We Must Pray for Peace But Be Ready for Ongoing War


Farouk Martins Aresa



Most decent people detest violence in any guise but nobody has a monopoly on violence. This is why we must pray for peace in Nigeria regardless of who or where you are. War has never been the best answer and it may not be the answer to the problems in Nigeria. The Country has not even recovered from the last civil war that produced Nigeria's most incompetent rulers in history. The children are still suffering from the vestiges of that war.


The people of goodwill that prefer peace at any cost fail to realize that the only power that brings bullies to the negotiating table, is the proximal and immediate threat of equal and opposite Forces before they give up anything. Indeed, those that have lost their lives and properties, did so in a war already. Nigeria has joined the 10 war-torn countries of the world where school children are no longer safe and kidnapped randomly for ransom to make millions. https://www.savethechildren.org/us/charity-stories/10-worst-conflict-affected-countries-to-be-a-child


Only impunity would blind those that could not defeat Niger Delta Militia or Boko Haram into thinking this is 1967 Administrative Action. It is madness that soldiers would obey the Fulani command to destroy their own land and people today. No Government has monopoly to weapons any group can obtain in the world open market. Indeed, every part of Nigeria knows the Fulani and their Hausa wannabe slaves are the aggressors that must be ganged up on to force them out; if Nigeria wants to remain a loose Federation or broken into nations outright. The old type of unity and conviction to remain Nigerians have gone soured.


If you cannot defend your children, women, land, businesses or yourselves, nothing is left. There is War On Nigerians by Fulani marauders that have already captured most of the Hausa. Negotiation from the position of strength is the history of Nigeria. It is well understood by the militia groups from Boko Haram, Niger Delta Force, MASSOP to OPC. Why then would anyone in his right senses ask any region trying to repel Fulani tonton macoute led by Al Buhari following the footsteps of Usman Dan Fodio, capitulate on some superfluous Peace without strength? 


You get what you negotiate not what you deserve. You must negotiate with the oppressors from the position of strength.The oppressed were freed after the costs of many revolts to privileged lives and properties became unbearable for owners, not just out of goodwill. Privilege is not easily given up, it is persistently fought for with blood and sweat until taken.


It is disingenuous to placate people experiencing war that they would lose what has already been lost; blaming victims. They are not your sacrificial lambs to appease your masters. If anything, people must be ready to resist aggression from outside to defend their own land. Those preaching caution must demonstrate their success in restraining aggressors instead of encouraging them in return for pittance. There is no difference between armorless peace seekers and traitors. You don't disengage well armed Fulani with empty peace or goodwill.


There is War going on right now in Nigeria and it may get worse as these leaders have not been the victims of lives and properties lost to Fulani bandits. Senators are outrageously paid to live anywhere in the world with their families. Since they and their families are not full-time residents in Nigeria, they cannot feel the pinch of deaths of the dying men. Many of them cannot walk alone into their houses in their constituencies without being stoned.


Those living in the North-Central have cried for years against Fulani atrocities on their land where farms are destroyed, farmers maimed and women raped. The Governors that are supposed to be the head of security in the states are ignored by Police and Army when their people cry for help against Fulani herdsmen/bandits. The impunity of the Fulani herdsmen has extended deeper into the South where Police arrest victims and let bandits go!


People are killed and maimed inside and outside their homes on their part of the Country by bandits that enjoy the cooperation of soldiers and police. It is true that people will never be united against aggression. But spies, traitors and division within has never stopped determined people from defending themselves on their own land against infiltrators. Indeed infiltrators have actually united the patriotic and courageous people against inside and outside threats.


Though Nigeria almost escaped the abject poverty in the hands of good management that prosecuted a war without borrowing a penny: impunity, selfishness and reckless politics are only sustainable for a short period. Leaders that have never worked hard for money, spent the country's income like drunken sailors. Sooner than later, a false sense of grandeur that money can buy common sense fell under. Incomes made by exporters of natural raw materials and consumers of finished products manufactured outside their reach would and did crash.


Even worse, those that ran the ship to the ground from the time they were in their thirties are still firmly in charge in their eighties. There is enough blame to go round but the impunity that killed the first civilian leaders have switched to impunity to capture the whole of Nigeria the way Usman Dan Fodio captured the Hausa. This is the reason the Northern Border was opened to Fulani anywhere, including Asma boys and Janjaweeds of Arab countries: they will not leave.


Do not discount Gorilla (war): fight and run in order to live and fight another day. Before Floods or Earthquakes strikes, some animals would have taken shelter. So it is foolhardy to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity while invaders of your land are at your throats. Those that fled their homelands for dear lives may have run and regrouped to fight another day, never give up. Not even a wise crippled man gets caught when war is foreseeable: (ogun asotele ki npa aro).  


Fulani do not care about the Constitution or Good faith and fair dealings implied in every relationship. The common law implied a duty that requires parties to a relationship, to exercise good faith and honest judgment in carrying out their rights and obligations and not act arbitrarily or capriciously or with an improper motive. If humans were that honest with one another, there would be no need for courts, elders or community deliberation to rectify injustice.