Obasanjo’s Third Term Ambition is Treasonable Felony


Kunle I Sowunmi




The ongoing imbroglio between Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo the President of Federal republic of Nigeria and his Vice President Abubakar Atiku calls for a thorough review in relation to the Constitution of Nigeria, the role of VP and loyalty and the rules as stipulated by the constitution.


Ambitions   as Defined


There is nothing wrong in being ambitious but a lot is wrong if ambition becomes over stated or beyond what is reasonable. In any organization there must be guidelines or rules. Rules are set to preserve orderliness which one of the reasons in the Bible when Moses was confused about the manner at which the Israelis could be governed in his wisdom he talked to God alone and he was given the Ten Commandment which could be taken as the first constitution ever know to mankind. Talking to God alone to write the constitution has moved beyond what Moses did.

It became a thing that must now involved everybody that will be controlled by the rules hence the Romance came up with the foundation of modern day civilization in the act of constitution making. Constitution or Democracy in a civilized world is now defined as government of the people for the people by the people.


Constitutional democracy ranges from written and unwritten method, if the constitution is based on unwritten method just like the British constitution it will be based on various judgments, history and act of parliament. It will be very dynamic and can change from time to time. In a written constitution like the United States of America until the act or a section of the constitution is amended it will be difficult to side track any section to suit the feeling or ambition of any US sitting president. Aremu Obasanjo as sitting president has ambition.


Hidden Military Agenda


Nigeria after almost 20 years of military rule during General Murtala Mohamed adopted a Presidential system of government in 1979. The first approach was a very learning process. The first President Sheu Shagari was not mentally and academically equipped to understand what the system was all about or he was too slow to understand the difference between parliamentary system and Presidential his government failed not because the learning process was slow but by the set of Army which never stopped having interest in Oil Money meaning the three and half years of Obasanjo rule after Murtala was not enough.


The combination of Buhari, Babangida, Abacha and Abubakar the last military rulers was to serve as a filler to end the almost changed program and ambition due to the imbroglio of Buhari and Babangida. It should be noted that while Buhari’s continue to nurse a political spirit of not to forgive against Babangida because he was not released to bury his father when he was in jail or house arrest, which to this writer is very petty. When you are in jail you loose all the privileges of freedom.  Buhari was asking for what he did not give when he was in power. He should be glad he was not executed like he did to the two drug dealers he killed during his government or the Guardian Newspapers Journalists jailed for writing, “so called classified document” to the public.


The unsolved misery of the military in the role of stealing Nigerian Oil money, which there was no closure during the first coming of Muritala and Obasanjo between 1976-1979, was the main

reason the military came back in 1983 not to save Nigeria from economic problem which Sheu Shagari could not manage or the aftermath of the October 1983 election but to continue from the place Obasanjo left in 1979 which could be the reason why Buhari declared his government an offshoot of Obasanjo’ government in 1984. Obasanjo like Babangida left demonic clause before he left office he took the first IMF loan, which the civilian government could not manage.


Buhari Vs Babangida


The differences and miseries of the military was further compounded by the back stabbing of Babangida as Army chief of Staff to his boss Buhari who was removed from office. This led to division of camps within the military, the Buhari camp which pretended to be saints and the Babangida camp which never hidden the military long throat for the oil money Babangida openly revealed the mission of the military. Buhari was a pretender. To compare Babangida with Buhari is to company Judas with Satan they are both evil and must never be allowed at the corridor of power in Nigeria or anywhere human rights will be needed.


Obasanjo As Oliver Twist


The second coming of Obasanjo as planned by Babangida, Atiku and all the enemies of the Yoruba was to refocus the mission of the military towards total military control of Nigeria either in Uniform or in civilian dress. The mission succeeded with the appointment not election of Obasanjo as President in 1999. He was to remove from the army all the ‘military boys’ that were not in line with the above objectives and he did. Unknown to the innocent Nigerian public Obasanjo was a redeemer of the military and apostle of the new civilian operation. Obasanjo was hailed all over the country while Olu Falae who lost the presidential election licked his wound on TID or BID bases at his mansion in Akure in Ondo State. Nigeria failed to suspect this leopard.


The change and crack in the arrangement started when Obasanjo deviated from arrangement from first term presidency only as arranged to second term request. Atiku and Babangida should have suspected Aremu’s ambition because a man who asked for second can ask for third or forth


The cry over the constitutional request is not tenable or the noise over the respect for the constitution is not acceptable to Obasanjo and his followers. The Military wrote the constitution not the people only the military could respect its rules if it so wishes.


Obasanjo’s constituency is and will always be in the military, secondly with the North and will never be in the South or among the Yoruba’s. Yoruba became a supporter of Obasanjo so as not to loose out on the long run knowing fully well that presidency will never come to them for the next 20 years as Obasanjo and his criminally minded friends and planners cleverly and judiciously stole the show in 1999. Falae was the choice of the Yoruba’s.





Atiku Vs Babangida:  Power Show Between two Devils


Atiku a retired customer official who must made his money from Idi-roko / Seme Borders as we call them among the Yoruba’s in the south and a very close associate of late Gen. Yar Adua the second in command during Obasanjo first term in office as head of State between 1976-1979 should have asked himself if he actually wanted the position of his boss after the second term in Office in 2007 if the position will be vacant because it will.


The worth of his only revealed USA property is placed at almost $1.5 million in Mary Land is a thing to be talked about. The property looked like Mapo Hall at Ibadan in Oyo State to this writer and one can asked Atiku how many times in a year he is going to sleep in his American Mansion. He is better off staying in the hotel than buying properties all over the world.


As a custom officer everybody who has friends with this kind of profession knows how a custom officer makes his money. Goods are smuggled overnight with no proper records and documentation we see them at Tin Can Island, we see them at Airports, we see them at the various borders. Atiku cannot pretend to be saints in the mist of thieves, which is what the profession represents. It is a shame that Obasanjo pick such a person as his running mate but it is ever very sad that Obasanjo has to make a choice between two devils.


Babangida, the man who openly confessed to have been involved in all military coups in Nigeria from 1967 to 1998. A man so vicious that his government bombed Dele Giwa the Lagos based journalist, A man whose government destroyed an craft full of over 120 Nigerian Military top officers, a man who destroyed and annulled the only free election in Nigeria in 1983 and who undemocratically appointed his successor Chief Sonekan after eight years of marathon dribbling of Nigeria in his so-called transition program with a time bomb clause for Abacha to take over government if Sonekan could not perform, retired to his 50 bedroom mansion in Mina Niger state is on the list Obasanjo is almost powerless to pick as his successor in 2007. This is the problem Obasanjo is facing. He is sandwiched between two demons. From all indication he has chosen to avoid the two but his option is not in line with the constitution he cannot and must not be allowed to go for third term because that will be treasonable. A man who asked for third term like Oliver twist will asked for forth and firth until he dies in office.


Final Stage


The Plan for third term has reached a final stage, which is the reason the judiciary must be destroyed. The Chief Justice Uwais will be removed and be replaced by Justice Babatude Belgore who in 1976 was the chairman of the panel of enquiries that link Obasanjo with Cement deal which found the general deeply involved but was miraculously cleared. It will be a payback for the Judge if Uwais is removed.  Nigerians must not allow the judiciary to be destroyed or allowed Babatude Belgore to succeed Justice Uwais. Vice President Abubarkar Atiku has been removed from the list so also is Babangida. The leopard is planning to succeed himself.





Finally the shame of Obasanjo’s presidency will be on all that destroyed the wish of the Yoruba’s in 1999 for not allowing Olu Falae to be president including those in the East and the crying South-South people and the North as led by Babangida. They have not destroyed the Yoruba but only inflated more hardship on Nigeria as a whole. They by that singular action responsible for the death of those killed in the oil producing spots in Nigeria, they helped the military to continue to have a grip on the country. They have all been dealt with by the years and type of leadership Obasanjo gave the country. It is the hope of this writer that we have learnt our lessons as a people. We must not allow a third term for Aremu or allow him to chose his successor otherwise we will be mortgaging the future of the coming generation to the military if we have not already.




Kunle I Sowunmi


Dallas Texas. USA