Maryam Hiyana’s Lagos Escapades


Saleh Ibrahim Bature


The licentious, odious and shameful latest clip showing Maryam Hiyana, a popular actress in Kannywood Industry and her boy friend posing stark naked as the day they were born, is to say the least offensive. The clip which is described as the most obscene show in the history of film making in Nigeria has generated a heated debate among Hausa home video enthusiasts, stars, producers and the general public.


Not long ago, criticism against the lifestyle of stars in Kannywood movies especially by religious bodies and concerned individuals received media attention and public denunciation across the length and breadth of the North. The recent unfortunate incidence has therefore put to rest claims by those in support of the Hausa Film as a conveyor belt for cultural renaissance in the North.


When Hausa Film debuted and was beginning to receive attention in the late 80’s, the expectation was that these films would promote our culture and protect all the values we hold as sacred. Based on this, the undersigned was one of the fanatical exponents and supporter of the Hausa Film Videos. But my interest suddenly changed to overt hatred for what I realized as too much intrusion of Western culture and influence of Indian music and dances in the scenes of most of these movies. Despite lacking originality in both theme and concept, the Hausa Home Video also has the problem of poor production, poor lighting and character mismatch among other eyesores.


For Maryam and Bobo, there is no lamentation or remorse that can assuage their sense of guilt because the damage has already been done. So also the expulsion of 17 other stars for engaging in similar disgusting, unpalatable and disagreeable behaviours that is incongruous with the accepted norms of the society in which we live. This does not in any way mean an end to such licentious and obscene practices in the Hausa Film industry, because the expulsion do not stop the stars affected to cross carpet to any of the film video producers across the nation, where there is relatively less stricter rule on obscenity.


Stardom, be it in Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Kannywood or in any other Wood is sadly replete with stories of sex scandals, envy, drunkenness, avarice and other related social vices. To therefore think that somebody will bring an end to the indecency, immorality and vulgarness that is being exhibited by the stars of popular home videos in Nigeria will certainly be an exercise in futility.


Even though I have not watched that show of shame which has been described as the first Hausa/Fulani Blue Film, Clip of which is circulating on CDs and Mobile Phone Screens of whoever cares to download, I have however had the opportunity to read and talked with people who had watched it.


As a Muslim, I vehemently detest the circulation of the obnoxious clip because doing that is tantamount to being an accessory to the accursed Satan. In the same vein, I also take exception to the position taken by those who support the idea that Maryam and Bobo have the right and are at liberty to do as they deem fit with their bodies. Committing fornication is a grave sin, but exposing a Muslim adult woman posing nude is a greater sin in Islam.


No matter how bad one would feel about Maryam and her friend’s excesses, one must feel sad and sympathize with the duo especially when they remorsefully appealed for forgiveness to all those who felt offended by their action. Accordingly, I would seize this opportunity and advise the victims to seek forgiveness from Allah, the Almighty, the oft forgiving, supreme lord and bestower of all bounties and favour for their sin. Allah may forgive them, but the trauma and stigma they may have to go through and the embarrassment, shame and hatred they caused to themselves and members of their families will definitely continue to haunt them for a very long time. What for instance will Maryam and her friend tell their children when they grow up and find about the heinous sin they committed? There is no gainsaying the fact that Maryam has got what she wanted during her few year sojourn in Kannywood movies. Having got popularity and money, two attractions that lure our daughters into film making, Maryam will now have to painfully live in shame and perpetual hiding because of the eight minutes film showing her nude pictures in the most crudest posture ever recorded in the history of home video production in Nigeria.


The rumour being paraded that Maryam is being haunted by some aggrieved people who felt offended by her odious show of shame is in my opinion baseless because it was God she offended and it is to him she owes her indebtedness.


However, she should be wary of those NGOs who I learnt have surreptitiously approached her under the guise of Human Rights and in an effort to make a safe passage for her out of the country to go and stay in Europe or America. Maryam must not shake the dust of Nigeria off her feet to regain her happiness and dignity. She should stay here; repent, get married and be a responsible housewife, for that is what is expected of every decent girl in the society and the culture and tradition which Maryam was brought up.


Finally, for whatever wrong Maryam Hiyana might have committed, she should take solace in belief that Allah loves sincere repentance and it is in his remembrance and forgiveness do hearts have peace.