National Mourning


Okeke Chinedu S.


The Obasanjo-led Federal Government is bent on embarking on a move that could only make life more difficult at this time when 80% of the citizenry are living below poverty level, apart from the selfish and evil governors and their aides who will not use the state resources for the benefit of the people. Obasanjo government jerked up for the ninth time in six years, the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene, cooking gas and other petroleum products by over 200 per cent despite the clearly and loudly expressed opposition by all segments of the Nigerian society.


Sometimes I donít understand why our politicians go about disturbing people with the noise of the siren. Is it for the people to hail them for doing well or to hail them for embezzling their resources? Many Nigerians are dying in silence because they do not have the power to effect a change. A lot of people work for from morning till night every day of their life but earns practically nothing. Why should the Obasanjo Administration be so inhuman and insensitive to the feeling of the people they are governing?


ďThe no go area is our oil sector. It is left for God to decide whether He will let the Oil to get dry or not, since our leaders are now using our own naturalĒ. resources to punish us. Therein, there is no deposit of oil in the Nigeria soil, we can bear it.


The hiking of the price of petroleum products came straight from the remorselessly punitive arsenal of the Obasanjo administrative. This is an apparent and visible testimony that this present dispensation of government is so insensitive to human feeling. I begin to think if they are no more humans or does it mean you cease to be human once you become a political office holder? But I still know of some governors, senators, ministers and other government aide who still possess enough human characteristics.


Oh!  May God have strengthen Comrade Adams Oshimore. He has no choice again than organize and call for a nation wide strike.


I am heading towards the conclusion that, Nigeria is cursed. If not; why is hunger and starvation ravaging us? Why is it that those who work from morning to night earn a meager income? Why are the rich becoming richer and the poor getting poorer? Donít you think the case of Nigeria is just like the Israelites that disobeyed God and He punished them with bad leaders and afterwards exiled them to Babylon? We just have to pray that He will not exile us too.


The present administration spends their time, effort and   money in a lot of projects that yield the nation practically nothing. What does a slave who drinks beer with the two (2) sides of his mouth expect? One, (1) he is a fool, and secondly he will not only end up begging for food but will also be sold away by his master. Nigeria is such a slave for spending huge some of money in meaningless liabilities when the masses are crying out loud and clear that they will soon go into oblivion. Does work not come before leisure? Nigeria is such a foolish slave for spending over 70bn for the Abuja stadium hardly in use. When she could use half the sum in maintaining and servicing the existing refineries. Since the completion of that stadium, what significant event has taken place there apart from the commonwealth games? How can the Obasanjo- led government be rushing after a rat in the house when the whole house is on fire. Is the stadium for the poor and starving Nigerians that cannot afford a square meal in a day? Or is it for Mr. President, senators, Ministers, and their aides who enrich themselves from embezzling the public funds? Oh! Is so shameful.


This is how Nigerians are being governed in this season of transparency and war against corruption. People will have to ask themselves where justice and commonsense lie in all this.


What is need of talking of our rail ways? They are still in the shape lord Lugard and his men left them. The minister of transport must have forgotten that rail way is one of the means of transportation in Nigeria. Or is there no money again for projects? If our rail ways are functional, not only that it will compliment the road network but also save many from perishing on the continuous accident ravaging the nation. And will also help us when our killers (so called leaders) begin their normal routine of price increase. Why should we be hastening to pay $12 billion to Paris club when we are ravaging in hunger; the same dept that Obasanjo heedlessly dragged us into. Oh! This man has done us a lot? What has he not done?


What are the dividends of democracy? Mr. President will stand up and say, debt relief. Is a pity. What is the function of the government at federal, state and local level if not to better the lives of the citizenry and protect their lives too? No, all these are theoretical functions of Nigeria government under His excellency,President Olusegun Obasanjo,Commander-in-chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria,GCFR. With his senior Special Adviser, Femi Fani Kayode saying to Mr. President whatever he dreams of, without proper evaluation and consultation. Anyway, I do not blame him. He is just a kitchen cabinet.


Sometimes I donít understand why our politicians go about disturbing people with the noise of the siren. Is it for the people to hail them for doing well or to hail them for embezzling their resources? Many Nigerians are dying in silence because they do not have the power to effect a change. If Alh.Nuhu Ribadu is not being used and under the demolishing powers of Mr.President, he would have probed the President. There is no choice for him. He either obeys or is thrown out. But is a great shame on such a man like Ribadu to be held like a puppy.


Nevertheless my credit and that of marginalized Nigerian goes to such governors, Senators, ministers and all other political office holders who still love their country. There is no need mentioning their name. There is difference between the white and the black goat. You shall be remembered by posterity. Those like Obasanjo and his camp can go on and betray their Country. The death news of such men will be a call for national party.


A man can only be remembered by his good deeds and always be coursed whether alive or dead for evil deeds. If you think you are a man carve your name boldly on the marble and let your achievements speak for you. Do not enrich yourself with the national wealth. Be brave and earn your living honestly.