Of Rigged Elections And Maurice Iwu As The Fall Guy: The Diaspora View. By Aloy Ejimakor

Whether Iwu alone bears the entire blame for the malpractices present in the last elections is not necessarily within the direct purview of this discourse. The discussion will primarily comprise of my candid recollections of the Maurice Iwu I knew back in the day in the United States. If you are an unforgiving critic of Maurice Iwu or amongst those calling for his ouster, please prove your maturity and sense of balance by reading what I have to say below. Details


The Etteh Drama And Ibeji Politics. By Clarius Ugwuoha

Many keen observers of the Etteh miscue will readily discern some clandestine involvement. Right from her surprise emergence as Speaker, to the protracted scandal and her disgraceful exit, there were telltale signs of her presence in the hallowed chambers of Speaker Federal House of Representatives as just a mouthpiece of some political Gestapo. Her artlessness was so self-evident. She was simply victim of some higher and seasoned political manipulators who cashed in upon her naivety. Details


A Booby-Trapped Presidency. By Moses Ochonu

Obasanjo has effectively booby-trapped the presidency for Ya’Adua. The new president has no room to maneuver. Whatever he does will get him into trouble—with Nigerians or with Obasanjo’s lingering brigade of opportunists and sycophants. The question is: whose trouble would Yar’Adua rather court or seek to escape, Nigerians’ or Obasanjo’s? Details


Mr. President, Time To Go Nuclear. By Bala Muhammad

There is no greater understatement in the whole wide world today than anyone, even the President, to tell Nigerians that the electricity situation in this country ‘is very serious’. It is not very serious; it is way beyond very serious. In fact, there is no English word yet invented to describe how bad the situation is. Suffice it to list some of the synonyms of ‘bad’ from the thesaurus: awful; terrible; dreadful; appalling; shocking; ghastly; horrific; dire; unpleasant. Mr. President, that is the situation. Not simply very serious. Awful! Details


Niger-Delta in 2008 Budget: Dance Steps of Deceit. By Ifeanyi Izeze

The obscured looping together of security and development of Niger Delta in 2008 budgetary allocation unfortunately conveys the impression that the challenge of the region is merely the enforcement of security without an adequate investment in infrastructural development. This obviously cannot be a sustainable solution to the deteriorating situation in the region. Details


Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s Prophetic Fallacies. By Rev. Suleiman Dankano, Ph.D.

I have been very troubled by some of the utterances of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, one of the most prominent ministers in Nigeria and worldwide. I feel a need to go to a territory where many are afraid to go in the belief that perhaps some body who is close to him might read this and call his attention to it. It is saddening to note that a minister of Pastor Adeboye’s standing will be so careless with what comes out of his mouth. I have followed Pastor Adeboye’s preaching for some time and came to have a lot of respect for him as well as praise God for what he has used him to accomplish in his kingdom here on earth. But in recent times he seems to have have fallen prey to the political correctness of our day and to the praise singers and hallelujah brethren worldwide. Details


Yar’Adua’s Agenda: A Panacea for National Building. By Abbas A. Dikko

The persistent noises that has been making the news around or the grievances expressed by some certain quotas of the Nigerian populace on his incompatibly to remain the president of this country, were no other reasons than; (a) The controversy surrounding his election popularly refer to as “legitimacy”. (b) His failure or refusal to bring Obasanjo and his allies to book for corruption charges and other related offences. (c) His refusal as some perceived to throw-in the towel, call for a fresh polls that would usher-in the true winner. (d) And, his retention of some of the Obasanjo hatched men in his government. Details


The Imperatives for Investment and Foreign Partnership for Sokoto State: The Challenge Ahead. By  Dahiru Maishanu

The sign of a good evening starts from its sunrise. The northern part of Nigeria has especially suffered more from wanton neglect and wasteful projects and projections than any other region in the country. It is also true that the region’s travails came from within; from its own leaders who have made the region a laughing stock through irresponsible and pointless policies that instead of improving the quality of lives, often ended up in eating up the populace like a plaque.  Details


Justice Against Falsehood. By Usman Garba Santuraki

This is because right from day one, the umpire body charged with the responsibility (INEC) greatly erred by discontinuing the counting of the votes of the AC candidate. Infact, what INEC has done never happened in the history of any election held in this country. The same INEC issued a press statement reinstated the fact three days to the election that, Alhaji Ibrahim Bapetel is one of the candidates going in for the Gubernatorial election in Adamawa State but, suddenly on the eve of the election, the body came out with a statement read to pressmen by the Resident Electoral Commissioner in charge of the state that, the AC candidate was disqualified.  Details


Nigerians: Your Poverty is Constitutionally Sanctioned. By Abdullah Musa

Any person, who had shown casual interest in the affairs of Nigerians by either reading the newspapers or listening to the radio stations, would have come to the conclusion that poverty was and still is the main problem confronting many Nigerians.

The quality of life had deteriorated so very badly that Nigerians seemed to have achieved the impossible: going back to live in the past: the time for instance when they had no access or did not even know what electric light meant. There are so many things that have gone wrong besides electric power supply: water supply is another; security of lives and properties, and affordable health care can also be added. Details


Rimi: A politician With a Difference! By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

Recent surprising, though not entirely unexpected  political somersault by the redoubtable Rimi of Sumaila, from Action Congress (AC) back to the PDP had no doubt jolted many Nigerians, to the extent that majority have openly expressed their displeasure and disdain for what they perceived as  political prostitutions of the highest order! Details


According to NBTE, about 32 polytechnics in the country have extremely exceeded their carrying capacity and have failed to comply to the 70:30 ratio in favour of science and technology students have been barred from admitting candidates into business and art programme. Only 22 polytechnics in the country escape the bar to admits candidates into all programmes subject to approved carrying capacity, that is maximum of two class streams and maximum of 40 students in each class of art based programmes and 30 students in each class of science/technology based programme. Details


The Affliction Of Ndi Igbo. By Ogbonna Sunday

Unfortunately, as events keep unfolding, the Igbos are gradually and systematically being sidelined. It started as Igbophobia prior to independence, when Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, who held sway in the then Lagos legislative elections of the late 1950s, was frustrated out by Awolowo and his cohorts on the ground that he wasn’t a Yoruba man. Then came the ethnic cleansing and pogrom meted against the Igbos in the northern part of Nigeria before the genocide of 1967-1970. That was the chapter one of the anti-Igbo thesis. Details


Relocation Of Jos North Local Government and the Local Government Polls. By Muhammad Lawal Ishaq

The recent move by the Plateau State Government to expand the Berom paramount ruler’s palace, the Gbong Gwon Jos, is no doubt one of the most absurd and unpopular decision taken by the Jang Administration since it came to power. The decision was revealed in a letter from the state government addressed to the Jos North Local Government and the Jos Metropolitan Development Board, JMDB directing the former to relocate to the latter’s premises to give way for the planned expansion. The Plateau State Government initially gave the duo 14 days to comply with the directive, which expired on 17th October 2007. Details


Remembering Yasser Arafat. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

The State of Israel is fearful that the Palestinian and the Arab world are scheming to do them in. This is an unfounded fear! Their best hope and best chance for peace, security and peaceful coexistence depended on Arafat; but now that Arafat is no longer on the stage let’s see who the Israelis are going to blame next. When it is all said and done, history will absolve Arafat for he was truly a great man, a statesman and a peacemaker. And so I mourn the untimely passing of a unique nationalist and a genuine statesman.  The world misses him very much! Details


Believers’ Quandary. By Abdullah Musa

Western Europe, United States and so on, are countries where most of the people who run he affairs of those nations bear Christian names, or even go to the Church to worship. However, they have established a system where prostitution is legal, where the known values that dictate sexual relations are turned upside down and where drugs and alcoholism reign supreme. Details


Masquerades and Jokers as Governors in Bayelsa State. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

After several years of clamoring and supplications, Bayelsa State was created in 1996. The state was a dream-come-true for the Ijaw who had hoped to use it as launching pad for the advancement of the Ijaw Nation. It was to be the Mecca for all Ijaws at home and abroad. So much was expected. Indeed, a lot was expected amidst great hope and great expectations. Sadly, it was not to be. Since its creation -- more so in the last nine years -- several bubbles has busted, several dreams turned into nightmares; and the dream of a Mecca became a mirage. Bayelsa is today a cathedral of broken dreams, a valley of pain. Details


Still On Patience Jonathan. By Marshall Ifeanyi

Following the April 2007 general elections and the subsequent swearing-in ceremonies, key players in the new administration are beginning to emerge. Public functionaries therefore, at all levels, are viewed with great expectations and caution has become the catchphrase for most of them. When it concerns the Nigerian woman, the public eye goes even beyond cautiousness. It therefore extends to even her comportment, decorum, virtues, challenges of accountability, integrity and leadership in nation-building among other godly qualities that make up the woman person vis-à-vis her roles as a leader. Details


MDGs, Health: 2015 To Soon. By Murtala Umar

In September 2000 the world witnessed the largest gathering ever of 189 country leaders who pledged to meet some set and measurable goals tagged Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)) to promote sustainable development and eradicate poverty by 2015. The MDGs include; 50% reduction in poverty and hunger universal primary education reduction of child mortality by two-thirds cutbacks in maternal mortality by three-quarters promotion of gender equality reversal of the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Ensuring environmental sustainability developing a global partnership for development. Details



Commuters Groan Over Fare Hike During Rush Hours: A Rejoinder. By Yakubu Maitalata

The helpless condition of the Nigerian proletariat in the hands of commercial transporters could be traced to a number of variables.  Inconsistency in government social service policies accounts for one among the many.  It is further fueled by pervasive lack of maintenance culture. At a time in the annals of this country there was a Federal Urban Mass Transport System. What killed such a noble initiative?  The government that initiated it passed away; greed and avarice among the operators; lack of maintenance culture; and quite a number of other factors surely contributed to the collapse of the agency. Details


The Role of Traditional Rulers in an Emerging Democratic Nigeria. By Uche Nworah

It is on this note that I will like to inform us all that the millions of Nigerians living in the diaspora have not abandoned ship. We are all equally involved and as passionate and committed to the Nigerian project, and in the collective quest to see our beloved country, Nigeria, a potentially world economic power begin to take her rightful place in the global community of prosperous nations.  Details


The Measure of Umaru Musa Y’ardua. By Peter Opara

Y’ardua, for what is known and reported of him, he is not one to condone or accommodate or countenance even a semblance of what was done by Obasanjo and his henchmen to put him in the position he occupies today. Y’ardua is a good man. Yet, Y’ardua cannot claim having not seen evil or having not heard evil, even when he has not said evil, and still keeps the illicit gift from Obasanjo. Details


Of T. A. Orji And The Evidentiary Value Of An Okija Shrine Video. By Aloy Ejimakor & Ikechi Anya

Therefore, the video claimed to have placed Chief Orji at the specific locale of Okija Shrine is not admissible because it is not probative or relevant; and it is unacceptably prejudicial, is obtained in violation of law and constitutes hearsay. For these reasons, it is expected that upon further reconsideration, the tribunal will move to strike the video from the record. Details


Nigeria: From Democracy To Kakistocracy. By Dr Ibrahim Braji

Action Congress (A.C.) is a faction of P.D.P. and A.D. Those frustrated out by the parties they either started or contributed immensely in funding found a haven in A.C. It survival and future participation in politics depend on the interest shows by Atiku Abubakar to contest future elections. Details


What of Al-Mustafha Bamaiyi and Others? By  Yushau A. Shuaib

Those security officers who were charged for attempted murder, an offence committed more than 10 years ago and yet to be released are the former chief of army staff, General Ishaya Bamayi; former Security Officer to Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha; former Commissioner of Police, Mr. James Danbaba; former military administrator Colonel Jubrin Bala Yakubu and former Chief Superintendent of Police, Mohammed Rabo Lawal. They were officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and whose actions, as security personnel, could have been officially sanctioned by the State through directives from their superiors. Probably, in the spirit of popular military parlance “obey-before-complain,” they could have been excessive and overzealous in their duties. Details


Cemeteries, Graves, and Burial Grounds. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

As I am writing this, I remember that in my younger days, I hated reading Obituaries and Memorials in newspapers and magazines. Today, I find them instructive. The Nigerian newspapers of my day had the knack for devoting several pages to such announcements. Reading them gave me the creeps. Another thing I didn’t like seeing was those long and endless processions to or from Tinubu, Igboshere, and around Obalende, and Falomo. Most were slower and more time consuming than General Yakubu Gowon’s motorcade. Details


Rimi's Exit From AC: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish. By Hajiya Hafsat M. Zanna

Alhaji Muhammad Abubakar Rimi was until recently the national Vice Chairman of Action Congres, AC in charge of North West. Before then, Rimi was one of the 34 founding members- christened G34, of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. It was quite clear that Rimi along with more than twenty other members of G34 including Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar were frustrated out of the party by dictator Olusegun Obasanjo as soon as he realized that they were not going to give support to his tenure elongation in office plans. I consider it necessary to give this background so that one can clearly see some sense in Rimi’s sojourn back to his party. Details


Wilmot, Death Of Ideology And Ettehgate. By  Jonathan Ishaku

Wilmot is hardly an advocate of the armed struggle but he is nevertheless a strong antagonist of Western imperialism and its lackey regimes around the world especially on the African continent. While he taught at ABU Zaria, alongside the stormy leftist radical, Dr. Yusufu Bala Usman, Wilmot succeeded in moulding a generation of vocal anti-imperialist pan-Africanists the same way Che did in the Americas. Details


Yar'Adua, Judiciary and Rule of Law. By Barr. Danlami Alh. Wushishi

One issue that enjoyed enormous debate in Nigeria after the debate on National quest on “during Babangida era is the concept of Rule of Law may be this should be connected with the resolve of Yaradua’s govt to comply strictly with the principle of Rule of Law.  This position received accolades from different quarters, because they sees it as a digression from the practice of the immediate past government of chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Details


Yobe 2007: Matters Arising. By Kawu Alkali Abdulsalam

Mamman Ali should start counting his days as the Sitting-in Governaor of Yobe State and also set the records straight as the judgement day draws nearer. As we await the final pronuncement by the Supreme Court to determine who is legally and constitutionally supposed to be in Yobe State Government House. Details


This Adedibu Must Not Die. By Odunayo Kila

We must note the unenthusiastic pitch in the people’s call for government’s intervention against their readiness for self-determination vis-à-vis the state of things in the Niger Delta region and its recent threatened overspill to Lagos and Abuja. In this, the seriousness of this issue would be a matter of opinion, -only in Nigeria. Details


Yar’adua Baseless Attack On The Judiciary. By Jide Ayobolu

President Umaru Yar’Adua recently hinted that the various judgements were influenced by public opinions, and subsequently made a call to judges to stop taking decision based on public sentiments and opinions. Yar’Adua went on and told the judges to make decisions strictly according to the law. Details


Dialectics of Rimi Cross-Carpeting, ANPP's Gain. By Salihu Othman Isah

After months of speculations that some top members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who found solace in other political parties before the last general elections, particularly ex-governor of old Kano state, Alhaji Mohammad Abubakar Rimi  were on their way back to the fold, as part of re-alignment of political forces, Rimi finally rejoined the PDP in Kano days back. Details


Who is a Politician Between Lawal Kaita and Abubakar Rimi? By Usman Garba Santuraki

Alhaji Lawal Kaita is from Katsina State, while Alhaji Abubakar Rimi is from Sumaila town in Kano State. The two men belonged to different political divide-Alhaji Lawal belong to the conservative inclined political interest, on the other hand, Alhaji Abubakar belong to the progreesive inclined interest and that was in the beginning of their political career during the second republic. Details


PDP Chairmanship Race: Igbos Are Angry. By Hamilton Odunze

I read David Chukwu’s article in ThisDay Newspapers. In it, Mr. Chukwu laments the marginalization of Ndigbo by the Obasanjo regime. Obviously, he is among the millions of Nigerians who didn’t recognize Obasanjo’s regime as fascist and totalitarian, and one that had no respect for democracy. One key indicator was the fact the regime worked very hard to stifle the people’s intellect and will. Conversely, democracy thrives on these two elements. I have written about this regime in many forums. Under these totalitarian regimes, people are denied their democratic values. So was Ndigbo denied the values of true democracy. Details


Engaging Civil Societies for Sustainable Development. By Joachim Ezeji

Sadly it remains to be seen how open and generous the Nigerian governmenWe have not been able to make mainstream political discussion in Nigeria revolve around competence and aptness. The reason for our marginalization is our political future depends on one office or another being “zoned” to the South East. The real chance for Ndigbo to emerge as political leaders will come when the discourse in Nigerian politics centers around the ability to move the country forward. In other words, Ndigbo will be better off anytime Nigeria starts to live up to true democratic values. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Ndigbo to face the challenge of turning the nation’s political ship back to this point. t could be in engaging the civil society. It is glaring that pretences of the highest order in this regard already exist at the federal level. The situation at both the state and local levels is nothing to write home about. A reason for this is the inertia of government to be transparent because of the parochial interest of its officials. Details


Unfettered Power: Democracy and the Nigerian Judiciary. By Osa Iyinbo

Since the inception of the current administration of President Umaru Musa Yar’adua, Nigerians have begun to reap some of the benefits associated with the democratic process, such as the true meaning of separation of power and respect for the rule of law; the recent amicable resolution of the “Ettegate” scandal by the National Assembly without outside interference and the unrestrained enforcement of judicial decisions are case in point. Hopefully, Nigerians will come to the realization that political positions are not family heirloom and that the judiciary is not an appendage of either the Executive or Legislative Arms of government. Details


The Ogun State Election Petition Tribunal Judgement: A Travesty Of Justice And A Mockery Of The Rule Of Law. By Saliu Iyanda

The decision by the Ogun State election petition tribunal to struck out the case filed by Senator Ibikunle Amosun, the gubernatorial candidate of the ANPP in the April 14th , 2007, came to many perspective Nigerians and keen watchers of the unfolding political cum judicial puzzle. According to the tribunal Amosun did not indicate his party, age, qualification and nationality, but are these reasons sufficient, cogent, veritable and justifiable enough to dismiss the case and not hear the merit of the substantive suit? Details


Amachi’s Boys Are Hooligans And Hoodlums Recruited By Odili Between 1999 And 2003….Governor Amaechi Must Not Listen To Them. By Dr Frank Makolomi

We the Voice of the Niger Delta in the Diaspora (VNDD) wishes to congratulate Gov Rotimi Amaechi, the Supreme Court enthrone governor of Rivers state.  We unanimously applaud the effort of the Supreme Court for their rational judgment and courage to drive a huge nail to Odilism in R ivers state to a final end. Though the dawn of Amaechi as the governor of Rivers State may not have been the most practical judgment made, it punched culture into the head of PDP and INEC whose activities under OBJ and Odili utterly underdeveloped the Niger Delta as a whole and Rivers state in particular. Details


Why I Question  Obasanjo's Judgment. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

If you think Obasanjo is all about love-making and flirting, you miss the road. He is master strategist and tactician and an expert at a quid pro quo bargain with the power brokers of our nation. He is very good at positioning himself for office, and nobody does it better. I can tell you that. He knows to strike when the iron is very hot, and he knows how to play the power gamer in Nigeria, play up to the gallery and demonstrate absolute loyalty that have made the few Fulanis and Hausa power brokers in the Military believe he was their best bet to torpedo the Black Scorpion from his Third Marine Commando, a position that has offered Obasanjo his first major strategic break in the Nigerian Power configuration during the Biafran War Details


The House And The Wasted Months. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Last week, the House of Representatives saved the nation further disgust and embarrassment, when it finally terminated the protracted game of shame with which it had grossly diminished the nation and made it an object of scorn before the outside world these past few months.  Details


Emenike, The Best Governor Abia May Yet Have. By Ndubuisi Ojinmad

I have no direct interest in his governance given that I am a retired University Professor with just two children both of whom, by the grace of God, are doing well in the United States. I have passed the age of appointment, so I am not looking forward to any appointment from an Emenike government  or any other person’s government for that matter. But I still wish to live in a decent environment where the government is seen to be serving the people. Details


The shocking—but scarcely surprising—news that broke Friday{02/11/2007} was that security men had stormed Chief Mike Ahamba’s office in Owerri on alleged intelligence reports that he were to convene an unauthorized gathering in the state capital. You see, even if Chief Ezeoke’s denial of his purported complicity in the raid is to be taken serious, students of history would face the inevitable task of reconciling it with many of his media remarks{look up the quoted interview for instance}. Details