Riba Haram Wanted To Spare The Children Of Nigeria


Farouk Martins Aresa




When any of the militia starts setting empty schools of children ablaze, kidnapping children and old people, they have lost the essence of their causes. It is revolting to any sense of justice and fair play that is epitomized in every religion. Children are the most precious gift in life and they are gentle, innocent and pure of any gripe we may have. Every book of religion crave that little children come to them since the Kingdom of Allah, God, Yahweh belong to those that have their conscience.  


What is next? Are we going to see body parts of children split all over the place on international television pointing out how crude and primitively we practice their religions? This has gone beyond any reasonable cause, induced madness or religious spells and charms. Those perpetrating mayhem on children will not go unpunished by their own gods and devils. They have revealed themselves to the rest of Nigeria and the world that they are charlatans without genuine causes.


It is one thing to target adults that you see as oppressors but quite another to try and hurt those that have no inkling of why they deserve to be targeted for such ungodly acts. Those that try to justify any cowardly act on children as collateral damage are scums of the earth that will never enjoy or see a single virgin in heaven. MEND lost sympathy when they overreached and started bloody mayhem on the weak, old, women and children.  


The competition for the Government of Nigeria by terrorist groups trained outside the Country has grown to unpredictable disaster. You can only rule Nigeria if you are either backed by a terrorist group functioning within the Armed Forces or outside of it. When police looked the other way so that terrorists could go free and our court of law granted bail to terrorist, even God cannot come down and save us since we know what we are doing.


Many Nigerians claim that the politicians know what to do but will not do so because it may not be in their personal interest. Africa also has its share of brilliant men and women that are problem solvers but they will not be engaged locally because these are highly principle people that do not succumb to the wishes and caprices of Any Party In Power.


It is only cowards that pick on the innocent and the unarmed people like children, hardworking “bloody” civilians or drivers and conductors on our roads. They call us easy target because they have to work harder to penetrate the formidable security of the rich and the powerful. But when deals go wrong between militia and the police or the military that rent arms to and encourage hooligans, they start fighting one another turning our communities into war zones.


It is very humiliating that Nigeria that has one of the best peace keeping force in the world has to seek international assistance to fight our own local devils. Even when these devils have outside influence to destabilize Nigeria, no foreign soldier will die on our soil willingly by claiming they are protecting democracy. Instead, our leaders will compromise our national security. What our leaders will not disclose locally is fed to foreign governments freely.


We are begging OPC, MASSOB, Boko Haram and MEND amongst us to please redirect and channel their grievances where it can make the greatest impact on their lives and those of fellow Nigerians by joining together as RIBA HARAM so that we can fight the corrupt powers that ail our Nation. It is unfortunate that there is no coordination between the militia to face the common enemies of our Country.


Dedicated Nigerian youths, that want to rescue their Country from politicians must find a common ground for the next mission after Take Nigeria Back demonstrations failed to ignite the conscience of looters. If you are sure you have the bravery, determination and can be very passionate about Nigeria like our ethnic militia brothers, come on. Those in the Northern part of the Country already enrolled as Boko Haram members can redeploy into RIBA HARAM.


Jobless Nigerian youths have been sitting idle looking for a cause for a long time. Out of frustration, they have formed various militia along ethnic lines. It is well known that some of their efforts have been exploited against the Country they love and want to inherit. Since a house divided within itself cannot stand, politicians have been encouraging divisions of the youths to the detriment of the Country.


These divisions are exhibited in the acts of political thugs, union of transport workers and of course, ethnic militia. There is no common goal amongst them but where the money is coming from and the goal of the founders to loot the Central Bank of Nigeria legally or illegally. There is no shortage of fund to accomplish personal and selfish goals but when it comes to mobilization of the same fund to better the lives of the common folks and improve infrastructure, we get all kinds of excuses. 


When these youths are not recruited by militia, youths that some years ago would never dream of being armed robbers or prostitute are now easily recruited because they are desperate to for money to buy what politicians created at the window shopping malls. They also, like everyone else need to raise families, take care of body and soul. When people are poor and desperate, you can never predict their next action.


Many have observed that the frequency of collecting money at the road blocks is much higher in the South than in the North because of more tolerance for bribes in the South. We cannot imagine police demanding money at road block from militia. The same Armed Forces of Nigeria cannot tame Boko Haram or MEND in their communities, yet they pick on unarmed civilians shooting them to death over 20 or 50 naira. Life is so cheap that it can be taken away for so little.


Therefore we are calling on the youths of Nigeria to join hands together to empower RIBA HARAM. We can start from the police bribe on the roads. Corruption is so endemic in Nigeria, various chiefs of police cannot stop police from taking bribes at road blocks. At least about three chiefs of police have been defied by their subordinates and everyone went back to business as usual. They claimed they need the bribes as family support, maintenance of vehicles and kickbacks to the higher up.