Porn Video Clip: Deceit Vs. Complacency


Muhammad Mudi Adamu


Finally the much dreaded has happened. The Hausa filmmakers have succeeded in desecrating and defiling the hitherto respected Hausa culture. The anger, bitterness and uproar that greeted the recently circulated porn video clip starring a Hausa actress (Maryam Hiyana) and an obscure Bobo, clearly shows that we were hit where it hearts.

But that is the price of complacency.


The filmmakers, for over a decade, have been destroying our culture and religion without facing any challenge from the right quarters i.e. the govt. The calls, appeals and petitions by the Muslims-Ummah to the Kano State govt. the emirate, as well as producers to sanities the industry and respect the religion, culture and intelligence of our people by making sure immorality is not spread in the guise of Hausa films were dumped. Tacit and sometimes open support was enjoyed by this bunch of rascals from the very institution supposed to put an end to their disastrous activities.


In spite of the people opprobrium, the filmmakers spread all kinds of evil, through their trash, with impunity. The Govt. which pledges to protect our religion compounded our already sorry situation by openly supporting immorality. One can painfully recall how governor Shekarau publicly entertained these people and even honoured the most indecent among them with gifts!


Also public criticism of the indecency of Hausa films was once rebuked by a top govt. official (former commissioner of information), saying time is not ripe for corrections. Moreover the religious leader of this govt. was publicly heard defending almost all the immorality being spread by these people, rebuking anybody who tried to criticize them.

The disappointing punishment of only “suspending the actress for five years” by this “Shari’ah” government strengthen the public surmise that these ill mannered bunch enjoys govt. backing surreptitiously. The most painful reality is that this govt. was voted in to protect Shari’ah.


On the other hand, equally guilty are the general public that patronizes the films. I cant understand how somebody can buy a product the contents of which he detest. These bunch of copycats were promoted by the society. Their films are bought, they are hailed and even the posters of the most coquettish among them are on ,almost, every car.

The media also played a major role in promoting this indecency called Hausa films. In Kano, for example, “Freedom Radio”, itself a notorious plagiarist, is the chief promoter of this trash. Thousands of our  children lost their  memorized Qur’anic verses  due to incessant  Hausa film songs played by this station. The verses were replaced with Sangaya, Dawayya, Katanga, Dutsen Dala, Mai-Babbar-Riga, and so on.


We must do something about this serious situation or risk facing the wrath of Allah which can engulf all of us.


Equally disturbing is the unfolding scenario where Maryam is being made a scapegoat by both the government and filmmakers association. While the general feeling of the public is that the whole film-makers are guilty of all these evils, the government and the filmmakers’ association were only condemning Maryam, the filmmakers are surprisingly more sincere than the government by admitting that there are many ‘bad eggs’ among them. Non the less the filmmakers declaration and subsequent expelling some of its members in questionable considering the fact that they knew everything about the porn video for over three months now. Why didn’t they take action before? They should stop pretending and apologize to the public for their complicity in this shameful happenings.


It is quite bewildering that all of a sudden the most rotten of these people are in the local media announcing that they will deal with “bad eggs” in the industry.


The public problem is not with the “bad eggs” but with the films that are produced and sold to the public.


The Mandawaris, Nakongos et al should not capitalize on this tragedy to settle scores with their perceived enemies and at the same time try to hoodwink the public in to believing that they are sanitizing the films. There is a glaring difference between an artist and the films he acted in. an artist only act in a film according to the director’s orders. When he is off-stage he is on his own.


What the public want is the total elimination of indecency in the Hausa Films, period.


The Government should also please, respect our intelligence and stop treating this issue with kid gloves. There is no point in “condemning” the “actress of Bauchi origin” and her “Adamawa lover” for the video clip of illicit sex “which was done in Lagos” while it is Kano that provided and still provides the atmosphere for such unfortunate incidences to occur.


Should we cut the branches of a thorn tree or the tree itself? Kano Government should live up to expectation and do something to sanitize these films not just “condemn and suspend” a single actress.


Muhammad Mudi adamu