Which is Which Nigeria: Quality of Quantity Education?


Chinedum Iregbu


How can we classify the present system of education in our country Nigeria, as a gambling, try your luck or what it is supposed to be?


The system of education in this present Nigeria has become a thing of total discouragement, where there is present of quantity instead of quality education. Our primary school have become a breeding ground for future hackney’s and hawkers while our secondary school system have become a play ground and training ground for future criminals instead of a center of learning. Our secondary students now see studying and hard working as a waste of time, when they know that with their money they can buy both WAEC and NECO exams out.


In most of the Secondary Schools now there is a special class called the "A1" class meant for those who are financially capable, they have the guarantee of excelling in their exams no matter the situation. The Schools organize this A1 class. Those found in this class are never invigilated during exams and are given helpers who will solve the problem for them. At the end a very good and brilliant result awaits, what faith? Which is which quality or quantity education?


On JAMB, it has become a casino affair only those who are lucky enough are passed. JAMBS have a set out number on those to be passed and failed, those whose result are to be withheld and then those who came from a very influential background, who are never failed.


On our Universities it has not been easy as strike and unpaid salary has threaten to destabilize them all, almost all the universities in the country apart from strike have embraced tribalism, which makes it totally hard for a non indigene to be admitted without bribery.


Bribery and corruption have taking the lead role in the scene of education in our country and has become the order of the day, while examination malpractice and all forms of social injustice have become the order of the day, and the government, our on government seems not to be disturbed in this growing trend of quantity education, instead of quality and sound education.


If the government did not take steps in curtailing the wrong development of quantity education, laundering of certificate like WASSE, NECO, GCE, ‘O" And "A" Level, OND, HND, Bsc, BA, LLB, NYSC, MSC, PHD and all others will exist and the certificate will be placed on sale for those who need them, hawkers will take them a round for sale, even our so called merit awards and prestigious honors will be dishonored and will also be laundered and placed for sale, what faith?