Nigerian Communications Satellite-1 (NigComSat-1): Missing in Action (MIA). By Abubakar A Nuhu-Koko

This writer had on several occasions not long ago, commented on Nigeria’s lacklustre and muddled Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy that is more often than not, intertwined with the nation’s confused Science, Engineering and Technology and Space Research and Development and Telecommunications (Telecoms) Policies. Of particular concern then and now, were (are): a)  the issues of the mismatches in articulating clear, implementable and sustainable national ICT, Space Science, Technology and Research and Development, and Telecoms Policies for the nation and b) management of the nation’s critical ICT, Space Science, Technology and Research and Development and Telecoms infrastructures. Details


The Stench From Speaker Bankole’s House. By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

What has Bankole’s House achieved so far except to wallow in one scandal or the other?  The story this time is centred on untidy purchase of fleets of exquisite, bullet-proof cars, inflations of prices, accusations and counter-accusations about sleaze and mindless squandering of billions of naira in a nation where 80% of the citizens live below poverty level. In fact, I am too disgusted to want to start recounting the stinking details on this page. Details


Support Your Local Sheriff, The EFCC. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in very recent times, is getting a lot of flack and negative press from Nigerians, most of them, as it has turned out, and from personal observation, unnecessary, unwarranted and unfair. Nigerians are very angry about the news they are hearing about the anti-graft organisation, and there have been one or two extreme calls for the head of the organisation to resign or be removed. This is very understandable, as Nigerians have invested a lot of hope in the organisation and look up to it as a way of getting redress and vengeance on the people who have made their lives that of poverty, hopelessness, underdevelopment and misery. Details


Excise Duty & Vat Increase: Driving SMEs Underground. By Les Leba

The collapse of crude oil prices from an all time high of almost $150/barrel to about $60/barrel in the last three months has jolted the major beneficiaries of our bloated export revenue.  We, of course, do not include the 80% or over 100 million Nigerians who manage to find sleep every night in spite of empty stomachs in the class of major beneficiaries of our oil revenue.  In reality, these hapless Nigerians are victims of the deliberate mismanagement of our economy by the political class and insensitive and parasitic public servants. Details


Diversification Of Nigeria’s Economy.  By Max Gbanite

A statement I read in the summits brochure under the photograph of Sir Ahmadu Bello should be enough to galvanize and invigorate the new leaders in the North to go beyond personal agenda and build on a collective agenda to rebuild the vast region in the larger interest of Nigeria; the statement reads thus, “Visionary leaders build men, and build institutions, men and institutions build the future… we see in tomorrows Northern Nigeria Exceptional business people and professional world class schools, industries and a prosperous nation. In the eyes of Sir Ahmadu Bello we see the greatness of a wealthy Nigeria, let’s build our economy, we dare you to see more! Let’s act together.” Details


Will Lower Crude Revenue Enhance Development? By Les Leba

However, cynics with long memories may observe that our development was retarded during this period and list our decrepit infrastructure and our current low ranking amongst the world’s poorest as evidence that our otherwise handsome dividends from crude export may well have been a curse than a blessing! Details


Nigeria's Foreign Reserve: How Safe? By Peluola Adewale

Nigeria has amassed huge revenue for almost decade now from the boom in the price of crude oil, which reached the all-time high of $147 in July 2008 before the deadweight of global financial crisis dragged it down. The price has slumped below $70 as of October and could continue to move southward. While it lasted, there was nothing fundamental to show for the boom in term of improved living standard of poor working masses and infrastructural development.  Details


There Are Three Investment Rating For Nigeria. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Do not be fooled. Most people stay away from risky junk bonds and third world countries because of uncontrolled crime rate, unstable government, and endemic corrupt practices. In the case of Nigeria there are 419 and amenities that are taken for granted else where but are luxuries in my Country. Nevertheless, people do business in countries at war as long as the price is right. Others do business in unlikely places out of desperation. Take the case of mine workers or the night soil men who went against the activists trying to improve their working environment. There has to be real money or desperation to go to certain places for business. So Nigeria may not need BBB ratings to attract desperadoes.Details


Who Will Change Nigeria? By Chidi Jacob

I have read several articles, opinions, suggestions, and views about the state of our nation. Regardless of the diversity of these views, everyone is or appears to be in perfect harmony with one fact: Nigeria is corrupt and in desperate need of change. Not just any change, but a positive change that will enhance the life of everyone. Change that will usher in equal opportunity for every Nigerian.  Many also agreed that Nigeria has more than it would take to improve the life of the greatest number of her citizens. Everyone agreed that the bane on our nation is corruption; from corrupt citizens to corrupt government officials. Everyone unequivocally agreed that Nigeria is corrupt and needs a change. Details


Scammers New Anthem: Mugu Don Pay!!! By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

We appreciate the fact-shamefully though- that Nigeria is today known world over as a country of fraudsters, scammers, dupes and internet tricksters. It’s no more news that internet fraud has now become the major occupation of many youths. Daily, young men (and women) sit around in cyber café’s  or even in the comfort of their bed rooms with the provision of internet service by most telecom operators, doing one thing- employing their intelligence and ingenuity in seeking ways to get other innocent internet users part with their money or materials. Details


Mr. President, Please Pardon Leadership. By Saka Raji Audu

Perhaps, jittery by the horrendous consequence that awaits the Leadership in the court if Mr. President executes his threat, the newspaper management quickly owned up to its fault regarding Mr. President's state of health by tendering public apology to the President and members of his family for the embarrassment. The Leadership admits its guilt, "having taken a second look at the offensive report, we can understand the concerns of the presidency and therefore sincerely apologise to the President and members of his family", said the Leadership in its rebuttal statement, which appeared in the Sunday edition of November 9, 2008. With this, I am sure Mr. President would listen and forgive the Leadership newspaper in the interest of peace and unity. Details


Zeroth Strategy for Waste oil Disposal in Nigeria. By Emeka Chiakwelu

Nigeria is relatively an emerging industrial nation, with dilapidated automobiles roaming the nooks and corners of the country together with the outdated industrial machineries are generating thousands of litres, if not millions of waste oil and lubricants. So are the emissions of the alarming quantities of atmospheric pollutants including photochemical pollutants, smog, gas flaring, sulfur oxides and fluorides that contributing and enhancing global warming and ozone hole. Details


Wasting Scarce Resources on Sports Fiesta. By Abubakar Jimoh

Let Nigeria learn from the former experience in COJA held in Abuja in year 2003 when Nigeria spent billions of naira only to end up in almost bankruptcy by begging the Paris Clubs for debt relief three years after the Game. Some of the structures put in place then have either been sold off, vandalized or looted which means the government must spend another enormous resources to recover or put those amenities back for use. Details


Yet Another Victory For The Democracy, But …..! By Dikko A. Abbas

Our third arm of government which in any case, enjoys constitutional powers and independence, can only be seen to be protecting our nascent democracy and doing the nation proud, if these pending election cases that are laying parlour in our courts are being handle professionally and expeditiously in order to put to rest what has today, become a calamity and albatross to our political and economic advancement. Details


The U.S. Election: A Lesson for Nigerian Democracy. By Prince Nwaokugha Ikeokwu

This latest political development in America will afford us the great opportunity to restructure our electoral systems to ensure absolute credibility of our elections. This is the appropriate time for a radical change that will banish godfatherism, primordial culture, sentiments, mediocrity and politics with bitterness to pave way for merit and selfless leaders whose policies and programmes will transform the lives of the average citizen.  Details


Reviewing Obasanjo’s Sermon on Obama's Election. By  Yushau A. Shuaib

Obasanjo… Obasanjo… Obasanjo! The above quote is from the recent article by former President Olusegun Obasanjo with a title “Obama’s Election and the Needed Change” where he gave a sermon on the newly elected President of the United States of America, Barrack Husseini Obama. The article was not widely celebrated in the Nigeria’s Press, probably due to the sentiment against his leadership as only few media houses published or reviewed it. Details


The Critical Role of Women in Nigerian Politics. By Rita K. Gonyok

Today, women are participating more actively in political issues than ever before as a result of political re-awakening and awareness. More often than not, they are besieged with challenges of which discrimination is more rife. Majority of the men more on chauvinistic disposition are preoccupied with the notion that decision making is exclusively for the men folk while women are to be instructed on what to do. This idea of seeing the women playing the number two role at homes has come to play itself out in the political life of the people. Details


A Stand Against Bigotry. By  Tochukwu Ezukanma

Undoubtedly, General Jeremiah Useni was part of the most corrupt and brutal military regimes in the history of Nigeria. Like most members of those infamous governments, he must have acquired enormous wealth under very corrupt circumstances. He may also have been a party to some of the murderous excesses of the Abacha government. It has been alleged that as the Minister for the Federal Territory, he abused the land allocation process and violated the original master plan for Abuja. It is believed that his policies as the Minister for the Federal Territory would have reduced the city of Abuja to just another Nigerian city, something of an unplanned, chaotic and unlivable place. However, irrespective of his antecedents and moral deficiencies, he reserves the right to his own opinion. Details


2009 BUDGET: No To Further Cuts In Allocation To Education. By Hassan Taiwo Soweto

Evidently the condition of education is gloomier now than before as a result of chronic under funding. In many schools today, vital learning facilities like classrooms, laboratories, conducive lecture theatres, standard hostel facilities, well-stocked laboratories and libraries are lacking. Due to poor remuneration of academic staffs, several lecturers have gone overseas in search of greener pasture leading to brain drain. Not surprising therefore, many higher institutions lost accreditation of their courses between 2007 and 2008 while the 2008 SSCE recorded one of the worst results where a paltry 13 percent of candidates had 3 credits! This was in spite of the much-vaunted successes of the Universal Basic education (UBE) program-a scheme that has become a conduit pipe for looting the treasury at Federal, State and Local levels. Details


Malam Ibrahim Shekarau A Good, Honest And Visionary Leader Without Good Marketers.  By Ado Bello

Malam Ibrahim Shekarau the Governor of Kano State even to his critics is an honest and God fearing man and as far as I many commentators have said a leader who leads by example as well as the only State Governor who allowed the local councils to have and operate with their funds 100%, to cut the grammar short he is since 2003 Mr. due process. Details


The True  Colours of Shekarau. By Abban Muhammad

Certainly, this is not the best of times for Kano State Governor, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau. The chicken has finally come back home to roost, it seems.  The man at the helm of affairs of the most populous state in the country has been enmeshed in clusters of controversies, with devastating negative effects on his political image and popularity. Details


Is Atiku a Veritable Asset to PDP or Nigeria's Democracy? By Musa Ilallah

Wonders, Nigerians always say, shall never end. This popularly saying among Nigerians says it all about the recent comments on Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria's strongest Vice President ever by one of his Adamawa home based politician, statesman and industrialist, Bamanga Tukur. Even though Tukur, a former civilian Governor of old Adamawa state during the NPN days in 1983 and former Federal Minister did not mince words in saying the truth about the worth of Atiku Abubakar in PDP's life in the country, he however erred by limiting the worth of Atiku to the PDP. Details



Slow but Steady: The 7- Points Agenda. By Fatima Saddu Bama

Some few months ago   I could hardly pin point a single area to score  President Yar’adua  on his 7-Point Agenda. I almost joined my fellow “country people” to rain thunder and brimstone of criticism on the programme and the brains behind it, when suddenly I remembered the adage “slow but steady wins the race” and I held my peace. Today, the energy sector is no longer what it used to be. Believe you me I enjoy more than 12 hours electric power supply daily in  Maiduguri  a thing that had eluded dwellers for several years. Details


The Journalist as Endangered Species. By Joshua Ocheja

If my opinion were to count, I will suggest that the senate passes a bill that serves as a shield to every journalist on the street. A penalty or fine is laid down as penalty for harassing a journalist, to act as a deterrent to others.  Some will laugh this off as a huge joke, but what else can I say?  Details


Equal Opportunity Embezzlers. By Emmanuel Franklyne Ogbunwezeh

The probe of Bankole will achieve one of two things! It either exposes him to an indictment and consequent impeachment; or it is politically manipulated to keep him in office. If he is impeached, his replacement will be sought from the same corrupt pool! This is because, the Nigerian legislature is a house erected on corruption. That is why what they are doing in the name of probe is simply a circus. Details


Corporate Greed Under Fire. By Farouk Martins Aresa

In Nigeria of today a bag of Shagari rice or beans will do it for poor folks to see them through the month after an election. We can also throw in some ethnic biases within the party of the powerful and mighty that could sink the Country. But it is not only in Africa that we have suppression of voters, turning tables on voters-registration activities and misleading claims. Details


Economy, Quick Fix and Enduring Solutions. By Les Leba

There is yet no visible end in sight to this nightmare as Nigerians await Mr. President’s cry of “Eureka” for the cure of our economic malaise. Any hope that the drift will be, at least, halted before a gradual reversal to good health becomes possible, has lately been dashed by Yar’Adua’s speech on the occasion of our country’s 48th Independence anniversary. Details


Nigeria’s Foreign Reserve: How Safe? By Peluola Adewale

The Nigeria’s external reserves put currently at $63bn are placed at disposal of global financial sharks to gamble with, while there are monumental developmental challenges facing the country, which require injection of huge resources. Details


Reality On The ‘Freedom’ Of The Western Press. By Ikemesit Effiong

Modern journalism as we know it has failed us in fulfilling its cardinal objective, its equivalent of the medical Hippocrates’ Oath; to inform objectively, impartially and accurately. This is not a problem of issuing recommendations like the American National Transport and Safety Board (NTSB) would issue recommendations concerning aircraft safety; this is about overhauling an entire system and the radical adoption of new value systems. Details


Using Women to Make Money. By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

My grouse how ever is that all the pro-women talk in Nigeria is simply hypocrisy. As far as I am concerned- which is the painful reality-, the whole women talk in Nigeria has been hijacked by a group of super rich and influential women and has become an avenue for-as is said- securing their own national cake. Details


If Trust Is A Burden... By Abdu Isa Kofarmata

It is indeed a regrettable decision which might put the Media Trust and its papers in a very bleak perspective and on the road to a total collapse. Those decisions might as well relegate the newspapers to mere regional or tribal newspapers. Before we explore those highlighted guidelines, it imperative that we refresh our memory on what happen to other media houses in the north and southern part of the country. Details


NESG, Insincerity and the Economy. By Les Leba

By the time you read this article, the Economic summit Group would have ended its annual ritual of jaw jaw with a terminal communiqué that bears much resemblance to previous years’ observations and recommendations but, as usual, would lack any depth or insight that would galvanise the Nigerian economy and mitigate the oppressive poverty of our people!  Details


Preventing Disaster in Nigeria. By  Sa’a Ovosi

Despite the fact that there is an adage which says prevention is better than cure, so many people still fall victims due to their ignorance and negligence. Until recently after some disasters, especially plane crashes that the public become aware of an agency responsible for disaster management in Nigeria. Details


Democracy In Action- Why Obamanamia Cannot Occur In Nigeria. By Tony Ishiekwene

Lovers of true democracy world wide are in jubilation at the launch of a new dawn for a free world and American democracy. The son of a Kenyan student immigrant born in 1961 has been elected the president of the most powerful country on earth. The Americans have proved that they are true lovers of democracy and that dreams can be easily actualised if you put in the discipline, hard work and effort necessary for achieving them. In contrast the political elites in Nigeria are “dream killers” and mouth the word democracy without having an inkling of what that word means. They are opportunists and pretenders running riot over our disabled country, Nigeria. Details


Against  the Evil State: My Response to Rabo. By Richard Ugbede Ali

Last week, during the ANA National Convention held at Gusau, Zamfara State, I had the opportunity of interacting with the Kano State Censorship Board's DG, Alhaji Rabo Abdulkarim. We met at a forum within the convention where he set out to justify his widely publicised agenda to censor all authors in Kano. Five persons spoke before I did, including the poet-intellectual Odia Ofeimun and the academic, al-Bishak from the Nassarawa State University. I believe that forum has given me the necessary knowledge, hence the conviction, to publicly stand by my views expressed then and now in this article. Details


The Africa in us and the Message of Barack Obama’s Victory. By Omoba Oladele Osinuga

Abraham Lincoln famous quote was again in play last night, when Obama acknowledging that change came bottom up not top down and he owes his success to the people of America. Obama said, “a government of the people, by the people and for the people has not perished from this earth. This is your victory”. Details