Why Atiku (Vice President Abubakar Atiku)  & IBB( Ex Military President Ibrahim B Babangida) can never be Nigerian President Come 2007.


Mazi Onigbo

astraventure@yahoo. com




Recently,  Nigerians have been entertained by political melo-drama of Core North Actors who thought that they can pocket Nigeria through their political maneuvers,  intimidation,  killing,  organized black mailing and throwing of their ill gotten wealth to cajole impoverished Nigerians to do their bidding with the assistance of their rented Media in collaboration with their sponsored organized civil societies and disgruntled labor,  who in pretext of fighting for the Masses,  is doing their paid bidding.  


It is of great importance,  to refresh the mind of Nigerians of their acts which contributed to ruining of our Economy as it is known fact that the Nigeria National Assembly impeachment bids were carefully be packaged by VP Atiku and his Cohorts with an intention to realize the power if President Obasanjo can be impeached.  Nigerian Privatization exercises were nearly marred by Atiku but with challenge of Mallam  El-Rufai whom refused to collaborate with Atiku as to mar the exercise, has brought El Rufai into different forms of problem programmed behind the scene by VP Atiku and using bankrupt Law Makers to attack El-Rufai with Atikuís insistence that El-Rufai should  not be appointed as Minister,  with other unconfirmed activities which Atiku played to deter the progress of our Privatization. 


In Nigeria Presidency in Aso Rock Villa,  Alhaji Abubakar Atiku personal interest supersedes any other interest being it,  national or regional as he is mostly interested in amassing wealth for his presidential bid,  leaving little chance to the State interest or his claimed Northern interest, with his only known achievement which is  his Private international school/University in Yola.  


From intelligent sources,  whenever there is strike in Nigeria being organized by disgruntled /rented Labor whom have no recourse to their academic knowledge/ability, couple with their failure to understand the Dynamics of New World Economic Order being propelled by Competition and Privatization.  The Sponsorship of  Strikes are handiwork of Atiku and IBB being used to confront the Government and to deter any Government Policy/Progress,  as both benefit massively from this Distortion and Anarchy.  Both of them have used their influence on Lagos State Governor Ahmed Tinubu to sponsor various Riot and Strike as to portray Nigeria Government as bad and show case Nigeria as non governable people whom a Southern Leader cannot control except Core Hegemony/Cabal who have mastered art of Divide and Rule system through which they have be causing of Ethnic Tension,  Poverty, Religious riot,  Violence and at end it discourages local/foreign investment,  thereby reducing our development and impoverished Nigeria for their selfish  Gains and easy political Control.  


Thirdly,  they continued to encourage the Nigeria State Governors and the former disgraced Inspector General of Nigeria Police Mr.  Tafa Balogun to loot their State Treasury and siphon scare resources thereby making necessary for them to seek protection for their Loots from an Overlord who can succeed Obasanjo and protect their interest and loots, creating general insecurity as fund meant for Police was siphoned.  Furtherance,  the encouragement of corrupt practices among the Highest ranked Government Staff, which are being done systematically by Atiku and IBB as to enable them being seen as people whom can protect them as they will feel that unknown President to succeed Obasanjo, can hurt them but if a corrupt leader succeed to take Power 2007,  as they are sure to go Scot free,  which is a mere dream but they cannot go free as Nature and God will definitely punish them. 


Atiku indirectly using the Chief Justice of Federation to pass some undefined/confusing judgment, which main intention is to ridicule Nigeria Judiciary system and inciting State Government and the Public against Obasanjo led Government and making mockery of our Judiciary as corrupt, unintelligent and confused.


IBB secretly romance with the MASSOB leader who has occupied Biafran agenda as discourage Igbo to strategize for power as Igbo will fooled to chasing their dream interest while Cabal positioned themselves for power, Asari Dokubo a IBB rented Niger Delta Militant and he sponsored some Islamic extremists to confront and destabilize our Polity and discourage investment and paint  Nigeria as trouble ridden zone with aim to undermine our development and make Governance ! as non performing. 


 If the South East and South South Regions of Nigeria fails woefully and abysmally to articulate complex political Programs and maneuverable Strategy/confrontational activities to secure Presidency by 2007, then Obasanjo will be left to no option than to pick the likes of EL Rufai & and others who are from the North but have performed in their  field of chosen endeavor.


When West  was fooled by the Nigeria Pro democracy groups by the likes of Chief Enahoro and Prof Wole Soyinka as Washington led West did not understand that those pro democracy groups, NGOs and Civil Society groups  are mere Agents of Fulani Hegemony and Cabals who are only doing their paid bidding while portraying themselves as confrontational to any program which intends propel our ruined economy back to life.  Based  on noise made by pro democracy groups,  Washington forced UN to financed our just concluded National Conference as West were hoping that pro democracy groups led by Enahoro and Soyinka will use the conference's opportunity to articulate all the programs they have be championing but IBB/Hegemony used their network to persuade them not to attend the conference thereby making the West to loose the fund sent for the Conference and betraying the confidence West had for them.


When Enahoro and Soyinka refused to attend the Nigeria national Conference,  it becomes clearly to West that Nigeria Elite is bankrupt and shallow in strategic thinking as their problem and they are mere Agents of Fulani oligarchy who have succeeded to be parading themselves as pro democracy groups,  civil society groups and fighters of bad regime,  which they are not,  as they are doing their paid bidding.  what happened to Professor Wole Soyinka in South African Airport recently is a bit of example of what going to be fall them as they used peopleís championing to defraud West.  The Civil societies and pro democracy group led by Enahoro and Soyinka refused to attend the Nigeria national conference had proved those people who with Obasanjo have be telling the West that they are not serious and sincere in their struggle against bad Governance  as they are only seeking for their daily bread.


Atiku & IBB have be using the Nigeria State Governors to sabotage the National I. D.  Card and Census which are well known basic common universal Tools for credible Election and good welfare/economic development,  although Obasanjo knew that electoral process that brought to power is bad but he is doing all his best to leave behind a credible electoral system that can sustain peace and stability as well elect credible people who have genuine intention for this Country not these anarchist cabals who have ruined Nigeria. IBB led Hegemony knows that these basic Tools can empower the impoverished Natives to develop as well to seek for political posts,  which wealthy hegemony have used to bastardize our system as to hold back the Nigeria Natives  and even if the Natives ! succeed to participate in looting,  hegemony will use Con-men to dupe them that is why late Air Vice marshal Ibrahim Alfa lost all what he got during his career to fraudsters setup by IBB to milked him dry and that is why this big man died with nothing left behind and if I am lying,  Security Authority should investigate what I have said.


It is sad if duo of Atiku & IBB can use their maneuvered skills to sustain Anambra State Governor Dr. Chris Ngige against the interest/wishes of Obasanjo and Ex Biafra War Lord Chief Dim Ojukwu. If Igbos have failed woefully to understand the dynamics of what is happening in Anambra State,  as they foolishly continue to support Dr. Ngige an Agent of the icon of hegemony to retain power,  which is the center of Igbo politics and if Ojukwu fails to control Anambra being the heart of Igbo Politics to political miscreants which the Cabal will use to upset the whole interest of South East  and South South as they will use Anambra as political launching pad to defeat the opportunity of South East and South South to produce President in 2007, even South South people thought that melo-drama is met for Igbo alone but as they have failed to understand the dynamics of Nigeria Politics.


 Federal Government should closely watch State Governors and their financing of Strike,  from effective destruction of lives and properties.  The Duo have be using bankrupt law makers to attack Western strategic interest in Nigeria like Chevron and Shell and their using Agents in Niger delta to disrupt Oil production and vandalizing Oil companies properties,  as to coax them to support Cabal back to power.  It is shameful and sad that we as Nigerians mainly from the South,  who have enjoyed US system,  could not by now show reasonable sympathy to them as some Nigeria may have died from Hurricane,  instead we are playing tune of Hegemony script.


 A death warning to Igbo and Yoruba which will come up before end of 2006, after carefully watching the antics created opposition to Obasanjo and cabal long time strategy/dynamics played out through the use of their Agents Abia state Governor Orji Uzo kalu and Lagos State  Governor Ahmed Tinubu, whom have advancing some political strategies of the cabals,  little they did they know that after execution of these programs,  that they must be dispensed a word used in security circle for elimination of people who have served the cabal or mafia as they have known too much and to maintain secret,  the two must die and that is why they are using them now to challenge Obasanjo as when they are eliminated it will look like their opposition to Obasanjo cause their death.  With their death,  Hegemony/cabals are hoping for some of political confusion which will enable them plan themselves to retain power. Tinubu can be used to cause some misunderstanding between Igbo Traders in Lagos with Yoruba as an enabling environment to seek power while Orji Uzo will be using Bakassi Boys to cause havoc in Abia State as to portray Igbos as Barbarians,  thereby marring our image of decent people as they have used various security organs to portray Igbo as Fraudsters and Drug pushers while Igbo are involved in little crime,  the  North cabals involves in mega crime which yields millions and billions of hard currency.


 For Northern and Fulani Oligarchy to continue to use third term strategy to enlist support  clearly shows us as being  political bankrupt and shallow and decay in our intellectual ability,  which we are support to fault this local strategy as the constitutional amendment of one term 6 years,  which any intelligent person will know will not benefit Obasanjo as the North is only using it to stop constitution amendment will favor South South and South East Region of Nigeria as we needed constitutional support to make it to the Presidency as we did not amass mega money and private to intimidate our political opponents. Obasanjo who is serving his second term which will be making his tenure 8 years is not interested and cannot benefit from One term 6years constitutional amendment even if it is promulgated Today. Our Core North challengers have amassed Billions,  maintains a private army in Niger Republic  and have set up gay secret society or homosexual occultic group  and have blackmailed big people to  toe their lines and to do their bidding unwillingly, even now they have shifted from sophisticated poisoning to sophisticated toxin as our Elite whom they felt that are challenging them, are now exposed to toxin, as they can pass toxin which will gradually kill the person at length without Medical Expert noticing it, so be aware.



 Mazi Onigbo