Mr. Tinubu, and the Noah Effect



The person with the crossbow thinks that the monkey is not clever; the monkey is clever, but it is following its strategy. (It matters nothing if one is derided, as long as one knows what one is doing and why.)


Over the years certain key issues have confronted the Nigerian state, its government, the governed, and the structures itself, from a seeming lack of system to a lack of will and direction from those saddled with the responsibility to steer the ship of governance.


Such is the fundamental nature of the problems that they have become part of us. However, on many occasions, we have been provided with the opportunity to get it right but many times we let go of such moments.


"The Noah Effect" refers to the concept that can be applied to a new administration in Nigeria, or any country. This effect is inspired by the biblical character Noah and his journey to build the Ark.


I say in all my writings and public fora where I speak these days that I am a cautious optimist, an impatient one at that. We cannot keep running this nation by chance. I would love for Mr. Tinubu to leave a mark and move this nation one slow step forward. The real threat to that happening may sadly well be the inability of his government to define itself.


Because of the Noah Effect, it is almost certainly impossible because we have started another journey from a different spot on the same circle.


Renewed Hope needs to start to take shape, and as it is today, that is not happening, the best of speeches will make no difference, because the ordinary man is choking and is daily finding it hard to breathe.


I know that a sizeable number of Nigerians do not believe in Mr. Tinubu but the truth is that they have reasons and the right ones too, not to believe in the man.


Nigerians are tired of roadmaps; they want to be on the road and not on the map. Mr. Tinubu as a president needs to start defining his place in history; he needs to start walking all the talk. He needs to kick-start the process.


I am part of the school of thought that believes that he is not the reason why we are where we are today; I do not lay on his footpath the rot that Nigeria has become in terms of the kwashiorkor of the last 60 years.


However in my admonishment to, Mr. President and the agbadorians, I say with a clear conscience and venom that they will be blamed for the failed opportunities of the present, not only will they be accused, but they may make Mr. Buhari a star if their stewardship does not produce profound results


The argument and emoticons flying that one zone or religion has become overwhelmingly strong will not put food on the tables of Nigerians. If Mr. Tinubu likes or so desires, as a Yoruba, he should make the entire cabinet Yorubas or Awori men and women as long as there is a visibly significant improvement in livelihood for the ordinary Nigerians.


To the Tinubu crowd, tomorrow is the only language that appeals to the lazy man. While we watch, advice, and critic positively, although they may not listen, Mr. Tinubu needs to come of age, he needs to come into himself. They can help him, or as well destroy him.


There are issues everywhere that require attention; he cannot do all I argue consistently that some matters in Nigeria will sort themselves out. It will wean out of the system. Mr. Tinubu will not do so many things not for want of support, but for lack of guts; he needs to show it, act it, and be it!


The president can reduce the cost of our noise-making style of governance; all these gatherings and conglomerations of political non-entities and failed persons have to be slowly and steadily terminated. Appointments left, right, and center need to be reducedgovernance must and should start.


Mr. Tinubu needs to realize that as a nation, there are several interests and no-interests. It is instructive to know that there is an erosion of confidence, we have got to a stage where rational has been thrown to the wind.


Much like Noah, a new administration faces the daunting task of navigating through turbulent and uncertain waters. When a new government comes into power, it often inherits a myriad of challenges and crises. These challenges can be likened to the floodwaters that Noah had to overcome. In the face of adversity, Noah displayed determination, foresight, and an unwavering commitment to a greater purpose. What strikes me differently in this episode is that in a way Mr. Tinubu is taking over from Mr. Tinubu!


Similarly, a new administration must exhibit qualities such as vision, leadership, and resilience. They must work tirelessly to steer the nation away from the storms of corruption, economic instability, social unrest, and other issues that threaten the well-being of the citizens.


The "Noah Effect" symbolizes the need for leaders to prepare, plan, and construct their proverbial Arka blueprint for a better, more stable future. Just as Noah's Ark was a vessel of salvation, a new administration must be the catalyst for positive change and progress.


Nigeria's new administration must emulate the determination of Noah, who built the Ark against all odds. In the face of political, economic, and social challenges, Nigeria's leaders must steer the ship of state with wisdom, accountability, and a relentless commitment to safeguarding the interests and well-being of the Nigerian people.


Once upon a recent time, we had a section of the country hold sway, but it did not bring succor, what remains to be seen today is how Mr. Tinubu will conjure up an efficient management team that will be accountable and ready to serve the people.


How he will bring about a sense of belonging to everyone in the Nigerian project is what matters, how he attains that no one cares but without a firm resolve to get it right, it may just be a four-year jamboree.


The Yorubas say, b o ma ra il ra il, b o ma gba n gba n; m d k w soja Agb-m?kn k w m eku. Meaning that, if you wish to buy okro, buy okro; if you wish to receive a gratuity do so; a child does not come to a tiger hunt and catch rats.


One's deeds should be appropriate to the location, all the talk of not being a magician, settling down and related cock and bull story is just distractions.


Mr. Tinubu needs to be told by his retinue of advisers peradventure he does not know already that he is still presiding over a nation that has low expectations, some BRT buses in Abuja, peace in Jos, Borno, a new parastatal, or commission, some reform here and there is all and prompt, youths can earnestly start seeking for another term for him.


In the end, the "Noah Effect" serves as a powerful reminder that, no matter how turbulent the waters may be, visionary and resilient leadership can guide a nation to calmer shores. For Nigeria, this means that the new administration should embark on a journey of change, reform, and transformation that ensures a better future for allMay Nigeria win.