Stupidity Inc.


Ihas Idriess


I was opportune to watch thanks to AIT the repeat broadcast of the Press Conference held by the Alliance Committee of the All Nigeria People Party (ANPP) and Alliance of Criminals (AC), in which speaker after speaker faulted the expulsion of Vice President Atiku Abubakar from PDP and the subsequent declaring of the Vice President seat vacant though now retracted by the government, they all stress on the need for the government to be law abiding in its dealings with the VP.


Now before I continue let me make one thing absolutely clear, I am by no means a fun of either Atiku nor Obasanjo and their wicked, visionless government, I also wish the National Assembly will do this nation the second greatest service after killing the third term agenda by dismissing the stupid duo out of Aso for good.  Having said this, is it not just ironic that, the Vice President who for the past seven years has been part and parcel of the PDP, the party that is known for its lawlessness and disregard for common laid down procedures, the same party which during the 419 elections of 2003 he headed the lawless cabal that went from state to state fixing elections and returning PDP as victor in most of the states of the federation through every questionable means even where elections where not held, is today asking the same party to tow the side of law and order. Having eaten, sleep PDP, we expect Atiku to understand the working of the party more than anyone in the country and to know the antecedents of the party very well.


Its indeed very difficult if not impossible to understand the driving force behind Atikuís stupid action of wanting to remain Vice President of Nigeria under a PDP government and a Presidential Aspirant of AC, although we all know the Vice President as extremely  greedy nobody ever taught his level of greed has reached the extent that it has turned him into a fulltime dim-witted fellow, He taught that after serving as Vice President for the pass seven years during which he held sway juicy appointments and parastatals and have enriched himself without any form of distraction or regard for law and order feels its just natural to continue to the highest office unhindered by all means.

The fact that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is silent on the scenario of a defecting Vice President, Atiku Abubakar should know that the constitution is always and will forever be subject to interpretation and that when it came to elucidation he is still at the mercy of a lawless President, who have been his partner in crime for the pass seven years and a Party which he(Atiku) help build into a cabal of unruly individuals plus a Judiciary that can declare an election valid even where not a single vote was cast, a Judiciary that can honor the invitation of the Mr. President anytime, anywhere, even when they were about passing judgment in a case involving the President for a private get-together in the Villa, as it happened during the 2003 election tribunal, such are the individual that will interpret the constitution for Mr. President. 


I am dumbfounded that our Vice President have conveniently forgot the precursor of his party and his Boss who he knows controls the Police, the State Security Service, the Armed Forces and his disdain for law and order and above all, we all know as an ex-convict who have started serving his sentence, the old man is kinky upstairs. Abubakar would have saved himself the humiliation of being the only Vice President in the history of the world without aides, if he had quit his present position honorably and pursue his ambition on another platform fully, with a very fat purse as that of Mr. Atiku, I am sure no party can turn him down in Nigeria.


While watching the ANPP/AC press conference I note with dismay that speakers, like Ogbeh acting so stupid and unrealistic, that one begin to wonder what is wrong with our leaders, we all know him as a big time member of AC, yet he stand there foolishly questioning why Atiku should be expel from PDP, I couldnít just make what actually was he trying to prove because if PDP did not expel Atiku, where on earth will they get themselves access to the Millions at their disposal now? I think its morally wrong for Atiku to split the Presidency whether he was pushed out of PDP or maltreated, by the way how many founding fathers and members of the party PDP, did Atiku make their life unbearable and were forced to resign from the party, why canít he be Honorable enough and follow their lead and resign too, after all he told the whole world that for the pass 2year or so he was just in the Villa for being their sake, what is he holding on to? or is it true that he was holding on to the seat for the sake of immunity from Ribadu and his boys?


I would not want to be misunderstood for backing the action of Obasanjo or his government, far from it, but what I want to understand is why is the VP hanging unto the post when he knows that he has personally trained the Ota farmer turn politician into a ballyhoo that is now ready to unleash mayhem, lawlessness and all other unconstitutional means on the dear VP.


A friend once told me what goes around comes around, the VP is testing his own brand of medicine, I just urge Nigerians to relax and enjoy the show of lawlessness between the two touts, its just a matter of months for the duo to be moved out of the Presidency to the Prisons where they all really belongs.