Appearance Of Impropriety Vs. Due Process. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Attorney General excuses and reasons for the defense of men and women of shady characters must stop. Most of us waiting for all the crooks to be apprehended in one swoop by one agency and one government are procrastinating and praying for our own turn. No matter which party is in power, which agency is in charge, the fear of looting must be consistent. As it is right now, it is business as usual. There is a reprieve from Lagos to Sokoto among former Governors. Details


Between Aondoakaa And Ribadu. By Abu Muhammad

It was a long time since we witnessed a public display of disagreement between two top government officials. Not since the open altercation, during the regime of Late Gen. Sani Abacha, between the Minister of Petroleum-Dan Etete and Minister of Finance - Anthony Ani. What seems like a settled matter of fight against corruption and the rule of law has turned out to be the catalyst for the brewing cold war between two individuals that should ordinarily be working together for the development of our dear country. But who are these two gentlemen? What are their antecedent, passion, achievement and public rating? Details


EFCC Wahala: Blame Obasanjo’s Politics. By Augustine Wachijem Obasanjo’s administration is quite unpopular in Nigeria today, but I believe achieved some level of success. He did not fail woefully as some commentators will want us to believe. His leadership style though sometime questionable showed in him that resolve to build a solid foundation for our socioeconomic growth. Details


Deceit And Exploitation In The Niger Delta. By Sharafa Dauda

Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti in his piece “The Niger Delta Crises and Nigeria’s Future” suggests that the Niger Delta crises cannot be resolved outside the Nigerian crises. We are all not ignorant of the Nigerian crises. We all have at one time experienced one of
these – injustice, corruption, tribal sentiments, inequality, alienation and irresponsible governance.


Before Atiku Abubakar Is Crucified, May We Ponder A Little! By  Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

In a political clime like ours where much premium is placed on half truths and near lies constantly peddled by unscrupulous politicians, colourless lobbyists, charlatans, political prostitutes and influence peddlers, it becomes expedient to sometimes clear the air on issues this group at times raises before they assume the wrong standing. Details


The Ground Zero of Corruption. By  Moses Ochonu

Sometimes discussions of corruption can become so abstract that they get divorced from its real life impacts. I am sometimes guilty of this abstraction of corruption. Lately, however, I have become very curious about the destructive potential of corruption; about the on-ground consequences of graft; and about the impact of corruption on the lives of regular Nigerians. I have become more sensitive to, and interested in, the opportunity cost of corruption.  Details


From Galaxy Backbone Plc - “… you’re “facts”…wrong…” – Gerald C. Ilukwe, MD/CEO. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

My current serious concerns regarding the development of ICT in Nigeria hinge on the wrong approach of implementing Nigeria’s ICT policy; full-cycle business as usual style and pregnant with inconsistencies, lacking in honesty and transparency, etc. Details


Between Rape And Women’s Sexual Rights In Nigeria. By Nura Maaji

The issue of rape in Nigeria has attracted the attention of not only human right activists, feminists from Non-governmental organization here in Nigeria , but also from international Non-governmental organizations. This is due to the fact that, there are so many incidence and cases of rape occurring on almost daily basis and actions are yet to be taken to normalize the situation. Details


BPP: A New Anti-Corruption Agency. By  Yushau A. Shuaib

BPP? What is in a name? Few years ago, the words ICPC, EFCC and NEITI would have sounded gibberish. Today they are the anticorruption watchdogs created by the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo. Their activities might have influenced the improved rating of Nigeria in the recent Corruption Perception Index (CPI). Details


No Man's Land. By Mutiu Animashawun

Riddled with adjustment to every man-made constraint known under the sky, it is where ignorance is bliss.  Where is that truer than cosmopolitan Lagos?  Individualism is as real as the filthy air, trash-strewn streets, and baking heat combined.  Amidst the hustling and bustling, beggars still eke a living in its mean streets-- from three pieces suit to birthday suit ones.  An all-embarrassing tolerance is what is high in livability factor of Lagos.  Come all, come one! Details


Chief MKO Abiola: The Complicity Of Silence. By Clarius Ugwuoha

Abiola’s sudden loss of caste, if not, total eclipse from our scheme of things begs urgent rectification.  The late sage should be accorded the full privileges, even in death, of an ex-head of government. This is not asking too much against the backdrop of his uncommon sacrifices at the altar of our nascent democracy. Details


Ojukwu: Hero Or Villain? By Max Siollun

Ojukwu is an educated man that entered a profession that many Nigerians regarded at the time as a profession for the uneducated, a southerner born in the north who fought a three year long war against the north, a man who once led an attempt to secede from Nigeria, but later ran for President of Nigeria. Details


That Human Rights Watch Report On Nigeria - Comment. By Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai, Akintokunbo A Adejumo and Mazi Ogbonna

It is prudent to be wary of "reports" by the US based Human Rights Watch.  Human Rights, both in National and International Law, come under the watch of one of the authors (Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai) as a University professor. He has written on the subject enough to know the “holier -than-thou" attitude of the octopus organisation, Human Rights Watch. Details


Nuhu Ribadu: A True Defender of The Rule of Law. By Paul I. Adujie

Neither pain, intimidation nor death threats will derail the EFCC he said. Our fight against corruption is a worthy fight. It is total. It is imbued with national, continental and global implications. Winning the war against corruption is of substantive significance. Winning the war against corruption will determine Nigeria’s place in the world says Nuhu Ribadu Details


EFCC Vs AG and Matters Arising. By Babs Iwalewa

Take the EFCC for instance, the willingness of the EFCC to be used to fight the "political wars" of the former president Olusegun Obasanjo is one fundamental mistake the anti graft body made, from which it may never fully recover by so doing it has exposed its underbelly to corrupt politicians who now resort to the courts to obtain one frivolous injunction or the other in order to escape prosecution. Infact the way it seems now most of these politicians are now plotting different strategies and stratagems to abolish the EFCC Details


Achieving a Better Nigeria Is a Moral Problem. By Hamilton Odunze

Bribery, corruption, and lawlessness—these are universal indicators of social malady. Where Nigeria ranks in the global scale of these indicators is not news anymore; however, let me take the liberty of refreshing your memory. According to independent watchdog group Transparency International, last year’s corruption index for Nigeria is 2.2. The significance of this number is that Nigeria is the 10th most corrupt nation in the world, way below many other African nations. Details


Please Don’t Let Yar’Adua Fail as President. By Zents Kunle Sowunmi

President Musa Yar’Adua probably the only leader in the world with apostrophe in his last name, the first university graduate to head Nigeria affairs in the last 47 years, a former lecturer in the heart of Northern Nigeria best educational set up, the man who introduced Sharia in Kastina state, a soft talker, a powerful political associate of Mallam Aminu Kano who loved the Talakawas the poor in the North in the sixties and seventies and presently a man whose door is opened to all governors corrupt and clean Details


NIGERIA: Counting Corruption Cuts. By  Muhammad Hassan-Tom

Corruption is clearly the chief malaise that has denied Nigerians the benefit of their country’s enormous human and natural resources through misappropriation, embezzlement, unauthorised diversion of funds, failed contracts, forgery, fictitious claims, ghost-workers, money-laundering, over-invoicing, product adulteration and other economic and financial irregularities. Details


Indictment And Election Disqualification: The Nigerian Experience. By Akinwole Ogunlola, Esq.

The word “indictment” is fast becoming a deadly political weapon of mass disenfranchisement in the hands of Nigerian politicians that if the trend is not checked promptly, this term will not only lose relevance as those others before it, but also capable of plunging the country deeper into the abyss of  self destruction. Details


NLNG, IBB and Soyinka. By Max Gbanite

In spite of the intellectual, arm-twisting tactics of literary eggheads like Soyinka, Niyi Osundare, and Tam David West, the General went in full view, made his presentation, and controlled the environment as usual. This time around, it was the schizophrenic critics that chickened out. Instead of engaging the general by carrying demonstrative placards at the venue to show their ingenious disapproval vehemently, they opted to abstain. Details


Living In Hope: The Quagmire Of Medicare In Nigeria. By Andrews Solicitors

One of the most disturbing features of life in Nigeria is the abject state of the medical facilities and dispensation of medicare in the country.   This situation, sad as it is, is undeniably recognised at all levels of the society.  Worse still, the notoriety of the poor medical condition in Nigeria is known all over the world.  It features quite prominently in the negative indices that are so readily bandied around the world. Instances abound so let’s look at some excruciatingly painful illustrations.  Details


Why Oyo State Is Not Working And Cannot Work. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

It is really a pity. We are often accused of being a difficult people to please. Yes, that is right, the reason being that at this stage in our nationhood and development (or underdevelopment, take your choice) Nigerian people expect a lot much more from their leaders, taking into consideration our wealth and human resources. Therein lies the problem – a dearth of good, sincere and committed leadership. Details


Okey Ndibe versus Andy Uba. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

For a while now Ndibe has been doing to Uba what some people in my old neighborhood euphemistically call “rubbish am…throw am for gutter.” That is to say Ndibe has been rubbishing and making nonsense of Uba. He has been rubbishing Uba big time! In a way, I kind of feel sorry for him. You see I shudder whenever I mull over how Uba must feel considering the constant arrows from Ndibe. And those arrows are sharp and noxious. Details


Let Asuni and Sa’idu Go Home. By Maxwell James

For some days now, I have come to grips with a torrent of request from well meaning Nigerians to air my opinion concerning the unlawful, ill – motivated, evil and unjust arrest of my former boss, Chief (Dr) Judy Burdin Asuni, the Omotoyinbo of Ughelli Kingdom and the Excutive Director of Academic Associates PeaceWorks (AAPW) Details


22 EFCC Detainees Petition Yar’adua, Attorney General And Minister Of Justice Mike Edeghagba Alias Lieutenant Colonel

 On the 20th of October, 2005, the suspect Mike Edeghagba “M” who was dressed in a military uniform with a Lieutenant Colonel Rank, in company of one Charles Amadi “M’of Aba, Abia State came to the Commission to solicit for the bail of one Chidozie Amadi who was detained in respect of Advance Fee Fraud case. The said Mike Edeghagba not only introduced himself as a military man but also a pastor at Otta Farm, Ogun State. Details


This Ribadu Again! By Ngozi Saromi

Dele Momodu, publisher of the Ovation magazine and most lately a columnist of ThisDay newspaper, attempts, through his piece of last Saturday [Anti-Corruption War as a Cliché], to heighten the frantic, well-organized and ongoing smear tactics against the EFCC and the person of its Chief Executive, Nuhu Ribadu. Incontrovertibly, Momodu's opening claim, unsupported by any shred of argument or justification, that "the anti-corruption war has come to a dead-end" Details