeze

BPE Director General’s justification of the sale of both Port Harcourt and Kaduna refineries was normal and expected especially when the heat was being turned through the bureau to the former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (retired) for the action which has been described in many quarters as unpatriotic. It would have been out of place for the BPE boss not to insist that due process was followed in the transaction and that “the selection process and the emergence of the core investor in both refineries was in line with government’s drive to select an investor group that would have the technical and managerial expertise and experience to turn around the fortunes of the refineries. The core investor must also have the financial capacity not just to pay for the acquisition but to fund the capital-intensive turn around.”



Reverse the Sale of 28% of  AP Shares to Zenon Oil Also. By Tizhe Y. Dzangri

Following the controversy that trailed the sale of the 28% worth N17.5 billion to Zenon Oil Petroleum Ltd at a rock bottom price of N17 billion, which was deemed less than transparent, the federal Government should reverse the sale immediately. It was alleged Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the immediate past President sold the shares to himself as Femi Otedola, Chairman Zenon Oil is said to be his front in the business circle. The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) called on the former President at the eve of his departure in the alleged illegal sale of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC) shares in the African Petroleum to Zenon Oil saying it was a breach of the law. Details


Still on the Illegal Sale of AP Shares to Zenon Oil. By Nuhu Shuaib

The sale of African Petroleum shares to Zenon Oil by the last civilian administration constitutes one of the greatest economic frauds committed by former president Olusegun Obasanjo. The sale, or what I would prefer to refer to as transfer, was shrouded in mystery and it was a brazen show of shame by an administration that portrayed itself as being transparent and honest. This fraud was perpetuated at the twilight of Obasanjo’s exit from the seat of power in a hush-hush manner that calls for serious concern from all the stakeholders in the industry because of the heinous implications it portends. Details


Okonjo-Iweala/Adeniji: Just Beneath the Surface. By Alhaji Abdallah Mailafia Sha’ibu

The N36,000,000 paid to Dr Okonjo-Iweala annually was far more than enough to pay the annual salaries of 45 ministers of the same administration. This represented the extent to which our hard earned resources were wasted by an inept administration that portrayed itself as being prudent. Okonjo was not allowed to feel the brunt of the hard economic conditions we were exposed to during her reign as finance minister. Details


Ahmed Bola Tinubu Another MKO in the Making. By Dr. Wunmi Akintide

Some have called him an adopted son of a prominent and powerful women leader in Lagos, the New York of Nigeria, and that much of his Mida’s touch and political power is attributable to that factor alone. As a Nigerian and a “New Yorker” myself, I could care less if Bola Tinubu is a dropdown from the sky like Oduduwa before him, or if is true his biological mother died of mental illness, like is often rumored about “Olowoporoku”  another prominent politician and former NPN Federal Minister from Ilawe-Ekiti. Nigerians like to tell a lot of stories about our leaders, and you will be silly to believe everything you hear. Being an adopted child or the offspring of a mentally deranged mother, if that were true of Tinubu, does not a difference make to me as a clinical psychologist by training and certification. Details


Another Arrogant And Uneducated Lagosian, Eh. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Out of all the nominees for minister, only Bode Augusto failed to make it. He was too “arrogant”. That word sounds too familiar to any Lagosian. It is a word used to disguise a form of discrimination perpetrated on Lagosians for ages. In this case, there is even a better reason: people in his home State were against him. Details


Hello, Ex - Governors. By Maxwell James

Nigerians must commend the vision, strength of character and clarity of intention with which the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has repackaged the anti -corruption drive to go with the new democratic order. We salute their courage and their deep - seated concern for poverty wounded Nigerians. We are happy that this time around, there is more action and less talk by the anti-corruption czar, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Details


The Alternative to Decriminalizing Corruption. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

That said, what’s to be done about a country and a system this rotten and scatological as Nigeria? Because corrupt practices have become a way of life, most Nigerians are not even offended by it anymore. There is no shame or dishonor attached to it. It is normal to cheat and to lie. It is normal and acceptable to beat the system. It is now customary to stick it to the government. Details


Still A Vote Of No Confidence: Why Nuhu Ribadu Must Go. By Aonduna Tondu

There seems to be general consensus today that the anti-corruption outfit that goes by the acronym of EFCC (The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) is bedeviled by a serious credibility problem. Of course, it goes without saying that the moral crisis confronting the EFCC is largely self-inflicted and has to do with a leadership under an individual that lacks the discipline and sobriety required of a public officer in his position. Details