The Last Moments of the Defiant Saddam Hussein


Babandi Gumel

The footage of Saddam Hussein being taken to gallows shown all over the world shocked many people watching TV around the globe. Defiant to the last Saddam Hussein the former Iraqi Leader condemned to death early in November and hanged on Saturday while Muslims were celebrating the Eid refused the customary offer of a hood placed over the head of prisoners at their last moment before execution. The late Iraqi Leader who wore the same coat he was wearing at the end of his trial was led to the gallows by six executioners who masked their faces to prevent reprisals from Saddam followers. Dressed in white shirt black jumper and slippers the defiant former Iraqi leader was heard taunted by the guards as he was being taken to gallows. Moments before the execution the guards put a black cloth round his neck to prevent the blood spilling as shown. The former Iraqi Leader remained calm and was at ease and was even staring at the guards as they raised the 30ft long noose over his head which was tightened showing the enormity of what to come before the guards took a step backward. One interesting thing worth mentioning as Muslim before he was taken to the gallows late Saddam Hussein took his last sip of water while holding the Quran in his hand which he made will to be handed  to Awad Bander his former Chief Justice who was standing trial condemned to death along with Saddam awaiting execution anytime this Month. Saddam Hussein who was handed to the Iraqi authorities by the American military at 5.30 in the morning carrying his Quran and handcuffed by guards who removed his hat was taken to the building housing the gallows surrounded by Iraqi officials a doctor a Sunni Muslim Imam as well as a judge who read the charges of his crimes. While being carried to the gallows the defiant Saddam was chanting his usual ranting down with the Americans and saying Allahu Akbar. The guards who were apparently taunting him during his last moment may be to confuse him while hearing him reciting the Kalima Shahada. His last words as captured on mobile phone video despite effort to confuse him was Asshahadu An-  Lailaha illallah Wa Ashhadu AnnaMuhammadar Rasulullah reaffirming his faith the last word expected to be recited by every believer at the time of death seen as a sign of success. One of the guards apparently reminded him of Muqtada Sadar the Shia Cleric whose father was executed by Saddam and the footage was repeatedly relayed on Iraqi TV and other Televisions stations all over the world to neutralise the impact of his death. However the impact of Saddam on the lives of Iraqis was so enormous which still lingers and even now brings to memory the almost thirty years of his life when he dominated the Country. The timing of the execution during the Eid Festival when all Muslims were celebrating the Eid Adha the Festival of sacrifice seen by many people as politically motivated was rather unfortunate  and had less impact than what his executioners hoped for. While Saddam was being executed on the same day it was reported that the son of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki was getting married with lavish celebration inside the protected green zone in Baghdad. According to reports and Television footage shown Saddam Hussein made no attempt to resist his execution as he walked calmly towards the gallows with his hands tied behind his back in total silence and the picture was broadcast world wide. The disturbing images now available on the internet caused bewilderment in the Arab and Muslim World was understood to have been released on the order of the Iraqi National security adviser  Mouwaffak  Al-Rubaie who was present at the former dictators execution.

It was first shown by the Iraqi TV which like all other stations did not show the exact moment of death that were later released on mobile footages. After the doctor’s certification of  the former Iraqi leader’s death his body was transported to the offices of the Prime Minister and within twenty four hours transported in a military helicopter to his home town of Takrit for burial near the grave of his two sons Uday and Qusay killed by the Americans in 2003 after the invasion of Iraq. The daughters of Saddam Hussein Raghad and Rana fled Iraq in July the same year to Jordan after the killing of their brothers before the capture of the father. The two sisters whose mother Sajida the wife of Saddam with three other wives went in exile said to be the guests of the Jordanian Royal family. The final footage of Saddam’s image captured on video captioned death on Camera as reported by one British Newspaper the Daily Mail gave dramatic eyewitness reports and in depth analysis account of the hanging of the former leader described as disturbing and brutal questioning rhetorically “Was this a good day for civilisation?” .Well whatever point of views one may have the interesting thing captured was the final words of the former Iraqi Leader was the Kalimatush Shahada which every Muslim is longing to Recite at the end of  his or her life .While many people saw Saddam as a dictator Who ruled with iron fist others saw him as a hero even as a martyr who  was extraordinarily defiant even at the time of death refusing to wear the usual black hood worn by prisoners before execution giving the graphic picture of final inevitable end which one meets. Unfortunately the latest Video has rather generated more controversy and hatred to the invaders than love drawing more sympathy to the former dictator than condemnation for his crime against humanity charges which brought his execution on the 30th December two days before the new year coinciding with the Eid El Kabir Festival.


Wa Akhiri Daawana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen.