Footage on Count-Down to the January 1966 Coup


Dr. Segun Dawodu

Dr Akinola Maja (Senior) was a known Mentor of Kwame Nkrumah and was also known to have sponsored most of the political groups that Kwame belonged to in the early days. His Son, Dr. Ladipo Maja (of the famed Lagos women's song - O'n ro mio, O'n dun mi o , Dr.

Maja rora se - from his great prowess as an abortionist and doing Ceasarean section under Local Anaesthetics) was a known braggart who became close to Nkrumah from the relationship that had earlier developed between Kwame and Dr. Maja Snr.

As I was told by Dr. Ladipo Maja himself, it was from this friendship that Kwame  arranged his marriage to a Ghanaian Lady. This is a further proof of the closeness of Ladipo Maja to Kwame.

Even though he never accepted that he did anything wrong in this regard, stories from some of his close friends were that he was privy to plans by Nkrumah for a coup to topple Balewa and bring Awolowo into Power and in his usual brash manner went around town telling everyone in Lagos that the Balewa's Goverment was going to be overthrown.

When he was arrested, he decided to tell all he knew becoming the main government witness against Awolowo.

It is of importance that Sir Adetokunbo Ademola was also his Uncle and was involved in ensuing the co-operation of Ladipo in the matter.

It was also widely quoted that Awolowo made a comment later while talking to the older Maja that the son (i.e Ladipo had a big mouth and was a spoiler).

While it could be true that Ladipo was close to the government via Adetokunbo Ademola, this was only after he was indicted and the consequences of a treasonable felony charge were read to him, forcing him to betray his friendship. His Dad also never forgave him for this.

In later years, Ladipo was charged and sentenced for the murder of innocent labourers in a disputed Tomori Island (of Apapa Island) and served years in Jail at the Lagos Island Hospital!!! He subsequently became close friends to Kam Salem and Gowon through whom he got a lot of Medical retainership for NEPA and other Federal government parastatals.

The above information were gathered in the process of working for him in 1 year period in Lagos many many moons ago.