Cautiously Optimistic That Nigeria Will Survive Us All. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Nigeria stands a better chance of surviving all the onslaughts we throw at her than each and every one of us. The wind of change has been blowing for some years but we refuse to accept it. Whoever stands in the way will be crushed as men of timber and caliber have been. Many of them are still nursing their wounded egos, crying to be relevant in their constituencies while old age and menace they created in the society catch up with them. Details


As The Senate Retreats To Amend The Constitution. By Orji Uzor Kalu

Therefore, as the senate goes into retreat to fix Nigeria’s constitution, our senators need to prove the statesmen they are by giving Nigerians the sort of amendments that will be in touch with the popular will of Nigerian citizens, in comportment with well-reasoned Supreme Court rulings, and above all, emulates the fundamental elements of federalism that are known to have worked for more experienced nations in like circumstances. Details


Declaring Amaechi Governor May Be Wrong At Law But Sound At Equity. By Aloy Ejimakor

Yes, that’s right. That part of the ruling that awarded the governorship to Amaechi can be said to be untenable at law, as strictly interpreted in its present form, yet sound in equity, and it is not by any stretch. And here is why. Details


Cheating Kano Pilgrims In the name of God; An Open Letter to Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau. By Tanko Muhammad Danbaba

If you are paying for the Muslim pilgrimage in Kano this year, the year 1428 after Hijra, equivalent to 2007 in the Gregorian calendar you must have paid either N446, 631.40 or N356, 631.40. Whatever you paid I am not sure you have had the privilege of being told what the breakdown of what you paid is supposed to be. In case you have being told and you don’t know the full implications of what you paid, let me now tell you the full implications. Details


After Etteh,Yar’Adua Next? By Hakeem Babalola

Of course I am delighted over Etteh’s sudden resignation but as far as I am concerned, there’s nothing to celebrate yet. Why should I jubilate when the battle against ineptitude service to the nation is still rampant? Why should I celebrate when we have not even started battling corruption in a way to battle it? Although the exit of Etteh and Nguroje is a welcome development, there are still thousands of them in the public service. Etteh may be out but her soul pervades every nook and cranny of our society. Details


The Spectacular Launching Of Oloibiri Integrated Learning University (Oil U). By Eben Dokubo

After groping in broad daylight for over fifty years, Nigeria finally came to terms with reality and stopped the clock in order to place oil and gas on the pedestal it deserves. This happened recently during the Spectacular Lunching of Oloibiri Integrated Learning University (OIL U). Details


First Governors Retreat, the Yar’Adua Conviction. By Abbas A. Dikko

Indeed, the recent happening in the judiciary, is a welcome development, but, we are yet to see enough of their goodies, therefore, they should improve from their recent performance rating. Equally, our Nigerian lawyers, standing for and against all parties to the cases, should judiciously and honourably applied the necessary legal terms so that, this country can be a better place to live for all of us and the yet generation to come. Details


An Open Letter To Adamawa State Citizens. By  Usman Garba Santuraki

The people of the state are so depressed by the attitude of the elites of the state. It is an irony of life that a state that produced eminent sons, who in way or the other held sensitive positions that if, they have the love of the state, they could have removed it from its present shackles of underdevelopment. Details


Brass LNG: Re-Streaming Divided JV Partners. By Ifeanyi Izeze

When the immediate past president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo declared that “Government considers Brass LNG fundamentally a sound project with an excellent value proposition – one that is at the centre piece of the Nigerian Government’s efforts to efficiently monetise its gas resources,” he actually captured the prime importance of the project to the Nigerian government. However, government’s (past and present) efforts at achieving this dream at Brass Island, right from day one, could best be described as blurred and at worst obscured.  Details


The Ijaw and Nigeria’s Ethnic Politics. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

In spite of their marginalization and unconscionable exploitation, the Ijaw -- indigenous to six or seven states in the federation -- ironically, are the most Nigerian-friendly and Nigerian-conscious of all the major groups. When one think of how other groups have exploited and made silly the nation’s political and economic systems, one cannot but marvel at the sanity and stability of the Ijaw people. Their love and affinity for the nation is beyond reproach, beyond question. Details


Road Safety Corps And Seat-Belt Exploitation. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

Ever since the “Road Safety Corps” was founded during the Nigeria’s military regime under General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida in late 1980s to date the body which was meant to regulate the activities of road users has been left swinging in the limbo, at the mercy of lack of clear cut directions and responsibilities as far control of driving vehicles are concerned. Details


Nigeria: The Deployment of ATM Machines on Mobile Molue (Buses). By  Femi Oyesanya

The revelation that NITDA would even consider implementing ATM machines on mobile buses, given the high rate of Bank Robbery and crimes in general in Nigeria, is shocking.   Why would a National Information Technology Development Agency propose policies for implementing ATM without consideration for Physical Security? Details


Increasing NIPOST Revenue Base: The Best Corporate Strategy. By Emeka Oraetoka

Inline with the reform efforts of Federal Government, which resulted in NIPOST sourcing appreciable percentage of its revenue to meet certain level of internal obligations, there appear to be new challenges confronting the establishment. The foremost issue is how to be sufficiently self accounting in its activities, in view of first, the ever increasing level of competition from a very formidable front- the Internet. Details


The End Even At The Beginning. By Abiola Olopade

I am one of the numerous Nigerians who believes that Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) are being unfair to Nigeria populace by denying this company unified license to go into last mile data delivery, which in every ramification will enhance the communication output in the land and I was glad when I read that Mr President have ordered NCC to grant them their request, but all these might amount to nothing if some things are not put in place for the effective running of this young firm to avoid it going into decay.  Details


Water Supply: Community Participation is the Key. By  Joachim Ibeziako Ezeji

Based on a review of several sources, the financing gap for meeting Millennium Development Goals water and sanitation targets in Nigeria is approximately given as water is Naira 200 billion while sanitation is Naira 150 billion. Also based on available information, current budgets for water supply represent a small fraction of the financing requirements.  The most significant budget allocation is at the federal level.  It was estimated that over the period 2000 – 2005, allocations averaged some 4 billion Naira per year. Details


Professor Maurice Iwu Should Be Removed As INEC Boss. By Jide Ayobolu

Professor Iwu has become a symbol of national disgrace that nothing associated with him can be credible, reliable and putatively acceptable. He deliberately allowed himself to be used by the yesterday’s men of power. And, he choose the filthy lucre of office over self-worth and pride. Never had controversies trailed the outcome of any election in Nigeria like the April 2007 election. Every segment of the country had cause to complain over one thing or the order. Details


Speaker Etteh's Travails Have Little To Do With Her Qualifications As A Beautician. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

Surely, Etteh's foibles are not going to be the last in our body politic. If a new Speaker is named tomorrow,  don't be surprised, if a few months down the road, her successor is caught in a similar scandal of a different configuration, because our country is just too corrupt and irredeemably heartless in our reckless pursuit of material wealth. Details


Issues in Nigerian Universities (part 1). By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Teachers pimping students and or fellow teachers for financial and non-financial gains.  Teachers selling handouts and other documents to supplement their income. The list goes on and on and on and on. It is a mess, an epidemic. But sadly, these are some of the realities in our institutions of higher learning. Details


The Death Of Dr. Safana, Ettehgate And The Coming Battle For The Soul Of Nigeria. By Tondu Aonduna

The death of a human, they say, diminishes us all. But death sometimes does hold profound lessons. That Dr. Safana died, not for the cause of Nigeria but rather in the unwholesome company of a  woman of questionable morality has left an indelible mark of reprobation on his reputation. Details


Our Leaders Have Gone Mad Again. By Udeme Etuk

Today, we have men and women who have distinguished themselves in the various spheres of expertise being led by a woman who should be running a saloon at Abeokuta or Ibadan. She lacks every credentials to lead any serious debates talk less of a whole House of Assembly of a vibrant nation like Nigeria. Details


Election Tribunals Should Wake Up. By Ladi Ibrahim

Election rigging constitutes a serious threat to the survival of democracy in Nigeria. It should be confronted with all seriousness and dismissing petitions on flimsy excuses should be avoided. Details


Bugaje: Ideological Bankruptcy Or Political Suicide? (1). By Usman Mohammed

I am taking on my adversary from vantage position which suits me.  I have always been saying that, the problem of the North (Hausa/ Fulani) is grass vindictiveness.  It is absolute “Politics with (out) bitterness”.  While in the Western civilizations, philosophers are kings at least for constituting to be “think tanks” and reservoirs of knowledge seeking truth and avoiding lies, blackmails, and prejudices, for patriotic reasons, the developing countries are steel battling with ideological contradictions, arm chair professors, bankrupt utopia, lost in the sojourn seeking political power by all means necessary, all seeking for material benefits which inevitably becomes their waterloo. Details


Rimi: A Political Merchant Or A Jungle Politician? By Barrister Rafindadi Mohammed

This clandestine approach did not however work out for. Older politicians like the late Governor of Kano state, Sabo Bakin Zuwo read his motive and began to counter them. Rimi was quickly suspended from the PRP. Since then Rimi had settled his ambition on the Presidency of the country. Details


Yar’Adua and the Dangers of Oil Money. By Zayyad I. Muhammad 

This “curse”— Oil Money, is the grease that runs corruption in Nigeria; and corruption has turned Nigeria on its Head. The Nigerian economy and annual national budget are from top to bottom tied to, and entirely dependent on world oil price than national productivity— oil money has brought laziness in the larger Nigerian society. Oil gave Nigeria easy money, but the country and its leaders simply became overwhelmed and missed opportunities to utilized oil money to developed Africa’s most populous country. Details


Stock Trading in the North. By Sani A. Dambatta

Some companies enable stockholders to share in the profits of the company. These payments of corporate profits to stockholders are called dividends. In addition to having a claim on company profits, stockholders are entitled to share in the sale of the company if it is dissolved. Details


Yar’adua Has Separated The Reality From The Slogan On Rule Of Law. By Barriter Aloy Ejimakor

Back home in colonial Nigeria, the rallying slogan of the time was ‘self-government’. It was so quaint that even songs were written with it and expectedly it prevailed against any colonialist slogan that purveyed the opposite connotation. Our nationalists made it real when Enahoro made a motion on the floor of the House for Nigeria’s independence, much to the admiration of Nigerians who have been successfully psyched by a robust anti-colonialism media not to accept anything less or in opposite. Details


Nigeria’s ICT Policy – Rudderless, Corrupt Ridden And Pregnant With Inconsistencies! By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

I start by asking the following rhetorical questions that need no immediate answers from those whom it may concern: Who’s in charge of the Nigerian National Information Technology Policy (NITP)? – Is it the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology or the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications and or the Presidency? Or organized “Rent-Seekers”?  Details


The Supreme Court Judgment And Consequential Orders. By Wilson Anosike

The learned judges have decided and so it is. Rotimi Amaechi is the substantive governor of River State. This decision ended the three months legal tussle on who was the lawful candidate of the PDP in the April governorship elections. Details


Gumi, a Fragile Nation; and a Factionalized Ummah. By Abdullah Musa

He succeeded in setting up a movement that seeks to transform the acts of worship from the Sufi school to that of the Wahabi school of thought. The non-Muslim reader is saved the agony of understanding what the distinguishing features of each are. We may however give one example: to the Wahabi school, no religious practice which is not directly traceable to the Prophet should be permitted; in real fact, it should be fought as if one were fighting an infidel who seeks to destroy Islam. The Sufi school of thought on the other hand, believes that the religion of Islam cannot thrive without a living ‘Shaykh of instruction’. By this they mean someone who is to the Ummah of today, what the Prophet was to his companions: commanding an un-alloyed loyalty. Details


The Trial of Nigerian Democracy. By Clarius Ugwuoha

It is inconceivable to expect the Speaker to resign. Not when OPC by the open pronouncement of her founder, Dr. Fasheun, had voiced Mrs. Etteh’s incorruptibility, with undisguised threat to her assumed detractors.  Not when the Ibadan amala politician, the almighty Chief Lamidi Adedibu, had expressed the support of his Garrison fortress to the embattled Speaker. Details


Before We Borrow Again. By Chuma Obiora

I recently read from the internet that the Finance Minister, Samshudeen Usman is recommending that we take loans for our developmental needs. I narrated the experience above to put this direction of thinking in perspective. Can we not all say déjà vu? Is he not taking us to the same dark alley we managed to extricate ourselves from (one of the few positives of the Obasanjo years), completely bruised and battered? Details


May 2007 Bid Round: Politics Of Revocation Of Oil Bloc Licenses.  By Ifeanyi Izeze

Watchers of Nigerian oil industry were not surprised that barely five months from the change of baton at the Presidency, major multinational oil and gas companies operating in Nigeria had sent two separate petitions to the Presidency on the need to revisit the controversial award of about 20 oil blocks during the May 18, 2007 licensing round conducted in the dying days of the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Details


Etteh Must Go. By Usman Falal

Both the parties to the conflict in the house should first apologize to Nigerians for allowing internal differences claim the life of a member. Tell me what can Nigerians do with this kind of house? Would Nigerians trust a house like this with the things you see happening. I urge all Nigerians to simply call up all their representatives since they can no longer handle simple and direct issues. Details


The Banana Skins Called Ibori, Etteh And Odili. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

This author has always said it and will continue to say it: The Rule of Law cannot work yet in Nigeria for the simple reason that our half-hearted anti-corruption war cannot be sustained by the rule of law when there is no “obeisance of the law in the first place. Details


Nigeria Election Tribunal – After The Decision What Next? By Oyeyemi Olodo Esq.

As Nigeria Political Parties embrace themselves for the worst outcome from the ongoing election tribunal which is already setting the scene for the changing political landscape in the country, the Polish people commence voting with the opinion polls published throughout last week indicating that the Civic Platform (PO), led by Donald Tusk, was comfortably ahead of the ruling Law and Justice party of President Lech Kaczynski and Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Details


The Speaker is Overdue for a One Way Ticket. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

If anyone ever has some second thoughts or doubts about whether or not President Obasanjo truly loves Nigeria, and not just himself and his self interest, the Ettehgate scandal has put paid to such doubts. it is a disgrace that Obasanjo would allow himself to be seen as the chief backer of a fraudulent and reckless Speaker who would want to spend more than half a billion Naira to renovate and refurbish a house built in 2002 by no less a construction company than Julius Berger. Details


Ribadu’s Corruption War: An Exercise In Hypocrisy. By Fabiyi Oluwasayo

The issue of corruption in Nigeria has been a source of worry to any right thinking and upright Nigerians. It is as old as the nation itself. Corruption has eaten deep in to the fabric of this country to the extent that the recent rating of Nigeria as 32 on the corruption index is nothing to cheer about. Details


A Politico-Religious Fatwa Between Blind Followers And Deviant Critics. By  Muhammad B. Muhammad

Dr. Ahmad Gumi, no doubt a scholar of sound background stirred so much controversy and debate when he issued a somehow weird fatwa on the Nigerian political situation and General Buhari’s principled challenge of the elections in the court of law. To many scholars and commentators, the fatwa lacked merit and clearly reflected a twisted reading and interpretation of otherwise sound Islamic texts. Details


Between Adamu Adamu, Dr Bashir And Scholarship. By  Ibrahim M. Attahir

I find the debate between Adamu Adamu, Dr Bashir Aliyu Umar and to some extent Haruna Abdullahi el-Binawi very interesting. The debate started with the cover story of Weekly Trust of Saturday, September 15, 2007 in which the paper had an interview with Dr Ahmad Abubakar Gumi where he was quoted as saying that Islamically, General Muhammadu Buhari the ANPP presidential candidate at the last April general elections must withdraw his petition. Details


Does President Umaru Musa Yar Adua (UMYA) Have the Courage to Change Nigeria? By Dan Azumi Kofarmata

President UMYA would also be better advised to consider setting up investigative panels to investigate the finances/accounts of the following national agencies, departments and programmes as the case may be, from 1997 – 2007. Details


Dele Giwa: Gani’s Hearsay Evidence. By Max Gbanite

Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN, knows about this part of law. He went to court three times, and lost; his primary evidence was adjudged hearsay by the courts; yet, he wants to re-write the laws of Nigeria, which states that ‘evidence backed with facts’ will get one justice, and not sentiments and hearsay backed foibles. Details


Is Maurice Iwu An  Unrepentant, Shameless, Serial Liar? By Musa Ilaillah

Today Obasanjo has succeeded in using Iwu’s INEC to impose elected officials at various levels on Nigerians including their President, state governors, and national and state assemblies’ members. Going by wide condemnation of the April 2007 general elections as the worst in the country’s history of the conduct of elections, it is clear that the elections were far from being free, fair, transparent and credible. Details


Kano and the Menace of Achaba! By kabiru Inuwa

Today according to official statistics, there are over a million registered Achaba riders in Kano alone, in addition to almost the same number of unregistered ones and the number keep increasing by the day! Kano is virtually under terrible mess with very dangerous environmental hazards, like frequent fatal accidents, global warming, Ozone-layer depletions and so on. The amount of carbon monoxides (CO) being ooze out of the exhausts of  these reckless motor cyclists in my own view, is enough to generate energy to drive nuclear rectors or to even develop an atomic bomb! Details


EFCC: Dele Momodu’s Ranting. By Abiola Falayajo

Well, it might interest the self acclaimed omnipotent journalist turned business man called Momodu that EFCC came out with a press statement stating that they are investigating (any body could be investigated no matter how powerful) and questioning Mike Adenuga just has they had investigated some minute cyber cafe operators on the street of Lagos. Details


NYSC: Exploring the Diversity in the Unity of Nigeria. By Ademowo Adeyemi Johnson

In Nigeria, like any other countries of the world, there are issues that are quintessentially seasonal. One of such issues, apart from Ettehgate, in focus is the one-year mandatory youth service called National Youth Service Corps, NYSC established in 1973 by the Gowon led administration. The Scheme has for about a decade been under the sledge hammer of critics who are of the view that the scheme has outlived its usefulness and objectives as conceived in 1973 and later amended in the NYSC Decree No.51 of 16th June 1993. Details


Conscience Is An Open Wound: Only Truth Can Heal It Prologue. By Kayode Ogundamisi

It is said that at times silence is not golden. This is one of those periods when silence can no longer be golden. Those who sit in the comfort of their homes and try to confer on themselves credentials that can not be verified in the creeks, waterways or the swamps of the Ijaw and Niger Delta territories should keep quiet when those who posses authentic and verifiable credentials are on the podium. Too much has not been said. If we do not separate criminality from the struggle Details