Shekarau On Ribadu’s Dismissal


Muhammadu Aminu, OFS


The comments of people like Shekarau are not in anyway surprising. I live in Kano, I supported Malam Ibrahim Shekarau in 2003, I know how well he has justified the mandate he won in 2003 courtesy Buhari's SAK declaration. It is unfortunate Shekarau choose to destroy what made him popular - his superficial integrity and Buhari. What Shekarau would have said is if the allegations against him by Nuhu Ribadu were wrong or correct. Ask anybody in Kano that is not benefiting directly from Shekarau's government if there is anything worth celebrating for all the billions he has received as allocations. All the things Kwankwaso was accused of, Shekarau has since beaten the records. With such comments from people like Shekarau who is by every standard a political opportunist, an elected governor (in his first term), what again do we need to justify the fact that Ribadu is being persecuted. I have always known Shekarau has a hand in the travails of Ribadu. He would have used the time he used to celebrate the down fall of Ribadu to explain to Kanawas if he was indeed innocent of the allegations of corruption against him. I have no doubt that the allegations then compared to the executive financial recklessness of the last 19 months is like comparing a goat with a cow. We all agree Ribadu took some wrong steps but obviously, we are not in doubt that he is right with virtually all the allegations against all the criminals parading themselves as Executive Executhieves (or former).


People like Shekarau are the major problems of the North and Nigeria in general. They find it easy to run back to Islam and Qur'an to cover their dirty acts and shameful reign. Malam, the same Islam you refer to is serious about accountability. Islam is serious about good governance. The holy prophet was a leader of his people and we know that administration is much more than employing some party thugs and call them hisbas. We know very clearly Malam that Islam is all about equity and justice. In an Islamic system, being a governor is not an automatic means of wealth. Be Sincere Malam, if you stand before Allah this minute, will you look Allah in the face and tell The Almighty (SWT) that you govern Kano State judiciously, prudently, astutely and free of corruption? Malam you need to be told that if you consider the travails of Nuhu Ribadu as the teachings of Islam, then you should sincerely stand in the Ka’abaa and ask Allah to let you (Shekarau) also go through the teachings of Islam as he is going through. Malam, Nuhu Ribadu is only going through the teachings of all the public criminals that have unfortunately ruled us in the last nine years. Much as we know that Ribadu was wrong to have seen Obasanjo as being “clean” we also clearly do know that all the governors are worst than common thieves including His Excellency Malam Ibrahim Shekarau himself. We do not need any soothsayer to know this. We do not need to pay any Malam to know and clearly too that Malam has not also loved others as he loves himself and the people who aided and funded his coming to limelight. Malam, should be told and loudly too that his reign as a Governor will expire come May 2011. The Sule Yau’s of this world should tell Malam that when his likes would have been forgotten, the Ribadu’s of this world will still exist in our hearts. Senator Kabiru Gaya should please sound it to Malam that when it will be a thing of shame for some of us to let our children read about one Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, it will be joyous and a source of pride to hear our children speak about one Malam Nuhu Ribadu. Shekarau should be told that we are not surprised he spoke the way he did. Afterall, nobody will expect any criminal to speak well of the Police. We know the criminal here and we are not in doubt who, the police is. It would have been a miracle of the world if Nuhu had survived this apparent witch hunt and wicked persecution. I have always told people Shekarau is involved and his comment has made me a prophet. Shekarau has left no one in doubt that the Ibrahim Shekarau we all supported in 2003 is no more. The Shekaraus of this part of the world should be told this will not continue for ever. He should be told that if he could be voted for as he was in 2003, the people of Nigeria will still rise up against people like him. Shekarau may be fooled to think we still listen to him, all what we hear when he speaks is the voice of a man who was in the right side of humanity before he was pitied and voted for as governor of Kano State.


Shekarau should be told that when his likes would have be sent back to smelly and dirty part of history, the Nigeria populace will remember Nuhu Ribadu as a man who stood and fought for the integrity of a country bastardized by political opportunists. When the name Ibrahim Shekarau will not mean more than that of a passer by to an Almajiri in the street of Brigade, the name Nuhu Ribadu will resonate loud in halls of Bayero University, Kano. When Ibrahim Shekarau will only be remembered as a man who represented the problem of Nigeria, Malam Nuhu Ribadu will be remembered as one who represents/represented the solutions.


Somebody should please tell Shekarau that no matter how much he and his criminal colleagues try, we know who is on our side. We know those we will advice our children to consider as role models. We know those who Allah himself will be proud to have into this world. We know very clearly those who stood by and fought for us. We know those who will be remembered for good by Nigeria and Nigerians. We know those who will be remembered in the syllabuses of our schools in the future. We know very clearly how history will remember everybody. We know those who have traveled abroad to bring us honour as a people and as a nation. The whole world knows is the criminal and who fought criminals. May Allah (SWT) judge us all according to our deeds and intentions. I hope the Shekaraus of this world will say amen. Ribadu, don’t worry, we know them all. They have reached the peak of their life but for you Sir, this is just the beginning.