Sunday Awoniyi: A True Northerner Has Gone. By Usman Garba Santuraki

Chief Sunday Awoniyi would best be remembered as one of the apostle, that spent their time and energy propagating the gospel of "SARDAUNANISM" because of the conviction, they had that it is the late Sardauna of Sokoto Sir, Ahmadu Bello that make and made what is today known as Northern Nigeria as it is the likes of Chief Sunday Awoniyi that carried to the latter the Northernization policy of the Premier. Details


Campus Cult: Not Soyinka’s Fault but Blame Soyinka. By Hakeem Babalola

The origin of cultism in the Nigerian colleges can be traced to the Pyrates Confraternity that was founded by this literature giant, Wole Soyinka and others at the then University College, Ibadan in 1953. The Nobel Laurete's aims may have been lofty and noble in the quest to end tribalism and elitism, to abolish convention and to revive the age chivalry, I doubt if he has enough vocabulary to clean the dark stain left by Oyinbo’s wine. He is involved, and his ardent critics have always attributed the present modus operandi of secret cults in our higher institutions to him. Wole Soyinka upon his attempt to rectify or put things in perspective may have to carry this stigma to his grave. It's a pitiful fate. Details


The Emerging Trends of Politics, Cultism and Gangs in Nigeria. By Roy Chikwem

On the other hand, further investigations revealed that during the 2007 National Convention of various student fraternities in Nigeria, some of their national leaders lost their positions or were replaced because of their political affiliations. Also, new provisions were added to their constitutions and bylaws to safeguard individuals from hi-jacking their fraternities for political gains. Details


Education Commercialization: Continuation Of The Ruinous Past. By Kola Ibrahim

For those who still nurse the illusion that the present Yar'Adua's government will be different from the past should be having a rethink as the current capitalist government is bent on continuing the neo-liberal economic policies of the past especially as it concerns the education sector. Just few weeks ago, the minister of education, Igwe Ajah Nwachukwu was quoted in two fora reiterating the government's decision to hike fees in all Nigerian universities. Details


Nigeria- From Military To Civilian Dictatorship. By Tony Ishiekwene

Nigeria has been most unlucky. For nearly thirty years of its existence as a sovereign state its leaders had been nasty and brute soldiers who got to the throne through the barrel of the gun by way of military coup d‘tat  and counter coups. The worst species of uneducated, ignorant, corrupt, nasty and brutal soldiers held sway calling the shots and deciding for a nation of 140 million people with so many knowledgeable and well educated classes of people. Details


The New Military Government Of Kano State. By Nura Nasir

Somebody outside of Kano may likely ask; has religious or ethnic crisis resurfaced in Kano again? If not, what could be so critical to have gone beyond the control of the police - and obviously required a military intervention? Is Kano (politically) going anti-clockwise? What would have caused such chaos in the first place?

The answer is simple. People have never revolted against justice, but history has shown that many people died striving for it. Details


As Ex-Speaker Ghali Na’abba Spits Fire Again. By Aonduna Tondu

In his heyday as speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives from 1999-2003, Hon. Ghali Na’abba pricked the collective conscience of the nation when in 2002, he led a formidable  attempt at the National Assembly to institute what the citizenry by and large saw as long overdue impeachment proceedings against the incumbent imperial ruler,  Olusegun Obasanjo. Armed with intrepidity, the youthful and energetic speaker read the riot act to a delusional tyrant whose constitutional transgressions had become more damning in their scope and frequency. Details


‘Prominent Nigerians’ On My Mind. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

To most Nigerian rulers, the country is merely a well stuffed huge castle whose collapse appears very imminent, and so, everyone with criminal smartness and a seared conscience who gets the slightest access to its rich vaults would, instead of seeking to prevent the collapse, battle to cart away to the safety of Europe and America (the unrepentant receivers of stolen goods) as much as he could before the anticipated great fall. Details


Ettehgate: Would Impeachment Have Mattered? By Ikechukwu A. Ogu

Suffice it to say that Etteh and Nguroje’s resignation was not honourable. It had all the trappings of ignominy. Had they resigned immediately the allegation was made against them, some scintilla of honour would have been credited to them. This brings me to the amusing incident where some (female) legislators reportedly “begged” Etteh at the eleventh hour to resign in order to avoid impeachment which would have dented her political career. Details


Shorn Of Hypocrisy, The Mind Is For Death Penalty. By Dianam Dakolo


Opponents of death penalty believe that life imprisonment would do for offences of a capital nature. They need to be reminded that even if  that were acceptable, Nigeria is not the type of country where the justice  system is insulated from undue interference by powerful people. A person on  life imprisonment for murder could be released any day by a State governor or a president whose agents might have engaged or intend to use the convict for criminal activities. Details



ECOWAS Refugees In Ijebu And Lagos Are Nigerians. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Many of us can remember the cry of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe when the children of Nkrumah were kicked out of Nigeria like unwanted baggage. Since then crime like everything else in Nigeria has gone up, not down as the blame on the poor immigrants became unjustified. Anytime people look for scapegoats in any land, they look towards the immigrants. Details


The Enduring Myth Of Igbo Marginalisation. By Dr. M. R. Bello

This article is not intended to annoy the rather vociferous online Igbo community but to share a few home truths. Of all the myths that feature in our national discourse in Nigeria, I dare to say that the one of Igbo marginalization has been the most formidable. It has featured in the media and other forums for as long as I can remember. Details


Restoring Rule of Law in Nigeria. By Mamman Lawan Yusufari

Three things are central to the development of every nation. They are material resources, human capital and the rule of law. Nigeria can boast of the first two but certainly not of the last one. She has ‘law’ but it does not ‘rule’. Lawlessness is so pervasive that it is not only a feature but another name for the country. Details


Reforming The Electoral Process. By Anthony Akinola

The decision of the Supreme Court to install Chief Rotimi Amaechi as the legitimate governor of Rivers State might have taken a different dimension were ours not one society where those in positions of power behave with impurity.  They choose which laws to obey!  The argument that the governorship election should have been re-run is both constitutionally and politically cogent, as Chief Amaechi was not a candidate in the April 2007 election. Details


Jibrin Aminu And The Issue Of Siemens Bribe Scandal. By Sulei Usman

Professor Jibrin Aminu always had the pretension that he is a saint and not a sinner until the recent revelations by the telecommunication company that, a lot of come to the realization that Professor Jibrin is one of the bad leaders that this country had. Details


Father Kukah, Saudi Arabia, and Christianity. By Abdullah Musa

Now Father! Let us come back home. The main cause of conflict between Northern Muslims and Christians whether of Northern or Southern origin, is on their respective stand with regards to secular way of life. Secularism guarantees for one who decides to make a business out of alcohol to be free to do so; the gambler same. The homosexual should not be frowned upon, talk less of being ostracized. In the very same Daily Trust which Father Kukah wrote on King Abdullah, Arch Bishop Tutu was questioning the ‘obsession’ of his Church with the issue of gay priests. Details


USAID Discriminates Against Northern Muslims. By Ibrahim Isyaku Mante

The Agency's present disposition can only be perceived as an extension of the much talked about United States global war on Islam. Therefore, it is important to call on northerners and particularly the sultan of Sokoto, who was recently referred to by the Agency as 'the Modern Sultan' in their March 2007 newsletter, to always look beyond the surface of issues. His Eminence and others should know that no matter what, this people are not our friends. Details


The Greatest Show of Shame Called Big Brother Africa. By Adeniyi Jaiyesimi

The so called entertainment TV Programme, Big brother Africa is a glaring example of the extent of our depravity. I do not see anything different between what happens in this show of shame and what prostitutes and harlots and their pimps do for a living. Slaves to money. Details


Is Your Handline Phone a Siemens? By Bala Muhammad

Transparency International, TI, the global anti-corruption watchdog, is based in Berlin. Siemens AG, the giant German conglomerate Nigerians know better in telecommunications (and most recently as the latest benefactor of our corrupt leaders) is based in Munich, which another headquarters in Berlin. Details


The Nigerian State, Class, And Democracy. By Dr. Ibrahim Braji

This is not surprising, as Nigerian democracy is a product of the bourgeois state. It is a by-product of bourgeois dominance in the social production, so it remains a bourgeois class political doctrine. A bourgeois regime is an oppressor regime. Details


The State of the Nigerian Public Universities. By Mukhtar Bello

In Nigeria, there is a growing concern by the public on the quality of university education and the relevance of the universities curriculum to national development. Part of the problems attributed to these setbacks include: poor funding; lack of infrastructures; lack of frequent curriculum review; inadequate staff training and welfare; students overpopulation; frequent strikes by both the academic and supporting staff etc. Details


Risks In Stock Investments. By Chiedu N. Alexandra

The Nigerian stock market has become the toast of local investors because of the huge returns recorded in stocks in the past two years. Generally, the investing public now scramble to patronise public offer of shares while many more buy stocks at the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). This year alone, over half a dozen companies has already gone to the public market to shop for funds and a good number of these companies have been oversubscribed because many Nigerians believe the investments are generally risk free.  But are these enormous investments truly safe and risk free? Details


Nigerians, Yar’Adua, and the Leap Impossible. By Abdullah Musa

There are certain things I can hazard guesses with respects to the Presidency of Umar. One, I believe that the North would as much as possible have a fair flow of petroleum products, except if Niger Deltans disrupt. Two, that court orders would be religiously followed to the point of absurdity in order to exemplify that his is an administration that respects the rule of law. Details


Yar Adua's "Rule Of Law" Backfires ON P.D.P. By Nafata Bamaguje

No doubt President Yar Adua's stated commitment to the rule of law, has contributed in no small measure to embolden the judiciary to deliver these earth-quaking verdicts that threaten the self-acclaimed Africa's largest political party. In the Amaechi vs Omehia's case, the Supreme Court even overreached itself by declaring Amaechi governor instead of ordering a fresh ballot. Perhaps "Young Alhaji" may automatically be declared Senate President if he wins his election petition against Senator David Mark.  Details


The Present State Of Almajirchi And Its Socio-Economic Implications On Society. By Alhaji Abdurrahman N. Rafindadi

The traditional system of education has a lot to offer society, especially one that wants to offer education for all its children. Considering the cost of providing modern education, in which area the Katsina State government has the best record in this country, it is obvious that even if the entire state budget is devoted to education, it will still not be enough, talk less of competing demands from other equally important sectors. Details


Malaria, Millions And Slums: Much Ado About Talk-Shops. By Ahmed Dodo

The look on my face when I first read the declaration of war on Malaria in one of the major dailies, by the chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum and the Honourable Chief Servant of Niger state, Alhaji Mua’zu Babangida Aliyu at the recently concluded first Northern States’ Health Summit held here in our hospitable state was that of a cynical citizen.  Details


Watch the Side you Support, as Dr. Safana Was Too Good to Die for Etteh. By  Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo

Sunday November 18th, 2007. I am most surprised and indeed shocked to find Honourable (Dr.) Aminu Shuaib Safana dying on the side of Madam Patricia Etteh, the short-lived House Speaker who has had such a sad and tainted tenure, so tainted with scandal so early in the day. May Allah have mercy on his blessed soul Details


Still On Solid Waste Management And Our Environment. By Segun Imohiosen

Most major cities of our country have been bedevilled by this bane called solid waste, especially with the challenge posed in recent years by the pure water packaging palaver. I am most familiar with the city of Lagos and it will be most disappointing to you to discover that the economic heart of the giant of Africa is that dirty on the account of solid waste problem. Details


Another Michael Vicks Bites The Dust. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Africans have now moved into professional sports in Europe and America in a bigger way than those days of Thunder Balogun and Onyeali. Our brothers and sisters are carrying money home in carts, as we say in Nigeria. As much as the hope of saying good bye to poverty without getting involved in illegal dirty activities is laudable, we have to urge caution to sons and daughters of Africa. Details


In Defence Of Rimi. By Abdu Isa Kofarmata

Rimi as earlier stated is not a political orphan in Kano and Nigeria in general; therefore he reserves all the rights to make decisions in order to salvage his political structures. It is pertinent to state here that the return of Rimi to PDP should not be used as a basis for expression of political disappointment of a particular state or region Details


Role of the Media in National Development. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

It is time we break from the myth that certain people alone were born leaders by virtue of their family background, blood or root. Leadership is attainable by everybody and its art can be acquired through training, experience and practice but the cherished and required type of leadership is the charitable one, the one full of feeling and sensitivity for the people and full of moral guidance and spirit of accountability. Details


Suffering and Smiling. By  Tochukwu Ezukanma

Some of these wonna-be Whites, the Lebanese, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, etc, in Nigeria can sometimes be downright obnoxious. Pompously, they strut around, behaving as though they are racially superior to Nigerians. They often treat their Nigerian employees as the scum of the earth. In their own country, these Nigerians accept such insults and inhumanity, from foreigners because the social structure in this our wealth conscious country is so skewed against the have-nots. So, the under-privileged just suffer. Timid, poor, ignorant and cowered, they seek no redress. Details


Mohammed Haruna and SSS. By Ndiame Ba-brik

I can now understand better why people like Gani Fahwimi, Anthony Enahoro and many others are clamouring for a sovereign national conference. I am reacting to an article by one Mohammed Haruna in the Daily Trust of Monday 19 November 2007 accusing the State Security Service [SSS] of tagging Nigeria Muslims as terrorists. My thinking has been that as a good and honest Muslim if he is one,  he would tow the lines of writers like Abdullah Musa,  Baba El-Yakubu, Prince Charles Dickson and others to appeal to some few disgruntled extremist Muslims in Nigeria to imbibe the spirit of tolerance and live peacefully with other Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike. Details


Nigeria- From Military To Civilian Dictatorship. By Tony Ishiekwene

Nigeria has been most unlucky. For nearly thirty years of its existence as a sovereign state its leaders had been nasty and brute soldiers who got to the throne through the barrel of the gun by way of military coup d‘tat  and counter coups. The worst species of uneducated, ignorant, corrupt, nasty and brutal soldiers held sway calling the shots and deciding for a nation of 140 million people with so many knowledgeable and well educated classes of people. Details


Only The People Must Save Nigeria. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

It is not rocket science to figure out that an ex-Governor with £20 million in asset and bank account is a thief, who robbed the people of his state and Nigeria blind. It is definitely not rocket science to be able to deduce that an ex-Governor who has a private jet is a damn greedy thief.  Details


Economic Opportunism. By Peter Alexander Egom

Days of sharp and long knives are here. So, watch your sides, your front, your back and even the air above you as well as the very ground on which you walk. No one is safe anymore from anyone. Nigerians, by and large, worship at the altar of Mammon and do go on to taunt God with their raucous religious hypocrisy and this is precisely why our economic mess compounds itself by the day. Details


Obasanjo:  A Born Comedian. By Ogbonna Sunday

OBJ, as he is popularly called, whether we accept it or not, has proved he is a multi-talented man. One, he is a man of high military prowess. The rank of a General in the Army is not a child’s play. He was the officer that received the Biafran’s instrument of surrender in 1970. Though Col. Benjamin Adekunle, the Black Scorpion, fought the war,  Obj got the glory. His military exploits later made him to be a Head of state from 1976-1979. Here again, Gen. Murtala Mohammed planned and executed the coup, but Baba Iyabo enjoyed the crown. Details


Obafemi Awolowo University At Forty-Five: What Form Of Celebration? By Kola Ibrahim

That the university will be resorting to clamp-down on students' unionism also reflect the growing crisis in the university which are manifesting through debilitating living conditions of students and lack of democracy in the administration of the university. Details


Late Chief Adisa Akinloye (1916 - 2007): 30 Minutes of Chance Meeting. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

By providence, the less than 30 minutes chance meeting I had with the late Chief Akinloye some time in 2002 or there about, further convinced me that Nigerians, particularly the Nigerian Press, highly exaggerated the political and economic misdeeds of the Second Republic politicians and leaders. Details


Late Justice Mohammed Bello: A Leader with Great Tribute. By Abdullahi Bala Isa

To Justice Bello, there’s more to life than the naira bill. As such to him “poverty is no excuse for corruption”. He brings a welcome realism to the debate on selflessness and patriotism. Details


Matters Arising: Of Area Boys, Tinubu And Obasanjo. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Apart from the corruption of our political leaders, if there is one of their characteristics that I abhor, it is their hypocrisy. Associated with this is double-speak, insincerity and holier-than-thou attitude and utterances. I can go on, but this is not necessary. It was therefore with utter disbelief that I read that the ex-Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, attacked ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo recently (The Punch, Monday 26 Nov 2007) by saying that ex-President Obasanjo presided over an “Area Boy” Presidency during his eight year rule. Details


What of Al-Mustapha, Bamaiyi and Others? A Reply to Yushau A. Shuaib? By Clarius Ugwuoha

The piece captioned as above of November 7th 2007, written by Yushau A. Shuaib and published in the daily Sun tabloid, is instructive. We are all victims of and witnesses to the atrocities of the past in Nigeria. But since we have evolved a democratic structure that pretends to fairplay and equity, it is necessary to overlook the past and turn a new leaf. Details


Governor Amaechi And PDP: Anatomy Of Indecent Proposals. By Senior Fyneface

Like a big (but not that big) group of hostages, oscillating between hope of escape and fear, the mood of top members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State since the supreme court’s reinstatement of Chibuike Amaechi as governor has been swinging between gloom and elation. Details


Governor Wamakko's Skewed Judicial Victory. By Danjabo Usman Abdullahi

Irked by what political observers in Nigeria described as fragrant and wrongful misplacement of justice, there are glaring indications that in spite of the tribunal's judgement, Governor Wamakko and his team are having sleepless nights, battling for credibility. Details


N900m Fraud: Adamawa Suspends Director, 2 Others. By Ahmed Abdullahi Abubakar

I have read with dismay, the recent revelation of a fraud involving such a colossal amount of money in our Primary Education Board in the state, in New Nigeria newspaper weekly –onlie. It is derogatory to our mental faculties; it is uncivilized and above all most unfortunate. Governor Murtala Nyako of the state is to take the blame. Details


Shekarau: Between Promise and Fulfilling It. By Abbas A. Dikko

Before 1999, Kano and Kaduna were no doubt the leading economies of the region because of the high concentration of industries and other business opportunities. But today, Kaduna has completely fallen, that volume of businesses and job opportunities, have now become a shadow of its self. Kano is now at the verge of collapse, hence, the rejuvenation of the pyramids and, the energizing of the Kano power sector through IPP, would have been the messianic remedy. Details


Ekpiwhre And The Science And Technology Reform. By Abubakar Aminu

The Minister of Science and Technology, Mrs. Grace Ekpiwhre has a very Herculean task ahead of her.  The task is not made easier by the obstacles on her path, both human and institutional, that seemingly appear insurmountable like the proverbial albatross of the ancient mariner. Essentially, the task is that of liberating Science and Technology from the incubator, as it were, and placing it at the service of the good people of Nigeria. Details


New Tamburawa Water Project: A Prophecy Fulfilled. By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

As Kanawa rolls out the drums in anticipations and preparations for the celebrations of the epoch making events, where the largest water works in Africa will be unveil by Mr. President on the  4th   of December, 2007, we should not fail to take into account the fact that, it is a prophecy and prayer made by his royal majesty, the late Emir Maje-Karofi which is fulfilled.Alhamdu-lillahi. Details


Random Sampling and Projections on Sule Lamido’s Trails. By Kabiru Muhammad Gwangwazo

No one can say enough of the import of Lamido’s positive vibes so far in Jigawa. His tackling of the historical nightmares of the destitute that the man as Governor of Jigawa did as his first act in government was the act I consider paying initial dues to God, acknowledging His Presence before swinging into subsequent businesses of governance. Details


Still On Andy Ubah’s Removal: The Imperative Of Reversal. By Emeka Oraetoka

So far, reports on reactions of lawyers from National dailies, lend credence to the view that rule of law as constitutionally  provided, has totally been abandoned by the loquacious but tiny Lagos axis lawyers, in pursuit of their narrow minded support of a judgment that has the potentials of destroying Nigeria democracy, if allowed to stand. Details