Disintegration of Nigeria-State Is the Answer: A Critical Conversation & Forward-Looking Strategy


Carlisle U.O. Umunnah




The nation-State called Nigeria is coming to a closure some insiders inside the international intelligent community have predicated some decades ago. Recently, this list has added to its feathers the United States intelligent community. Nigeria, a former vassal state of Great Britain came to be in 1914 amalgamation of Southern and Northern Protectorates and Lagos Colony by the Privy Council in London; following the Berlin Pact of “1889—the Great Scramble for Africa.” Overtime, it purportedly, gained Independence from Britain, in 1960. Since then, this enterprise has been through civil war that dragged on for three years [1967-1970] with over six [6] million of its citizens mainly of Igbo-extraction killed. Sadly so, from 1960 till date, it has been subjected to all kinds of political and economic experiments that include disturbing mismanagements and bewildering corruptions. Today, it is self-evident that this corruption has widened in depth, scope, and in thickness overtime under Obasanjo administration. Regrettably, during this period, the North under the civilian governments or military totalitarianism has governed her for 39 years and South-West for 8 years of almost all the 49 years of its painful existence. Former Eastern-Region, its economic-engine—has benefited little, and worse still, has not be given the opportunity to govern her except brief six [6] months under J.T.Y. Aguiyi-Ironsi, in 1966. 


It is imperative to state here, that because of this aforementioned generational evils, generational ills, the Niger-Basin has become stronghold for revolutionary-movements, housing militia-groups seeking separation, self-determination and control of its petro-productions, in other, to alleviate the suffering of its peoples; this movement is understandable considers the untold hardship suffered by the people as facilitated by incompetence of past leaderships and present leaderships, irrespective of the fact that, Niger-Basin is home to the nation’s largest economic-base.


Former Eastern region and its populations largely have being on the receiving end of abuse, humiliations, killings and insults, yet this government and those before her, stubbornly and foolishly refused to listen to her challenges and difficulties. Nigeria-state and its intelligent community rather, uses divide and conquer, to repress her, creating and facilitating a climate for looting of the national treasuries with impunity to rock-bottom, daily. It is one fraudulent administration after another.  Regardless of the enormous resources, the entity can neither boast of modern-military-capability, nor modern-day-rapid-police force with state-of-the-art capability to contain external and internal aggressions. Its roads, air-waves, waterways, infrastructures, educational institutions [primary, secondary and territory institutions] and the labor-force amongst others are in dilapidated state. In short, it is a complete provocation—or simply put an absolute ruination of multifaceted dimensional.


This British creationism call Nigeria is currently in claustrophobic state. In retrospect, a pseudo-institution which is, neither moving forward or otherwise; a floating enterprise, dangerously edgy, muddled and tumultuous with unimaginable disaster, a keg of volcano facilitated by a vicious, criminal, and incompetent leaders.  


If care is not taken, this hot-spot will catch unquenchable infamy. By application, any fallout could be detrimental to human decency, order, and human sensibility. The current expediency would factor out to defile the barometer, or any other measuring instruments from 2007 upward. These indices includes political, economical and ethnicity facts-sheets. Political scientist can implicitly and honestly diagnose this further with perhaps more precision-guided details on what would confront her today and in the future. This is specially-so, if-and-only-if, the concerns of former Eastern-Region remains un-addressed today. The former Eastern region must be given the chance to rule or we will go our individual-ways. The line has been drawn on the sand. If the East were not given the chance to take charge at the presidency level, all heads will break loose from 2007 heads-on. It is not a threat; it is a fact—it is a promise. Go and mark today’s date.  


As for Peter Odili and Duke, they have disgraced themselves in the altar of mediocrity, into the abyss of self. Their quest for second fiddles, abandoning Eastern interests, national interests for their selfish interests as exemplified in their scramble for Ministerial and Vice Presidential Positions is un-heard of. For us, their actions are criminal and culpable and will never be forgotten. They have sinned against the people this fifth time! Men we wanted to give support turned the corner and betrayed the Easterner-political committees and peoples. These men should face the wall and cry in shame because they have been unmasked for eternality unless they change and confess publicly what triggered their misguided greed.


Interestingly, I am one of the greatest critics of Orji Kalu and his shameful miss-management and misgovernance of Abia-State. The fact that Kalu stood his ground, insisting that it is presidency or nothing, is commendable; even when he was baited with V.P. position by Mallam Buhari, at ANPP, he resisted it. At least for once, Maazi Kalu, have shown that he can be a true-son of the soil by refusing Vice President Position in any party platform, except offered President Position that is due former Easterner region today.  Ebitu Ukiwe: the man is a representation of honor, an embodiment of dignity and human decency. He again displayed integrity by standing his grounds even as PDP, nests of killers refused some presidential primaries aspirants a speaking opportunity to address the Convention.


In another twist, however, we are reliably informed that Maazi Odili fainted at the just concluded PDP charade called Convention last year 2006. The report stated, that when he [Odili] got wind that Jonathan, Bayelsa-state Governor, bagged PDP running-mate to Kastina-State Governor, Musa Yar’dua he was very disappointed. As the scramble for VP and Ministerial positions unfolded, those with hidden agendas were unmasked. Today, Odili, is been probed for over 200 billion Naira, just as the Speaker, Rivers-state House of Assembly, Rotimi Amechi came under probe of over 100 billion Naira all from Rivers-State coffers in a mysterious contracts deals. 


As it were, pundits wonder why only Former Eastern and Middle-Belt governors, though some of them corrupt, were subject to EFCC probes and investigations. Can we say that Northern governors are pure and clean? Not even a single Northern Governor under probe and or under incessant harassments? Are Northern Governors more righteous than their Eastern/Middle-Belt counterparts?   Evidence shows, that EFCC under the directives Aso-Villa, uses intimidation, humiliation and harassments to deny Easterners/Middle-Belters their due right to govern this country. In addition, Obasanjo inner-circles still intend to hang unto power and will use any means necessary including creating more chaos to remain in power beyond May 27, 2007.


Many factors are asymmetrically and systemically at play here: Geo-political governance of this entity and its economic ballpark has been under the control of Hausa control and today Hausa/Yoruba alliance is it. Since the British abruptly and criminally bequeathed power to the nation, the nation has been controlled by outsiders from none Eastern-origin. Easterners have been sidelined for too long-a-time, it has not benefited from the petro-dollars drilled from its frontiers. 


We are saying enough is enough. Former Eastern region will not allow itself to be led again by individuals from the Northern and South-Western parts of the country. If they deny the latter region the chance to lead Nigeria-State today there will be insurmountable commotion. It is as simple as that. Musa Yara’dua will not rule over us and South-West will not rule over us either. NOT anymore, after Obasanjo’s disastrous outings, laced with illegalities and unconstitutionalities at all branches of government. It is time to look these fellows in the eyes and tell them the hard truth: go to Hell. It is time to tell them to return to their regions and govern themselves, as we will return to our region and govern ourselves. Enough said. Anything, short of the aforementioned will lead to yet another crisis—even civil war. Period. End of story. 


Now, let us critically look at possible solutions, resolutions. We will also look at the possibility of disintegrating the enterprise called Nigeria-State amicably. If the idea of disintegration sails through, varying constituencies will do better than the present contraptions. The new arrangement will attract honest development with seasonal maintenance culture; furthermore, former nations-states of former Nigeria will develop better relationship than what we are doing now and would perform better based on mutual respect in all form of economic and political platforms with forward looking strategies as it converges at the committee of nations simultaneously to discuss global issues, for common good for world’s peoples.  


For your consideration, here is the count-down that would assist us respond to and cure us our maladies that culminated since out-break of 1960 political epidemic.  Do now: split Nigeria-state into three parts:


Homework and solutions: Splitting the Nigeria-State as presently constituted into three [3] parts. Investigate how it will assist her to engage in new re-alignment, by beginning to explore life outside petro-dollars that has caused so-much disaffection and negativity in this plate.


Divisibility components and its operational formulae:


1.     The core North culturally and traditionally runs a close system. Essentially, and markedly, pulling Arewa-Nation together to enlarge its ideological Arabaization schemes would be good for her finally. In short, one of the reasons for imposing Organization of Islamic Countries [OIC] on us without consultations of other integral part of the nation’s leadership under Babangida regime was the ideologue found in Islamic fundamentalism. In other words, Arab-nationalism will be fully accomplished. To this end, if we accomplish the separation today into regional states, there will be less friction and more cohesion regionally. Hausa language will become the national language of a new Arab-republic in the north. This republic can actually merge with its neighbors like Chad and Niger nations-states if, they collaboratively agree based on mutual respect and right to secession of its members.   

2.     South-West: culturally and traditionally also run a close system. Odua-Nation, for the first time will learn to live by itself, play better politics together, all together; they will also make a beautiful political group. In other words, Ooduduwa-fiefdom will finally accomplish what it longed and thirsted for centuries-ago. It will be like a dream come true. Odua-nationalism will be a powerful entity to watch, however. Yoruba language will be the national language for this entity.  

     Edo-Nation will choose to join Biafra-Nation or Oodua-Nation. The choice is theirs.  

3.     Plateau and former Benue States will join former Eastern region expectedly. In the past, we’ve worked together and can work together again. Traditionally and culturally, the entire Niger-Basin populations are kinsmen and kinswomen, same lineage and same heritage until the Nigeria-State politicized the region, regionally. The group of these kinsmen runs an open system. Igbo language will become the national language for all within this Nation-State. Biafra-State will be fully restored under open system operationally. Igbo-Israelism is an extension of Igbo-nationalism. Ita Eyo and Margaret Ekpo represented former Eastern region in the 60s for example. As a free society, if Ijaw-nation, decides to go the route of self-determination, they are free; however, Balkanization of Biafra-State and all Igbo-speaking areas will not be tolerated. Any such incursion and/or balkanization will be interpreted or seen as a provocation, an aggression against Peoples Republic of Biafra. You are free to choose. Either way the choice is yours.  


Folks, each of these regions have their own criminals and looters at high and low places governmentally and otherwise. Regional Bureaus on Fraud can honestly be established to deal with individual-regional pillagers regionally at the newly formed nations-States level. The current corrupt EFCC platform cannot run an honest war on corruption due to egotistical and ethnically driven operationalities. Sycophancy and cronyism will defeat good intentions and good decisions. Remember the 1966 Coup and/or revolution, whichever makes you happy, failed, because of regionalism and ethnicism characterizations. These characterizations are still present today. The 1966 revolution was ethnically and regionally sabotaged. No matter how much efforts is put into Nigeria, I am afraid, Nigeria will not work because of sentiments arising from regions and religions—Christianity and Muslimism. In Nigeria-State, corruption and misrule are ethnically and regionally driven. Moreover, the nation is too big, with few truly educated bureaucrats to run the institutional industries. What we have are mainly educated illiterates; that can neither proffer solution nor engage in educational, scientific and pedagogical researches analytically for social consumptions.  There is lack of literacy capacity to match its size, thusly, allowing room for tribalism, regional sensationalism to fill the gap, which has become increasingly strong impediments toward sustainable development for a workable nation-state. How about religion? Religiosity is a powerful component of some nations-states, almost to a point it becomes religious-social-strata: identification classification—for example Mullah Iran. Such classification strata economically and religiously could very easily trigger a big religious-war. The civil war of the 60s was mainly driven by religion, sir. Whether we like it or not, someone like Buhari, is a religious fundamentalist—fanatic, if you like. Buhari, for instance, believes strongly in Arab-nationalism. Some of his public proclamations agree with such remarks. Easterners have similar spiritual mechanism but is balanced though, through its open-system of governance—of a highly democratic-make-up; they believe strongly in Igbo-Israelism or their connections to Jerusalem—the center-of-gravity of world politics—the gulf-of-world-commotions—gulf-peninsula.


Finally, peaceful disintegration of Nigeria is the only way out of this mess. Peaceful partitioning of the member-state will assist restore some sensibility and reasonability in our peoples. We can still be good neighbors. It has nothing to do with cross-tribal marriages and what not. Cross-marriages among ethnic-groups are personal, has no stately characteristics. Planes will continue to drop off from the skies until this is accomplished or true-federalism established. Today, you hardly find a region or individuals that honestly beat their chest in defense of the Nigeria-State. Folks have lost faith in it. Those who parade themselves as Nigerian-lovers like Obasanjo and others have been exposed with their massive-looted wealth from the national treasuries; so-much-so, that folks want to die in power in an attempt to avoid second missionary-journey to jail-house. Say I more? I believe that the earlier we recognize these facts-sheets, and run with them, the better we will become the beginning of wisdom and the ending of our miseries. This British creationism called Nigeria is a time boom as it stands now; nonetheless, there is hope that it can still be save from its slide to peril. Time is running out for those who care; those who want to listen may consider these critical conversations for evaluations. Those who are peacemakers, it is time to privatize and strategize peace. Let us increase the peace by returning to our regions and heritages, by dividing Nigeria-State today for this is the only possible solution to save her from its current misplaced priorities of a broken estate. It makes sense.  



Carlisle U.O. UMUNNAH
Is New York Based Freelance Writer

January 2007


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