An Open Letter To Asari Dokubo


Wale Akin


Dear Mr Asari Dokubo,


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I do hope this open letter will meet you in a good state of mind because by the time you would have finished reading it, you will have no other option but concur that that you have indeed made a grave mistake. I read from various online newspapers about your unguided vituperations on the person of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and out of embedded political polemics decided to put you to where rightly belong. Now listen and listen well my dear gangster.


How dare you talk of the late sage in that form, do you have at all what I call public decorum and good behavioral attitudes? Now take a closer read at your statement and do tell me if it thus makes sense. You said and I quote “Awolowo was a devil and his policies led to the present problems that the people of the Niger Delta are fighting against” Calling Awolowo a devil is nothing but a flagrant abuse to Nigeria and in particular the Yoruba race and what offence has the latter committed to warrant this high insult? If I may you, would you have the temerity to insult Kenule Beeson Saro –Wiwa, the late leader of the Movement of the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP even in the grave?


Now talking about late Wiwa, this is the only recognized Ijaw man that deserves a national respect to be followed by Ledum Mittee, the present leader of MOSOP. Dokubo do I need to take you back memory lane on how you came into limelight? Now let’s go, you were opportuned as a result of raw and sheer gangsterism to hold the nation to ransom by using the various oil wells as bait, the presidency never wanted to crush as it did to the indigenes of Odi and Zaki-Biam and thus decided to have a logical discourse with you. Do I also need to remind you that before you left for Abuja that fateful day, you had cursed and raved that the FG will see you in true color but you returned to the Niger delta singing a different tune, do we then assert that because you were airlifted to Abuja in a private jet and also drank Orange juice and ate BBQ whole chicken, you thus decided to soft pedal? If I may ask, who are you and who are your godfathers and who are the backbones giving you the boldness you have thus exhibited.


I want you to imagine and figure out what would had happened if the Militant wing of the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC had met you at the TV Station that fateful evening and in their bid to teach you a life time lesson cause grievous bodily harm or even kill you for talking evil of their godfather, would they have done anything wrong? Just imagine the tension that sordid act would have generated just because a comedian cum nobody like you acted disgracefully on a TV interview. Asari Dokubo or whatever your name is, do you really know who the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo was? Now let me tell you, he gave me free education right from primary school to secondary, he was the President Nigeria never had and also brought the country from near obscurity to limelight, do we then say he was evil?


As if that was not even enough, you still had the boldness to grant an interview to Lagos based Champion Newspaper and repeated the same abuse, now imagine the effrontery of you coming to Lagos and using a Yoruba conduit to passing across negative points to the Yoruba race, now what’s the rationale behind this sudden charge at the Yoruba’s? Are you trying to instigate a sort of tribal feud and if it happens will you be ready to bear the full brunt, I doubt it but let me remind you that the Yoruba’s will never be dragged into a tribal feud to be headed by a neophyte like you, go back to your elders and do tell them that we are not ready.


Now talking about the depravations in the Niger Delta, was late Awolowo part of the bunkering saga that have continued to rock the creeks? Is any Yoruba man in the clicks siphoning crude oil late in the night and selling it illegally. Can you attest to the fact that you are not involved in illegal bunkering at night and then come in the light of the day to negatively proffer solutions to the Niger Delta by behaving in a  holier than thou attitude in your personal bid to feign ignorance of true situation of events?


Now to juxtapose this open letter with the response of Reuben Abati, I am asking you to tender a profound apology to the family of the late sage, the Yoruba race and Nigeria at large


Fellow Nigerian like yourself but with sound mind and astute forthrightness,

Wale Akin


Wale Akin lives in Kent, UK and a founding member of a group called Men now!