Expunging Immunity Clause. By Mohammed Umar

Since the restoration of democracy in 1999 it was discovered those it protects grossly abused this section 308 of the constitution. Debate in the last eight years hammered on expunging the controversial section 308 from the constitution. The argument was if you cannot prosecute a governor who commits economic crimes while in office how can you prosecute him when he leaves office after all the crimes were committed while he was under the protection of the constitution. Details


Mr. President, It’s Time To Bring Slok Home. By Attorney Aloy Ejimakor

President Yar’Adua (tentative, diplomatic and credible) was the first to come to town. After him, enter Professor Maurice Iwu (self-assured, patriotic, and primed to inform). For their different missions, both Yar’Adua and Iwu had largely successful outings with Americans and the Nigerian Diaspora to varying degrees. President Yar’Adua charmed George Bush and the White house with his rule of law mantra, commitment to electoral reforms and a diplomatic sleight of hand on Africom. Details


Lamido Can’t be Governor of the Year By Aminu Garba Mohammed

The irony is that Rimi and Sule who never saw eye to eye with Mallam Aminu Kano before his death now claim to be his disciples and have displayed his portraits in their sitting rooms. Sule once told visiting DFID officials that he is a disciple of Aminu Kano and one of the DFID officials asked who is Aminu Kano? Sule replied that he is the Ghandi of Africa. After he spent so much time talking about himself because of his lack of education he was unable to articulate his programs in proper context of good governance best practice and Islamic culture of his people. Details

$10 Billion Darkness: Obasanjo’s Expensive Gift To Nigerians. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

I had insisted on this page, that very soon, Nigerians would begin to face the grim reality of the cruel neglect to which their country was subjected by a ruler who was not sincere enough to tell his countrymen that, actually, he neither meant well for anybody nor had any clear idea about how Nigeria could be steered out of the woods. Details


Nigerians and the Luxury of ‘Unlimited’ Time. By Abdullah Musa

The misfortune with us in Nigeria is that we are always going back to the starting point. Chief Obasanjo had spent eight years as elected President. He and some western-trained technocrats came to the conclusion that to be able to move forward, Nigeria must jettison some of its past deadweights. Details 


Between Obasanjo And Gbenga Who Is Insane. By Alhaji Abdallah Mailafia Sha’ibu

When the sex scandal of Obasanjo broke out, two things came to my mind. One, some people are going to say that is a family affair which must be settled at Otta. Two, others are going to label Gbenga as insane who must be taken to Aro Mental Hospital for immediate treatment. True to my prediction, those things came to pass. Details


Immunity From Prosecution For Executive Heads Of Governments Under Section 308 Of The Republican Constitution Of Nigeria 1999: To Stay Or Not To Stay?  By Prof. Jim Akhere

The recent clamour by some prominent Nigerians, President Yaradua and the Catholic  Archbishop John Onayekan inclusive, that the immunity clause in our 1999 Constitution –Section308 of the Constitution, granting serving presidents and vice presidents and governors and deputy governors protection from prosecution during the pendency of their terms in office be expunged from the Constitution should, in my considered view be approached with extreme caution. Details


Al-Mustapaha and Co: A Case for Justice Denied. By Abbas A. Dikko

Today, it has been divinely confirmed, Obasanjo’s government was undemocratic, uncivil and sadist in all ramifications, it lacks decorum, focus and sincerity of purpose, beside vengeance, victimization, intimidation and deception, nothing characterized it. Democratic culture; never impacted or acquired, dividends of democracy; below average, good governance; completely absent, legacy beside confusion, tension, disquiet and discontent, nothing can be recorded bequeathed, his eight year democratic rule, as good as waste, courtesy; Chief Olu Falae. Details


Our Dying Indigenous Languages Beckon. By Ademowo Adeyemi Johnson

A lot is happening in the Africa polity today that the African governments are not mindful of. Not because they do not want to, but because many actors in the political circle do not understand the need for holistic approach to the African quest for development. This ignorance is what has sustained the aberration that has made nonsense of the indigenous African languages in the affairs of Africans. Details


Lawson Omokhodion: Between Reality and Imagination. By Abdul Isa

As an ardent follower of developments in the financial sector, especially the banking industry, I cannot afford not to read the back page comment of Thisday newspaper of Tuesday, January 22, 2007 edition authored by Mr. Lawson Omokhodion. But somewhere along the line I was utterly disappointed by the sentiments being churned by Mr. Omokhodion to his readers, whom he probably thought were gullible and might not be able to read in between the lines. Details


Predictions on the Dream Ticket for the Democrats and the Republicans Based on What We Know Today. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

Olusegun Obasanjo, the only man in a country or 140 million to ever rule Nigeria three times and for close to 12 years, both in and out of uniform, actually had the opportunity to take Nigeria to a different level and to sanitize our politics by laying a sound foundation and trying to set an example in integrity, public probity and leadership, but he chose to fritter away all those opportunities in pursuit of a Dynasty for himself and his cronies and family.  Details


Shekarau: The Reality Of His Victory. By Musa Isyaku El-Ghude

Crisis bedevils both the parties, ANPP and PDP. Although, that of ANPP was bearable. During the campaign, while Shekarau was telling his party faithful and entire people of Kano state to vote for person that will protect their Religion and means of livelihood, PDP was telling people that they have the powers to rig the election at all cost. Details


Is Rimi Now An Observer in P.D.P? By Barrister Rafindali Mohammed

Any way, enough of this distraction. What baffles me most of recent is the downsizing of a prominent Northern politician, former Governor of old Kano, former Minister of Communications, Mohammed Abubakar Rimi by out going national Chairman of the ruling PDP at its NEC meeting in Abuja. For the avoidance of doubt Rimi, as he always claim ‘I founded’ the PDP, returned to the fold of the party having left it at the peak of Obasanjo’s manhunt of party members who had disagreed with him on his tight hold on the party in 2005. Details


Our Rapid Progress In Vain Without National Heroes. By Farouk Martins Aresa

We still lack national heroes to challenge our commitment to the interest of all irrespective of ethnic or selfish agendas. That is why cynics say Nigeria is not a Country. There are so many progressive projects in Nigeria put in place by dedicated men and companies but not on a national scope for the people to identify with and rally around. Details


How Diaspora-Nigerians Contribute to the Nation’s Stagnation (part 1). By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

We rarely think of Diaspora-Nigerians as being involved in such dissipations. There is extensive evidence to show that some oversea-Nigerians are deeply involved in committing, perpetuating and encouraging corruption. Some later day Nigerians are to corruption what some yesteryear civilians were to coups. Details


Gbenga Obasanjo: Lifting The Veil On An Abomination. By Aonduna Tondu

In the past one week or so, citizens have been confronted with the sordid tale of sexual impropriety involving the former dictator, Olusegun Obasanjo and his daughter-in-law, Mojisola, the wife of  Gbenga, Obasanjo’s second son. In a sworn affidavit, Gbenga is seeking divorce from his estranged wife on, amongst other things, the grounds of alleged infidelity between her and his father, the ex-tyrant. Details


Obasanjo and the Question of Moral Rectitude. By Abbas A. Dikko

Sordid was the situation, the present accusation is too grieve a case to wish away, more especially it involves a former Head and President, acclaimed International Statesman and a supposed gadfly if you like. What had Obasanjo seen in his daughter in-law that could not control his lust and affection over her? Details


Obj And Son : The Turn Of Event. By Segun Imohiosen

 I encourage the son to have the grace to forgive the father and move on with life while Baba should also do the same. Some may say ‘the enemy simply has done this.’ Let this matter be handled in the courtyard of Baba Iyabo and not in the market place anymore. Enough is enough. Baba, ma binu, iwo Gbenga, ma baraje. Let peace reign. Details


Atiku’s Final Vindication On PTDF. By Musa Ilallah

I need not to go into the various tribulations Atiku had gone through in the hands of maximum ruler Obasanjo. The summary of it all is that Atiku has proved to the only saviour of Nigeria's democracy. But for his untiring schemings to counter Obasanjo's moves, Obasanjo would have today become Nigeria's ruler for life. Details


Awo’s Statue: Between Lam, Ladoja and Akala. By Hakeem Babalola

The disrespect for Awo’s statue has weaken my believe that doing good is good. It has shown me that it is so easy to slap we – the Yoruba – in the face and go scot-free. Whoever it is behind the destruction of Awo’s statue have murdered the Yoruba and shall never be Yoruba again. Details


Another One Bites Dust In Enugu! By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

When the charade which the Tribunal has rightly described as “make-believe or fairy tales” took place in April 2007, former Senate President, Mr. Ken Nnamani, had against all odds, come out to clearly declare that there were no elections in Enugu.  Details