The MOSSAD Affair: The Kidnap Of Umaru Dikko (Part 2). By Max Siollun

With the assistance of friends and a fistful of raw cash, Dikko drove to Nigeria’s Seme border with the Republic of Benin.  Bribing his way through the border he traveled to Togo’s capital Lome, and from there boarded a KLM flight to London via Amsterdam.  Contrary to popular belief, Dikko denies fleeing in disguise as a woman, and claims he was dressed in traditional male northern attire.  Details


Of Lunacy and Leaders. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Since President Yar’Adua assumed the mantle of power in May 2007, the earth shattering revelations that have surfaced on the monumental scale of corruption in the previous administration of Olusegun Obasanjo has shaken Nigerians dizzy. The monumental sums being bandied about is beyond belief. Details


Of Africa and Africans' Philosophy of Poverty. By Yemi Ademowo Johnson

Having been to some parts of Africa and witnessed similar developmental problems, I cannot but conclude that the only problem we have, that is yet to be addressed, is attitudinal. Ours is not a dearth of ideas but perverted thinking, infested ideas. Details


Kenyan And Nigerian Election Disputes :Compare And Contrast The Dubious Role Of International Organizations To Divide And Conquer. By Ugo Harris Ukandu

Stability and development cannot be an isolated case for each country in Africa. Development and stability should be across the board for the whole of Africa, particularly it should be on a regional basis for sustained stability and development for Africa like the European Marshall plan. Details


Regarding Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo's Libelous Rant. By Eze Hannibal

The simple truth is that most Abians and Nigerians know the truth. Dr Kalu is an achiever who has a stellar record as a successful governor and politician. Here is a man who became the managing director of a commercial bank before his thirtieth birthday after heading a government agency in a Northern state. Details



My New Year Resolutions for 2008. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Let me tell you something: there was this dude who said his father’s resolution for the year 2007 was to become a loving father and husband. Also, he wanted to be close to God. I advised my pal to counsel his father to undertake three measures: (1) confess and give back to Nigeria all the petro-dollars he stole; (2) to stop preying on his house girls and other teenage girls; and (3) confess his sins and to at once shoot himself in the heart. My pal didn’t take kindly to my advice. Foolishly, he told his father what I had said. Details


Bring My Machine Gun. By Ahmed Joe

In the heart of Port Harcourt are a Liberation Stadium and Drive, which troops actually did the liberation? How many Ijaw graves are in the Military cemetery in that former garden city? The rest of Nigeria should not allow itself to be held hostage by creek touts and their faceless backers after all the hydrocarbon manifestation of the region is a geological consequence the Rivers Niger and Benue Details


The Niger Delta Struggle May Be in Vain. By Hakeem Babalola

The Niger delta issue, methinks, is enough to make or mar Nigeria. Neither will manifest  though. And the solution will remain haunting elusive until genuine fighters are born or send down from heaven. I sense what we have been having is sheer academic and military rigmaroles. Every approach has further infused nothing but complicated and confusing approach. How could anyone treat an issue bigger than issue itself with laughter, scepticism, and a glaring dishonest. The Government’s fundamental disinterest in Niger Delta is beguiling and harmful. It is, to say the least, an insidious pleasures!  Details


The Coming Anarchy in Bayelsa State. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

This security alert is a corollary of four interlocking factors: (1) there is pervasive anger over the fact that the wrong man emerged as the governor. In other word, the government’s illegitimacy is still a source of resentment in the state. The current government sits on a porous ladder; (2) there is the shadow and overbearing influence of Chief Alamieyeseigha in unofficial matters. Details


Debasing the Moral Integrity of National Honour Award. By Usman Garba Santuraki

The mere look at this year National Award list tells one, that the proper way to select those, that merited the award was not done. What was done in this year selection was those, who happen to be in government or those, who have friends in government were shortlisted for the award and the list forwarded to the President Umaru who, was misled and he gave his approval for those to be conferred with the award. Details


The Truth Has To Be Said Always. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

What many people do not realise is that because we keep writing on a daily basis about the ills of Nigeria on the pages of newspapers and on the world-wide web, we are gradually getting across to our leaders and politicians. Believe me, several of them are reading our articles and are heeding the subtle and not-so subtle warnings being expressed in the writings. Details


Nigeria: A Country with Little to Celebrate. By Abiola Falayajo

In my bequeathed, yet beloved country, the more things change, the more they stay the same, but New Year is always a good time to summon positive thoughts and again view the world around us through a Nigerian perspective. Details


Nigerian Roads: Roadmap to Progress. By Adewumi Rowland

The proposed road maintenance works been financed by revenues from road users, Vehicle Registration Fee, and Road Use Fee in line with the World Bank policies will yield very insignificant funds to maintain our roads compared to a fuel levy been solely adopted. This is very logical and does not need any academic or extensive economic analysis. Details


Nigeria: Where Nothing is Free for the People. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

Without exaggeration, Nigeria is a kind of irony in many ways, on this particular tone, on the socio-economic aspect of living of about 140 million people or so, Nigerians in their relationship with their governments that suppose to provide welfare for the multitude citizens, they are paradoxically living in abject poverty amidst plenitude of resources Details


The Imperatives of Confirming Ibrahim Abdullahi Lamurde as Chairman EFCC. By Usman Garba Santuraki

The recent approval given to Ibrahim Abdullahi Lamurde to act as the Acting Chairman of the EFCC by the President Umaru, is in the right direction. The reason(s) is the fact, that Ibrahim Lamurde was the Director of Operations of the EFCC in the last five years of the existence of the organisation and virtually the burden of the workload of the EFCC stops at his table. Details


Death Squad Strikes At Songai NIPSS Kuru. By Farouk Martins Aresa

NIPSS Kuru is where senior elite officers of the Federal Republic of Songai are trained in preparation for higher callings. One of the senior officers Rev. Udabir was mercilessly attacked by fiercely looking firing squad today and almost made it to that higher calling. But miraculously he is still alive and breathing with the help of a respirator as he was rushed to Songai National Hospital in the capital of the Country. All efforts are being made to transfer him abroad to the best hospital in the world in the Republic of Benin Details


On The Doctoral Degree Requirement For Lecturing. By Kola Ibrahim

In Nigeria today, developing education has been one of the means of getting cheap popularity by government but every step the government take is always a wrong one. This is not unexpected given the fact that various Nigerian government at all levels, are not politically prepared to move the country forward. Details


NTA News As A Metaphor for Mediocrity in Nigeria. By Francis Adewale

I believe NTA is a reflection of the rot in our social institution where merits have been sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity. The new mantra in NTA now is their attempt to conquer Africa, nay the world through their “new” satellite acquisition. How they are going to do that with the mediocre programming they have is beyond me. Details


Most people in the relatively stable democratic nations of the world would find it rather difficult to understand why democracy should be causing so much pain in the so-called third world nations.  The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in December 2007 and the consequent turmoil of Pakistan followed by the killings of hundreds of citizens in Kenya in the aftermath of allegedly rigged presidential elections, further reminded peoples of the peaceful democratic nations that what they now take for granted in their own nations never comes on a platter of gold. Details


Donald Duke: A Thief In The Dark Or A Super Achiever? By W. Ernest Etim-Bassey

Barely one year out of office and accusations of corruption and a sharp critique of his 8yr tenure threaten to destroy Donald Duke’s legacy in Cross River state. Unflattering stories that question his fiscal sincerity are threatening to unload a tell-all of his tenures dirt. So where does this leave Cross River state? In a very precarious position. Details


Oyo State and  Ibadan ‘Elders’. By Dejo Akanni

It’s beyond human imagination the dramatic change our politics would undergo if only the common man - often used as the cannon fodder by the politicians in Yoruba land -   should realize the level of dangerous scheming engage in by these politicians. Details


Nuhu Ribadu: The Anti-Corruption Cop Who Cowered. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Undeniably, it is the Guardian’s choice to name whomever they fancy as their “Man of the Year.” But they have no right to insult our collective intelligence, they have no right to dumb-down our collective thinking, they have no right to lower the bar or to lower our shared expectation; but most of all, they have no right to contribute to and encourage mediocrity. Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was a mediocre. And that’s being benevolent. Details


Ribadu’s Exit Controversy-Much Ado About Nothing! By Ayo Fawibe

Except if Ribadu is already being power intoxicated, he perfectly understands that in the Nigerian system, there are always the “powers that be” and they cannot be discountenanced so easily. If it were to be so easy, Ribadu would have clamped at least thirty former governors into detention immediately after May 29, 2007. At least, he thought he had enough evidences to prosecute them and deter some of them from bidding for a second term. When he presented his list to the National Assembly in 2006. Details


Why They Tamed Nuhu Ribadu. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

One definitely wonders why after all, Malam Ribadu was performing to expectation; he would deserve such gradual extinction form the anti-graft office. If at all Nigerian leaders are serious on redeeming the country’s image from the annual grading by international bodies, topping the list of most corrupt countries with Nigeria, why on earth are they bent on clipping the wings, or rather, taming the active EFCC boss, Malam Nuhu Ribadu?  Details


Ribadu’s Removal and the Law. By Kennedy Emetulu

Without going into the moral or political appropriateness (or otherwise) of Nuhu Ribadu’s removal as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), I think it is important to clarify the position of the law with regard to his removal. Reading through various commentaries, whether for or against the removal or somewhere in-between, one gets the uncomfortable feeling that the legality or otherwise of Ribadu’s removal has unnecessarily become an issue. Details


Rejuvenating Nigeria’s Collapsed Educational System: The Roles Of Alumni And Old Students’ Associations. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

As far back as 1976, in the Agricultural Biology laboratories of the University of Ibadan, we used to be taught by Closed Circuit TV. Yes!! Very limited technology in those days in most countries in the world. Go and have a look now and see if these equipment are still functional. The University of Ibadan Farm? Don’t even talk about that. I am at a loss really as to how research students and scientists carry out researches to discover new things. I doff my hat to them for being able to survive under these harsh and de-motivating conditions. Details


Nuhu Ribadu: Dankano's Article. By Ndiameeh Babrik

It is part of the Police and Military tradition to promote Officers and Men for gallantry anyway. In a normal society that honors hard work and gallantry Ribadu should be the IG of police by now at least for successfully prosecuting Tafa Balagun, Wabara and many other corrupt politicians. People like Gowon, Babangida and Abdulsalami promoted themselves to Generals in the Nigerian Army in addition to looting the National treasury what do you say to that? Details


Why Soyinka, Gani, Abati, and the Rest of “Them” Are in Panic Mood. By S A Spinoza

Soyinka erroneously assumes that Nigeria is in fact a democracy. Second, he erroneously assumes that without Obasanjo’s EFCC and Obasanjo’s Ribadu both democracy and Nigeria are dead.Details


Ribadu’s Removal and the Law. By Kennedy Emetulu

Without going into the moral or political appropriateness (or otherwise) of Nuhu Ribadu’s removal as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), I think it is important to clarify the position of the law with regard to his removal. Reading through various commentaries, whether for or against the removal or somewhere in-between, one gets the uncomfortable feeling that the legality or otherwise of Ribadu’s removal has unnecessarily become an issue. The first thing to point out is that the EFCC is not a body/organization created by the Constitution but by statute. It is not one of the bodies listed under Section 153 of the Constitution. Details


Nuhu Ribadu: Nigerians Love Deceiving Themselves. By Hakeem Babalola

Nuhu Ribadu is a metaphor. He is a paradox of build and destroy. He must fight a cause and serve an emperor. To become famous or to live, he must do both with a tremendous achievement. He must be the master of the game. Ribadu must be loyal to someone powerful. He must protect the interests of he who gave him absolute power to deal with his enemies like 419 kingpins and official armed robbers...  Details


The Ribald Debate About Ribadu. By Deji Babaleye

If IBB can conceive a return after 15 years in the wilderness; why not Ribadu after 9 months in the class? In spite of his naiveté, my vote remains with Ribadu. He will rise again; but after learning the ropes. Meanwhile let us ensure the thieves do not get away with loot. Details


Nuhu Ribadu's Removal: So What? By Usman Garba Santuraki

The recent removal of Malam Nuhu Ribadu, as the Chairman of the EFCC was long expected. It is expected, because the guy fall short of expectation of what he ought to do when he was appointed five years ago by the government of former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Details


The Conspiracy Against Ribadu. By Maxwell James

The plot against Ribadu would no doubt jump – start a process of social profligacy that was fast becoming an old order. Some argue that the fight against corruption is beyond Ribadu as a person, good. But of what use is the one year training programme to the fight against money laundry and other fiscal indiscipline that transcend the parochial insularities of our country at this material time when the tenure of the man in charge is still  constitutionally valid? Details


American Military Command in Africa: Nigeria Should Welcome AFRICOM in Nigeria. By Ugo Harris Ukandu

All the countries that have American Military base in their Countries are all stable economically, politically and socially and are growing and developing fast, because of the stability and growth projection American Military presence brings. These countries are Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The Gulf States, Eastern Europeans, Poland. Former American Military bases were in Philippines and Panama etc. All these countries can tell you that American presence stimulates growth and stability. Details


The Tejuosho Fire and  a Perilous Mindset.  By Tochukwu Ezukanma

I was deeply troubled by the fire at the Tejuosho Market, Yaba, Lagos. I could not help grieving over the lives lost in the inferno. I also empathized with those traders who lost their goods to the fire. In a country like Nigeria, with poorly developed insurance system, how will they reestablish them selves?   Undoubtedly, sources of livelihood have been irretrievably lost and people’s futures irreparably damaged. What a miserable way to celebrate all the festivities of the month of December, and to start a new year? Details


Nigeria and its Dual Citizenship Citizens. By Hakeem Babalola

I don’t know how easy a decision it is for those Nigerians who have renounced Nigeria.  I guess some did it out of ignorance, some out of conviction, some out of annoyance or anger for the land. Perhaps every Nigerian would repudiate Nigeria if there is any single chance to do so. I have heard stories about Nigerians swearing to throw away their passports immediately they reached America or Europe or any other dream lands. Pity for the ignorant as well as for the frustrated soul.  Details


Lamido My Governor of the Year. By Kabir Nata’ala

In my reaction to that which I named “THE MANY FACES OF ALIYU TILDE” and published by DAILY TRUST, I told Nigerians Tilde was such a person who reaps from unnecessary criticism. He only hoped to scare the new government to silence him by either renewing his appointment or a fresh one for that matter. Details


Regime Of Fees And Attacks Olabisi Onabanjo Unifactory” Limited. By Kola Ibrahim

It is highly ridiculous to hear that the management of Olabisi Onabanjo University has resolved to compete with private universities in terms of education commercialization. I am referring to the new attempt of the OOU management to hike fees payable by at least 500 percent. A new student who is paying less than twelve thousands will now cough out at least about N70, 000 while some students are to pay about N300, 000 as yearly pay. Details


Adamawa Politics: Beneath the Factors that Usually Rise Up. By Usman Garba Santuraki

Adamawa politics is so complex. What, really made it so complex is the nature of the state and the calibre of people who are regarded as the serious and the unserious politicians that, the state paraded. Details


The Pedophiles In Our Midst. By Uche Nworah

Paedophilia is a crime full stop. I don’t buy the argument being peddled in certain quarters that it is a disease, such people also maintain that pedophiles require help. if you ask me, the only help they require is to be shown the way to Kirikiri maximum security prison where they should be locked up for life and the keys to their room thrown into the Lagos lagoon.  Details


New Old Resolutions With the Same old Result. By Abiola Falayajo

We have got the chance to make history, such are the words uttered by MKO Abiola and coincidentally, Barrack Obama in their respective presidential campaign. We need to accept the fact that for our collective greed and cowardice…yes I really mean cowardice Nigeria would be the envious of the world in.. Details


The Menace of Traditional Medical Practitioners and Patent Medicine Sellers in Nigeria. By Abdullahi Dahiru

The menace has many dimensions ranging from illiterate people hawking expired and fake drugs in streets and market places under the blazing sun, to people opening patent medicine stores and committing all sort of unorthodox practices like unsafe injections, criminal abortions and unnecessary infusions of intravenous fluids. They ask gullible patients to conduct several tests and prescribe drugs for them. Even more disturbing, one finds herbalists [popularly referred nowadays as traditional medical practitioners] in streets and market places selling all sort of concoctions to people and making whimsical claims to cure ‘Staph’ ,hypertension, diabetes, impotence etc. Details


The North:  Sardauna’s Fading Legacy. By Garba A. Isa

Ahmadu Bello’s love for his Muslim North, his dearest constituency, was demonstrated when he succumbed to regional pressure to stay on to serve as a regional minister of works instead of a higher profile post of central minister in the then federal capital Lagos, down south. Because of Sardauna’s unifying role and the region’s homogeneity, the North somewhat operated a sort of party less politics for years under the ‘Northern block’ before the eventual birth of the Northern Peoples Congress the NPC political party. Details


Na  Democracy We Go Chop. By Farouk Martins Aresa

So many words have been thrown around that are actually opposite of their meanings. What are free trade, globalization, foreign aid and lately due process to Nigeria? Some of us are not aware of some universal rule or mandate that dictates that certain form of civil practice must be followed the way it is done in other lands before we attain success. Not even Britain and USA practice the same form of democracy; and they can not induce Russia or China to do so. Their method of counting the gains of wall streets of the world instead of the gains in the main streets baffles us. What progress fuels stocks in Nigeria? Details


Development: Indices or Sight? By Abdullah Musa

I disdain indices that measure development because they do not measure reality. The reality of today in many African countries including Nigeria is the reality of excruciating poverty and under development. When you look at the way the common people earn their livelihood, then you become convinced that you should rely on sight rather than indices to measure our attainments. Details


Buhari and Yar’Aduwa in 2007; Trial of Reasoning and Objectivity in Northern Nigeria. By Mahamman Adarawa

He never cared about environmental problems in the Niger Delta not to talk of desertification problems in the Far North and soil erosion in the North Central and South Easter parts of Nigeria. Yet some corrupt Governors like Dariye and Turaki dipped their dirty hands in their states ecological fund to help in 2003 electoral and Third term campaigns respectively. The global warming coupled with years of massive corruption and neglect will lead to loss of arable lands in states bodering the sahel, leading to un imaginable socio economic consequences. Details


Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria's Man of the Year. By Babandi Gumel

In all sincerity one can confidently say Buhari combines all these good qualities for his dedication honesty patriotism justice fairness and transparency truthfulness sincerity of purpose principles above all steadfastness. All these good qualities combined in him helped  turned him from a disciplined trained soldier to a real democrat who cares for the needs and welfare of the people thus making him the best choice for the man of the year the title of this article which many of us also endorsed. Details


Nigeria And Israel: The Kidnap Of Umaru Dikko. (Part 1) By Max Siollun

In October 1983 President Shagari was re-elected for his second and final term of office in an election that was marred by accusations of electoral malpractice.  His campaign was managed by his brother-in-law Dikko.  The stage was set for another military rescue operation.  Details



Yar’adua Taken: Babangida Championed Ribadu’s Exit. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Well, it was not exactly what Babangida and his cohorts wanted from Yar’Adua, they were met half way.  You would not want to know what they wish for Ribadu. I think Ribadu should thank his star, it could have been worse. Look at what happened in Pakistan to Benazir Bhutto, we can not compare it to what happened to Murtala Muhammed in Nigeria. Bhutto wanted power because she actually believed that she had the support of the super powers like Moshoodi Abiola thought. Details


The Personification of offices: The Case of Nuhu Ribadu. By Suleiman Dankano, Ph.D.

Nuhu Ribadu, a product of the University of Maiduguri who idolized the likes of Jonathan Zwingina, a pseudo-socialist who taught his students the doctrine of socialism and condemned capitalism in all its facets. He was also a great fan of the likes of the late Bala Usman and Patrick Wilmot, acclaimed socialist professors at Ahmadu Bello University. Ribadu’s dream had always been to change the social system, to ensure fair play and equity among the proletariat. Details



Grassroots Democracy Under Siege. By Abbas A. Dikko

President Umar Musa Yar’ Adua, who came to power through such controversial nature, knows full well, where it hurt. He has therefore, quickly voice out his mind via a categorical statement that, this, “is unacceptable”. Yet, some people were raising all sorts of observations and comments that, it is a constitutional matter as well, a beneficiary of the same process. So, one wonder whether the country should be allowed to wallow in darkness? Details


Marriage and its Problems in Nigeria. By Hauwa Djauro

Materialism is one factor that leads to the break down of marriages. This is more so because, when a man is seeking the hand of a woman in marriage, he pretends a lot. He claims he owns or can do what he knows he is not capable of doing. And the women who are so much inclined to marrying only the well to do individuals hardly investigate the claims by these suitors, there by landing themselves in homes that are far from their imaginations and dreams. Details


Towards the Development of a Robust National Information Infrastructure for Nigeria. By Usman S Goni, Ph.D.

Although the wireless sector will continue to dominate in terms of ubiquity and popularity due to its portability supporting subscriber mobility, it is not cheap enough and  adequate enough to fulfill the ICT development requirements that will pave the way for Nigeria to partake in global information transformation of business, healthcare delivery, collaborative research in science, technology, arts and economics. Details


Well Done Maurice Iwu, Away With Foreign Election Observers And Their String-Laden Euros. By Ibrahim Danlami

Now fast forward to Professor Iwu’s December 18, 2007 credible revelations in Washington DC detailing the meddlesomeness of the EU observers (or monitors). Then think of the allegations he made that the same observers wanted a free pass to attend INEC meetings; and even had the effrontery to demand wholesale access to vital information holding the biometrics of Nigeria’s registered voters including, as Iwu put it, “the fingerprints of President of my country” – all because they thought the 40 million Euros they dangled will solve all of Nigeria’s problems. Details


A Response to Ndiameeh Babrik’s ‘Open Letter to My Hausa Brothers’ . By Ibrahim J. Hassan

Finally I’ll like to ask you this simple question about those ‘Host communities’ you have mentioned. At what stage can others (like the Hausas) be accepted as part of that community? You know clearly that there are generations of Hausas who have lived in those clash spots even before Mungo Park sets foot in Nigeria. Details


Nigerian Economy: Can Economists Come to My Aid? By Abdullah Musa

Many Nigerian laymen (and lay women: is that not a bit too suggestive?) are confused by a seeming economic puzzle. Being a layman myself, I also want an explanation, or a road map, which will show us that we are on the right track with regards to attaining societal well-being. The economic puzzle is that we are touted to have within the nation’s coffers, fifty billion dollars as foreign reserves. Details


Bakassi: A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog. By Kennedy Emetulu

The first mistake those who criticize the Senate are making is the assumption that we would be breaching international law if the Senate does not ratify the Greentree agreement. Nothing can be further from the truth. International law is not imposed or forced on nations; it is accepted or consented to by them freely. This is the principle that governs treaties and that is why countries are given the last say before agreements become international treaties properly-so-called. Details


Magatakarda’s 100 Days in Office: Facts Not Fictions. By Muhammad Kabir Labaran

I hate joining issues with people more so in a public medium but I enjoy reading educative debates and arguments specifically intellectual jaw-jaws. The power of reasoning always fascinates me and I have remarkable respect for individuals with knack of presenting issues objectively for the benefit of everybody by means of flickering augments. Details


A Tribute To The Sultan Of Sokoto. By Sani Garba Jabo

It did not come as a surprise when former military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (rtd) commended His Eminence Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III for combining the resilience of youth and wisdom of the old to make a difference in the affairs of the Sultanate and the country in general.  In his word, IBB elaborated "…but I must confess that you have brought your discipline, principles, diligence, humble upbringing, perseverance and deep knowledge of our cultures to bear on your leadership style thus far in bringing about peace, tranquility and understanding amongst all Nigerians." IBB is only one out of the million and one personalities to commend His Eminence. Details


Begging the Nigerian Families. By Hakeem Babalola

Kudos to the Nigerian families for defeating the spirits of the men of the underworld. I believe it is their refusal to recognise these daredevils in our midst that has contributed immensely to the downfall of armed robbery as a profession. Though these lunatics dash harum-scarum all over our communities, the fact remains they are not proud of what they do. They are bound to remain in infernal region even before they visit the House of Hades.Details


Dan Achaba: Earning A Wage In Hell! By Abdullah Musa

I am also inclined like you to tag Nigerians as highly individualistic, particularly when it comes to their economic activities. How many small-holder farms are there: millions? How many shops abound, in and out of markets: millions? How many are engaged in the provision of transport services: millions? But do not be misled by this apparent tendency of each one of us to go our separate ways when we want to earn a living. Details


Corruption in Nigeria: Facts Before the Case. By Abbas A. Dikko

Indeed, events do overshadow events, but how justifiable could the submission of Dr. Antonio Maria Cost be? Mid November this year, Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) held its 6th National Seminar on Economic Crimes in Abuja. The revelations by the Executive Director, UN office on drugs and crimes that, our past leaders stole $400billion before 1999 and further asserts, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo former president from1999–2007 must be commended for championing the cause of corruption fight in the country, is not good enough to score him a saint. Details



Politics Of School Reform In Nigeria: Informing Dr. Igwe Aja-Nwachukwu’s Vision For Education. By Sadiq A. Abdullahi, Ed.D.

The new Minister of Education, Dr. Igwe Aja-Nwachukwu must be cognizant of the internal politics as well as the myriad of problems facing Nigerian schools. He must not only work with these interest groups, but must work within the framework of the Nigerian Constitution and the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) to reform our schools. Details


Misplaced Priorities & Sheer Callousness Shock Us No More. By Farouk Martins Aresa

We are now getting to a point where nothing shocks the hell out of us anymore. As a Nigerian, it is almost hypocritical to comment about the new plane President Museveni of Uganda is bent on buying for $48.2 million. After all, a Parliamentary committee gave him approval. The old plane once used to fly his daughter overseas at a cost of $30,000 to deliver a baby takes too much in maintenance. It reminds me of our world frequent flier former President who never had a cart as a boy. Details


Preamble to Nigeria's 1999 Constitution and the Bakassi Matter. By Wilson Iguade

Bakassi is a LGA in our constitution and that is all I need to know.  We must respect the wisdom of the constitutional writers.  It is not one person that wrote our current 1999 constitution.  I believe that the writers of our 1999 constitution were responsible citizens presented with juggernaut task - writing the ultimate document of a nation.  Details


INEC Report on the 2007 Election and Electoral Reform - INEC and Dr. IWU Have Facts and Figures on Ground. By Ugo Harris Ukandu

Analysis from the INEC official Report on the Nigerian 2007 General election held in Washingon, DC on 12/18/2007 at the National press Club and at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC   Having listen to Dr. Maurice Iwu, the INEC Chairman at the World press conference and noted his points during the presentation of the official INEC report, I was suprised on how he was able to clarify and explain with good reason all his points to the audience. Details


A Strong Naira is Both Good and Bad for Nigeria. By  Victor E. Dike

Does Nigeria have the goods and services that to illicit and sustain global demand for the naira? A nation’s currency cannot be strong without economic factors. What forces then determine the health of a nation’s economy? Experts have also noted, among other things, that it is affected by the effectiveness of institutions and infrastructure, productivity of the labor force and quality of education, level of technology, governance, and political environment.2 Details


Impressions And Conclusions From Iwu’s Release Of Election Report In America. By  Jimmy Osifo

I say “Igbos Ronu” (Igbos Think). And finally and most importantly, I hereby recommend that Maurice Iwu should be`reappointed INEC Chair when his term expires in 2010 as a reward for his patriotism and courage. Nigeria needs a man of his mettle and steel to keep unruly politicians in line and give us yet another transition from Yar’Adua to someone else; unless Iwu decides on his own freewill to resign to prepare to run for office to become the first Executive President of Igbo extraction. Details


My Eye-Witness Account Of Professor Maurice Iwu's Briefing At The National Press Club And Nigerian Chancery In Washington DC On December 18, 2007. By Dr. Tamuno Jonathan

Why would Aluko suggest that Nigerians and Iwu should have gone willy-nilly to turn over our biometrics to Europeans merely because we want their 40 million Euros (peanuts) and their stamp of approval on our election process? If Nigeria cannot go to our foreign reserves to get the money, than 1000 Nigerian Diasporans can contribute 40 thousand Euros each to pay for our elections (assuming there is nobody or private institutions amongst our 25 recapitalized banks that can cough up the money). Details