Has America Become A Colony Of Israel?


“His Majesty’s Government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.....The Balfour Declaration


Despite the obvious prominence of America in the Affairs of the state of Israel in the past half century and more, the world risks forgetting that it was, in fact, an Englishman, Lord Arthur Balfour, who was the principal author of the infamous letter addressed to the liberal British government of Prime Minister David Lloyd George on November 2, 1917, which crystallised into the Balfour Deliration.

The Balfour Declaration was not just the product of an elaborate conspiracy, it was also predicated on racism and religious bigotry, from which the world is yet to recover a more than a century after it took effect. The Declaration created the basis for the present crisis which even culminated in the bullying of a sitting American president by the Prime Minister of Israel last week. We shall return to this subject in due course.

In the meantime, it is worth nothing that one of the major flaws of the Balfour Declaration was that the Palestinians who were expected to part with land on which the state of Israel was to be created were never asked for their opinion on the matter. It was inconsequential to the imperial powers of the time. A brief research revealed that it was, in fact, Lionel Walter Rothschild, a British banker and a Zionist activist, who drafted the declaration with the help of fellow Zionists Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow, before it was later passed to Lord Balfour.

That ensued that the declaration was fully consistent with the wishes of Zionist leaders who hoped for a homeland in Palestine and later designed the intense immigration of Jews from all over the world to Palestine. Also, while the West expressed the hypocritical view that they were responsible for the suffering of the Jews, the fundamentalist Christians among them saw issues a little differently.

They saw an opportunity to depopulate their own lands of Jews and to fulfill the Biblical prophecy, according to which the return of the Christ will occur after the establishment of a Jewish kingdom in the Holy Land. In 1917, at the time of the declaration, Palestinian community was 90% of the total population while Jews amounting to around 50,000 only. By the time of Israel’s declaration of independence in 1947, this Jewish population increased to 600,000.

By this time, Jews had been actively establishing quasi-governmental institutions, provoking resistance from Palestinians which occurred in the form of minor uprisings in 1933, 1929, 1921 and 1920 and a major one which lasted from 1936 to 1939 which is also known as Palestine Arab Revolt. More than three wars after between the Arabs and the Israelis, the rest, as it is often said, is now history.

It is difficult to tell exactly when Israel became a ‘burden’ of the United States for sure, but Adolf Hitler’s treatment of the Jews of Europe is thought to have helped in no small way. Not only did the Holocaust created a moral burden for the world including Americans, the riches and brightest among the Jews took their immense financial resources and intellectual capital to new outposts in friendlier parts of Europe and the United States.  

Today, the Jewish lobby in America is the most formidable interest group in America. I should know. As a student, I took a course on Interest Group Politics in America and it was quite revealing. Even so, the Jewish lobby is only as strong and formidable as its stranglehold on the American economy, politics and the media. In America today, journalists employed by the leading television are fired for their lack discretion in handling news considered detrimental to Israel, and despite the efforts of David Duke and other rabid white supremacists in America, the status-quo has persisted.

In America, nearly all politicians seeking election into high political offices must seek the endorsement and support of the Jewish lobby in a nation where the mere criticism of Israel by politicians has become suicidal.

Their control of the American system in its entirety guarantees Israel and endless stream of American financial and military aide. There also seems to be an unwritten contract that requires America to guarantee Israel’s military superiority over its Arab neighbors regardless of its atrocities. Multitude of UN Resolutions calling for Israel to leave the occupied territories are ignored by Israel with the implicit support of America beginning with the landmark UN resolution 242 of November , 1967. And that is done side by side with America’s rabid disruption of the political systems and economies of the same Arab neighbors of Israel in the name of promoting democracy and human rights.

It is therefore not surprising that the few American Presidents who attempted to show an even hand in the handling of the Middle East crises have also proved to be the most unpopular among Americans due to the deliberate distortion of truth that commenced as far back as the time of the Balfour declaration. In a weird and wholesomely illogical twist of facts and history, the Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression have been cast in the role of terrorists, while the Jews are regarded as the victims.

President Jimmy Carter’s efforts resulted in the peace between Israel and Egypt. But that was as far as it went before he was booted out of office. Compared to Ronald Reagan and his gunboat diplomacy which swiftly resulted in the bombing of American marines in Lebanon, Carter was considered ‘too soft’ behind his back.

And now, it seems even Barack Obama will go down in history for not honoring America’s ‘obligations’ to Israel for his refusal to veto the landmark UN Security Council resolution to condemn Israel’s continued building of settlements on disputed Palestinian territory.

Incredibly, some of the comments widely attributed to Donald Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu even accused the UN of bias. Except the United States is now a colony of America, it is difficult to see how the same accusation could not be leveled against successive American administrations for its opposition to the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians backed by numerous UN resolutions regardless of the facts.

That aside, it also difficult to ignore the obvious racism evident in the treatment of the outgoing president Barack Obama by both the Israeli Prime Minister and Trump last week. In America, there is a saying that there can only be one President at a time. Donald Trump’s attempt to pull the rug from under the feet of Obama on the UN vote last week was both disrespectful and unprecedented. The world must now brace itself for worst patterns of behavior when he is inaugurated next month. He is an accident waiting to happen.